A Night With My Ex-Girlfriend: Part 1

Everything here is a true story, it all happened about a year ago...

When me and my Ex had broken up, it was known to both of us that we had still some feelings for each other. A couple of months had passed and she was with someone else, but eventually she called me. She told me that she wanted to talk and to catch up, make sure that we were all good. I knew what she really wanted, so i asked her when i should come see her.

"Come up tomorrow, we can grab something to eat and talk"

"just us two? you sure your boyfriend is gonna be okay with that?"

"yeah it's fine"

"alright, well, i'll see you then"

So the next day i drove up to see her and ended up getting there at about noon. We talked a bit and then she told me she was still a bit tired and asked if i wanted to keep her company, so we went into her room and fell asl**p for a little. About an hour later we woke up, and she start to tease me.

"Hey Nate can you get me my bra and dress?" i knew what she was doing...

"which one" i said

"the lacy bra and that low cut dress that you liked" i got them both knowing what was going on. i grabbed them both and brought them over to her. she got under the blankets hiding her self from me and started to take her shirt off.

"now can you hand me my bra?" i handed her the bra and she quickly put it on, "can you give the the dress now?" I gave her the dress and she slid into it, she took off her pants and threw her excess of clothes to the floor.

she looked so hot. She was an Asian Goddess. her cleavage was perfect showing off her D's and the dress was perfectly showing off her smooth legs. i was rock hard, i couldn't take it.

"come here, come lay down with me" i went to the bed and laid right next to her, she turned round showing off her ass to me.

"whats wrong?" she asked, i told her nothing, but she knew i wanted her. she knew. she took my hand and placed it on her ass, "is that better?"

"yeah" i told her my heart racing, my cock throbbing. i rubbed her ass for a bit then slid my hand down her leg. her legs were smooth as i slid my hand back up her legs. i pushed the dress up over her ass to reveal a red lace thong, i ran my hand over it... over her ass... i massaged her asshole and listened to her moan.

"you didn't forget huh?" she loved when her asshole was played with. eventually i moved my hand down to her pussy, it was soaking through her underwear. i played with it over her underwear and then turned her on her back.

she looked at me and asked me to finger her. i reached under her thong and stuck two fingers in. She gave a loud moan as i inserted them.

"ugh, it's been so long" she moaned, i went to her neck and started to kiss it. i held her as i dug my fingers into her pussy, making her so much more wet. "make me cum nate, please," how could i say no. i buried my fingers deeper and her moans got louder. i went from kissing her neck to kissing her chest moving my way to her perfect breasts. she was panting now, she was getting close. i pulled her top down to reveal her breast and i started to suck on her nipple.

"oh my god your hitting it," she said as her eyes widened "faster! i'm gonna cum!" I moved my hand as fast as i could hearing a splashing sound under her thong. she gave a final loud moan as she finished and she was satisfied.

i took my fingers out of her and we looked at my hand, they were drenched in her cum. i brought my fingers to my mouth and stuck them in and tasted her cum, so sweet. she watched me as i licked her cum off my hand she was still horny, she wanted to taste me now.

she moved her hand under my pants and felt how hard i was. she pulled my pants down and went down on me. she wrapped her lips around my cock and slid them up and down my shaft.

licking the side back up to the top.

wrapping her lips around my cock.

up and down again.

I moaned so much, it felt so good, the best blow job i'd ever had. she lifted her head up and looked at me as she started to jerk me off.

"i want you to cum for me" she wrapped her fingers against my mouth-lubed cock and jerked me off. she got close to my ear and whispered "please cum for me" it wasn't much longer until i shot my load. i came hard all over her hand and some on my stomach. she kissed me and licked some of the cum off her hand as i cleaned myself off.

we got dressed and made out some more. it was going to be a long day, after all, it was only 2:30pm
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