friend fucks susan

a friend came around to our house yesterday evening. when he arrived susan was sober.
he offered to make us all a drink and went out to the kitchen to make the drinks on his return to the front room he gave susan her drink which he said was a special cocktail.

susan downed her drink pretty quickly, and asked for another one, my friend replied that she could have another one once we had finished our drinks.

very shortly afterwards susan went to get up from the sofa and promtly collapsed back onto the sofa,

my friend laughed and said to me that he had put a sl**ping draught into her drink and she would be out cold for several hours,

he asked me if i minded if he fucked her and although a bit shocked at what he had done i readily agreed

he soon had her naked and we the spent the next cople of hours fucking her and using her toys on her,

we got her dressed again and a hour or so later she started to come round,
50% (13/13)
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3 years ago
I'll come over and we'll get her Drunk but Not enough that she passes out ... Just enough to where she Drops ALL of Her inhibitions, we ALL get NAKED and She agrees to Anything & Everything that we Suggest to Her...
My Fat Cock is Stiffand tingling right now at the thought of You and I Licking, Sucking and Fucking together for hours... then Curling around Susan NAKED as we get some rest To start All Over AGAIN!
Naughty Johnny with a Big Dick... Being Pleasured now!
3 years ago
id have had the camera out lol
3 years ago
certainly you could have used your imagination a bit and told some detail of what you and your freind done to Susan...I mean if you are going to rape your wife, the least you can do is share the experience with us avid porn creatures?