Alka and her Bhabhi Rekha - Chapter 01

Rekha and her husband's s****r Alka were friends than s****rs in law. They had a healthy relationship. They teased each other.

Rekha usually teased her about the dress she wore. "Bhabhi when you were in college you wore sexier and revealing dress didn't you? I am sure you did. You would be very sexy in such dress. Look at your boobs. They are so big and yet they are firm," she said pointing to Rekha's full breasts.

"You are not supposed to talk to me that way."

"Come on don't be an old fashioned woman. You are hardly older than me by more than 3 years."

That was true. Rekha was just 22 while Alka was 19 and in the second year of college.

They were having tea.

Alka asked Rekha, "Bhabhi tomorrow I am bringing a few of my friends here for a practice session."

"Do you want me to look and offer some suggestions or you are just asking me for my permission."

"It's up to you. If you want to join us you are most welcome. I have to catch up because I bunked a few classes and I am unable to catch up and I am always out of step with the rest of the class."

Alka had joined the dance class because she was slightly overweight and required some kind of exercise. She had dropped out of the aerobic classes because she found it boring and strenuous. Sunil, her b*****r, had suggested that she join dance classes.

Alka was a plump girl with breasts that were larger than what is normal for a 19 year old girl. She was very fair and beautiful with fleshy reddish lips and round face. She had round ass and plump thighs which showed when she wore skirts that came to above her knees. Anyone would look at her a second time if she walked on the road. Rekha was always teasing her about her not telling her about her boyfriends.

"But the fact is that I don't have any boyfriends."

"I don't believe that."

"I have a few very close friends. I have told you about them. They are not what you can call as a boy friend."

"I am not able to believe that you don't have an admirer."

"I have many admirers. They are all the time trying to do something. I don't encourage them."

"What are they trying to do?"

"You know like kissing or grab your boobs or get your hand on their crotch."

"Are you scared?"

"It's not being scared. I don't feel like having a relationship now. I am too young and I have some more time. But tell me Bhabhi when did you have a boy friend?"

"You are not supposed to ask me such questions. Even if I had one, do you expect me to tell you?"

"Come on. I won't tell my Bhaiya. You are not a dumb girl who I think would have missed having a boy friend. Even if you did not want to I am sure you would have no choice."

"I am not going to talk such things with you. Now go and study."

"Okay but sometime you will have to tell me about when you started having a boy friend"

"We will see."

"That means you will tell me when you started having a boyfriend?"

"I didn't say that."

The next day Alka came home and called from down stairs that she would wait for some time because her dance classmates hadn't yet turned up. She wanted to wait and bring them up.

After fifteen minutes the bell rang. When Rekha opened the door she found Alka with two boys.

"Bhabhi meet Chintu and Motu." she introduced the two guys.

"Don't call me Motu. You are the plump one." the plump one said. "I am also calling you Motu."

Rekha went in followed by the three of them. Alka gave a yelp as she walked in.

"Don't keep doing that. You have been doing that all the time since yesterday. That's why I didn't want to call you home."

Rekha smiled at them as they argued. "I thought you would bring your friends who are girls. That’s why I didn't change. Let me change and come."

"No Bhabhi its okay. If you go away, these two guys will start misbehaving with me."

"They won't. Anyway let me get something for you all." Rekha went to the kitchen to get something for them to drink. It was hot outside. As she went inside she heard them whisper.

"Are you sure she won't push us outside if you tell her that we will misbehave."

"No she is a sweet heart. She will understand. But you behave yourself Motu."

"Don't call me that in front of her. I feel embarrassed."

The other guy said, "Had we known that you have such a sexy Bhabhi we would have come much earlier. Her boobs are even bigger than yours."

"Stupid, she is 22 and married. And stop staring at her boobs will you?"

"How would she know and what harm is there if we look at her boobs. She is your Bhaiya's wife, not your wife. Stop acting possessive."

"Ok Ok. You stare at her boobs as much as you like. Why will it bother me?"

Rekha called Alka and asked her to take the tray as she came in she asked her, "Alka are you sure that your Bhaiya will like the idea of you bringing the two guys here?"

"I don't know Bhabhi. You tell him if it's okay. You are here anyway. So does it matter?"

"Okay. I feel odd being here with them. I will be in the bedroom. Call me if you want anything." she said as she went to the bedroom.

She closed the door behind her. She had a vague idea that they were not all that innocent as they appeared. She went to the book shelf beside the door. The cable guy had made a small opening for the cable to pass the wire that was connected through the hole. Only Rekha knew that the hole was there. She looked through hole. The three of them were still talking. There was nothing suspicious about them. She was at the same time disappointed and also bored. She came out and took a bottle of water.

"What are you guys doing?" she asked them.

"We are looking for the CD which is appropriate. You can stay here if you want."

Then Chintu whispered her something.

"What is he saying?" Rekha asked Alka.

"It's a joke Bhabhi."

"Tell me."

"He says if you want he will teach you also. He is the best dancer in the class Bhabhi. That's why I made him come here."

"Thanks any way. You guys practice here. Let me take rest."

"Bhabhi, can we come here the next few days? Say, till I catch up with the rest of them?"

"I don't see why not?' But if you three behave yourself and teach her I will let you come here."

"I mean Bhabhi the dance master says that we should practice what he teaches us. Even after we catch up it will be a good idea if we practice daily."


"If you think it won't be a good idea for them to come here daily, may be once in a while, when we feel like."

"I don't know."

"Please Bhabhi."

"You can. It will make you sweat and do what we tried for so long."

"Can they come here daily?"

"It's okay as long as you don't try something funny."

"You will be here anyway all the time. What can we do with you around all the time?"

"That didn't stop him from pinching your behind did it?"

"That is nothing Bhabhi. You are acting like an old woman. Don't tell me you never got pinched in your behind when you were in college"

"I am not an old woman and I did not get pinched in my behind."

"Where did you get pinched Bhabhi? I don't believe that you did not get felt by someone all the years before you got married. Anyway I won't let these guys take advantage of me, unless I want them to." Alka winked at Rekha.

She came and hugged her saying, "You are really sweet Bhabhi."

Suddenly Rekha felt Alka's breasts press against her breasts. She had never felt that way before. The other two were watching them. Alka had gone and changed into a tee shirt. It hugged her body very tight. She normally wore such tight fitting outfits only at nights when the three of them were alone. The breasts seemed bigger than usual and the cleavage was also prominent. The sleeveless tee shirt showed a lot of her breasts from the side from the opening for the arms.

Rekha went inside the bedroom and closed the door behind her. Soon she heard the music. She could not resist looking again. She went to the hole. Alka and Chintu were standing and he was telling her something. She could not hear their conversation.

They started moving in tandem. Then slowly she put her hands on his shoulders. He pointed to the door. She said something which was inaudible. They danced for some time and then rested. He pulled her and made her dance again. She reluctantly started moving.

Later when the music stopped Rekha came out. They were seated.

"Is that all?" she asked.

"Enough for today. May be you are bored?"

"No not at all," Rekha said and added, "Let me see how you both dance."

Chintu looked foolishly at Alka. She put her hands out and grabbed him and pulled him up. Chintu and Alka started a slow dance. Initially they maintained some distance between them. But when they realized that Rekha did not mind and that she did not object at all they became bold.

"Actually the dance master said that we have to dance holding each other together. But we are embarrassed now."

"Why? You do it in class don't you?"

"Yes. But we can't hold each other very closely in the class."

"Why not?"

"Because the others are there watching."

"So why did the dance master say that you should hold the partner tight?"

"Actually he said that we should practice with our spouse. If we are single he said that we should do it with our girl friends or boyfriends."

"Who is your partner there usually?"

"Either of these guys. Who else is available there?"

"There are no girls also so we have to be content with this fat girl Bhabhi," said Motu.

"Okay so let us see how you both do it?" said Rekha.

"Let us put on a show for Bhabhi Chintu. Now don't be distracted by Motu, silly guy."

"You don't mind if we hold each other tight Bhabhi?"

"No. Go ahead and do it the way your dance master said."

"Actually the master says we have to hold each other closely like a husband and wife. But even in class we are embarrassed so we just hold each other like it's a formality. That's why we wanted to do it here."

"You mean hold each other tightly?"

"Yes. But if you say no, then we won't."

"I don't know Alka. If your Bhaiya catches you he will kill you and also me."

"We are not doing something wrong Bhabhi. I am telling you what the master told us. I have not seen people dancing in real life. So I don't know. Besides, Bhaiya doesn't have to know that we held each other like a husband and wife. Actually he doesn't have to know anything at all, does he?"

"No, he doesn't have to know about anything that the two of you do. Okay now let me see you dance."

"Small correction Bhabhi. He doesn't have to know what the three of us do."

After a small gap she whispered, "Actually Bhaiya doesn't have to know what the four of us do."

"Why do you include me?" Rekha asked.

"There is no particular reason. What if you decide to take up the offer made by Chintu to teach you dancing?" Rekha kept silent.

"Bhabhi why don't you join us? All of us can have fun."

"I am respectably married and that too to your own b*****r."

"What does being respectably married got to do with having some fun and that too which your husband will never know?" Rekha could not help smiling.

"There is no hurry Bhabhi. Take your time."

Alka took Chintu's hands and put it around her shoulders, her own hands were around his torso. On second thoughts she pushed his hands down to her back. He slowly slid them down and let it settle on her butt.

"This is okay Bhabhi?"

"Are you telling me or asking me?"

"Asking you"

"I guess its okay."

They started moving slowly winding around the hall. Rekha decided to let them get used to themselves.

"I think you should practice more. Let me rest. I think you are embarrassed by me being here. Should I move away now?" Rekha asked.

"No Bhabhi. It will take time to get used to the idea of you being here. You have to please give us some time. Please stay here."

"You mean that my being here makes it difficult for you to hold each other even closer?"


"Show me how close you both were holding each other when I was inside."

"You will get angry if we show you how close we danced."

"I won't. Not for telling the truth."

She knew that they had not held each other tightly but she could not tell them that she had spied on them.

"Actually we danced like this," Alka said holding Chintu very tightly.

"Come on Chintu hold me like you held me when she was inside," she winked at him. "Bhabhi has given her word that she won't scold us."

They hugged each other like two lovers in a Hindi movie.

"How can you move if you hold each other so tightly?"

"I don't know. I told you the truth." Alka looked at Rekha for any signs of disapproval of their actions. She found none.

"That is good. Bhabhi doesn't mind," she thought.

"Don't let it bother you. I don't mind it personally. What I was worried was about your b*****r. I don't mind if you hold each other like your master told you."

"You mean you don't mind if we hold even closer, say like I was his wife, as our master told us?"

"No. But I don't think that is possible if your intention is dancing."

Encouraged by her Chintu and Alka moved closer. Their bodies were pressed together. Rekha could see Alka's breasts being crushed against Chintu's chest. Alka's nipples became hard and distended by the pressure exerted by Chintu's chest. Rekha could see the nipples poking through the top when he released the hold. She must obviously be feeling his cock. It was impossible not to feel it. Alka's breasts were flattened against his chest and they spilled out through the opening for the neck and mainly in the sides for the opening for the arms.

Rekha could also see a dark patch in Alka's armpit where a small stubble had sprouted.

"Bhabhi tell us if you don't like the way we dance or we do something we should not be doing."

Rekha sat there watching them. She realized that she was getting wet between her thighs. It was like seeing a soft core movie. By now Chintu had become used to Rekha and he was joking with her.

His hands slipped to her ass and he was pressing it but not squeezing it.

When the CD had stopped, Chintu went to play another CD.

Alka came and asked Rekha almost whispering, "Should I tell him to slow down if you want? I think he just got carried away."

"No its okay. How many times should I tell you? I was only scared about your Bhaiya."

"Bhaiya won't know if no one tells him. Will he?"


Chintu came back and held his hands out. Alka joined him.

This time they danced less and hugged more for some time they just stopped dancing and hugged.

"Let us catch our breath for some time," Alka announced.

Later that day, they danced less and caught their breath more hugging.

As they were hugging, Alka looked at Rekha. Rekha merely looked back. As their gaze locked, Alka's hands roamed all over his back and she tightened her grip. She dropped her hands to his ass and pressed his crotch forward and met it with her own. All the while she kept looking at Rekha. By now it was obvious that dancing was just an excuse.

They kept doing it more. By now Chintu had become used to Rekha's presence. He became bolder and hugged Alka even tighter. If Rekha had wanted to object, she should have done it much earlier. They were no longer even moving. They just stood there and hugged each other. Slowly Chintu started thrusting his crotch at Alka. She seemed shocked at the sudden pressure at her crotch. She tried to pull herself back. But Chintu held on to her and put both his palms on her ass and prevented her from moving back. Rekha could not hear them talking. But she was sure they were.

"Tell us when you are bored Bhabhi," Alka told Rekha.

"I will tell you."

Rekha's voice sounded to her as if it belonged to someone else. Alka pulled Chintu along and came close to where Rekha was sitting. They were just three feet from her.

"Don't tell me you dance like this in class Alka."


Alka could hardly manage to speak coherently. Her voice was more like a whisper.

"And you want to do this every day? I mean practice dancing like this every day?"

"If you let us practice hee. Where else can we go?" Alka said getting bolder and certain that her s****r in law would not say no as she answered she paused holding her partner even tightly. Her boobs spilled out through the rather large opening for the arm as their bodies were crushed against each other.

"Please Bhabhi, let us do it na? Who else can we ask?" Alka pleaded.

"You want to practice like this every day and that too with both of them ?"

"If you take pity on us and let us."


"I told you that my Bhabhi is a sweetheart."

"But you didn't tell us that she was even sexier than you." Chintu said almost in a whisper.

"What did you tell about me now?" Rekha asked raising her voice but with a smile on her lips.

"I just told her that her Bhabhi looks every inch ugly and undesirable."

"He lied Bhabhi. That is not what he said. He said............"

Before she could complete the sentence he put his lips on hers and sealed her. She tried to pull away and made some noise.

"It's okay. I heard what he said. Now don't make a scene and attract attention. You please keep quiet." Rekha put her fingers to her lips and whispered.

"We won't make any noise," Alka whispered back as she hugged him.

"Isn't he a cutie Bhabhi?" Alka whispered to Rekha as she rubbed her boobs on his chest.

Chintu whispered something in her ears. She gave an emphatic no.

"What did he ask you?"

"He wants to get rid of my tee shirt. Says its rough."

Rekha was now scared. Things were getting out of control.

She knew that Alka did not want to have sex all the way. She wanted to technically remain a virgin till her marriage.

Thereafter she would take many lovers she had told Rekha once. She wanted to know why Rekha did not want to take someone.

Is it possible that they had agreed that they would somehow drag her into participating and join them? She could not say.

It was getting late and he had to go now. She pointed to the wall clock.

"No. I don't feel like going yet," Chintu gave out a cry but in a whisper.

"If your Bhaiya catches us that will be the end of everything."

Alka pushed him away. He reluctantly walked away. They left after some time. As they left both of them hugged Alka. They wished Rekha bye and left.

The two women did not talk about the practice at all after the boys had left. Later when it was time for Deepak to come she raised the topic with Alka.

"It's better if you don't mention that they were here for dance practice. Your b*****r may agree or disagree. If he says no then we can't let them come here. If he comes to know I will tell him that they are helping you with studies."

"Okay Bhabhi. You know my b*****r well."

"Alka tell me something frankly. I won't mind it. Is there something between you and Chintu?"

"No Bhabhi. I told you. But the truth is that I like him and he likes me. It's not as if we are ever going to be boy friend and girl friend. He has a steady girl friend."

"Then in that case you are taking a big risk."

"There is no risk at all. I dance with him and also Motu. So I don't dance only with Chintu."

"Do you also dance with the other guy like how you did today?"

"Even with him I have never danced like I did now. On a few occasions he tried to do what he did today. When I did not object he did it more often. We have never talked about it till now. It was understood when he suggested that we ask you that we will carry forward what we tried in the class."

They remained silent and then Alka asked, "Don't you find them both attractive?"

"I don't know."

"You either find them attractive or don't find them attractive."

"I find them attractive. They are like k**s."

"If you had met them in college before marriage would you have approved them as your boy friend?"

She said, "May be."

"Yes or no?"

"Yes," Rekha said and they both laughed.

"You are not yet frank with me," Alka told her.

"I am your Bhabhi. Your b*****r's wife and you are his s****r. So it triggers a defence mechanism in me. I can't help it."

"Did you have many boyfriends Bhabhi?"

"What kind of question is that?"

The door bell rang and Rekha again reminded Alka about the coaching session and not dance sessions.

"Okay and thanks Bhabhi."
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