My first BBC

--My First Big Black Cock--
Not long after my introduction to gay sex, I was having lots of fun playing around with a few guys as I learned more and more about man-on-man oral and anal sex. One day, one of my fuck-buddies told me about a black man who had a big cock and who liked fucking white guys. He told me that this guy was big and that he himself wasn't able to take him anally. That statement both excited and scared me a little at the same time but I told my buddy that I wanted to meet him. A hook up was arranged and I went over to this guys house. He turned out to be an attractive guy and we sat down with a couple of beers in hand and got to know each other. After a while he told me that he had recently exercised and needed to take a shower and for me to make myself comfortable until he was done. He went into the bathroom that was in the master bedroom for his shower but he left the door to the bedroom open. Since both of us basically knew the reason for my visit, I took that as an invitation to get things moving along.

I went into the bedroom, undressed and laid back on his bed to wait for him. The bed faced a dresser and there was a huge mirror on the wall that provided a good look back at the bed and pretty much that whole side of the bedroom. The shower stopped and I heard him step out and I thought to myself, well, it's showtime. He came out of the bathroom and we were both pleasantly surprised. Him by the fact that I was buck naked laying on his bed, and me by my first look at his cock. As I was told, it was big, and It was a little intimidating in that I was looking at a cock that didn't look hard yet. He was large and uncircumcised with pretty big saggy balls and I knew at that moment that this was going to be a lot of fun. He looked at me and laughed and I said " What? You told me to get comfortable so I did." He came over to the side of the bed that I was on and I moved up to a sitting position with my legs off the side of the bed. He came up in front of me and I grabbed his cock with my hand. He was slightly hard and I gently stroked him guessing that he was about 8 inches in length and maybe 1.5 inches thick at the shaft with a slightly larger head. I leaned forward and lifted his cock into my mouth. It was definitely already a mouthful and he was getting bigger and harder as I played with him. He quickly moved onto the bed next to me and I shifted up next to him to continue sucking this beautiful big cock. At his side with my head on his stomach looking down toward his legs, there was a great reflection of us in the bedroom mirror that made what I was doing much more exciting for both of us. I alternated between sucking, stroking, and licking his cock and when he was nice and hard, I took him out of my mouth and held him straight up while looking at it in the mirror. Man he was big! Now probably 10 inches long and easily 2 inches thick and it was all that I could do to stuff the head and a small length of the shaft into my mouth but from what I could see in the mirror, he had no complaints. After a while he pulled me up on my knees next his head on the pillow and began sucking my cock. I was super hard and ready to go. I continued to stroke him and massage his balls as he slowly sucked me while playing with my balls or cupping my ass cheeks with his hands and guiding me. He got me close to orgasm a couple of times but slowed down and backed off before I would cum - he was playing with me - and I was loving it. He was fingering my asshole and I could tell that he had more than oral sex on his mind. One finger, then two, and it was was obvious that he was loosening me up for his cock. After my ass was warmed up enough, he motioned me to lay down on the bed in front of him with both of us on our sides. He lifted one of my legs up toward my chest and I looked back over my shoulder and watched in the mirror as he grabbed his cock and rubbed lube all over it. I had taken hold of my own cock and was slowly stroking it and I was so ready to be fucked.

He looked really really big now and for a second I thought that this might have been a mistake. He snuggled closer to me and put his cock against my asshole and began to push. He was very gentle and worked his cock back and forth to ease me open slowly. When I thought that my ass couldn't possibly stretch open any farther, it opened a little more before tightening down around his head. Oh my god he was big... but at least he was in. Now all I had to do was take the remaining 8 or so inches! He paused to let me get used to his size and he motioned my head around to face him and we kissed. We continued our kiss as he pushed that monster farther and farther into my ass. After a few back and forth thrusts I could feel that he was firmly pushing against my ass and that he was all the way in and it felt fabulous. It was clear that this guy really knew how to fuck an ass with his big cock and make it all about pleasure and not pain. He fucked me like this for a short while before I decided that I wanted to be on top. With him still in me I pushed up off the bed and straightened up on top of him with my calves alongside his hips and my ass facing him. I turned my head and looked at him as I pushed my ass all the way down onto his cock moving it back and forth to get maximum penetration. He smiled at me and we moaned at the same time as I felt him grow a little as he squeezed his ass muscles together and pushed up on me. He grabbed my ass in his hands and pushed me up the length of his cock until pulling me back down all the way. I let him play for a bit before I moved my legs up and got on to my feet in a squatting position over him. My ass was now accustomed to his size and with my hands holding his legs for stability, I began riding him faster. I paused a few times pulling up to where only his head was in me to give him a good look at my stretched asshole that was gripping his shaft before pushing him back in again. I could tell that he was enjoying the view even before he told me so. I was watching both of our cocks in the mirror while riding this guy and he was staring at my ass and also looking around me to see the mirror so the view was great for both of us. My legs were getting tired and I squatted all the way down deep onto him like before only this time I rotated around moving one leg up and over his chest so that I was facing him. I moved off my feet and back down on to my shins keeping him deep inside of me and putting my hands on his chest for support before I resumed fucking him. I couldn't believe how good he felt inside of me and both of us were getting pretty turned on. After slowing down for a bit with some hugging and kissing, he asked me to get up on my hands and knees so that he could fuck me from behind. I told him that sounded like fun and that we could do that but not until after I made him cum this way. Before he could respond I began kissing him again and started slowly and deeply rocking my ass back and forth on his cock and he responded exactly as I thought that he would which was to shut up, grab my ass and start fucking back. His thrusts were meeting mine and I could feel by the growing size and firmness of his cock, and by his breathing that he was ready to cum. He broke our kiss and said "Oh fuck! I'm cumming!" I sat upright on him keeping him deeply in my ass while gyrating slightly back and forth. He moaned in pleasure and while holding my thighs and thrusting up into me with irregular thrusts, I could totally feel his warm cum filling what little space his cock left inside my ass. Before his orgasm was totally finished, I reached back and grabbed the base of his cock with my hand and I could already feel his cum oozing out of my ass and on to my hand and there was lots of it. With his cum as the new lubricant, I began a slow fuck/hand job combination to milk the last of his cum out of him. He squirmed and bucked with sensitivity but I didn't stop or let him out until I was sure that there was nothing left in his balls. After that I grabbed my own cock, which by now was aching and oozing pre-cum all over his belly, and I told him that now it was my turn. With the great feeling of his cock still buried up in me, I jacked myself off pretty quickly. My orgasm was deep and strong and he watched with interest as I spattered a good amount of cum all over his chest. I think that he wanted to pay me back because he replaced my hand with his own and finished stroking me until there wasn't even a drop left. I collapsed down on to his chest and with the layer of my cum squished between us, we kissed a long final kiss as his cock gradually got soft and slipped out of me and I could feel the last of his cum trickle out of my well fucked and well satisfied ass. He didn't get to fuck me from behind that day but it wasn't our last time together and we more than made up for it in future meetings.
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2 months ago
reading this I felt I was almost there.
8 months ago
wow that was so hot I remember my first BBC and it was so sensual he was hugh about 10 inches also and not has wide but he filled me up real good I got my dildo out and fuck my asspussy real hard while I read your story it was incredible
8 months ago
brilliant story keep them coming mmmmmm
8 months ago
great story.. wow.. I am sure I will not be the only one to say.. tell more.. and more.. luv it..
8 months ago
Black males love fucking smooth, pretty white teen bois and leaving large spermloads inside their tight holes. It's pure breeding instinct as a visit to any bath house or gay nudist retreat will confirm- black cocks are made for white asses.