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I wonder where the hell all these sexy ass women are in the world. They are certainly not where I live. However, I wonder if they are and I am the one just out of touch with the game. Suppose that has to be the truth. Even when pussy is thrown at me I somehow miss the signals. That is for my epic fail story. Although a good example was about seven years ago this super hot MILF I know was getting married. Everyone told me that she was into me, but somehow I did not see it. Well, I was 320lbs, so of course I had self-esteem issues. (Not anymore, thank you gastric bypass) Anyway, she says to me a week before she is getting married that she wants to give me her number and she wants to get together the next day. Like a dumb ass I said, I'll give you number and you can call me. I never heard from her again. My friend told me that I was stupid idiot that just throw away good pussy. Anyway, I was just wondering why I cannot have all this sexy hot shit I see on xhamster happen to me. No more wondering I am on the search. I am a man on a quest to find horny women who like to expose themselves and get fucked.
Posted by theqwerty 2 years ago
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