Confessions... Crossing the Inlaw Line

There is a lot of risk and reward that I was willing to gamble as I walked into my motherinlaw’s home ready for sex... In the last confession, I admitted chatting with her as a stranger. Now my dick got the better of me and I was at her home with her masturbating on the bed thinking this other older man is coming over to roleplay as me and fuck her. The Fantasy into reality I guess is like a thirst. It’s a craving and a clear want for many people. Chatting with you horny xhampster members I’ve been told many secrets of how people have done just that. They have had many real experiences with the very very close relatives and let’s just say MANY members have man’s best friend or been to the farm as it were... It was surprising at first to realize just how many people have done those deeds but seeing as I was at my inlaw’s door with a raging hard on knowing that I was crossing the fantasy/reality line I was one of those people right now...

Most people that have had those VERY close relations with f****y that have talked to me where never an aggressive participant, they were the one that could have always said no or walked away or not spread their legs. We all tend to forget how we are all give into urge... The urge that many people chat with me admit to that my confessions turned them on. They got wet or they got hard reading what I’ve admitting to or were fantasizing about (That’s is why I am writing this people, and also to add to that ever large world of stories that I tend to search for when I want a good orgasm because I’m horny and want to read some dirty porn). Dirty can be some admitted Mother son thing or some Housewife that’s prudish that eventually finds the slut inside...a heartwarming sex romp is usually her downfall and wanting more she dives into the darker sexual world... Kind of where I was heading as I turned the knob and entered a house that on the outside was as normal as the one right next door to you.

The creek and crack or this door is so familiar and I’m sure my mother in law heard its familiar russle... I guess I was taking a very big risk that my father in law hadn’t come home early. Or that my mother in law didn’t meet me at the front door but the moaning and buzzing from down the hall confirmed she was busy like I told her to be.

Everyone has slow moment memories where time slows... I did have a bit of that as I passed all the f****y photo’s on the wall and walked past the very familiar trinkets and collections they had but that bedroom door was my finish line... Or start line... and I had made a decision about my fantasy world that I wanted more reality and I was quick to disrobe as I stood in front of her bedroom door... My cock was super hard as cocks can get that way... Ladies yes it throbs, but for me it wasn’t about to burst or explode, it was solid and annoying (I find it annoying because its tends to get in the way of thinking and undressing since my brain and I imagine most men’s brains are getting to many signals of “Play with me, and FUCK JUST JACK ME” and that’s a thought most men suppress, apart from the quick tug and readjustment we get caught doing constantly. I shed my shirt as well... I’m a bear/chub with man boobs and a gut.... Not the oversized guy, I’m not that tall or big where I can’t find my cock or my belly gets in the way when I want to jack off but enough that I lean over to see my dick and I lean to see my feet as my paunch gets larger or smaller depending on the diet I try or the diet I’m thinking of trying or the fuck it I’m fat fuck the world I’m eating whatever the fuck I want diet. I’ve never been “PROUD” to be fat or stocky as the category goes but there is always that moment where your absolutely naked and wishing you were thinner... I’m just saying it crossed my mind...

“Oh please fuck me”... brought me out of my zombie like state as my cock also woke my brain up pretty much saying (GET THE FUCK IN THERE)... and I opened the door.

The familiar room opened up and my mother in law was on all fours with a dildo in her pussy and there was a butt plug in her ass... The rest of the room could have been on fire... She was heavy enough were her front was hidden from view and her large butt was pointed at the door as she moaned as I crawled onto the bed... The bed creaked that familiar creak as my weight pushed the bed down and my hands went to her hips... Her white hips had that bit of cellulite on it from age and a bit of spots that I’m also sure comes from getting older but it was the hot pussy smell that wafted into my nose as I grew closer... Apparently she was very wet and dripping from her cunt and my hard cock went into her easily. I never expected to her such a older woman moan as I entered her wet pussy in one thrust. But there was a bit of satisfaction from pushing forward into a mature woman and hearing her cry out... I pulled back and admired my cock as it glistened from the wet juices covering it... I hadn’t made her known that it was her actual soninlaw pushing his cock into her pussy until I started to build up a speed... The slapping of my balls into her pussy must have really turned her on because she grasped at the bed and I grabbed onto the butt plug and tugged it a bit...”OH FUCK” she said as I continued to fuck that surprisingly tight motherinlaw pussy and pressed my chubby gut over her ass and into the plug.... I reached over her head and pulled her long black hair as I pulled her head back and said “Hi Mommy, you like being fucked by your son in law”... I was already close to cumming before but when her eyes opened and I held her ass in a tight grip and then pulled her hair in a f***eful manner... LOOK OF SHOCK is one way to describe how this older women’s mouth dropped down as if to scream but nothing cam... I mean she was Cumming I think because talk about suddenly tight but no scream came from knowing that her prized son in law who she always swooned over whenever he came bay to fix the sink or mow the lawn was now plowing her slutty cunt. “OH MY GOD” she cried out as another orgasm flooded over her and she was either squirting all over my cock or suddenly released her bladder because stuff was leaking down my leg and onto the bed as I joined her and I cam in large spirts that I can only describe as satifaction Spasms because unloading my sperm inside a quite slutty momma was like a Freudian tryumph of sorts. Her eyes were very large as I know she also realized that I was pumping her daughters husband’s cum into her. Also when it comes to her daughter or f****y she has always been submissive or easily swayed and I know she must have been thinking... “My daughter is going to kill me” not that I didn’t have a say in the matter since I had been plowing my seed into her just that I know that look on her of “What did I just do”... I relished in that moment

“Well you finally got my cum in your pussy mommy, Bet your daughter is going to be really mad you wanted it so badly”

“Oh my god, don’t tell her...I” she pleaded as I pulled back grabbing the butt plug and twisting it...

“She knows you swing, Just not that you and your hubby have always wanted my cock, She’d be madder at you then me”...

Now I’m not one to torture someone or blackmail but, I wanted this fantasy to continue and I know I had her by her ass...Literally... I twisted that butt plug in her ass hard and pulled it out with a pop... Her moan and face contorted as I stepped off the bed and felt more cum slop out of her cunt and my own drip down mixing with it...

“Tell your hubby you had a regular come by and fuck you, I’m not going to tell your daughter yet since she wants to swing but would never want me to swing with you too... I mean she has tried to get me in bed with some friends but never you two... I’ll give you more instruction later on... I’m sure an i****t loving son fucking slut like you will enjoy what I have for you... But if you dare tell your husband anything I’m just going to go to your daughter and tell her some dirty secrets you both shared and I don’t think your daughter will like that (her daughter already knew everything, she just didn’t tell mom she knew)...Understand”.

She nodded her head as I walked around to her face and stuck my cock in her face and shook it at her... She thought for a moment and went down on it cleaning it good and pulling the last bit of cum in my cock into her mouth as I leaned down and kissed her forehead...I wanted to show her I could be a sweet lover... but then I thought a bit and this i****t loving mother in law was a slutty bbw and loved cock pussy and ass... so then smiled and I put the butt plug to her face... I saw her mouth drop a bit and her eyebrows raised but as I put it to her lips she opened her mouth and cleaned that dirty dick like plastic and I had to laugh a bit as I threw it on the bed and walked out of the room grabbing my cloths and dressing thinking... I’m going to enjoy this arrangement...

More to cum maybe... let’s see how many comments I can get so I know to continue or not

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11 months ago
It's always interesting when people let out the skeletons in the closet . I have enough "almists" in my past to rattle the walls . They wouldn't ever admit it , but I remember hungry looks and remarks . I wonder how many step over the line , and just take it .
1 year ago
Certainly a fun story and would love to see a continuation.
1 year ago
Yes just a story... And just going in the direction readers want...dirty filthy nasty mature hardcore porn. Unless you want something else just ask..
2 years ago
More please
2 years ago
very good read! The excitment got me hard! Ive had the same fantasies about alot of my friends moms who were like 2nd moms to me.
2 years ago
Glad it's good enough to cum too I never know if I'm wasting my time or people want more...
2 years ago
Fuck yes.. :D I like when you grabbed her by the hair and placed your belly on her and her butt plug. I could almost feel how great her ass upended would be.
2 years ago
I love it it made me come so hard