My son was down for the weekend and had bought his girlfriend Tracey with him. Tracey was 25 years old and was rather plain looking but had a stunning body.

Susan and I took them out for a meal on the Friday night, and between us we got through several bottles of wine, needless to say Susan was getting very d***k and so was my son who has never been able to drink much. We had a superb meal and we were soon in a taxi on the way home.

Once we got home I opened another bottle of wine which we soon managed to get through, another bottle swiftly followed and my so suddenly decided that he didn’t feel very well and rushed out to the toilet where he was promptly very sick, Tracey thought this was very funny in by now very d***ken state. I suggested to my son that it would probably be best if he went to bed.
I helped him up the stairs and he flopped into the bed, within seconds he was fast asl**p.

I went back down stairs and the three of us drank another bottle, Tracey and Susan were by this time very d***k but we were all having a good time so another bottle was opened, half way through this one Susan passed out in a d***ken stupor.

I said to Tracey that I was going to try and get Susan upstairs to bed, Tracey d***k as she was offered to help. The pair of us managed to get Susan up to bed. I told Tracey that I was going to undress Susan and get the quilt over her, at this I fully expected Tracey to leave the room, but she was so d***k that she told me that she would help me.

I began to take Susan’s top off and to my surprise Tracey undid susan's bra and took it off. Tracey in her d***ken state just stared at susan's big tits, and giggled as she told me that Susan had much bigger nipples than her, I laughed and told her that I was sure that she had nice nipples as well, and then took off susan's skirt and then her knickers, I glanced at Tracey and noticed that she was staring at susan's hairy cunt, I asked her if she was OK, to which she replied that she had never seen another woman’s pussy before.

At that point I asked Tracey if she wanted to go down stairs and have another drink, she said yes and I told her to go and pour the drinks for us, she went downstairs and as by now my cock was rock hard, I thought that I would have a quick bit of fun with susan's u*********s body, I parted her cunt lips and was soon ramming four fingers in and out of her cunt and sliding my very hard cock all over her face. I did this only for about a minute and then reluctantly put my cock away and went downstairs.

Tracey had poured the drinks and I sat down beside her and chatted away to each other as we drank glass after glass of wine,

At this point Tracey kept nodding off then quickly waking up, I said to her that I was going to go and check on the two d***ks upstairs which she thought was really funny. I went back upstairs checked on my son and then Susan, she was snoring away like anything, I pulled back the quilt and and began to finger her still soaking wet cunt I did this for a minute or so and then pulled my fingers out of her cunt and wiped them across her mouth.

I went back downstairs and found that Tracey was out cold, I shook her by the shoulders but she didn’t even stir.
Tracey had been wearing a fairly short skirt and in her d***ken state it had ridden up her thighs, and I could very nearly see her cunt. Sitting down beside her I decided that it would be very nice to have a little bit of fun with her without her knowing anything about it.
Just to be on the safe side once again I shook her by the shoulders but to my relief she didn’t even stir from her d***ken stupor.

I placed my hand on her thigh and gently started stroking her thigh each time going a bit higher and pushing her skirt up around her waist, I soon had her skirt out of the way and then started to gently part her legs so as I would have access to her cunt. I eventually managed to get her legs wide apart and to my delight she had no knickers on had the most beautiful looking shaven cunt. I ran my fingers over her shaven mound and slowly began to part her cunt lips, her cunt was a bit moist and I was soon able to slide first one finger and then two in and out of her cunt. The more I fingered her cunt the wetter it got and as my fingers went in and out I could hear a loud squelching noise.
At this point I could hear soft moans coming from her lips and for a minute I thought that she was waking up, but to my relief she was still out cold.

I continued to finger her for probably about half a hour and she was just getting wetter and wetter.
My cock was so hard by now I knew that I would soon have to cum, I would have loved to have fucked her sweet shaven cunt but I thought that doing that would defiantly wake her up so reluctantly I stopped fingering her cunt and as I did with Susan earlier wiped my fingers across her mouth, just looking at her lips covered in her cunt juices nearly made me cum.

I went back upstairs and came back down with a quilt with which I covered Tracey up, making sure that her legs were still wide apart. I then went back to our bedroom and still needing to cum I f***ed susan's legs apart and roughly rammed my cock into her waiting cunt, and fucked her as hard as I could all the time wishing that it was Tracey's cunt that I was fucking.

In the morning Tracey was still asl**p on the sofa, I made coffee for all of us and woke Tracey up, I told her that I had tried to wake her up but in the end gave up and covered her with a quilt, for which she thanked me.

I am defiantly going to get her d***k again next time they come to stay, and hopefully have more fun with her, and possibly Susan as well.
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5 months ago
Great story. Sounds like you need to buy wine by the case ! Lol
7 months ago
it would really have been awesome if Tracy woke up to the Sensations of you Fingering her young Cunt and she demanded to be Eaten & Fucked! She did in the Fantasy that I Jacked Off too after reading your Naughty Story about her!
Too bad she wasn't your Daughter, they are so much Fun in bed... taboo Sex is always more Fun and feels so much Better when you Cum!
2 years ago
Absolutely fab story! Let's swap stories, I've a couple if crackers!
2 years ago
love it
2 years ago
more plz!
2 years ago
2 years ago
great story. cant imagine how u resisted doing more! Shame u didnt taek some pics.
3 years ago
Fucking Nice!! You should take some pics next time and share her.
3 years ago
naughty naughty
3 years ago
3 years ago
you semm to have a fixation with getting woman drunk
3 years ago
3 years ago
Nicely told.
3 years ago
good story
3 years ago
Awesome story. I had a friend that we used to abuse his wife when she passed out drunk and she was a drunk cock sucker...Those were the days....
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
Mmmm very hot!
3 years ago
Wow awsome story, love to know if there is more yes!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 years ago
awesome story.!
3 years ago
Very fucking hot! I love fucking my wife when she is passed out drunk... I would love fucking my son's gf (over 18) if she were in the same state! HOT!