d***ken susan at the porn cinema

It was a friday night and i had told susan that we were going to london for the weekend, supposably to watch a show, at least that is what i told susan.

we were staying in a hotel not far off the euston road. the evening started with a very nice meal in the hotel restaurant. needless to say i made sure thar susan had plenty of wine.

Susan was wearing a very nice dress and i must admit she did look very sexy.
but once i had got her d***k i took her back to our hotel room and made her put on the clothes that i had bought with me for her to wear, these consisted of a very short skirt, white see through blouse and stockings and suspenders.
once i had got susan dressed in these cloths i must admit she looked like a complete slut.

I got the hotel to call us a taxi and off we went to a bar which was next door to the porn cinema that i intended to take her to, i bought susan a very strong bacardi and coke and as soon as she had finished that i got her another one, once she had d***k the second bacardi she was very d***k and i knew that i was going to have plenty of fun and better still she would not remember a thing the next day.

Her tits were on full display through her blouse and there were plenty of guys that were staring at her tits.
i told susan that we were going to see a film and e****ted her next door into the porn cinema.

To my dismay there were only a few blokes in there but none the less i took susan to a seat very close to on of the guys that were watching the film.
the film was a very explicit one featuring a blonde with big tits getting fucked and at the same time sucking another guy off.

Susan was very d***k and i soon had her blouse undone and her short skirt lifted up so as i and anybody else had free access to her cunt.

the film soon ended and the house light were turned on and it was then that i noticed that all of the guys in the cinema were now all sitting very close to us. the next film came on and i started playing with her tits and at the same time sliding my fingers in and out of her now soaking wet cunt.

by this time one of the guys had moved to the seat next to us and as i looked i realised that he had his cock out and was wanking it as he watched me abuse susans cunt and tits.

I put my hand behind susans head and pushed her down towards the blokes cock. he soon got the idea and grasped her head and f***ed his erect cock into susans mouth. the other guys had by now all gathered around and all had there cocks out as they watched the other guy face fuck susan.

i realised that the guy who was face fucking susan would not last much longer so i said to the other guys that i wanted them to cover her face and tits with their cum, needless to say they all agreed.

the guy who was face fucking her suddenly let out a loud groan and began to fill her mouth up with his cum,
on seeing this the other guys took it in tearn to wank there cocks until they spurted all over her face and hair. there was not much cum on her tits but her face was completly covered.

i thanked the guys for what they had done and asked one of them if he could help me get susan up and back to the hotel.

the two of us got her up and virtually carried her back to our hotel. the looks that we got from the numerous passers by was fantastic as they realised that her tits were on open display and on closer inspection they couls see that her face was covered in cum.

we got her back to the hotel and up to our bedroom, susan collapsed onto the bed and i said to the guy that had helped me to get her back that i would get him a drink to thank him for his help.

once in the bar i told him all about susan and how i loved watching her being abused and said that i would probably take her to the cinema again tomorrow night. he thanked me for the fun that he had had and told me that he would be in the cinema again tomorrow night and would bring a couple of his friend along with him.
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3 years ago
3 years ago
Nice story!! wheres the cinema in london i might know it..
3 years ago
so so story
3 years ago
lovely, but would have been nice to let them use her cunt