My Neighbor and I first time!

Recently I had a college student move into the apartment next to mine. He was small, shaggy blonde hair, without any facial hair, looks like ever. Skinny with little muscle tone. We started talking while he was taking a break. I told him the normal neighborly bs. Then I went on about my day. Seen him and talked to him every now and then. I found out he just turned 18 and was on his own for the first time. We both enjoy sports beer and junk food.

One day I was walking by his window, I just happened to look in and saw a skinny ass in panties. Pink boy shorts, my first thought was good for him. I continued to my place. I was looking to see how would come out. But I only saw him. Then i realized. The thought of that boy was wearing them turned me one. I decided to invite him over for college football and wings.

When he showed up I couldn't think of anything else. We watched and chatted for a while. My wife was even watching football. She got called into work and had to leave. When she left I went to the room and put my purple lace thong on. Came back out trying to conceal my hard on. A Hanes commercial on and I asked him boxer or briefs. He said boxers, i said either but i like thongs. He eyes got big and i asked if he wanted to see. He didn't say anything just smiled and nodded. I dropped my shorts. He licked his lips. I locked the door and asked him to see his. He dropped his cargo shorts and boxers to reveal those boy shorts and a rock hard cock. I pushed him back on the couch and removed them. I didn't waste time. I took his hard cock in my mouth. All of it. I then licked the head and tasted his precum. I looked up and saw his eyes closed and mouth open. I moved to his balls and sucked them while stroking his 8 inch dick. I moved back to sucking his dick, he pushed my head down and gagged me. He came almost right after that. I tried to swallow it all, but it was just to much and spilled out. He licked it off my chin. He stayed hard. I bent back down and cleaned him up. I was about to give him mine when I heard my wife coming up the stairs. We got dressed real quick. I ran to the back to clean up, tossed in some Copenhagen to hide the smell. She wonders why we hang out so much now.
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3 months ago
short and sweet story. like the part about your wife
10 months ago
Oh hell yeah!
1 year ago
nice and hot,you could do that to me anytime.....
1 year ago
love it
1 year ago
more details

nice to have a bf and wifey dont know
1 year ago
likebto read more>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>..1737york
1 year ago
1 year ago
lucky dog you..
1 year ago
Great stuff. Would love to hear more.