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one day, i was just poking around in another site, when i stumbed across a profile with a lady, with pics of thee most cutest feet, longest sexiest legs, mouth watering, big juicy tits and ever so nice wet, wild pussy! im not a shamed too say, that i love feamle legs & feet, bare or nylon encased. too find a lady who is into a leg & foot man is really rare! as i flipped through her pics and wondered what it be like to be able to have those oooo so cute toes and sexy legs made me hard,leaving me with a nice buldge in my pants. with a desire & craving. so on a whim i, decided to send this lady a message and see what came back to me. this lady, did reply and we started talking, not knowing that, if i revealed my secert desires to her, if she would hold it against me or not? luck had it that, i was in luck, she too was looking for a guy who loves legs & feet. as we talked more . that could haver a guy too spend hours worshipping them, play, being teased, taunted by a sometimes mean or cruel leggy bitch, with those cute toes, legs & ever so wet wild pussy! so we became friends spend many of hour chatting getting each other hot & bothered. leaving me with a radging hard cock, her wet & wild pussy just soaking wet. having to say brb as we both went, just aching to releave ourselves, find ourselves comming back for to find each other once again! like we just couldnt get enough of each other & always wanting more.

as we talked, i made the Q? of are you submissive or dom? with a qucik reply of dom....i too said that id love for her to dom me. again, she came back to me, are you sure you want this and sent me a link to this site. so here i am, i now adress her as my mistress and i was to be her pet. do as im told when i told tooo, i am too service, pleasure her at any given time, with no Q's asked. i have my mistress stocking leg pic as my profile pic, time to go, with a cock ring on & look at her pics and play as i was instructed too. wait for next set of instructions from her!
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