Caught and Taught!

A little while ago, my present girlfriend and I were invited for supper at the house of Elisa, a female friend of mime.

There were the “usual suspects”, my friend Elisa, the hostess, Monika, Yvanna, and Diana, a former girlfriend of mine and Melissa, another lady I had never seen before. Elisa told us she was a friend of hers who was visiting from out-of-town. Oddly enough, I was the only man amongst them, but I did not think anything of it at the time. After some small talk and drinks, we sat down for dinner and afterwards we went to the living room.

Before I could sit down I was suddenly pushed forward onto the sofa and my arms were pulled behind me and some handcuffs fastened around my wrists.

“What is going on” I cried out

“Shut-up, you are only to speak when asked a question and then I expect you to answer right away.

I was turned around and pulled onto the floor from where I looked up at Elisa’s “so-called friend”.

“Yes, you heard me” she said in a menacing voice.

“So ladies, what shall we do with him?”

“What about…Ahhh” I could not finish my sentence as I received a hard kick in my balls which left me rolling in the floor in pain.

Melissa grabbed my face between her thumb and her other fingers, looked me straight in the eyes and burst out “What the hell do you think you are doing? I told you to shut the fuck up!”

First things first, she shouted at me; from now on, you will address me as “Lady Melissa, got that?”


Melissa slapped me across the face with the back of her hand. “What?”

“Yes Lady Melissa” I added quickly

At that moment, I saw my girlfriend stand up and bring a plastic bag over to me and dump the content on my chest. It was all the used panty-liners I had managed to surreptitiously collect from the ladies present over the last few months. They were all in little Ziploc bags with the name of the wearer written on them.

“Do you recognise these?” said my girlfriend, “I found them when I was cleaning. Next time you should probably find a better spot to hide them.

The ladies dragged me to the middle of the room, pulled off my pants and underwear and spread my legs as wide apart as they could.

They immediately burst-out laughing.

“What the hell is that little thing between your legs there?” said Lady Melissa and talking to my girlfriend she added “don’t tell me that he can give you any pleasure with that tiny weenie”

“Well, when he can actually get it up it’s not too bad but thank goodness for my vibrator and dildo, without them I would certainly not get much satisfaction” said my girlfriend.

“No wonder he can’t get it up, he is probably whacking off every day with our used panty-liners, that pervert” said Diana.

“Yes, what do you do with them anyway?” asked Yvanna.

I was so ashamed that I did not answer right away which prompted another slap across the face from Lady Melissa: “I told you that when you are asked a question you had to respond immediately”. This was followed by another slap.

“I, I … smell them”

“Oh, yak, that’s disgusting” was the unanimous reply from all the ladies.

“So you think it’s alright to invade our privacy like that, steal our intimates and use them for your pleasure?” said Monika.

“No, no, I am sorry” I replied

“Oh, you will be sorry, don’t worry about that” said my girlfriend. “You see, after I found these things I called Elisa and told her about it. Of course she was as outraged as I was and so we decided to teach you a lesson which should cure you of this filthy, perverted habit, with the help of all the other women you have violated like that and with a special friend we have hired for the occasion”

“That’s right, little man, no pun intended” said Lady Melissa, “I am a professional dominatrix and I am here to help these lovely ladies in their revenge and put you back into your rightful place, serving your girlfriend’s every need and wish”

“Now we are going to play a little game. Ladies, if you please.

At that, all the women turned around and it appeared as if they all reached down into their pants or lifted their skirts and pulled out a panty-liner each.

“I am going to explain the rules of the game to you. Since you like to sniff used panty-liners, you will be given the opportunity to sniff each of the liners those ladies have just produced from between their thighs. After that, you will sniff their cunts and you will have to match the liner to the woman. Simple, isn’t it?” said Lady Melissa. “Oh and by the way, for your “added pleasure” they did put on the liners yesterday morning and did not wash since then”

“Now, if you get it right, you will have the privilege of licking that lady’s cunt clean and give her a nice orgasm. But if you get it wrong, you will receive 10 whacks on your bare arse from the lady you offended by not recognising her. Of course, we realise that being able to see those ladies’ pussies would actually be a reward for you so we will blindfold you first”.

With that, Lady Melissa put a hood over my head, covering my eyes. This situation was even scarier than before as I was now completely at their mercy and I couldn’t even anticipate what they were going to do to me. First I was pulled up to my feet and they removed my T-shirt by cutting it off. Then they put something around my neck.

“There” I heard Lady Melissa say, “With this dog-collar you look even more like what you really are, a filthy, dirty, perverted good-for-nothing sorry excuse for a human being”.

With that she pulled me down by the collar until I was on all fours on the floor.

“Come on little doggy, let’s have a good sniff”

A hand belonging to, I assumed Lady Melissa, pushed my nose down onto the first panty-liner, which I inhaled deeply.

“Look at that” said Diana, “that perverted pig is actually getting a hard-on”.

It was true; the exhilarating odour from the panty-liner filled my nose and went straight from my brain to my dick which was now getting harder and harder.

Suddenly I felt a hand lifting my head up and I felt somebody spitting in my face.

“You disgust me, you can’t get hard for me but you get an erection from just sniffing these filthy rags.

“We’ll take care of his little boner later, for now, ladies, let’s have him guess whose liner this was”

With that, Lady Melissa guided me between the legs of each woman and I sniffed their cunts. Of course, had I not been in such a situation, I would actually have been in paradise. Each woman did have her own smell but I could not figure out whose liner I had just smelled.

“So, you perverted little pig, who does this liner below to?” asked Lady Melissa.

“Monika” I said tentatively.

“Wrong! You know what that means don’t you?” teased Lady Melissa. “Get your arse in the air and keep it there”

I waited with trepidation for my punishment. I could hear one of the women getting up from the sofa and taking her place beside me. Then I received the first slap on my arse, which was followed immediately by another one and another, until I had received all ten. My arse was burning.

“Well, let’s continue, shall we?”

I went through the same procedure. This time I was pretty sure who the liner belonged to.

“Diana” I said.

“Very good!” Lady Melissa led me between Diana’s thighs and I started to lick her cunt. I used to do that in the past, when Diana and I were still going out together but I had never smelled and tasted her pussy after it had been left unwashed for more than a day. But it was even more enjoyable. So my tongue went into all her folds, down to her perineum, up to her clitoris and all the way up and down between her, now wide open lips. I could hear her moans becoming louder and louder and suddenly she squeezed her thighs shut and pulled my head closer into her hot cleft.

After she recovered, I felt a tug on my collar, and I was moved to the next woman in the line.

This liner was more of a challenge again.

“Monika” I said again and I was immediately slapped hard about my face.

“You fucking piece of shit, you recognise your old girlfriend but you don’t recognise me” cried out my current girlfriend.

“Now that deserves at least 20 slaps” said Lady Melissa, “what do you think?”

“Yes, absolutely. He deserves every one of them” came the answers from the other ladies.

I can say that my girlfriend did not mince her slaps; she was probably the most ferocious so far. In fact, so much so that after the first 10, she said that her hand hurt. She should have felt my arse!

“Well, we can’t have that” said Lady Melissa. “Let’s see, what could we use?” “I know, here take his belt”

Oh know I thought, if her hand was doing all that damage, what is she going to do with a belt?

I did not have to wait very long. The first strike burnt like hell and it got only worse. By the time she was done, my poor cheeks were on fire.

“Right then, next” said Lady Melissa.

To keep a long story short, I did manage to guess one more, Monika and received another 20 slaps from the other two women I did not recognise.

In a way I was glad that I did guess Monika since I had a fantasy about getting my tongue on her cunt for a while and I have to confess that smelling her panty-liner always gave me the best orgasms. I loved to clean her, she smelled and tasted better than I ever imagined. This was probably due in part to the fact that she was not shaven so her bush held on to her aroma even better.

After we were done with the little game, Lady Melissa asked: “So ladies, any other suggestions on what we could do with this pathetic piece of filth before I hand it over to its rightful owner?”

“I for one think that we should piss on him, just to give him an idea of what we really taste like, if you don’t mind” said Yvanna.

“Not at all” replied my girlfriend “after all, he is a filthy gutter rat who deserves nothing better that to wallow in piss.

“I have an idea” said Elisa. “I have one of these blow-up c***dren wading-pool. Let’s have him lie in there while we pee on him so he can really wallow in our urine.

I heard some commotion, tables being moved in the kitchen, something being blown up, the women giggling, glasses being filled up again and again.

“Here we go” said Lady Melissa as she pulled me by the collar over to the wading pool. My handcuffs were removed and reattached to my wrists but in front this time.

“Lie on your back with your head in the pool” said Lady Melissa.

“Well who will do the honours?” asked Lady Melissa.

“I think it should be you” replied my girlfriend, “if you had not been here for us, we would not have had such a perfect revenge”.

“Don’t mind if I do then” said Lady Melissa.

As I was lying there, exposed and humiliated, I could feel Lady Melissa’s feet on either side of me and suddenly I felt the warm and odorous stream of her urine hit my chest, move up towards my face drenching my hair before moving down again.

“So what do you say?”

“Thank you Lady Melissa”

“That’s a good boy”

Each lady took her turn urinating on me, my dick, my chest and face.

When they were done, Monika said: “Uhm, I was wondering, if it is alright with you of course, but I have never seen a guy jerk-off and well since we have him here, could we have him do that, please?”.

“Sure, why not, it will be the last time he is going to jerk-off for a while anyway” said my girlfriend.

“Spoken like a true Mistress” said Lady Melissa. “You heard the lady, jerk that little weenie of yours and give us a good show otherwise we will have to find an alternative type of amusement and you may not like that”.

So I started to masturbate, thinking about all the pleasant thinks that had happened tonight and trying to forget the unpleasant ones. I thought about the two pussies I licked and I tried to recall the odours of the panty-liners I sniffed earlier. And probably most of all, I realised that my life was going to change and I would become my girlfriend’s sub, for as long as she wanted. The combination of all these things brought me to an orgasm within a minute as I ejaculated all over my chest.

“Well that figures” said Lady Melissa, barely a minute, you poor woman, how can you ever get any satisfaction out of that?”

“Like a said, a good thing I have a vibrator and a dildo because you are right, without those I would be completely without orgasms”.

When they were all done watching me they left me lying in the pool of their pee, my chest still covered in my sperm and they returned to having a good time, talking about this and that, laughing and drinking. Every once in while one of them would come over and empty her bladder on me again.

I don’t know how long I lay there but eventually the party was over. Lady Melissa came over and took off my blindfold.

“Now before you go, let me give you a bit of advice” said Lady Melissa to my girlfriend. “First thing tomorrow morning you should go and get one of these male chastity belts and put it on him. You won’t need a big one. Once its little thingy is taken care of, you have a better control over him. Next, have him do all the chores around the house, why should you be cleaning when you could spend your time relaxing or getting off. And that leads me to my next point. Get yourself a man, a real man with a dick that fills you up, not a little sausage like this one.”

“I think you should also make him get you ready for that other guy” said Diana.

“Yes, and maybe even get the guy ready for you” added Monika.

“What do you mean?” asked my girlfriend.

“She means have him suck the guy until he is hard enough to fuck you, and while you’re at it, you should have him lick you clean afterwards. Nothing is as humiliating as having to clean your wife’s cum filled pussy” explained Lady Melissa.

“Wow, you ladies think of everything!” said my girlfriend with a big grin on her face.

As we got ready to leave, they un-cuffed me and I went to take my clothes to get dressed again.

“Who told you to get dressed?” asked my girlfriend.

Here take this towel and dry yourself off.


“But nothing, do what I say, and shut up” shouted my girlfriend.

When I had dried myself, Lady Melissa took away the towel and told me to get to the car. A good thing it was dark and the street was pretty much empty.

All the women came out to see me standing there, naked, my hair matted with their urine, trying to cover my dick with my hands. Diana, who was parked behind us got into her car and turned on the lights so that I was now clearly visible for everyone to see. This prompted all of the women to burst-out laughing, waking up the neighbours.

Finally my girlfriend left the group and I moved towards the passenger-side door.

“And just where do you think you are going?” she asked. “You are all covered in piss; you’re not going to sit on clean car-seats”.

With that she opened the trunk, unfolded an old tarp and had me lie on it before closing the trunk.

As she drove home, I enjoyed the last moments of freedom I still had. My girlfriend and I will have quite a different relationship from now on and the more I thought about it, the more I felt a sensation of calm coming over me.

This story is a work of fiction, any resemblance with any living or dead individual is poorly coincidental. Copyright thejanus 2013

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good start, chapter 2?
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