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Beauty beyond the scar!

Yes, I realise that these pictures are not your regular breast photos designed to arouse, to titillate and make you cum. And maybe I am abusing this forum which is more about porn; but I hope that some of you may share my passion for beauty in all its shapes and forms and sizes.

Posted by thejanus 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Well done - the paralympic games were another example of inspirational people overcoming their disabilities and performing at levels that would surpass most able-bodied people.

These pictures of brave women willing to show their bodies after mastectomy are inspirational too. Loss and pain and death are inevitable parts of our condition - it is how we deal with the human condition that matters. We watch porn and admire the finest specimens of human beauty partly because it allows us vicariously to live this beauty, even if we are not so blessed ourselves. The greatest human gift is imagination and in our fantasy lives, we experience a reality that is possibly even more pleaurable than the physical world in which we live.
2 years ago
breast cancer isn't a joke, well any cancer isn't. but it's reality! beauty is in the eye of the beholder right. getting older makes me realize that beauty only goes skin deep. i only can applaud these women for showing there body. and hope they can feel sexy again, because they still are!
2 years ago
It's nice to see that you're sensitive to other peoples' suffering. I am too but boy does that kill a perfectly good boner. Laughter is the best medicine.