The Ties That Bind You ( By R. Rosethorn )

Does It Matter???

You are face down on the bed now
your back and bottom exposed
no bonds except those within your mind...

It matters not
because you wait.
You wait for my touch...

Anticipating the kissing soft
caress of my hand or the heat of the
open palm to bite. Which will it be?
It matters not...

Trembling as the cool air wafts around you
goosebumps rise along your spine.
Or is it fear that chills you?
It matters not...

Crying out as my strong hand connects
you brace yourself and wonder
what the next touch will bring.
It matters not...

Craving more you whimper
and again my hand smacks your ass
burning, stinging, hurting so sweetly.
It matters not...

You heave a sigh at my hand's sudden soft touch
and then that same hand stings your flesh.
Suddenly there is nothing else.
It matters not...

Because you wait.
You wait for my touch and love me...

The Ties That Bind

In your time as the live-in Nanny to the f****y you have often longed for this encounter to happen and with Jennifer and the c***dren out of town for the weekend the time has finally come. Little did either of us know that it would happen like this...

You lay there on the bed. Your arms are outstretched making your ample breasts strain against the thin material of your dress. Your legs are wide open. You struggle to close them but the leather restraints hold you tight. You are securely bound to the bed.

You are wearing a blindfold and can see nothing so you try to listen for my approach. You are wearing a sun-dress that buttons down the front with about thirty small buttons in all. Underneath you have on white, silk panties with ties at the sides and a lacy white, front-fastening bra. You know that if I had wanted to I could have had you stripped bare in no time at all and could have done whatever I wanted with you. This thought makes you very excited and your nipples harden as your sweet pussy begins to get wet. You struggle against the restraints but cannot not free yourself. Even though deep in your heart this is what you want, still you feel the need to try.

Then you hear a noise and stop testing the ties that bind you. You know by the sound that I have entered the room. As the air conditioning wafts through the room you pick up the scent of my Axe Kilo body spray. I say nothing to you but you can sense that I am looking you over from head to toe while I have you in this prone and helpless state of being. You feel the bed move as I sit or kneel on it, you do not know which. But then you feel my hot breath on your neck. You ache to be touched, your nipples are on fire and you want to feel them in my mouth and being touched by my hands. Your pussy has never been so wet and you yearn to have my cock in your body.

I run my hand slowly over your body stroking your legs, your stomach, your sides, your arms, your shoulders. Then you feel it as I undo the top three buttons of your dress. My hand slips inside and I caress the flesh at the top of your chest. I then reach down and undo the three bottom buttons. Again I reach inside and caress you but this time on your inner thigh. Slowly, ever so slowly I unbutton your dress, always caressing you but never once touching your nipples or your pussy mound. You feel like your entire being is on fire.

Finally I pull the dress apart exposing your heaving breasts in their silky bra and your aching pussy which is tightly enclosed within the white silk panties, making them wet with your sweet nectar... ' Can he see how wet I am? ', you wonder to yourself.

It is obvious to you that I could because the next thing you feel is my hand pressed against your pussy through the wet silk. You groan as I hold you but again I tease you to your very core. I do not rub or caress you but just hold you and in your heightened state of arousal you lift your hips off of the bed to grind your pussy against my hand... Frustrating you in the extreme I take my hand away and make you wait for my next touch to come.

" Marcus, please... ", you speak the words through a moan of passion so deep it surprises you! You cannot remember ever having felt this sexually charged before in your life.

Suddenly you feel my body move away from you and off of the bed but then there is a sudden press of weight upon you as I sit astride your supple body and you feel me reaching up to run my hands along your arms from your wrists to your shoulders and back again. You can feel my firm naked thighs on your sides and as I stroke your body you inhale an excited breath of sex scented air and release it as a deep sigh. My rigid cock rubs against your large breasts and you can feel a trickle of precum on your flesh. Slowly my hands move onto your upper chest and then continue on, moving towards your breasts, getting ever closer to your erect nipples.

At last I am stroking your breasts and gently I pinch both of your erect nipples. Then you feel your bra come undone and I have your glorious, naked breasts in my hands. I bend to kiss them and greedily suck on your aching nipples, first one then the other... Now you feel as if you are in heaven.

" Such beautiful breasts, Little Miss! ", you hear me murmur. " Do you want me to make you cum, Jodi? "

These are the first words I have spoken to you since entering the room. Then I lovingly kiss and suck your breasts again being sure to give each equal attention, in their turns. This time though, Jodi, I do it for what seems like an age to you and through it all your pussy is getting hotter and wetter!!!

Suddenly I stop and get off the bed again. ' What was he going to do next? ', you think to yourself.

You can hear me rummaging around somewhere close to the bed and then you suddenly hear a faint buzzing noise. At first you cannot place what the sound is because your mind is so clouded by passion and your ears are filled with the throbbing of your own heartbeat but then it dawns on you... It is a vibrator!

Within seconds you can feel it as I run the vibrator over your wet panties and trace the outline of your pussy lips. You shudder as I nudge the vibrator against your clit and hold it tight against you. Jodi, you get so worked up that the throbbing, buzzing tool only needs to touch your swollen clit for a minute before an orgasm rips through your body! You are so sexually excited that you nearly black out from it all!

While you recover from your orgasm I strip off your panties and lovingly lift your hips up to place two soft pillows under your bottom. 'With your legs spread wide and your pussy swollen and open your juices flow freely now. You feel one of my hands come to you there and a finger rubs at the wetness. Then you hear it as I suck on the moistened finger... " God, you taste better than honey! ", you hear me murmur.

But you do not have long to think about what I have just said because in a moment you feel my hot breath on your pussy then feel my tongue snake out to lick your clit. Running the bead of my barbell across it up and down and from side to side. I stop for a seond then the next time my tongue touches your clit you feel it with the sensation of vibration. You realize I am uisng a vibrating barbell in my tongue!!! As I continue to lick you I gently press the big vibrator (turned off) into your pussy. It feels huge to you as it stretches you on its way into your swollen cunny. Now you are fast approaching another orgasm and I can tell because I stop and let your body subside before starting to kiss and lick you again. I keep doing it and because you are tied to the bed there is nothing you can do to make me stop even if you wanted me to, which you don't! In the end you scream at me!

"Please, please make me come, Marcus!!!"

This time I do not draw back and you clench your pussy muscles hard against the vibrator as another orgasm crashes through you while my tongue and the vibrating bead continue to do their work on your clit. Then you can feel my hand withdrawing the vibrator and my tongue stops doing its job on your clit... No more touch! Just like that. You are panting and your muscles are twitching like they never have before.

An almost panicky feeling overtakes you until you can hear me moving once more and can feel the bed moving from the weight of my body. Then you feel me kneeling between your legs. You moan deep in your throat and my mouth presses against yours and our tongues entwine as the silky smooth head of my cock brushes against your still hungry pussy! Now you can feel it as I push against your opening... My hard, thick cock eases its way into your cunt...Yes, your cunt!!! It feels so good with my cock inside your cunt, Jodi! Pushing in deep...Filling you... Moving... Pumping... Fucking you!!! At first I go at you slow and steady, then I pick up the pace and I am fucking you harder, deeper, faster...

" Oh yes! ", I cry out as the friction of your pussy walls surrounds my enclosed cock!!!

Then I stop and I tell you to fuck me... " Make ME cum, Jodi!!! ".

With your legs tied wide, having to rely only on your hips being able to move, you began to move up and down more than you had before. And using the muscles in your sweet pussy to grasp and release... Grasp and release... Grasp and release... You are massaging my cock. Oh how you scream as we both orgasm as one! Suddenly I lift the blindfold to see the tears filling your beautiful eyes. And you feel my muscles tightening and my cock swelling, growing even larger inside of you! You can feel me throbbing and then the pulsing of my release, the heat of my seed as it spurts inside of you.

When the aftershock subsides for us both we are covered in sweat and breathing hard. I lean forward and kiss you...

" Now my Little Miss, let me remove the ties that bind you..."


Randall Rosethorn
© 2009
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that's hot!