New Confessions... A trip down memory lane

New computer
(all the other ones where pecked away using a phone... I may have carpel now)

Forgive the spelling and grammer errors... I'm trying to write while cock is hard.

Most of my Confessions have been about the past and since writing those tidbits of info about the real world of sex. Many friends on hampster want to know more... Well... It so happens I have permission from my wife to give more of my tell all about my exploits.

It so happens that my inlaws had been pestering my fake online persona for awile. They were always so hot and horny to continue our sex talk that I knew they really wanted me. So after a long talk with my wife who also knew of how horny her folks were for me she said, "Go ahead, but pretend I dont know, I'm sure they will get off knowing that your doing this behind my back".

My wife and I don't just have an understanding about sex, we have the ultimate sex pact. She and I have actually shared loves before but never apart, partly because we love each other so much and most of our online sexting is always shared and discussed. We crave making others cum with a bit of dirty talk. My wife is actually quite good at that and loves to tease me with her nasty chats as she builds me to another heart stoping orgasm... But since she always keeps me satisfied, I had never had a seperate threesome...

Now due to the face that dear old Daddy and Mommy are secret swingers who would never think that I knew there dirty secrets, It seemed to both of us that I could always live out a few fantasies with a mature older couple that knows there daughter knows they swing and that there daughter is into swinging, but that there golden boy son in law is very innocent to the idea that they are much more dirty then even they admitted to there daughter. -See previous confessions-.

Mother had always been honest to her daughter and my wife, she admitted to alot of different swingers parties and other things but her life and her husbands had new twists and turns as I chatted with both of them.
"Hey baby", my mother in law IM'ed my fake account, obiously in the mood.
"Hi there", I typed back, she knew me as this older man, similar to her husband but always willing to sex talk a bit with both of them... She never did get on to much because she was such a slow typer that I ended up typing most of the message. But I remedied that by long ago suggesting at a f****y gathering that they should get a webcam so that they could talk to a few relatives that live far away... It was easy to slip into there home after that and hookup the webcam and also sneak onto there hard drive for a bit of fun... There latest boy toy lived out of state and was an older guy (yes similar to my fake one). Daddy had first become friends with him and with there friendship he had learned that they guy bearly had any sex from his wife and that it was daddy who suggested they share his wife. Daddy was quite a smooth talker and talked about how they had done this before but not with friends and he knew that they didn't want to loose the tight friendship that they had blah blah blah.. A few saved emails had him and this new boy toy or Old boy toy admit to having alot of fun fucking his wife. He thanked dad for being so loving with him too... Daddy was very closeted but I guess when you got a nice cock screwing your wife its easy to let down some walls with friends and go to town cleaning his cock... Then you might happen to brush his asshole and if you hear a moan... Paydirt. It was easy then to lick his ass finger it a few times and then as the boy toy is down on the bed bearly able to move after unloading a bucket of cum in your slutty wife... "Oh God", Bam a new ass to plow, not quite penence for fucking the wife, but he didn't say now and it was easy then after daddy grabed they guys hips and finished spewing his hot load into there friend, next time daddy wants to get a bit of cock too this guy will be all to eager to return the fucking that he got...

The emails were a bit more dirty, there friend is a regular now but since he lives out of state, he "VISITS" them and they go off to camp or parks or little drives as if they guy drives a day to drive around after he gets to his destination... There emails are also a bit s**ttered, one point they are talking about fucking mom and then the next there talking about how bad the president is for the country... (Hey actually Congress makes the laws and runs the country, the president signs bills into law...) but I digress... Reading how at one point they hate how hypocrites exist and then how much they loved fucking or sucking each other has its entertainment value since these guys are so REPUBLICAN that they send fox news blerbs to each other all they time... They literally talk about fags and homo's as if they don't suck cock when the doors close... Guess its a defense mecognism... So they don't feel threatned that they both like to bend over spread there ass cheeks and have a big hard cock make them a bitch... Mom's emails to this guy were a bit more sweeter, she really did love her husband but she also liked a nice hard cock fucking her pussy or ass as she got to suck on another cock and have it spew its hot delicious baby batter down her throat... She also gossiped like crazy to this guy about his wife or about her husband and how funny he is sometimes. Mostly they were all good friends with benifits that I admit that my wife and I have with others... I've just never been one to bend over and take it up the ass as much as I'd rather suck a good dick with my wife... Not that I don't like anal, I guess I'm just a tight whore and I need alot of foreplay.

Mom did to... but her emails and pictures reflected where they were at the time... So when they visited a theme park... Boom a photo of the f****y bathroom with flashing grandma tits and then grandma is down on her knees giving a few sucks on her husbands cock... Sometimes its not hubby and it seems to be some other guy I've never seen so I don't know who the lucky stranger is but chances are its a guy they met on xhampster that needed to get off and you time anything right and that f****y bathroom becomes the cum dump area... Grandma then needs to rest after she swallows a load and sits with hubby on a bench people watching and enjoying the fact that know one knows, other then that guy that just walked away from them with a smile. I often wondered why they have to pee so much when we do meet up with them to go to these places... Seems like the have good bladders when were at home. So anyway, when they visit a new beach its very similar, she flashes a few boobs and daddy gets a bj... No nude beaches, but then again they are into being caught not accepted.

She also wrote to alot of other friends about how much they missed them or they want to repeat the fun they had.. being such a chatterbox that I know she can be... When I first met my mother in law I thought she was very innocent but to know her life is to realize that she is stronger then you think... It started out with having a very Dom mother that liked sex since she had many b*****rs and s****rs, they grew up in a small town and were very rednecky (thanks honey boo boo thats now a dictionary word) In which her original dad was kind man. He died and she remarried a brute of a man that had more k**s and when her mother started to become disinterested in getting fucked all the time and spitting out babies he turned his attention to the k**s... The sad part is that many readers will like c***dren being abused, I do not, Sex is supose to be a gratifing event but if you need to hold down someone and people refer to them as victims then chances are your doing something very wrong and going to hell (God willing). The sadder thing is when your own mother doesn't protect you from something you and your other siblings (boy and girls) dont want... Thankfully that basterd died but I know it has scarred her and her siblings dearly... That being said she is a very strong women, when she wants something she tends to find a way to get it. The many emails I did read states she had many female lovers but they were usually wives, she wanted to make her husband happy and since going out to score cock was against his morals (yeah) then she would help in scoring some for him... But she also got what she wanted as well so a good time was had by all... To my father in laws true value is that fact that he was a hippy swinger who when he met this girl in his youth and found that the dad was abusing her and had been for years he rescued her married her and keeps her happy. More on their secrets later...

So I installed the f****y webcam and we did actually at one point all get together and skype other f****y members so I know they know how to use the dam thing... It was during that little chat I was having with mom that she said... "Do you want to cam2cam"

And I wasn't up for a full reveal just yet and played a bit dumb about computers and finally said "You know I just realized I don't have one of those, I'll have to get my son to buy one and install it for me"... Its easier being a married fake man with a f****y that is bi and friendly, then some creep from another country with another cock shot who wants to tie you up and strangle you but not enough to kill...(Yeah all you guys from weird countries look like them, and the ones that are from america that have no info STOP WITH THE INVITES, YOUR CRAZY, NO ONE WANTS YOU AS FRIENDS IF YOU CAN'T ADMIT TO ANYTHING ABOUT ANYTHING, SHOW YOUR FACE, IF YOUR A IMPORTANT PERSON, GET OVER YOURSELF YOUR NOT, YOUR A PERSON THAT LIKES SEX AND WANTS SEX... JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE ON THIS WEBSITE...Rant end...)

She then told me how her real son in law set it up for them and they have been using it to Cam2Cam other couples.... "Does it work without me having a cam"?, I asked knowing the answer and (beep beep) suddenly there was the invite to (SLUTTYBBWGRANDMA)...Her name, and boom I saw that akward face just a little bit too close to the camera of my mother in law, She had a lacy red nighty on and a round face. Her hair had some grey in it but actually made her look quite sexy as a GILF. Her smile was also quite cute as I typed "wow" to her and she realized that I could see her... I could then hear her as she giggled and asked the comerical everyone knows "So can you hear me now..." I typed... "Yes I can hear you, wow you are very pretty, pretty as those other pictures on your profile... Those pics where always hiding her face a bit or blocking out they eyes... Her husband didn't mind posting her being spitroasted but god forbid someone see a face as if they don't know a obese grampa fucking his wife whose sucking a dick when they see one... I would have never known that these too where my parents by troving though the online community and saying hey I think thats my father in law... Why because no one beating there meat looking at profile pictures is looking at faces... There looking at that chunky ass wobling as he thrust into an ass infront of him as his balls bounce down into her pussy... Next time your looking at a porn... What Color was the man who had a dildo up his ass and that was sucking on a big black cock... eyes?
She was quite a site with her big boobs and nighty on... "Nice Tits" I admitted to her since in this regardy I have always liked her big boobs and her big body... She was a dam good bbw with curves and celulite in all the right places that really showed her big beautiful body off. I decide that things needed to go further... A wise decission as she was all to eager to First remove her garments... She rose from the f****y bedroom where I set the webcam up... She did a little shake and pressed her volumtious tites together as she was quick to disrobe the nighty and show off her big bottom in a booty dance that I had know Idea she could do... You know the ones that when they bounce the ass cheeks clap together and your in awe of how sexxy it is to watch her butt open up and close in a rumpus dance.

She wore glasses down to the end of her nose as most grandma's do and although we were seperated by a generation she was very sexy as she bounced around the bedroom I had only weeks ago got into...
"Oh son, she moaned, I wish you were here to give your momma your big cock" She knew how to hit all the right notes as she rubbed her pussy standing as her big belly fat was grabbed and pulled up to show off her wrinkling old pussy...

"Mama, Do you want to really fuck your son?" I asked as she looked right into the webcam and right into my eye's and said, "I want to fuck my son in law, I want his big cock up my fat ass, and I want to suck my ass juice off his cock as he cum's down my throat"... I was quite hard at this moment... Mostly because even if I had herd her husband admit to wanting to see that before, to hear it for my own ears and to hear it from my own mother in law's lips I could not believe how much precum I was already leaking without even touching my cock... The hard strain of wanting to just beat my fuck stick to that little sentence was so Hard not to do...

"Mother is daddy home", I asked, "Because your son in law might just want to come over and fuck that slutty pussy and ass of yours"...
"She was quick to lift her legs on the bed and heave the heavy legs over her head... "Oh come over here baby, Daddy is out he went golfing with his buddy this morning (meaning he is probably blowing the guy in some car on the side of the road and not actually golfing... He admitted this to me on a previous chat, said he can't wait to get caught by a passer by only to speed off and then go fuck his buddy in the ass in the married guy's garage while his wife is thinking the same thing... he is off golfing every chance he gets instead of fucking me, I am not giving him head or fucking him tonight...)

"Daddy is golfing and wont be back... What if I told you that your real son in law was going to come over, bend you in two and fuck your huge slutty ass off"? I said actually playing with myself now and regreting not fucking that whore long ago.

As she rose her legs high she started to finger that pussy and admit that she lived at the address that was quite close to me and wanted her son in law to come right into the bedroom and fuck her...
I told her to break out her biggest dildo and start fucking herself in the pussy and ass because I would be there shortly and I wanted her nice and wet for my dripping hot cock... Rushing I closed my computer of all evidence since you don't want the wrong person watching you fuck his mother in law and I needed to put some shorts on and some form of shirt as I rushed out my front door and with balls of steal got to her house and strode up to the front lawn as If this was destiny... And that slutty whore of a mother in law was going to get one hell of a surprise....

Please leave some dirty comments to enspire more secrets to be revealed... The dirtier the better... I need to keep these juices flowing...
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2 years ago
Wow, that is hot as hell, can't wait to read what happens next.
2 years ago
so fucking sexy
2 years ago
looks like a good story to me
2 years ago
Great story! Would be hot if when fucking your mother in law, the FIL comes home unexpected, walks in and find your deep inside his wife. Pulls your cock out, sucks off the pussy juices and swollows your cock whole.
2 years ago
Great story, I can wait to read the conclusion! Hopefully the father-in-law comes home right in the middle of you fucking the MIL and just joins in by grabbing your cock out of her pussy and licking off her juices and swollowing you cock whole!