Susan informed me when I got back from work that her cousin was coming to stay for a couple of weeks. This was not what I had wanted to hear as I had things planned for the next couple of weekends, getting Susan fucked good and hard was the main plan and I had arranged for a couple of my friends from X hamster to come round and together we were going to get her d***k and then they could do whatever they wanted to her. So basically my plans were ruined, but there was very little I could do about it.

The following night susan's cousin arrived, she was nothing special to look at but did have quite a nice body. I had already decided that the weekend would be ruined so while Susan and Anne were catching up on all the latest gossip I told them that I was going down the pub for a couple of beers. While I was down the pub I decided that I would get a few bottles of wine on my way home and get Susan d***k so as I could give her cunt and mouth some abuse for ruining my plans.

So on the way home I stopped at the local supermarket and ended up buying 12 bottles of wine, when I got home to my delight Susan and Anne had already started drinking and seemed to be well on the way to getting d***k.

I opened a bottle of wine and poured 3 glasses of wine which the two women soon drinking and before very long I was filling their glasses again, this continued for the next couple of hours and before I knew it we had got through 6 of the bottles Susan was so d***k by now that she was on the verge of passing out, and Anne was even worse, obviously she was not used to drinking as much as she had done, seeing how d***k Anne was I suggested to Susan that we should get her up to bed before she fell asl**p on the sofa, with some difficulty Susan got up and between us we got Anne up to her room and laid her on the bed, I then said to Susan that it would be a good idea if she was to go to bed seeing as she was very d***k. She went to our room and promptly passed out on the bed,

this was my cue to have a bit of fun. I soon had all her cloths off and proceeded to play with her tits and roughly finger her cunt, she was so d***k she didn’t even know what I was doing to her, I then got some of her toys out of the bedside cabinet and started fucking her cunt with her biggest dildo, I had put plenty of lube in her cunt and the noise that her cunt was making as I rammed the dildo in and out of her cunt was superb. At this point I f***ed my hard cock between her lips and began to fuck her mouth as hard as I could. I was on the point of cumming when I suddenly thought that there was another d***ken woman in the bedroom next to us. So I left Susan lying on the bed still with the dildo pushed right up her cunt, put my dressing gown on and went into the room where Anne was.

I first had to check to see how ar out of it was, this I did by shaking her and lifting her arms up and dropping them. She was totally out of it.

With some difficulty I managed to get her top off, and then quickly removed her bra. She had really nice tits, big and topped with massive nipples, I was soon mauling her tits and pinching her nipples. She didn’t even stir. I was soon rubbing my cock over her tits and all around her face, her face was soon covered with trails of pre cum. I was on the verge of cumming when I decided that I wanted to see her totally naked, I pulled her trousers off and then her knickers very quickly followed. Her cunt was one of the hairiest I had ever seen and I soon had a couple of fingers sliding in and out of her wet juicy cunt. At this point I was very tempted to fuck her but thought that I might wake her up, so while still fingering her cunt I wanked my cock until I came all over her hairy cunt. I continued to finger fuck her slowly pushing my spunk into her open cunt. I continued to finger her cunt for a few minutes, then decided that I had better get some of her cloths back on. I managed to get her knickers back on and I noticed that my spunk soon soaked into her knickers, I pulled the quilt over her and went back to our bedroom. I just hoped that Anne wouldn’t realise why her knickers had cum stains on them.
I got into bed and played with Susan's cunt for a while before I went to sl**p.
I woke up in the morning and went downstairs and decided to make the women a cup of tea, I took susan her cup first and then knocked on Anne's door, she answered and I told her that I had made her a cup of tea, I took it in and she apologised for getting so d***k, and that she could not even remember coming to bed, I told her that Susan had helped her up to bed and had undressed her while I cleared up down stairs.
Brilliant she didn’t remember a thing.
It was at that point that I realised that I could have a lot of fun with Anne
and Susan tonight, and decided that I would get them both even more d***k that night. And perhaps even mix some of susan's sl**ping pills in with their drinks.

Both of the women got up and I cooked them breakfast Anne was not to keen on the idea but I told her it would make her feel better, they both were eating and I told them I was just going to the shops and would see them later.

Needless to say I went to the shops and got more wine and a couple of bottles of bacardi, on the way back I popped into my local pub where I met a friend who had been round several times to abuse Susan and told him of what I had done the previous night, and asked him if he would like to come round that night and have some fun, he immediately agreed and it was arranged that I would ring him when it was time to come round.

When I got home anne was having a shower and Susan was in the kitchen, I suggested to her that we all went down to the pub and had a few drinks and then get a takeaway. She agreed to this and I said that I would have a shower when Anne came out. I had my shower and got dressed to my delight both women were wearing skirts and both looked very fuckable.

We went down the pub and I made sure that both women had plenty to drink, about 7 o'clock we headed home and I ordered a indian takeaway, while we were waiting for the food to be delivered I gave the women even more drinks, the food arrived and after we had eaten we all sat down in the front room and had even more drinks. By now both women were drinking bacardi and cokes and both were getting very d***k. I went to the kitchen and made them another drink but this time I had crushed up some sl**ping pills and mixed it into their drinks, I gave them these special drinks and then went upstairs and rang my friend and when he answered it I told him it was ok to come round.

Robert turned up 10 minutes later and was introduced to Anne he told her that he had just popped in for a short while to see what me and Susan were up to and was then going out on the town.
We got the women another drink each and watched with eager anticipation as the women got more and more d***k. Robert had fucked Susan both very d***k and when she had passed out and I could tell that he was eager to have a go at fucking her again. We both went out to the kitchen to get them another drink and when we came back in Anne was fast asl**p and Susan was very nearly passed out. The fun was about to begin.

Robert went up to Susan and told her to suck his cock, she opened her mouth and was very quickly getting violently face fucked by Roberts big cock, he eventually stopped and Susan seemed to be fast asl**p, we quickly got her naked, and then turned our attention to Anne we soon had her naked,.
Robert said he wanted to fuck Susan so as he fucked her I was playing with Anne’s tits and cunt, I eventually pulled her legs wide apart and began to lick away at her beautiful hairy cunt and it was not long before I had my hard cock thrusting in and out of her cunt.

Robert in the meantime had switched to fucking susan's arse, this was great I was fucking susan's cousin and at the same time watching my wife getting her arse fucked by my friend. It was not long before I was cumming deep inside Anne’s cunt and Robert was filling susan's arse up with his cum.
We sat back and could see two fantastic cream pies, annes hairy cunt looked fantastic with lots of cum running out of it, and susan's arse was gaping open and had lots of cum running out of it.
I said to Robert that we had better get Anne dressed as I didn’t want her to wake up and find out that she had been fucked. Robert asked if he could give her a quick fuck first, I agreed and he got her legs over his shoulders and rammed his cock into her cunt and at the same time was pinching her nipples, he pounded away at her cunt until he came deep inside her, he then pulled his cock out and proceeded to slide his cum and cunt juice covered cock across her lips, laughingly telling me that when she woke up she would have a nice taste on her lips..

we decided to just put her knickers on and then carried her up to bed,

I said to Robert that Anne was going to be with us for a couple of weeks and asked if he fancied coming over next weekend. He instantly agreed and said it would be even better if he could bring another friend of his with him. So we arranged to meet next weekend in the pub and then have lots of fun back at my place.

To be continued next week
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your stories are great best i have seen in away thank you mess me more i really enjoyed them
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Another sexy story, wish it was me, how about some pics?