From the glory hole to my hole

After sucking my first few cocks through glory holes at the local x-rated video booths, I used them frequently to satisfy my newly found desire for the taste of male cum. Each encounter was basically the same - our cocks go through the hole in the wall, we suck each other off and then it was done. It was easy, relatively quick, I get to watch a porno video while its happening, and better yet it's totally anonymous. One day it turned out a little different though.

At his signal, my cock was the first one through the hole and after touching me slightly, he pushed me back to my side. Did he change his mind? I had sucked off a few guys that after filling my mouth filled with their cum, they just left. Or maybe he wanted to go first so while stroking my cock I waited for his but it never came through. Then his finger came through the hole and motioned for me to come closer. I got my face next to the hole and a voice asked me if I wanted to fuck? I was surprised that someone was talking to me but I said yes. We met up outside and went over to his place.

Once inside we stripped down and he sat down on a couch with his cock in his hand and I sat down next to him. He grabbed my cock with his other hand and started stroking it so I took his and did the same. After a few moments I leaned over and put him into my mouth. He responded with heavy sighs of joy but asked me to move down in front of him so he could watch what I was doing. Without removing him from my mouth, I rotated off the couch and as he spread his legs apart I moved in between them and got down on my knees. With him now staring into my eyes, I slowly moved my mouth up his shaft and removed him. While holding him straight up with one hand I began slowly stroking him while massaging his balls with my other hand and he seemed happy with the view. After a few strokes of his hard cock I slowly leaned forward and while looking straight at his eyes I opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue and starting from where his cock met his balls, I licked upwards with one continuos motion until I reached the head and then I put my lips together like in a kissing position at the tip of his cock. While still staring directly at his eyes, I slowly moved my lips down over his cock until he passed into my throat and my lower lip reached his balls. He took my head in his hands and as he closed his eyes for a moment he let out a huge sigh of satisfaction and I could feel the head of his cock firm up in my throat as he flexed his ass and leg muscles. Despite the fact that I was happy to have been able to deep throat him, something that I still wasn't that good at yet, him flexing did cause a slight gag response from me but I controlled it as I moved back off a little. I continued sucking and licking him for a while until he was nice and hard and totally getting into it before I decided that it was time to do what he suggested at the video booth, which was to fuck. I got up off my knees and took him out of my mouth and straddled his stomach with my legs. I reached back and found his cock and started stroking it. He must use this couch for sex a lot because he reached under the cushion and pulled out a small tube of lubricant... convenient. I took the lube from him and proceeded to lube up his cock and my ass before positioning him at my hole and pushing down onto him. It felt good as my ass spread open and took him inside. Insertions are always one of the best parts of getting my ass fucked because I love the way it feels as my ass stretches open before clamping down around the head of a nice cock. I was holding him at the base of his cock and after his head was in me I would rise up off him and take it out before sliding it back in again. I did this a few times mostly for my enjoyment but I could see that he was getting anxious to go deeper. So I gave in and pushed down onto him and when I was sure that he wouldn't slip out, I let go and he immediately thrust up into me pushing himself all the way in and it felt really good. He started thrusting up into me and I told him to slow down and relax for a while and let me take control. I started to ride him slowly and deeply and as my ass loosened up I increased the tempo. As I was fucking him I noticed that he sure liked watching the action and there's nothing wrong with that so to help him, and because I like the way it feels, I got up off my shins and squatted over him on my feet and now he had an unobstructed view of his cock plunging into my ass. Now that I was not sitting down on him, he had a better ability to move and he started meeting my movements with thrusts of his own and we were both having a great time.

Soon he pushed me up off his cock and moved over in front of the couch as he moved me to sit down on it. With my ass at the edge of the cushion he spread my legs apart and shoved his cock back into me. Now he was in control and he started fucking me any way that he wanted to. He was fucking me fast, slow, shallow, and deep. He took his cock out and would stroke it while rubbing two of his fingers over my asshole, sticking them inside and finger fucking me for a bit before pulling them out and shoving his hard cock back into me. He also liked taking his cock out and staring for a moment at what I assumed was my asshole gaping wide open for him and telling me how good it looked before pushing his cock back in to resume his fucking. With all this going on I was getting really hot and just needed to cum. So I grabbed my cock and started stroking it hard and fast and I rose to orgasm pretty quickly. As I tensed up and my cum began squirting out of my cock, he moved my hand and finished the job himself. When my cock was drained of my cum he started fucking me faster and faster and the feel of his very hard cock was fabulous. Suddenly he dropped his chest down onto mine, wrapped his arms underneath mine and up around my shoulders. As he engaged me with a deep and aggressive kiss, I felt his cum shooting strongly into my ass. He slammed his hips up against me and dug his flickering tongue into my mouth while holding me close to him until he was finished cumming. When he was done he released his hold on me a little and the intensity of our kiss steadily slowed down before it stopped and we were both able to take a few big breaths and relax. After a few moments our sweat soaked bodies came apart as he pulled himself up off of me and stared down at his cock which was still inside of me. He moved it back and forth a little while picking up mine and trying to stroke it a little. I had cum pretty intensely and my cock was getting steadily softer as I enjoyed my, and his, post orgasm bliss. He pulled his cock out of me while pushing my hips up and legs back toward me and stared at my asshole. He smiled big and said that he came a lot and wished that I could see what he was looking at. I'm sure that it was a sexy sight as I was intentionally holding my asshole muscles as wide open for as I could for him while he stared at the work that he had just finished. As he slowly let my hips come down from their upward slant I could feel his cum beginning to trickle out and down the crack of my ass. Since he was obviously enjoying this show I pushed with my muscles and felt a sudden surge of his cum push out of me and drip down out of me. I clamped my ass closed and then opened it again a few times and each time I managed to f***e a little more of his cum out of me until I was sure that there was nothing left. He stood up and reached down to help me off the couch and as I stood up we kissed again. This time it was slow and passionate as he held my ass in his hands and caressed it and I did the same to him and I could still feel a little bit of his cum trickling out of me and running down my thigh. After a few moments we stopped kissing and as we walked away from the couch leaving a pretty big cum puddle on the floor, we headed for a warm shower to clean up.
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5 months ago
Fucking hot love them glory holes and like to get fucked at the glory holes
5 months ago
that's one adventure I'd love to have