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The limerick is a form of nonsensical poem. If you would like to learn more about it, you may google it or check it out on Wikipedia.

All of my limericks were inspired by either xHamsters or by real people I know and would like to know more in the Biblical sense!

The first one was inspired by Alicia Dubois (

There once was a girl who sold knickers
She had quite a lineup of pickers
Caus’ their fragrance was nice
Straight from ’tween her thighs
To satisfy all the lewd lickers

The next two were inspired by Rubber Slave (

There once was a woman with strap-on
Put grease on her giant black baton
Then stuffed some male ass
And always with class
Like a natural born Don Juan

There once was a slave who for leisure
Was buggered to not small a measure
His Mistress would say
I do like to play
And fucked his male ass with great pleasure

This one is rather close to my heart as it was inspired by a beautiful young Japanese woman I know and, as you may guess from the verses, this relationship has never flourished beyond some casual and none sexual encounters.

There is a young woman from Asia
Her features are those of a geisha
I’d like to unpack
Her gorgeous small rack
But alas she’s only fantasia

The other ones were inspired by several people featured on xHamster.

There once was a shemale with passion
She always was dressed in high fashion
She had a large dick
A beautiful prick
To give her boy his daily ration

From January all to December
A ladyboy with a small member
Loved to fuck some guys
And stick her small size
Right up their tight asses with temper

There once was a girl of ebony
Her teeth were as white as ivory
Her eyes were like coal
And pink was her hole
And her body oh so heavenly

There is a woman callipygous
With ass so big t’was ridiculous
She’d sit on your face
For fatty embrace
Her smother rather meticulous

A Mistress gives such good whipping
Her strokes precise and forbidding
Slave winces and cries
Has tears in his eyes
As he receives her painful bidding

There is a big beautiful female
Her body as huge as a sperm whale
Her curves are divine
So bow to that shrine
As she’d crack an industrial scale

There once was a woman so tiny
Her pussy was juicy and briny
Her hair long and black
And small was her rack
But loved to be stuffed by the mighty

I know, some of them were a bit f***ed by I hope you enjoyed them nevertheless!
Posted by thejanus 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Love em all; great stuff!
2 years ago
ha ha ha !