The Chase

We're hardly strangers. This heat that surrounds us is nothing new. The passion in our eyes is a shared desire for one another.
But, a tease I choose to be. I enjoy the thrill of pushing you. Of the control it gives me. It excites me to know you're hungering for me.
I let a button pop revealing a tantalizing peak of cleavage. Allowing you a glimps of what's hindden just bellow the surface. Breathing with shallow burst the swell of my ample breast press my shirt tightly against my hardened nipples, enticing you further.
This game we play is a tempting one. Knowing at any moment we could be caught by wondering eyes.
With a smirk I know that you're ready. I know this because the heat is all but radiating off of you. The hunger is present in your eyes and that greedy way you devour me with just a glance tells me all I need to know.
I slide past you on the way out of the room. The breeze I leave in my wake a sensual caress againts your senses.
Calm is what everyone else see when I exit the room to the outside. But you know. You know how tense I am ready and waiting for you to pounce.
As soon as the door closes, the chase is on. Im running down the road not bothering to turn and see who pursues me. You're there, I know it. I take a detour and cut through the park. The late hour has sent everyone home for the night.
My senses alert I weave between trees and benches quickly making my way to the other side when I feel it. Your body grabbing mine. As we tumble to the ground you turn taking most of the impact.
A smirk ''I've caught you and I'm going to take you right here.''
I laugh as if I were to make it so simple for you. See, I've enjoyed the chace it excited me far past just play. The dampness between my thigh proof enough of that fact.
I struggle and you press me to the ground. Rough and determined hands press my wrist to the ground above my head.
''Surrender to me''
I smile allowing my body to be pressed down by your own. You sigh with contentment. The struggle is done. Your defenses ease and I take advantage. I press my body up and to the side rolling you off of me as I scramble to my knees and start away. Not fast enough. You grab my ankle and pull. Im falling just as you're pouncing. You're weight pressed me firmly bellow you. That tempting bulge pressing seductivley against my bottom. I cant help but rock my hips against it.
You growl in my ear losing control you hold my wrists together above my head withone strong hand as the other slides between us as you rip my pants from me.
A devilish smile caresses your lips. ''No panties?''
There's no time to wait. No time to prepare. With in one second and the next your fulling me to the hilt. Oh the welcomed invasion is more then I could have expected. My inner muscles tremble and a slick warm heat surrounds you as I cum. Soaking your cock with my juices.
With a stroke you pull me up and press me to your chest guiding my arms to your neck and one of your hands slides down my front grasping my sex as your fore finger circles my clit your other hand palms my breast teasing my harden nipple to a rosey peak.
My senses on fire it's no wonder you have me cumming for you a second time.
Riding out the sensation you start to pound into me filling me with all you have. You teeth graze my neck before you kiss the small wound.
We're hungry for one another. Craving more and more of what the other has to offer.
''Cum for me'' You demand in my ear.
At your command Im tumbling over another peak as I feel your own release. It's as if my own orgasm is milking yours. Like my body truely hungers for every last drop of you.
Spent from the thrill of it all we hold each other right there in the open waiting to gain our strength back.
No more then a few minutes have past and I feel your body stir to life again. Within one breathe and the next Im to my feet running again. Ready once again for the chase.

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2 years ago
2 years ago
Damn ... encore!
2 years ago
love how you describe your breast , i can almost feel them
2 years ago
An other excellent work, keep it up
2 years ago
great story... write some more! :-)