The following weekend after I had fingered my sons girlfriend I had arranged for a friend of mine from xhamster to come around and we were going to get Susan d***k and then he was was going to fuck her again. He had already fucked Susan five or six times and really loved fucking her as hard as he could and then fucking her mouth before pulling out and cumming all over face and hair.

In the afternoon I had taken Susan to a local pub and started to get her d***k before my friend arrived, after a few hours and many drinks I took a d***ken Susan home and told her to put something nice on and then we could have some fun together, she giggled and staggered upstairs coming back down a bit later and as per usual she had put on a very short skirt and a white see through blouse, I put my arms around her and hugged her tight to me.

I poured her a drink which she soon drank, another one quickly followed and a couple of hours later she was very very d***k and had nearly passed out on the sofa. Which is exactly what I had planned. I knelt in front of her and pulled her legs apart and was pleased to see that she had not put any knickers on.

I was soon licking away at her cunt and sliding a finger up her ass, Susan when she is d***k loves having her cunt licked and she was soon begging me to lick her harder, which I did and she was moaning and groaning with pleasure.

It was then that the doorbell rang, I got up to answer it telling Susan that I would be straight back and that she was to stay as she was.
I went to the door and let my friend in telling him to go into the front room, I followed him in and told Susan that terry had come round to see us she seemed to have forgotten that her cunt was on full display and greeted him in a very d***ken voice.

I got Susan another drink while she was talking to terry, when I came back into the room terry had her legs spread wide and was fingering her cunt, she was totally out of it and Terry was able to do what ever he liked to her.

I sat back knowing full well that in the morning she would not remember a thing, and would only think that I had been fucking her.

Terry soon had his cock out and was giving her cunt a good hard fucking. He had got her on her back and had roughly spread her legs and soon had her legs over his shoulders. Terry always liked to fuck her really hard and tonight was no exception. He was ramming his cock in and out of her cunt as hard as he could and because her cunt was so wet the slurping noises coming from her cunt were really loud, and he soon had her cumming, he continued to fuck her until he to came deep inside her well used cunt, he totally filled her cunt with his cum and as he pulled his still hard cock out of her I was greeted with the sight of her gaping cunt filled to overflowing with his spunk.

He then sat on the sofa and told Susan to kneel in front of him, this she did and the he grabbed her by the hair and f***ed her mouth on to his cock. Susan will not suck cock when she is sober but when she is d***k anything goes/ I was really enjoying watching Susan getting face fucked by Terry, and it was then that my mobile rang.

It was my son, he went on to explain that he had been called into work and would me and Susan mind if his girlfriend Tracey stayed the night at our place,
I of course said that she could and asked him why she couldn’t stay at his place. He went on to explain that Tracey was a bit d***k and that she didn’t want to be on her own. I told him to drop her off on his way to work and that she would be perfectly OK with us. I told him that Susan was a bit d***k and that she might be asl**p when they got here. He rang off saying that he would be there in half a hour.

I explained to Terry that my son was going to drop his girlfriend off on his was to work and that he would have to go. I asked him if he could help me get Susan up to the bedroom which he did. We arranged to meet up again in the near future and he left.
We had laid Susan on her back and she was fast asl**p, I spread her legs as wide as they would go which gave me a perfect view of her well used cunt which still had loads of spunk oozing from it, I thought to myself that I would have a lot more fun with that a bit later,

the doorbell rung and I went downstairs and let my son and Tracey in, I offered Phil a coffee but he said that he had to get going, he jumped into his car and off he went,
Tracey in the meantime had sat herself down on the sofa, I asked her if she would like a drink, to which she replied that a glass of wine would be nice.
I opened a bottle and poured out two large glasses. Tracey soon finished her glass and I refilled her glass for her, I hadn’t realised just how d***k she was but when she went to get up she very nearly fell flat onto her face. She went out to the toilet and on her return I had refilled her glass which she soon finished, she then asked in a rather slurred voice where Susan was, to which I replied that she was asl**p upstairs.

I asked her if she would like to go and wake her up, knowing full well that she would be greeted with the sight of Susan totally naked and with her cunt running with spunk. She said that she would but was going to get into her dressing gown first, I told her that she was in the same bedroom as last time she stayed, before she went up she finished yet another glass of wine,

I heard her come out of her room and walk across the landing to where our bedroom was and heard her open the door.
Once she had been in our room for a few minutes I decided to creep upstairs and see what was going on.

What I saw took me completely by surprise and my cock was immediately rock hard. Tracey was sat on the bed beside Susan and was caressing susan's tits with one hand while her other hand was stroking Susan spunk filled cunt. I watched this for several minutes and realised that Tracey was breathing very heavily and was now sliding her fingers in and out of susan's cunt. My cock was by now so hard that it was threatening to burst out of my trousers. Susan was still totally out of it And when Tracey lowered her head and started to gently suck on susan's nipples I came very close to cumming on the spot.

It was at that point I decided to disturb her, I swung the door fully open and Tracey jumped up with a look of fear on her face, after all she had just been caught by her boyfriends father fingering his mother and sucking her nipples.
What the fuck do you think you are doing you dirty little slut I stormed.

She was nearly crying as she stuttered how sorry she was and that she had only come in the bedroom to wake Susan up and when she had Susan lying naked like that it had really turned on.

Still pretending to be angry I shouted at her what do you think that Phil is going to do when I tell him what you have been doing to his mother. Taking advantage of his mother whilst she was asl**p.

By now Tracey was crying her eyes out, and stammered please don’t tell Phil what I have done to Susan he would never forgive me, and he would throw me out of his house.

Well what else can I do then I demanded.
Please don’t tell him she sobbed I will do anything if you don’t tell him she pleaded.

Anything? I asked

yes I will do anything just so as you don’t tell Phil she sobbed.

Right I said you can start by taking off your dressing gown, in floods of tears she slowly took her gown off revealing her naked body to me, i gazed longingly at her shaven cunt which only a week before unbeknown to her I had been fingering while she was in a d***ken stupor.

Still with plenty of anger in my voice, I said to her. Right you little slut seeing as how you seem to like playing with susan's cunt get your head between her legs and lick it clean. And if you are wondering why she was so wet while you were playing with her cunt its because I was fucking her before you came round so make sure you lick it all out.

She hesitated for a while and I put my hand on the back of her head and f***ed her face into susan's abused cunt. She soon got the idea of what was expected of her and began to lick susan's cunt in a way that made me think that she had done that before. As I watched her I kept encouraging her to lick it properly and once she had licked it clean I was going to fill it up with cum again and that she would have to lick her cunt clean again.

She was kneeling between susan's legs and was really getting into licking susan's cunt so much so that I thought that she would wake Susan up. I told her to stop and then moved closer to her and cupped her gorgeous shaven cunt with one hand and then parted her lips and slid two fingers into her soaking wet cunt.

I said to her you little slut your cunt is soaking wet, you must be enjoying what you are doing. She said that she had been turned on when she saw Susan lying there naked and once I had made her lick her she had got really turned on, I continued to finger her and after a while I had four fingers sliding in and out of her cunt, she was by now getting quite vocal so I stopped and told her to get downstairs.

Still naked she went downstairs and I followed her and once in the front room I told her to kneel in front of me which she did, I then told her to undo my trousers and get my cock out, she reluctantly did this and when my raging hard cock sprang out she gasped, I reminded her that she had to do anything I said otherwise Phil would be told what she had been doing to his mother.

I pushed my cock against her lips and they slowly opened and I was able to f***e the entire length of my cock into her mouth.
I told her to suck it and make me cum or I would tell Phil
I must say she was a excellent cock sucker and after a few minutes I knew that I was going to cum, I put both of my hands behind her head and began to face fuck her as fast as I could, I soon began to cum in her mouth and took pleasure in watching her eyes as the first jet of spunk hit the back of her throat,, I held her there until she had swallowed all of my spunk.

I told her to sit in the armchair and wait for me to come back, I went upstairs and got one of susan's dildo's back in the front room I told her to put her legs up on the arms once she was like that I began to finger her, she was soaking and I soon changed my fingers for susan's dildo,

I fucked her with the dildo for about ten minutes, she was crying with pleasure and was soon cumming she absolutely soaked the armchair.

She slumped back into the chair and I gave her another glass of wine which she took with pleasure,
I asked her if she had enjoyed licking susan's cunt, to which she replied that she had and when I asked if she would like to do it again she said she would love to.

I told her that to stop me telling Phil what I had caught her doing she would have to be licking susan's cunt for a long time.

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love it, i nearly shot my load myself!
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i hope you start putting things up there bum , especially tracy who would be forced to endure the intrusion into her anus
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two drunk sluts to play with
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soo good man keep them coming!
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add me:
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not to bad but i think it was over board the both woman being drunk