A NIGHT AT THE SHOP ( By R. Rosethorn)

Over the shop door hangs a sign that reads THE PAINTED PAGAN, Tattoo and Body Piercing.

You enter the shop excited because you are finally here to get the piece tattooed on your breast that you have been discussing with me for over a month, on MySpace. Another reason you are so excited is because this is going to be the first time you and I have actually met face to face. It is late and you have called ahead. When you enter the shop you stop and take a look around. It is a nice shop. You notice that there is a large collection of swords and other weapons from various, ancient time periods and nations displayed all around the the shop, well out of reach but tastefully placed.

You also note that there are a lot statues and figurines of ancient gods and goddess along with mythological creatures such as gargoyles, dragons and griffins. Paintings of many different fantasy themes are hung all over the place along with a massive collection of custom and common tattoo flash. All of this, you note, is an artful mix with a keen feel of the old and the new. Audio Slave's "Like a Stone" is playing loudly over the speakers and you smell nag champa incense burning somewhere in the shop.

When I hear the door open I turn from the task of prepping my work station and see you standing at the counter looking at the body jewelry in the glass display case.

I set aside my tattoo machine, remove my gloves and toss them in the trash. Casually, I get up and cross the shop. I then move around the counter and ask if I can help you with something. When our eyes meet I instantly recognize you. Of course the bright pink hair is also a dead give away, as are your facial piercings!!!

"Ah, Heidi. It's you!!! Welcome to The Painted Pagan! You're right on time.", I say as I move from behind the counter to the door. You stand there watching me with a nervous smile as I switch off the OPEN sign and lock the door. "I hope this isn't keeping you here late.", you say to me somewhat shyly and again you smile that beautiful smile.

"Of course not, I had us set it up for this time so that we will not be interrupted while I do the work on your piece.", I assure you as I take your hand in my warm, firm grip and lead you over to my work area. You take your place in the chair which I then adjust to an almost totally reclined position. I pull up my stool beside you and begin to set up my liner and shader machines.

Once that is done I pull on a pair of black nitrile gloves and ask you if you are ready. You watch me closely as I skillfully do my job. "Yes.", is all that you say as you unbutton your blouse and bare yourself to my professional gaze. I can see a thin sheen of sweat on your forehead and know that you are a little nervous. Again you lay back and this time you are blushing.

I take a spray bottle of soapy water in hand and spray down your left breast, right down to the area where white skin and pink nipple flesh meet. At the first touch of cold mist you let out a gasp and your eyes pop open in pleasant surprise. "Just relax, Heidi...", I tell you. I then go on to explain that I am going to have to lightly shave the area where the tattoo is going to be placed.

As I do this you take a deep breath and lay back again as you once more close your eyes and begin to hum to the music which is playing throughout the shop. As I shave closer to your nipple I see it and its mate start to become rigid and erect both from my contact with your left breast and the draft of very cool air coming from the AC vent directly over the work area. Next comes the placement of the stencil then the ink work begins.

You note that the pain is bearable and you find yourself sinking into gazing at a focal point somewhere above my head as my liner begins to put the ink into your beautiful, pale flesh. At some point you sink so deeply into your focal stare that you actually become a little sl**py even with the pain and your mind begins to pleasantly drift. After about forty-five minutes I tell you that the outline is finished and that the detail, shading and color are next.

You note that I am switching to my other machine then you drift once more into that state of near-sl**p as I go back to work on your lovely breast. As the faint buzz of the shader machine fills the room, I hear a sigh of pain escaping your beautiful lips.

Light at first, but steadily growing until it becomes a sort of growl. Sliding my hand along your breast ever so carefully, making sure I don't miss a spot I continue with the tattoo. Every once in a while I wipe an area clean so that the ink spatter is cleared, my fingers caressing your breast so softly, yet with a firm touch. As the buzzing machine nears your nipple you growl more intensely, as if the pain is more than you can stand. I smile devilishly and pinch your nipple ever so slightly. Surprisingly your sighs of pain take a familiar turn to pleasure. I glance up wondering if I will be caught. I see your eyes are closed tightly, and a slight smile on your lips. Your growls and sighs have changed to moans of pleasure. The buzzing stops and i set the machine aside as your moans continue. Slowly and softly with my now gloveless hand, I trace down your exposed body, savoring your flesh until my hand comes to your waist.

All the while rolling your nipple between the thumb and index finger of my other hand which I use to caress your breast after tweaking on the tender nipple. After a few minutes of this I remove the other glove as well. I then resume my exploration of your body, slowly drawing my hand along your stomach, feeling the muscles beneath the flesh quiver while your moans deepen as if to say "Please." I undo the button your pants carefully watching, waiting for you to say "No."

As the sound of your zipper fills the room, the slight smile on your face grows larger. I lean close licking your nipple, flicking it ever so gently with my pierced tongue. Both of my hands exploring, feeling, and caressing any exposed skin they can find. Finally one of my hands slowly slips inside your pants, feeling the soft fabric of your panties, touching the silky edges of the seams and the smooth, soft skin they cover.

Ever so slowly pushing it to the side, as my other hand rubs and caresses your breast and nipple. As this is occurring my anticipation builds. I am wondering when or, if you will stop me... Then I feel your hips rise. Pausing slightly, I realize your not stopping me at all, but pulling your jeans down a little. My hand glides past your jeans with ease, exploring the skin, embracing all I can feel. As your hips fall back to the chair my fingers glide over your clit, quick and soft. My fingers concentrate on your clit... Small circles, then a light pinch. I can feel your juices as your excitement begins to build up. My fingers slide down indulging in your warmth as they gently slide into you moist tightness. You moan deeply as your juices become heated by passion from the exploration of my skilled fingers.

Your pussy is more than willing to take every inch of my fingers as your hips begin grinding into my hand, as if refusing to give it up without your satisfaction being seen to. As you feel the pressure build I can see in your face that it won't be much longer now. With my fingers inside you I suck on your nipple while pinching the other one. Your screams of lustful pleasure fill the room as your orgasm comes. Your juices cover my fingers and hand as it flows from you filling the room with the sweet musky sent of sexual pleasure mixed with green soap, A & D ointment and tattoo pigments.

Your orgasm leaves your muscles shivering uncontrollably as my fingers thrust ever so slightly, questing for your final drop. As it falls, I slowly pull my fingers out and slightly up to your clit, lightly rubbing it. Then slowly pulling my hand away completely. I smile down upon you as I watch you hips buck, as if you are searching for my fingers once again!!! I gently glide my fingertips up your stomach, between your breasts. I lean over you and kiss you deeply.

Your tongue finds my tongue and the taste of you is so sweet. I watch your eyes open as the look of ecstasy passes. Hoping that this won't be the end I watch your eyes carefully looking for any glimpse of regret. Instead however I notice that you are eying the bulge which has appeared in my jeans. Feeling the caress of your hand starting at your breast where my hand is still touching you and running up my arm to my shoulder, gliding your nails down my side with just enough pressure to excite me even more. Once your fingertips reach my waist they trace the top of my belt to the buckle as I look at you with questioning eyes. Your hand quickly flips my buckle and the button on my pants before I can even blink.

As I pull my hand away from your breast you sit up spinning in the chair to face me. Both your hands working quickly at my zipper, while your eyes intensely stare at where my erect cock will spring from. With my manhood now standing full and hard it's only a matter of seconds before your hands and mouth are all over it. Your hands sliding up and down as you take my cock into your mouth. My hands find the sides of your head, grabbing your hair on each side pulling your head onto my throbbing penis even farther with every thrust. I can feel my lust growing deep within as my member is sliding down your throat in long, slow rhythm. Once the heat begins to grow in my loins, you know my seed is coming.

Quickly you pull your head back flicking your tongue out and giving me butterfly licks as you stroke the flesh of my shaft up and down with just the right amount of speed and friction with your soft and gentle hand. When I feel the explosion of cum escape the head of my penis I see it hit hotly on your breast. Your hands keep pumping as the rest of my cum is drained from me by your womanly touch. Once the final drop has fallen your tongue and your mouth is again on my member sucking it dry. I can feel your tongue whirling around the head of my manhood lusting after every drop of my cum it can find. Once your quest for the thrill is quenched you lay back on the tattoo chair and and I begin removing your pants, as you close your eyes and sigh. A pleasant smile is on your face and your eyes are closed again.

I am standing at your feet and I remove your shoes. Once that is finished I run my hands up you legs to the top of your thighs. Your breasts heave upwards and your nipples are erect I notice as I grab your pants and your panties at your waist and slide them down and off of your body. You are so aroused that I can smell the sent of your womanhood and it makes me salivate as I spread your legs and lower my face to your womanhood. My fingertips glide up your smooth, white thighs as my lips touch you down there.

You can feel the tip of my nose as my lips touch your nether-lips and my fingers move down and inward to spread your soft, pink petals. You moan in delight as my kissing turns to licking and I lavish attention upon your vaginal lips, licking them and kissing them over and over just as if I were kissing your mouth. Your hips come up off of the chair as my tongue plunges down into your pussy and you feel the Kooshi Tickle Beads of my tongue's barbell as it rubs and brushes the walls of you vagina!!! Sometimes I stop tongue fucking you so that I can focus my tongue bead on your clit to flame your passion even higher! You moan and thrust your wet twat into my mouth and my nose is grinding on your clit now!!!! It seems like hours are flying by in minutes, the pleasure my mouth is bringing you is so intense! You feel the heat of my breath and the warmth of my mouth as I suck deeply upon you entire, outer labia and my tongue does you faster!

"OH GOD, I'M CUMMINNG!!!!!!!!!", your scream fills the shop as you gush and spasm and writhe and groan. Your moans turn to whimpers and your whimpers turn into sighs as your orgasm subsides. Giving you a moment I move up between you thighs and climb on top of you. Once more your eyes are closed as I lean forward and begin kissing your mouth and your ears and your neck, paying special attention to all of those sensitive areas as you feel the throb of my penis just starting to enter your wet vagina. I move it inward slowly and you can feel yourself stretching to take me in. Just when you think I have you filled I withdraw...

"Do you want me to fuck you, Heidi?", I ask in my deep baritone voice. "YES!", it is a f***eful whisper from between your clenched teeth!!! Slowly you feel just the head of my penis inside of you. "Say it!!!!", I demand. "FUCK ME!!!", you scream and once said I thrust my member all the way home, deep inside of your wet yearning vagina! I withdraw and make you wait then, SLAM, I drive it into you again with such f***e that our flesh makes that sticky, sweet, slapping sound! I do this over and over again. Enter partially, wait moments, slam, withdraw.

Suddenly you realize that I am actually increasing my pace and the speed of my strokes each time! All of this time our tongues are twined together like mating serpents in the life dance which is their nature. You are swimming in your arousal now, nothing but the feeling of pleasure radiating through you. My hands rolling and squeezing your breast, while the thrusting of my member brings you closer and closer to a climax! I begin to thrust against you, shifting myself nearly upright and tucking your legs close together in front of my chest. My thrusts come harder and deeper.

You can feel the tip of my manhood touching your cervix in this position on each motion, your body responding and drawing closer to another climax! Very suddenly, I separate your legs and lean forward to lick and suck at your nipples. Yet I do not stop my thrusting at all. Reeling from the dizzying sensations from your body, your head leaned back against the big tattoo chair you have your eyes open and your gaze is pure passion, reveling in the new touch. Then it gets stronger, as suddenly my fingers work into your sex and I began massaging your clit at the same time that I am thrusting inside of you.

"Ohhhh...." The orgasm starts at your clit and rapidly fills your entire body! You seem to be pulsing, vibrating and shaking so hard you nearly pass out from the overload. My fingers continue to work at your clit as I penetrate your vagina for all I am worth. Through the haze of pleasure, you feel me swell inside of your pussy. I start to draw out. "No! Come inside me! I want to feel it! Please! Please!" Looking down at you, I smile and thrust back into your body hard and strong. My breath comes short and fast, my fingers rubbing your clit and holding you in orgasm nearly continuous.

The dam burst and I cum with you at exactly the same time, filling your body with my heat. Never once did I let up on your clit, you came again on my orgasm and felt my come overflow within you. Slowly, I lower myself down on top of you, slipping my arms under your back and holding you tightly. Still I pulsed a bit in your body. Each pulse gives you a gasp of pleasure. Pulling back slightly, I tongue your breast again, then nibble your nipple gently. "I hope you feel as good as I do right now. I haven't given pleasure to such a beautiful woman in a long time." I come up and sit back down looking at the tattoo I still need to finish.

You open your eyes and look at me once more; the look on your face is almost disbelief.

"Did that really happen?" I ask myself.

In order to prove it actually had I bring my fingers to my mouth.

As I taste the sweet nectar once again I know it did...


Randall Rosethorn
© 2006

NOTE: Keep in mind that this was written for a lady-friend of mine who requested that I write in this perspective.
Comments are welcomed and appreciated!!!
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