The Aussie Good Samaritan

I was on holiday down under with my wife and her s****r on what was billed as the holiday of a lifetime.

It was out last day in Syndey and the wife as usual was desparate to go shopping. My s****r in law, Jane, was going to meet up with some friends so i was on my own for the day.

I was just wandering around Sydney taking in some of sites but managed to get myself lost with no idea of the route back to the hotel. I was standing on a junction looking around trying to work out which way i needed to go when i heard someone say "Do you need some help?"

I turned to see this beautiful blonde looking at me. "Yeah, I do as i can't remember which way my hotel is?" She flashed me a smile and walked over to me,
she said she was going in that direction so she would take me. I thanked her and we started walking.

We exchanged small talk and she said her name was Melissa. As we walked i couldn't help but notice what a great body she had and the most amazing pair of tits i has seen in a long time. The way they moved as she walked had me mesmerised. I'm sue she saw me checking them out a couple of times but she didn't seem to mind.

We got back to the hotel after about 30 minutes and i invited her in for a thank you drink which she gratefully accepted. As we were in the hotel bar Jane walked in so I called her over. Turns out her friends couldn't make it today so she had come back to the hotel to work out what to do.
One drink turned into a few and Jane and Melissa seemed to be getting on like a house on fire. I must admit the did make a great site 2 beautiful ladies, 1 blonde and 1 brunette.

I mde my excuses and went to our room to have a nap as i was feeling tired and i knew that my wife had a busy evening planned for us. When i woke it was a about an hour later.

As i came too i was aware of talking coming from Jane's room which had a connecting door to ours. I walked over and slowly opened it and was greeted with a sight that will live for me for ever. 2 naked ladies on the bed Melissa on her back with legs spread and Jane's head buried between them with her naked arse in the air.
That's it Jane, just there. Oh god yes" i heard Mel say as she pulled at her own tits.

I stood there open mouthed not knowing what to do or where to look, although my cock understood and was stiffening immediately. I must have made a noise of some sort as suddenly they both looked around and saw me.

"don't just fucking stand there staring, get over here and join in" instructed Jane. I walked over as if in a trance and soon had 2 pairs of willing hands taking my clothes off and my cock was soon out in the open. Mel and Jane bent down and started running their tongues up and down my length and over my helmet. I smiled and thought i had gone to heaven. Within seconds i could feel the familiar tingling in my balls and knew i wasn't ging to last much longer. "if you keep doing that i will cum very quickly" i said and was greated by 2 smiling faces and increased action on my cock.

"I warned you" as a couple of seconds later i began to shoot my load over both of their tongues and faces. They kept licking at my cock until every drop was gone and then started kissing each other, passing my cum beteeen them until both swallowed it down.

They moved to the bed and started going at each other as they were when i walked in, Jane burying her head in Mels pussy. I walked over and started touching Mels gorgeous tits. There were the finest paid i had ever seen, just the right size but soft and firm with beautiful hard nipples. i roughly grabbed them squeezing them hard loving the feel of them. Mel reached out and grabbed hold of my cock which was rock hard again, She moved me round and started slappling my cock aganst her tits. This seeemed to turn her on even more and she started bucking and sceraming as she came. All this time Jane was still munching on her pussy and was rewarded with a flood of Mel's juices.
She lifted her head and showing a big smile and a very wet face.

Mel stood up and licked her own juices off before pushing Jane to the bed and moving her face onto Janes' pussy. I positioned myself behind Mel and ran the head of my cock against her wet pussy. It easily slipped between her lips and i was soon fully enveloped. It felt so good warm and wet and a perfect fit. As she licked Jane out i slowly fucked her.

I pulled out and walked round to where Jane was and presented her with my cock. She eagerly took it in her mouth licking off Mel' juices. i reached down and brushed my hane dove rher erect nipples. her tits were not as large as Mel's but they were perfect all the same.

"i want your hard cock in my pussy James" said Jane. Being a gentleman i wasn't going to turn a request like that down so lay on the bed. jane ssquatted over me and eased herself on to myc cock. As with Mel she was si wet and warm it slipped in easily. Mel postioned her pussy over my face and my tongue soon went to work. Mel and Jane faced each other and ran their hands ove reach other tits, squeezing and fondling.

Jane's cunt was amazingly tight on my cock and her movement was awesome. That coupled with the sweet tasse of Mel's pussy soon had my balls twitching again and within minutes i was shooting my load again and again into Jane's pussy. i slowly went limp and she slipped off me at which point mel slipped a couple of fingers into Janes cunt, pulling thme out with my cum on them, she proceeded to lick them clean and then repeated the feat and feed them to Jane.

I collapsed on the bed and asked " what was that all about?"
Jane smiled at me and said "I thought Mel deserved a thank you for being a good samaritan and for getting you back to the hotel"

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2 years ago story......i have played with my bald pussy reading this story several times. Thanks for using me in your story!!
2 years ago
Y do ur stories keep me hard mmmmmm
2 years ago