Cousin Sue part 3

Sorry for the long delay. Hope you like it, if not I plan part four to be better. Enjoy.

I woke up the next morning and looked at my clock; 9:12AM it read. As I let out a yawn and rubbed my eyes I noticed a note sitting next to it with my name on it.

Left with your aunt, Sue should be here after she's done at practice around 11. Behave and don't destroy the house, I'll be back in a few days.
Love Mom"

Huh, I thought, why didn't she wake me before she left? It was then I realized I had fallen asl**p naked last night. Shit,did mom see me? Maybe she didn't wake me to save us both the embarrassment of me trying to cover up. To make things worse, as I got up I noticed a slight damp spot on my sheets and could feel my morning wood was also damp & sticky.

Fuck. I haven't had a wet dream since I was 14, what the hell had gotten me so worked up? Then I remembered, I was dreaming of Sue. Her soft lips wrapped around my hard cock, her hands massaging my chest and caressing my skin. My morning wood twitched as I realized I was now fully hard and needing relief. Clearly it was one hell of a dream.

Not wanting to jerk off without attempting to have more fun with Sue, I went to my bathroom and took a leak, then proceeded upstairs to the kitchen to find some breakfast. There was a note on the refrigerator;

Be good. Sue's the oldest, she's in charge if she needs to be. There's money for food- don't spend it all on junk. I let Mrs. Cane next door know your home alone, just in case. Also here's a list of numbers if you need them.
Hugs & Love, Jan"

After skimming the note, I opened the refrigerator and grabbed some juice, as I finished off the carton I looked out the window at the pool. I had always liked to swim naked, but could only do so rarely. I started about a year ago, mom was at some conference two hours away, and I felt bold. Ever since then it seems whenever I have the chance to swim, or tan nude I take it. My biggest fear is my mom coming home too soon and having to explain to her why I didn't have a suit on. That or Mrs. Cane looking out her second-story windows to see me, but I'm careful not to let that happen.

Still sporting an incredible boner, I made my way to the edge of the pool and dived in. I was swimming about and enjoying the morning, trying to let my cock deflate in the cool water. Suddenly I heard a voice,"Hey there young man!" Shit! it was Mrs. Cane peering over the fence! Had she seen me!? I quickly made my way over to the side of the pool, resting my arms on the pavement, trying to act casual. "Hi there Mrs. Cane" I said. Mrs. Cane was a woman in her early thirties whose husband ran off a few years back. She had short dark hair, large C cup-looking tits, a nice firm ass and is just a little chubby. Coupled with her funny sense of humor, I always wondered why her dumb-ass ex-husband ran off. Needless to say Mrs. Cane was a big part of my spank-bank.

“How many times do I have to tell you, call me Liz.” she said with a mock-frown. “Sorry Mrs. Ca- er, Liz... f***e of habit” I replied. She let out a smile as she began, “Hey, I know tomorrow’s Saturday and you probably have plans, but I was wondering if you could help me with some chores I can't do by myself?” It wasn't uncommon for me to occasionally help her out with some yard work, so I answered, “Yea, that's fine, I didn't have anything going on tomorrow anyways. What did you need me for?” Mrs. Cane's face lit up happily, and she began, “Great, I just need you to help with some painting and to move some heavy stuff around. Is nine a.m. good for you?” “Yea, that's fine.” I replied, slightly distracted by the feeling of my boner rubbing against the wall of the pool. With a tone of joy in her voice, she said, “Okay, I'll see you tomorrow, thanks Kyle.” I smiled and said, “No problem Mrs. Ca-er...Liz.” She smiled, and turned away from the fence back to her yard.

With that I waited until I heard her go back into her house before I began swimming again, making sure to keep an eat out just in case. After a short while I decided it was time to get out and dry off, with no towel I just laid down in the chair, my cock still half hard, and let the sun's rays dry me off. With my eyes closed I must have drifted off lightly, because all of a sudden I had sensed a shadow where there wasn't (and shouldn't be) once before. Slightly confused I opened my eyes to see what was different, and thus received an unexpected shock. Standing in front of me was Sue, wearing her skimpy volleyball uniform and a wicked smile.

I bolted upright in the lounge chair, my heart pumping furiously from the adrenaline of surprise and the embarrassment of being caught...again. She laughed before saying, “Oops, was I in your light?” A wicked grin soon rose on her face as I sat dumbfounded. I tried to regain my composure as I said, “Sue- what are you doing here so early?” She looked at me, her grin not going completely away as she said, “Well, for one thing, it's like 10:30 now, and coach ended practice early today. She probably got horny watching us and couldn't wait to lick Cindy again.” Cindy was the captain of the team, it had been widely rumored amongst students that the lesbian coach and Cindy were having an affair. “Oh...” was all I could remark.

As I began to settle a bit, my eyes began roaming over Sue, I really enjoyed when she wore her uniform. Her knee high socks, the tight little shorts and the t-shirt she tied so that it exposed her midriff, all were enough to get any guy hard. And of course, my cock began to grow as Sue began talking, “So, you've become a nudist now, is that it?” That damn grin of hers was plastered all over her face as I noticed her eyes quickly glance down to my hastily growing member. Suddenly I realized that I could spin this to my advantage.

I relaxed a bit and tried to say with as much confidence as possible, “Actually, before I found out you and your b*****r were staying over, yes, as a matter of fact I did plan to spend the weekend around the house nude.” Sue got an even more mischievous look on her face before replying, “Oh really? Well don't let me stop you... Heck, I might even join you.” with that my cock twitched as she gave a slight chuckle, winked and started towards the house, swaying her tight ass. “What do you got for lunch?” she yelled back. I was almost to stunned to move, luckily I quickly found myself following her inside. “Um, pizza rolls?” I said as we walked into the kitchen. “Perfect, you make that and I'll find us something to watch on the T.V.” She acted as if everything was normal, heading into the other room to watch T.V.

As I began making lunch, my cock I shouted to Sue, “So whens your b*****r coming over?” Seconds later I heard her yell back, “Oh, like he'd care if you played nudist this weekend. Hell, he'd prolly enjoy it more than me, but I guess he's staying at his boyfriend Johnny's tonight.” Sue had confided in me awhile ago that she suspected her b*****r may be gay when she checked his internet history one day and found a bunch of gay porn. Since then she called his best friend Johnny his boyfriend in an attempt to annoy him. Although he never really denied, he would just gave her a look or roll his eyes whenever she'd say it.

“You really think they're gay?” I yelled back. “If they're not, then they spend waaaaay to much time alone together.” I shrugged and checked the microwave timer, with a minute I thought about Sue's words a moment ago, “enjoy it more than me”, the little bitch was enjoy my naked body. I moved my hand to slowly stroke my cock as I decided to give Sue an eyeful. By the time the microwave had finished, I had a raging hard on with a drop of pre-cum oozing out. I loaded the rolls onto a platter, grabbed to pops and proceeded into the living room, hoping to catch Sue off guard.

When I got there, however, it was I who got the surprise, Sue was lounging on the couch; in all her naked glory. I nearly dropped the food in my hands as my jaw must have literally hit the floor. Her nipples were small and hard, pointing at me like pencil erasers. As my eyes moved down her body I discovered a small strip of hair just above her luscious pussy lips. My cock twitched hard and I felt my pre-cum ooze out and drip down to the floor. My eyes quickly moved back to Sue's face as I heard her say, in a lusty voice, that damn smiled on her face, “I can tell it's going to be a fun weekend.”
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