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Full Body Erotic Massage

I hope you enjoy my profile and contributions. But while looking at pictures, watching videos or even reading erotic stories can be quite stimulating and can get the juices flowing, nothing beats a hands-on experience. So why not indulge in an erotic full body massage but without actual sex, like you may see in videos such as:

So if you are a woman, between 18 and 98, and have watched such videos wishing that it could be you lying... Continue»
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[Story] Lalie


Dès qu’elle entra dans le piano-bar, tous les yeux se tournèrent vers elle. Soudainement, toute conversation cessa, seule le joueur de piano aveugle continua à titiller de ses doigts habiles les touches blanches et noires, au rythme de « As time goes by ». Elle avança vers le bar, sûr d’elle-même et de l’effet qu’elle avait, du désir lubrique qu’elle suscitait chez les hommes, de la haine et de l’envie qu’elle provoquait chez les femmes. Les bougies disposées sur chaque table se reflétaient dans le cuir rouge luisant de sa jupe courte qui enveloppait ses fesses rebondies et du blouso... Continue»
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Wet, steamy and soft

Up until a little while ago I still had my fingers in a wet, hot, soft vagina!

But let me start from the beginning, which of course is a very good place to star!

I had discovered mr_bob and his wife on xHamster a while ago and today, I had the immense pleasure of getting together with them and it would be amiss if I didn’t express my deep gratitude to them, and especially to her, for the graciousness of letting me put my hands on her beautiful body, her supple breasts, firm thighs, malleable buttocks and gorgeous pussy, covered in a well trimmed bush. I feel humbled by the honour of hav... Continue»
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[Story] Caught and Taught!

A little while ago, my present girlfriend and I were invited for supper at the house of Elisa, a female friend of mime.

There were the “usual suspects”, my friend Elisa, the hostess, Monika, Yvanna, and Diana, a former girlfriend of mine and Melissa, another lady I had never seen before. Elisa told us she was a friend of hers who was visiting from out-of-town. Oddly enough, I was the only man amongst them, but I did not think anything of it at the time. After some small talk and drinks, we sat down for dinner and afterwards we went to the living room.

Before I could sit down I was sud... Continue»
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This is me

Well, this is me or at least what I am prepared to divulge on this site. I have given a lot of information in my profile but there are some things I am not ready to share with the community because once it is on the internet it can never be removed. So, unless we meet in person some day, you will not see my face; though, to satisfy my exhibitionist tendencies, you will see most of my other body parts, in various states of excitement.

My id name is thejanus. Janus, according to Wikipedia, is the god of beginnings and transitions, endings and time, as well as passages. He is usually a two-f... Continue»
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[Story] Ma Maitresse

La chambre à coucher est plongée dans une semi-noirceur, la lumière matinale filtrant à peine à travers les lourds rideaux de brocart. J’entends sa respiration régulière et le froissement des draps alors qu’elle bouge imperceptiblement dans son sommeil.

Percevant ma présence, voilà qu’elle soupire, baille, s’étire. Elle ouvre les yeux. Sentant une envie pressante, elle repousse les draps de soie rouge et la couverture qui la garda au chaud durant la nuit, révélant son adorable nudité. Elle se lève, va chercher le pot de chambre sous le lit et s’y assoie. Le sifflement du jet d’urine jail... Continue»
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[Story] And the Fat Lady sang…

In my early twenties, I worked as a stage-hand at the local theatre to make a bit of money to get me through university. Since I loved theatre and opera, this was a win-win situation for me as it allowed me to a make some money and watch most of the shows.

It was not a very big theatre, it did not have an orchestra pit and it only had about 500 seats, so there was a limit to the type of shows that could be brought in.

One night, the theatre put on an opera. There were tenors and baritones, basses and sopranos and of course some altos and in particular there was this alto, on whom I have... Continue»
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[Story] Tokyo

Tokyo, rush hour, everybody is trying to get home after a long day’s work. With hundreds of other travelers I am pushed inside a subway train and end up squeezed tightly against a young Japanese woman. I feel anxious, not being able to move, I wait for claustrophobia to set in like it does every day in such situations. But then, suddenly, I feel calm, the soft noise of the train, its vibrations, people talking around me, everything disappears and there is only, you! Your body pressed tightly against me; I can feel every button on your jacket, your hip bones against my upper thighs, your small ... Continue»
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The limerick is a form of nonsensical poem. If you would like to learn more about it, you may google it or check it out on Wikipedia.

All of my limericks were inspired by either xHamsters or by real people I know and would like to know more in the Biblical sense!

The first one was inspired by Alicia Dubois (

There once was a girl who sold knickers
She had quite a lineup of pickers
Caus’ their fragrance was nice
Straight from ’tween her thighs
To satisfy all the lewd lickers

The next two were inspired by Rubber Slave ( Continue»
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Beauty beyond the scar!

Yes, I realise that these pictures are not your regular breast photos designed to arouse, to titillate and make you cum. And maybe I am abusing this forum which is more about porn; but I hope that some of you may share my passion for beauty in all its shapes and forms and sizes.
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[Story] Frisky Fanny

She was standing there in her red bodice, laced-up black boots and black stockings, talking to a group of two to three other performers, all of them breathing a sigh of relief having successfully completed their burlesque-type show.

“Excellent show, you were all fantastic, and great fundraiser” I said, as I approached the group but looking straight at her.

“Thanks” she said, looking at me “It was so great, I’m still high, it’s probably going to take the whole night to bring me down. I’m glad you liked it”

“It was quite thrilling and I have to say, I rather enjoyed your performance”.
... Continue»
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[Story] Jenn



I am not sure who was more surprised, Jenn who was standing there still holding the tarp she had just ripped of the pile of firewood it was protecting or me who had been hiding underneath the same tarp. We looked at each other for a moment, not knowing what to say. I was holding my now deflated dick in one hand and a pair of her panties in the other, still inhaling her wonderful Womanly scent.

“What the hell are you doing here?” she shouted after she had regained her composure.

“Nothing” I said as I was quickly getting up, surreptitiously stuffing my penis back into my... Continue»
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Truth or Dare

Inspired by SubmittiveF (, I am attempting to follow in her footsteps and propose to all xHamsters the following deal.

You may ask me up to 5 Questions! They can be as crazy, inappropriate, deep or light or as probing as you like. The only caveat, don’t ask me anything that may reveal my identity or the identity of people in my pictures.

I will only answer through private messages but there I will answer all your questions truthfully.

Like SubmittiveF, I also dare you to repost this and find out what others ask you.

Have fun exploring!!... Continue»
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[Story] Michelle

I thought I would never see her again. Actually I hoped I would never see her again but there she was, standing in a crowd of about 100 people for an accountants’ convention. Even though she had her back to me, there was no doubt in my mind that it was her. She was dressed to the ninth, in a knee-long, sleeveless and open-back black dress, her full dark brown hair cascading off her shoulders, her feet clad in some 3-cm high stiletto heeled pumps. She was in deep conversation with a group of two men and another woman whom I recognised as having been a temp for a couple of summers at the firm I ... Continue»
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[Story] V

John was sitting in an armchair in the lounge of the hotel he was staying, sipping a beer. His eyes were glued to the tall platinum blond who had just entered the premise. He noticed her full red lips and her long, fire-engine red fingernails as well as her extremely generous chest, covered up by a black leather jacket.

“Fuck she’s hot” he thought.

She sat down on a bar stool, hiking up her tight black leather skirt in the process and giving John a look at her muscular thighs. She ordered a drink, engaging the bartender in a short conversation. She hooked the 10-cm stiletto heel of her r... Continue»
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