I am not sure who was more surprised, Jenn who was standing there still holding the tarp she had just ripped of the pile of firewood it was protecting or me who had been hiding underneath the same tarp. We looked at each other for a moment, not knowing what to say. I was holding my now deflated dick in one hand and a pair of her panties in the other, still inhaling her wonderful Womanly scent.

“What the hell are you doing here?” she shouted after she had regained her composure.

“Nothing” I said as I was quickly getting up, surreptitiously stuffing my penis back into my shorts.

“Nothing?” she exclaimed, “You were doing nothing! “If you did what I think you did you are in big trouble”.

Jenn inspected the wall beside the woodpile.

Moments later she jumped up and yelled: “You sick pervert; you have been spying on me. Get into the house, now”.

“No, Jenn, I swear I didn’t do that” I winced.

“Get into the house” she continued to bark, kicking me in my rear end.

“Please Jenn, it’s not what you think” I continued while being f***ed to enter the cottage.

Once inside, Jenn was pacing; fuming like I had never seen her before. I got on my knees, begging: “please Jenn, just let me go, I’ll never do it again”.

“So you admit that you were spying on me, you pervert” she shouted.

“No…I mean…I didn’t mean to, I’m sorry, please just let me go. I swear; I’ll never do it again” I continued to plea.

“Oh no, you’re not going anywhere. And what’s that in your hand?”

“Euh…it’s just a handkerchief” I said.

“Let’s see it” she said, holding out her hand.

“But it’s nothing” I replied.

She came over and slapped me. Then, taking my hand, she pried it open and took out the piece of fabric.

“That’s a pair of my panties” she said, holding them up “Where the hell did you get those from?”

At that point I knew that the gig was up, there was no way I could talk myself out of this so I just lowered my eyes and said, in the most apologetic voice: “I am sorry Jenn”.

Her only reply was another hard slap.

“I asked you where you got them from” she repeated, more insistently.

“I got them out of your dirty linen bag” I said quietly.

“But I just arrived, there is nothing in my…”

She looked at me with astonishment, but then realising that I had been violating her privacy for a while she went completely berserk punching and kicking me and crying out: “you dirty pig, this is not the first time you do this you degenerate piece of crap and you have been breaking into the cottage and going through my stuff, I’m gonna kill you, you filthy piece of shit”.

I rolled onto the floor, curling up in the foetal position, trying to protect my most sensitive areas from her onslaught while at the same time trying to reason with her: “please Jenn, ah, stop it, ah, Jenn, please, ah, Jenn, ah, Jenn, stop, please, ah, aaaah, stop…”

Eventually, all out of breath and slightly calmed down, she did stop. She sat down in the rocking chair and said: “get on your knees and tell me everything and don’t lie to me”.

“I’m sorry Jenn, I didn’t mean to spy on you” I said shamefully.

“I’m sorry Jenn, I didn’t mean to Jenn” she said mimicking my meagrely voice. “You didn’t mean to? So what, somebody held a gun to your head and f***ed you to look at me through that crack in the wall and go through my stuff?” she shouted while tipping forward in her rocking chair and giving me another slap in the face. “I don’t want to hear any more of your poor excuses; I want to know when you started to do this, what you have seen and what you have taken”.

“This was the first time I actually looked through that crack, I swear” I exclaimed.

Again she tipped her chair forward and slapped me twice.

At this point, I started to cry and said again, sobbing: “please Jenn, just let me go”.

“Oh, the poor baby is crying now” she said sarcastically “well you should have thought about this earlier. If you don’t start telling me the truth right now I will have no other choice but to call the police, is that what you want?”

“No, no please Jenn, not the police, I’ll tell you everything” I replied quickly, then, lowering my head I said in a quiet voice: “I’ve had an eye on you all the time we were in the same class for the night courses and when you moved back in with your parents last year, after your boyfriend broke up with you, I was elated because I was going to see you more often”.

“First of all, he did not brake up with me, I broke up with him, and secondly, did I hear you correctly; you had an eye on me?” she exclaimed. “You’re twice my age, do you really think I want to date a fossil?” You had an eye on me!” “Dream on buddy, I need a real man, not some washed up geezer who can probably not even get it up anymore”. “You had an eye on me” she added, shaking her head. “Ya, whatever, continue”.

“I talked to your parents and since we are neighbours and you and I had gone to night school together, they didn’t find it unusual for me to inquire about you. This is when they told me that you were going to the cottage every weekend as soon as the weather turned warm. I also learned that the cottage belonged to your f****y but that you were the only one to really take advantage of it. They also informed me that they had not really looked after it for years; so when I offered to have a look at it just to make sure that it was still safe; they were quite pleased. So, one evening, during the week when most cottages are empty I went to inspect the place and realised that the bathroom wall was just made up of some boards with gaps between them and no insulation which allowed a pretty good view of what was going on inside. The following weekend and each weekend afterward, I drove up here, parked my car in the woods, out of sight and usually hid in an old hunter’s lean-to about 20 metres away which gave me a pretty good view of the place without being seen. In the beginning I only came over in the evening or early morning but then I got a bit more daring and started to hide under the tarp even during the day since, in all the time I watched you, you had never come close to that area”.

Jenn looked at me intently with her green piercing eyes.

“Since you never locked the door to the cottage when you were out swimming in the lake” I continued with even more shame in my voice “it was easy for me to get your panties out of your dirty linen bag and replace them with a fresh…with a more soiled one, on a regular basis when your smell had started to fade. My preferred ones were the ones you wore during your morning jog”.

Then, making myself as small as possible and lowering my voice even more, I added: “I have seen you take showers and go to the toilet”.

Jenn looked at me, waiting to hear more details.

“I…I…saw you…having a pee, and…also defecating, and…euh…I…I…have…I have seen you changing your tampons. One night, you didn’t close the curtains of your bedroom window properly so I…I’ve…I’ve seen you masturbate”.

The further I went on with the story, the more visibly shaken Jenn became by my revelations. If her eyes could kill I’d be lying on the floor in a pool of my bl**d. When I was done, she said: “Take off your clothes”.

“What?” I said, incredulously.

“You have seen me naked; it’s only fair that I see you naked too”.

I have to confess that the thought of being naked in front of Jenn was more of a dream come true than a punishment, in fact, I had fantasised about this many times, so that when I was standing there in my birthday suit, I actually had a little smile on my face.

“Wipe that stupid smile off your face” she barked while walking around me, checking me out. “How could you even think about going out with me? I’m totally into exercise; running, rowing and so on and you are a couch potato which is quite obvious from that flabby body of yours. And you’re not very well endowed either” she added while taking my little prick into her hand and pulling back the foreskin. Sadly, even though I was quite excited by all that manipulation it did not produce an erection.

After a while she asked: “so when did you start doing this?”

“Last summer” I admitted sheepishly.

“Last summer! You mean you have been looking at me and going through my intimates since last summer?” she yelled.

“Yes” I said quietly.

“Wait a minute, that means that you have seen other people as well, doesn’t it? Who have you seen?” she asked f***efully.

“NOONE, you are the only one I have seen” I tried to reassure her.

“Who have you seen” she shouted, slapping me hard again.

“I…I’ve seen you once with a guy but I didn’t come close because I was afraid he would see, especially after he had gone to the woodpile to collect some wood for a campfire” I said

“Who else?” she continued.

“Euh …I…euh…nobody else” I said. But seeing that she did not believe me and that she was getting ready to slap me again, I reluctantly added: “I’ve…seen…euh…Lindsay”.

“Lindsay? Well if you think I was pissed about your little antics, wait until Lindsay finds out later” she said.

“Lindsay is coming later?” I asked with panic in my voice.

“Oh, yes” Jenn said.

“But we don’t have to tell her, do we?” I pleaded.

“You’re right, we don’t have to tell her…but we will” she added with glee.

And just as she finished her sentence, a car drove up the lane and stopped in front of the cottage.

“Get on your knee” said Jenn.


“But nothing, shut up and get on your knee” repeated Jenn while slapping me again.

“Hi” said Lindsay cheerfully as she came in the door, and as soon as she saw me she added: “what is he doing here…and why…what is going on?”

“Hi” said Jenn, “let me show you something” and then turning toward me, she added: “and you stay were you are”.

Both Women went outside and a few minutes later Lindsay stormed back in, coming straight toward me. She was livid. While cursing at me, she started to punch and kick me just like Jenn had done previously except that Lindsay was much stronger then Jenn. Again, I curled up on the floor in a foetal position, protecting my head and tucking my balls between my legs while trying to get her to stop: “please Lindsay, ah, ah, aaah, Lindsay, ah, please Lindsay, I’m ah, ah, sorry, ah, please Lindsay, ah, stop, please, ah, I’m sorry, ah, aaaah, ah…”

Eventually Jenn pulled her back which gave me the opportunity to hide behind the sofa.

Up until now, the two Women had not had time to really assimilate the situation; they had both been acting on instinct. Now they went outside on the deck, leaving me, still crouched behind the sofa. About 15 minutes later, Lindsay came back in, still looking very upset, though not necessarily angry, more like deeply hurt.

“Get over here” she shouted, “now”.

As I was crawling from behind the sofa, she came over and pulled me by the ear to the middle of the room. At the same time, Jenn came back with a rope which she swung over the central beam of the cottage.

Lindsay dragged me over to it and fastened one end around my wrists. She crouched down and said: are you afraid yet?”

“Yes” I said in a terrified voice”.

“Good, because if you think that the beating you just received was the worst that’s going to happen, you better think again” she said before spitting in my face. Both Women then pulled on the other end of the rope until I was on my knees with my arms above my head. Jenn then bent down to look me in the eyes and said: “Do you have any idea how we feel?

“I’m sorry” is the only thing I managed to say.

Jenn slapped me and broke out in tears, then she stood up and turned her back to me, still sobbing.

Lindsay came over.

“You miserable piece of shit” she barked at me. “You have made us feel dirty, humiliated, degraded. You have seen us do things not even our boyfriends have seen us do. When we go to the bathroom we expect to have peace and quiet. We feel safe to engage in the most intimate actions, knowing that we are alone with nobody watching. And you, you fucked up piece of dirt, you violated this sacred space, you intruded this safe zone. And on top of that, you have gone through our personal items. And again, you have taken the one item which is the most intimate, which we hide from everybody else until it is clean and even then we shove it into a draw before anybody else can see it. What you did is the most despicable thing anybody could do to a Woman. You disgust me” she added at the end before spitting in my face again.

“I’m sorry” I replied sobbing, “I didn’t mean to”.

“You’re sorry, of course you’re sorry because we caught you, if we hadn’t, you’d still be violating our privacy, wouldn’t you?” yelled Jenn while turning around to face me.

At that point the Women pulled on the rope again until I was standing on tiptoes in the middle of the cottage, my arms now stretched to the max.

“I think the problem is here” said Lindsay while taking a hold of my scrotum and squeezing it f***efully

“Ah, aaah, please stop, ah, ah” I cried out.

“You said that you didn’t mean to spy on us” she continued. “Well that means that instead of thinking with your brain you were thinking with your balls. So the only way to prevent you from doing such appalling things in the future; is to cut them off”.

“What” I shouted, my eyes almost jumping out of their sockets, “NO, PLEASE, NO”.

She let go of my balls, went to the kitchen area and came back shortly after with a big chef’s knife. While she was doing that, Jenn took a few pictures with her digital camera.

“There” she said “this way you will be able to look at them once they’re gone”.

“NO, NO, PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T, PLEASE DON’T, I’ll do anything you want, but please don’t do that” I pleaded.

“You would do anything?” said Lindsay.

“Yes, yes, I swear, I’ll do anything for you and Jenn” I continued to plead.

“You swear?” she asked.

“I swear, I swear, I’ll do anything for you and Jenn if you don’t cut off my balls” I ejaculated.

“Well now you are thinking with your head, but as soon as you are on your own you’ll start thinking with these again” said Lindsay, taking a hold of my testes once more. “I just don’t believe you, so say goodbye to your balls”.

“NOOOOO, “AAAAAAAAAH” I cried out as I saw Lindsay put the knife under my scrotum and in a swift move draw it across. “AAAAhh, AAAaaahh, aaaaahhhh, aaah…”

Both Women looked at me with sadistic smiles on their faces.

Lindsay held up both her hands in front of my eyes. One was still holding the knife while the other one was empty. There was no bl**d on the knife or on her hands

I looked down and saw that all parts were still where they should be. My sobs turned to hysteric crying, my tears running down my cheeks in large rivulets.

“I drew the back of the knife across your sack, but remember, cutting them off is still an option” said Lindsay before adding: “and now, your next punishment”.

“I have a better idea than the leather belts” said Jenn “come with me and bring the knife with you” Then she added, while looking at me with a big grin on her lips “don’t move, we’ll be right back”.

A few minutes later the Women returned, each carrying freshly cut switches from the bushes surrounding the property. They both tried a few of them out by slashing the air several time, producing a menacing “swoosh” each time. They took their positions on either side of me and without any further fanfare they started to unleash a barrage of smacks, hitting me indiscriminately on my buttocks, the front and back of my thighs, even my penis. The pain was unbearable; my cries were so loud that after a few hits, they stopped.

“Fuck, you can hear him all across the lake” said Lindsay.

“I have an idea” replied Jenn “I have just what we need to shut him up”.

“So you like to sniff my dirty panties?” she said “let’s see how much you like sucking on them” she continued while stuffing the panties she had retrieved from me earlier, into my mouth, then putting some duct tape around my head and over my lips several times to keep her frilly gag in place. Then they resumed the flagellation even more viciously than before. My muffled cries filled the air while tears were rolling down my cheeks. I had never experience so much pain before. I whinged and cried, barely able to breath.

I don’t know how long the ordeal lasted, it felt like an eternity but eventually it was over. The two Women, all sweaty and out of breath, laid down their rods and had a drink of water.

“I need to refresh myself, let’s go for a swim” said Lindsay.

“Should we get him down?” asked Jenn.

“No, let’s leave him; that will keep him out of trouble. But let’s take a few pictures first”.

Before leaving for their swim, they did remove my gag, first ripping off the tape, then taking out Jenn’s panties and dr****g them over my head and then, of course, they took more pictures.

While the Women were enjoying themselves, splashing about in the water, my arms were slowly getting numb and the rope was cutting into my wrists, causing even more distress. I could still feel the burning and stinging every place the switches had left their marks. Tears continued streaming down my face. After about an hour, they came back, still all giddy and dripping wet.

“What a pretty ornament” said Lindsay “maybe we should keep him hanging there”.

Thankfully, they did not. Back on the ground I started to massage my sore wrists and shoulders, before even thinking about the rest of my body which was still on fire.

As I was lying there on the floor, taking care of my aching parts, the Women came over and, looked at me with disdain.

“Look at this pathetic piece of shit” said Lindsay before adding, addressing me: “this is just the beginning; we’re not done with you, not by a long shot”.

“Do you want to hear something funny” asked Jenn, “he said that he had an eye on me, as far back as the night courses we took together”.

“You’re k**ding” said Lindsay, and then addressing me she added: “do you really thing that any of us would stoop so low as to go out with a useless little geezer like you, especially with a puny wiener like this?” “Can you even get it up; I’ve heard that guys of your age need to pop Viagra like candy to satisfy a Woman”.

“I’m not that old” I replied, “I’m in my mid-forties, but…euh…I do…euh…need a booster once in a while”.

“I figured that much” added Jenn “when I touched his dick earlier it stayed flabby like a wet rag. Can you get it hard at all?”

“Yes” I said.

“Well, let’s see it, start masturbating, after all” said Jenn, “you’ve seen me masturbate, I think it is only fair that we see you do it as well”.

Both Women sat down on the sofa. Lindsay took the camera, snapping many pictures of me, kneeling in front of them playing with myself. Unfortunately, as much as I tried, I could not get it hard.

“Maybe we should let him sniff our panties; that might get him going” said Lindsay.

Jenn got up and started to yell right into my face: “what kind of a man are you?” “I don’t think you’re a man at all, you’re a limp dick, that’s what I’ll be calling you from now on, ‘limp dick’. Pathetic, you’re absolutely pathetic and you wanted to date me, ha, that’s never going to happen”.

Jenn’s gorgeous face was just a few centimetres from mine, her blond shoulder-long hair framing it delightfully. Her usually cool translucent eyes were like red hot ambers while her thin lips were spitting out one insult after another. All of that chastisement had a strange effect on me. I suddenly felt very horny. As my excitement grew I could feel my dick getting harder and harder. I closed my eyes, remembering Jenn’s beautiful athletic body, her small breasts, her flat stomach, her muscular arms and thighs and her immaculately shaven vulva, showcasing the slit to her hidden treasures. I started to moan, continuing to work my now rock hard member. I was about to have the most powerful orgasm I could imagine when I felt my hand being pulled away. I opened my eyes.

“That’s enough” shouted Lindsay.

“But Lindsay, I was almost there, please let me finish” I pleaded.

“No” she just said dryly “you have probably come so many times at our expense, now we control your schedule”.

“It’s almost time for supper anyway” said Jenn “everything is in the fridge, go prepare the salad and cook the chicken breasts on the barbecue and when you are ready come and serve us”.

Instead of going to the kitchen I made my way to the bathroom.

“Where the heck are you going?” asked Jenn.

“I need to go to the bathroom” I said.

“Dirty a****ls like you don’t use human toilets, they go in the woods, so get out” she continued.

“But, euh, I…euh, need to do number 2” I said.

“Didn’t you hear what Jenn said, get the fuck out” interjected Lindsay.

I went outside, followed by the two Women, and crouched down in the bushes about 20 m away from the cottage.

“Look me in the eyes” said Jenn as I was trying to have my bowel movement. “Embarrassing, isn’t it to have to perform such a private affair in front of people”.

I turned red, both from the humiliation and from straining to relieve myself. I lowered my gaze.

“Look at me” shouted Jenn “I want to see the embarrassment in your eyes.

I looked up again just as a couple of farts announced the imminent arrival of my turd. Both Women had large grins on their faces. Of course, Lindsay made sure to capture it all on film.

When I was done, Jenn said: “clean yourself off with the garden hose, then go wash your hands properly before preparing our food”.

While I was preparing supper, the two Ladies sat on the deck, sipping wine. I could hear their conversation.

“I still can’t believe that he wanted to go out with you. If it weren’t so pathetic it would actually be funny” said Lindsay.

“The only redeeming factor is that he has money. You know what they say: ‘a thick wallet is the best aphrodisiac” continued Jenn.

“You’re not seriously considering going out with him? Said Lindsay.

“Don’t worry, I need more than just a fat wallet” explained Jenn.

“You had me worried there for a moment” continued Lindsay. “Besides, he swore he would do anything for us, so we can still use his dough without having to compensate him with anything but our total contempt”.

They stopped talking for a while. When supper was ready, I served it outside on the deck. While they were eating, I knelt beside the table, waiting for their orders.

After supper, I cleaned up everything before the Ladies came back in. They sat down on the sofa and ordered me to get in front of them on all fours, using me thus as their foot rest.

“Ahhh, this is the life” said Lindsay, taking a large gulp of her beer. They started to talk about everything and anything, just as if I had not been there. They talked about clothes, about their jobs, men, former boyfriends, and of course about sports. Every once in awhile, Lindsay would order me to get her another beer or to top-up Jenn’s wine glass. They talked well into the night until Lindsay finally said: “It’s getting late; we should store him for the night”.

“You’re right” replied Jenn. “We could put him in the pantry, it’s a bit small but there are no windows and we can lock the door from the outside”.

“Excellent” approved Lindsay.

The room was indeed not big. I could only stand or sit on the floor with my legs bent against my torso.

“This is just perfect for him and to prevent him from playing with his little dick, let’s bind him” said Lindsay.

They fastened my arms behind my back and left me sitting in the cold room, locking the door and turning off the light.

The pantry was right beside the bathroom so I could hear them taking their piss and otherwise getting ready to go to bed but I could not see anything.

Lindsay was sl**ping on the sofa. There were a few cracks in the door of the pantry so that I could see her getting undressed and slipping under the covers. If she knew, I would get another beating I thought. I was about to lie back and close my eyes when I saw Lindsay’s covers move and I could hear her moan softly. I pressed one eye closely to the largest crack. She pushed the sheets off her breasts giving me full view of her opulent chest and her hand massaging them and playing with her nipples while the other hand remained hidden but still in full action. I was getting more and more excited. Oddly enough, without even touching it, my little dick was standing at attention now. Was it because Lindsay had prevented me from getting my release earlier or was it that I could only get a hard-on when I was doing something illicit, like spying on Lindsay or when I was admonished by Women like Jenn did. It’s almost like Lindsay knew exactly what to do to increase my emotional despair. After a while, her moans became more pressing while her hands sped up on her breasts and nipples and the covers moved faster. Eventually I could hear her almost imperceptible moans: “oooohhhh, ooooohhhh, oooooohhh”.

I continued to watch her as she was slowly coming down from her orgasmic high, still caressing her breasts. When she had recovered she got up and came toward the pantry. She was completely naked except for her panties. I had seen her naked before of course but looking at her now, slowly coming toward me I realised how muscular she was. She had the body of a rugby player, strong thighs, well developed shoulders and arms and while her belly was more rotund than Jenn’s, it still looked very appealing. The other big difference between Lindsay and Jenn was the size of their breasts and while I still preferred Jenn’s a-cups, I have to admit that Lindsay’s big boobs, bouncing with each step, did nothing to curb my excitement.

“Did you enjoy the show” asked Lindsay after opening the door to the pantry and turning on the light”.

“I was asl**p” I said.

Lindsay slapped me and said: “well if you were asl**p, why do you have this impression on your forehead which looks exactly like the crack in the pantry door?”

“I’m sorry” I replied meagrely, “I did see you take your pleasure”

“Do you know the difference between this and peeping?” she asked.

“Euh?” is the only response I managed to say.

“You don’t get it, do you?” she added shaking her head. “When I masturbated just now, I knew very well that you were watching. It was my choice to exhibit myself; of course, knowing that it would get you all excited without any possibility for relief, just added to my pleasure. But that aside, Women want to be able to choose what they show, when they show it and whom they show it to. By peeping you took away this choice and you degraded Jenn and me to zoo a****ls and that my friend, is absolutely unacceptable”.

“Exactly” said Jenn who was now standing behind Lindsay, wearing an oversized tee-shirt for a night gown. “I did not agree with what Lindsay wanted to do because I thought that it would just be a reward for you but it was her choice and I respected that”.

“I am sorry, I understand now” I replied most apologetically.

“I hope so” said Lindsay before adding “Since you like to sniff soiled panties, I think that we should keep you excited until tomorrow at which point you may actually be able to have some relief”.

“Maybe” added Jenn.

Lindsay took off her panties and made me lick the juices from her masturbation session. Then, she placed the crotch right over my nose while Jenn was taking a few pictures.

“Enjoy my odours; they have macerated in my panties the whole day. Good night, don’t let the bedbugs bite”.

Lindsay turned off the light and went back to the sofa, giving me a look at her powerful buttocks. I lay back and tried to go to sl**p but the heady perfumes from Lindsay’s panties kept me up all night. I tried to rub my dick between my thighs and on the floor but to no avail, I just could not get any relief.

Eventually, I must have fallen asl**p because I was rudely awoken the next morning when Lindsay pulled me out of the pantry, took back her panties, then releasing me from my bonds, she ordered me to prepare a small breakfast for them while she sat down at the table. She was already wearing her running shorts and tee-shirt.

I was almost done when Jenn appeared already dressed for her morning jog.

“Good morning” she said, yawning. “

Both Women sat down at the table and ate their bowls of cereal and drank the orange juice I had prepared for them.

When they were done, they told me to clean the cottage and then they were off to their morning jog.

I sat down on the floor. The cottage was silent now. I could hear birds chirping outside, the soft rustling of the leaves in the morning breeze and, in the far distance, laughs and shrieks from other cottagers enjoying the lake. I looked at my clothes, still lying in the corner where Jenn had thrown them yesterday. The pain on my buttocks and the wilts on my thighs reminded me that it was not just a dream. I had indeed been caught peeping and I had been severely punished and humiliated for it by Jenn and Lindsay. When I was hiding under the tarp looking a Jenn, I often fantasised about being caught by her but nothing could have prepared me for what had actually happened and yet, despite the pain and the embarrassment I was strangely serene, though ambivalent. On the one hand I did get some fulfilment out of the attention that Jenn gave me; on the other hand I was afraid of what would happen now. I looked at the clock; they had been gone for about 10 minutes.

I was torn, what should I do; what did they expect me to do. They did not lock me up in the pantry before they left. Did they just forget or was this a test?

Absentmindedly I picked up a broom and started sweeping the floor, still contemplating my options. It was 9:03, they had been gone for almost 25 minutes but I was still not any closer to a decision on whether to leave or to stay. I went to clean the bathroom. I knelt in front of the toilet, touching the seat on which Jenn had sat earlier. My mind was flooded with her memories, her laugh, her smile, her perfect features, her face, her eyes, her hair, the way she walked, the way she talked, her athletic body, her slender feet, her small but oh so beautiful breasts; there was no way I would ever leave her; there was no way I could ever leave her. Touching the toilet seat, it was as if I felt her presence. I don’t know how to explain it. I think this must be what people who claim to having been touched by the Virgin Mary must experience. I got lost in that feeling of total devotion, basking in the presence of...

“What the hell are you doing now?” said a voice, bringing me back to reality. I turned around, and there she was, my apparition, in flesh and bl**d. I fell on the floor to kiss her feet.

“What is wrong with you, get out I need to pee” she continued while I scuttled out on all fours.

Lindsay was sitting on the sofa. She did not say anything. I, almost naturally, knelt down in front of her.

When Jenn came back she sat down on the sofa and Lindsay went to the bathroom. Jenn did not say a word either. I looked at her. She was still sweaty from her run, her hair partly sticking to her forehead and temples. At regular intervals she took sips from her sport’s drink. When Lindsay was back she sat down beside Jenn.

“So you decided to stay” said Jenn.

“Yes” I replied, bowing my head.

“You know what that mean, don’t you” added Lindsay.

I looked at them with a bewildered look on my face.

“You belong to us now” said Jenn.

The end (or the beginning!)

Copyright 2008, the Janus. The above story is fictional, any resemblance to any living or deceased individual or individuals or to any situation or situations is purely incidental.

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