Mehek introduced me to her friends, showed me around her town, and helped me
settle in and acclimate to my new life. We were cousins by bl**d, but friends,
and pretty soon best friends by choice. We hung out together, had the same
group of friends, and shared secrets, everything that best girl friends do. She
even told me about the night she lost her virginity to her boyfriend. I must
admit that hearing her describe how it happened got me really sexually aroused,
and that night while Mehek was asl**p, I masturbated for the first time. I only
used my fingers and didn't even have an orgasm, but sensation of my fingering
rubbing against my velvety wetness was a heavenly experience for me.

A few more months after that, there was a wedding in the f****y and everyone
was invited out of state. However, Mehek and I had to stay behind due to our
finals approaching and since this was a crucial year, our parents decided that
we were old enough and responsible enough to be left alone. Of course we got
the same lectures of concentrating on our studies, not wasting time talking on
the phone and the "NO BOYS ALLOWED" in the house routine.

Our parents left in the afternoon after lunch, and after locking the door
behind them Mehek and I went down to the basement to relax for a bit and watch
some TV. After a while Mehek announced that she was tired and was going to take
a nap. I was still enjoying the TV movie, so watched the rest of it alone.
Deciding that a nap wouldn't hurt me either, I went up to our bedroom on the
first floor and not wanting to disturb Mehek while she was asl**p, I just
opened the door unannounced. What I saw completely astounded me.

While Mehek had her eyes partly closed, she was not asl**p. In fact she was
completely naked, had her legs spread wide open, and was rubbing her pussy with
what I later found out was a vibrator. Mehek was taking deep breaths and making
soft moaning sounds as the vibrator moved up and down her pussy and then slowly
disappeared into her vagina. I heard sounds of sex that weren't coming from
Mehek and saw that a hardcore porn movie was playing on the TV in our room. At
that moment, I saw a muscular man was fucking a woman doggie style that was in
turn eating another woman's pussy. WOW! Mehek was masturbating to a threesome
porno and was apparently enjoying herself as her moans were now getting almost
as loud as the ones from the TV.

I turned my head to see Mehek was moving that vibrator in and out of her pussy
and massaging her clit with the tip, which was glistening with her fluids. I
was being hit with a whirlwind of emotions. I could feel myself getting very
aroused by the sights and sounds I was being bombarded with. The porn was
amazing, and watching Mehek was turning me on so much that it even surprised
me. I had never thought of myself as a lesbian, but watching my naked cousin's
body in throes of sexual passion was making me hot as well as wet. I saw her
mouth open and her tongue lick her lips. Her free hand was cupping her 36C
breasts. Now Mehek has an amazing body. At 5'3, she was shorter than me by four
inches, but her breasts were perfectly proportional to her slim waist. I am a
bit heavier than her and sport 38DD breasts. Her fingers were pressing and
twisting her nipples as her other hand start to really ram the vibe inside her
pussy. My mouth just fell open as she suddenly shut her eyes and arched her
back, giving out a deep groan as her orgasm rippled through her. Her breath
came out in spasms for a bit before she slowly took out the dildo, and started
liking it. Only when she opened her eyes with the vibe still in her mouth, did
she see me. Her reaction was surprising. She just smiled the biggest smile I
had seen her give me. She left the dildo on the bed and walked over to me, and
gently held my hand. I just looked at her and she gently touched my face with
her finger and then the palm.

"It's ok dear," Mehek whispered and gently took me into the room and sat me
down to the bed. She seemed perfectly ok with the fact that not only was she
completely naked, but the fact that I had just seen her pleasure herself didn't
even faze her. The porno movie was still playing in the background and for a
few heartbeats you could only hear the moans of sex from the TV.

Mehek took booth my hands in her and asked, "Did you like what just saw?"

I simply nodded.

Mehek smiled, "Have you ever masturbated?"

"Not really," I said as I found my voice. "I mean I have, but never like this."

"Would you like to?"

"I don't know," I said honestly. "i've never even imagined something like this.
I wouldn't even know what to do or even if I can."

Mehek was silent for a bit still holding my hands, looking at me. Then she
said, "would you like me to help you?"

I admit that I was very turned on by that I had seen, but I didn't know what
all this meant. With uncertainly raging though my mind, but also knowing that
Mehek would never do anything to hurt me, I simply nodded my head.

Mehek smiled again, and simply took me in my arms and hugged me. I rested my
hand on her shoulder while we were sitting side by side on the bed and I felt
her rubbing her fingers up and down my back, my head and through my hair. She
gently kissed my forehead and then my cheeks. I shivered each time she kissed
me and Mehek held me closer. Comforting me, assuring me.

Then I felt her lips kiss my neck and ripples of pleasure ran though me. My
arms automatically wrapped around her naked body and pulled her closer. She
continued to kiss my neck from one side all the way to the other, and I felt
her hand hold mine and bring it between us. She broke our embrace and as she
looked at me, brought my hand to her breast. It felt soft yet firm to my touch
and I u*********sly started squeezing it. My palm was covering her nipple and
my fingers were gently caressing the fullness of her breast as they moved up
and down with every breath. As Mehek let go of my hand, I moved it slowly down
slowly, still staying on her breasts, but now moving my thumb across her
nipple. Rolling it around, feeling the nub get harder under my thumb.

I saw Mehek close her eyes as she embraced me again. She kissed my neck again
holding me close as my hand crushed her heaving breast. The more she kissed the
harder I tried squeezing her breasts. Her hands were rubbing up and down my
back, and when she broke our embrace again, her hands were on my shoulders and
she pulled down the straps of my tank top, pulling my tank down to my waist,
exposing my breasts to her (I wasn't wearing a bra since the tank had a shelf
bra in it).

"God, Kash, your breasts are awesome." I have rather large areolas that make my
breasts look bigger than they are.

Mehek started rubbing around the base of my breasts and made squeezing motions
around and up until she reached my nipples. My nipples were hard when she
reached them. She flicked them with her thumb, pinched them, and rubbed them.
She felt them with the base of her hand and with her fingers. Then as she
caressed the soft skin on my heavy breasts she looked at me, and for the first
time there was sensuality in our eyes.

She got closer to me and this time, rather then going towards my neck again,
her lips came closer and closer to mine. Our breaths were getting shallow and
my mind was in turmoil. I was overcome with lust, yet this was completely new
territory for me. Finally our lips met. Mehek's lips were so soft, and tender
that all my fears just melted away. The lips lingered for a bit. I had never
kissed a girl on the lips before, and was a bit nervous, but Mehek didn't seem
to mind, so we hugged each other and when we broke, I kissed her again, this
time a little more passionately. Mehek responded by pulling me closer and
slipping her tongue into my mouth. Our breasts were being crushed together and
our kiss grew more and more passionate. Mehek was running her hand through my
hair and caressing my face, while my fingers were running up and down her naked
back. Our tongues were snaking into each other mouths, our lips sucking on each

Mehek gently made me lie down on her bed and she kissed me harder. Her hand was
rubbing my face and then running a finger up and down my neck. Her lips
continued to ravage mine when her hand cupped by breast. She wrapped her
fingers around my supple flesh, and started rubbing her thumb over my nipple
poking out. When our lips parted I opened my eyes and saw Mehek moving to my
nipple that by now was very hard and had turned a dark shade of brown. She let
go of my breast and started kissed the imprints her hand had left on the soft
skin. Her hand moved to my other breast as she planted butterfly kisses all
around my nipple, taking little of my flesh in her mouth. Mehek certainly knew
the art of teasing. She was completely ignoring my hard nipple which was now
begging to be sucked.

She took out her tongue and the areola around the hard nub, flicking her tongue
at the base of my nipple. I was breathing heavy and with every breath I was
raising my chest closer and closer to her mouth. Finally looking at my lustful
yet pleading eyes, she opening her mouth and took my whole nipple in, sucking
hard on it. Jolts of pleasure were running up and down me like lightning bolts.
She sucked on my nipple as her tongue licked around the hard nub. Letting some
of the breast out, she bit my nipple and tugged on it while pinching the other
nipple with her nipples at the same time.

Letting this one go suddenly, Mehek started ravishing my other breast. She was
not as gentle with this one, sucking on it harder and harder. Even she started
groaning as she devoured my breast in her mouth. Then cupping both breasts with
her hands, Mehek pushed my nipples together and started to lick both nipples at
the same time. She opened her mouth and bit both of them at the same time
making me squeal in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

By this time I had given myself up to the waves of pleasures that Mehek was
taking me on. All reservations, thoughts, troubles, doubt, everything had
vanished from my mind. My body was hers and she knew it. My breasts were red
and bit ridden with her onslaught and I could tell that this was only the
beginning for her and me. She kissed down my belly, licked around my navel and
then pulled my shorts and panties down. I was so wet, that my panties were
sticking to my pussy and the separation of the fabric from my pussy made me
shiver at how wet Mehek had made me.

"Mmm Kash, you are soaking wet down here" she purred.

She placed her index finger and middle finger on each of my labia, and gently
stroked them as she felt my pussy. She continued to stroke them, and I felt
myself getting wetter again. She gazed at my pussy. I felt her eyes fixed on my
pussy, and it made me feel hotter down there.

"I know"

She softly gasped as she parted my lips, "Wow", she seemed fascinated at my
pussy, slowly ran a finger down my hot and wet slit.

"Mehek that feels really nice what you're doing"

We lay there for a moment, Mehek gently stroking my pussy. I was getting wetter
and wetter. She parted my pussy lips further, and with her other hand, she slid
one finger into my vagina.

"Mmmmmmm" I moaned as she entered me, "Ooooh yeah that's good!"

Her finger was already wet from her own pussy juices. Our pussy juices mixed as
she slowly slid it all the way inside. Her finger disappeared in my pussy, and
re-appeared as she pulled it out. She continued pumping me softly with her
finger, and then she pulled it out

I bucked my hips upwards a little, giving her even better access to my crotch,
and I played with my breasts, caressing them and pinching the nipples. She used
the juice from my vagina to moisten my clit, and her finger rotated around my
little pleasure knob. It felt even better than when I do it to myself. My clit
fully emerged from its hood, and she carried on pleasing it.

"Oh Kash, I love your pussy! It's so soft, and it's tighter than mine" she

Her words were orgasmic. I writhed with the pleasure, and stretched my legs
out, placing them on her thighs. She slipped a second finger inside, and curled
her fingers up and rubbed the inner wall of my vagina with her fingertips.

"Oohhhh Mehek that's amazing! Mmmmmmmm yeah keep doing that... It feels soooooo

She happily obliged, and placed her thumb on my clit again and pressed it. This
felt heavenly - my G-Spot and my clit being pleasured at the same time, I felt
my orgasm slowly building up. My body writhed and bucked, as I continued
playing with my breasts. I was cumming all over her hands. I moaned and groaned
as she finger fucked me so expertly, my body writhing and bucking on the bed.

"ooooooohhh Mehek! I'm cumming! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Ohhhhh....", and my voice trailed

She didn't say anything, she just concentrated on my pussy. I felt my vaginal
walls close in around her fingers in an absolutely intense orgasm, but Mehek
didn't stop. In all this pleasure I didn't even ask her why she was carrying
on, all I could do was moan more. About 30 seconds after the first orgasm, I
felt another one, just as intense as the first. Was I having multiple orgasms?
I'd heard so much about them, but didn't know if I'd ever had them.

Thinking I was done, I took some deep breaths, but them Mehek pulled out the
vibe that she had been using, and turned it on. The humming sound immediately
brought a flash back of Mehek fucking her with it, when I felt the vibe touch
my clit and I literally moaned like an a****l in heat.

"Oh Lord," were the only understandable words that came out of my mouth.

She moved the vibe up and down my slit and around my clit. My clit was
throbbing and I has started oozing my juices freely now. Then it happened.
Mehek then guided the vibe into my pussy. This was the first time I was being
penetrated and the discomfort was nothing compared to the pleasure I was
feeling. Mehek went in slow, rubbing my clit gently as the vibe slid deeper and
deeper, until it was all in. For a time she played with me, varying the tempo,
bringing me to the brink of orgasm before letting me down. Finally she thrust
long and deep and continued to hump against me until I screamed with my climax.
I was left breathing hard, my body a sweaty and trembling mess. But she didn't
stop. After giving me a moment to catch my breath she fucked me again with her
vibe. Suddenly the vibrations stopped inside my pussy and Mehek pulled it out.
I saw it was glistening with my juices. She looked at it for a second, and
suddenly ran out of the room leaving me breathless and confused. She ran back
within seconds with a big grin and a cucumber.

"The vibe is dead for now, but we're not done yet dear." She smiled

Before I would say anything, she got between my legs and gently inserted the
cucumber into my pussy. The cucumber was a bit bigger than the vibe, so the
pressure of my g-spot was making me buck my hips more. I don't know how much of
the cucumber was in me, but soon Mehek was moving the cucumber back and forth
and fucking me with full f***e. It didn't take long for the familiar intensity
of pleasure to come back and soon Mehek was bringing me to orgasm after orgasm.
Only after my fourth orgasm did she finally let us and slowly pull out the
cucumber from my completely fucked pussy.

I was exhausted, but couldn't believe at how much pleasure had given me. She
crawled out from between my pussy and moved up, hugging me again. She looked at
me, and we kisses again for a long time. Her hands caressed my breasts as I
wrapped my arms around her. The heat from our bodies was immense and both of us
had started to perspire again. The hotter we hot, the more intensely we kissed
each other. Again, the room was echoing with the sounds of our wet kisses.

Taking the initiative, I ease Mehek on her back, and I started kissing her. She
then places her hand on my head and gently lowers me down her body. She took
her left breast her hand and raised it for me. Getting the message I leaned
over and took the offered nipple into my mouth. I let my tongue swirl around
the nub until it was fully extended before starting to suck at her breast. I
sucked greedily, loving this new level of intimacy with Mehek.

She lifted her right breast now and lowered it onto my welcoming mouth. Again I
sucked hungrily, letting my tongue explore her nipple and enjoying the rough
texture of her areola. This time I nipped her nipple with my teeth. Mehek
squealed and I did it again.

"Oh Kash…." Mehek closed her eyes.

Talking the hint I slipped free of her breast and pushed Mehek back onto the
pillows. She stretched her arms above her head and her tits were heaving before
me. I pushed them together and began to squeeze them forcibly now, manipulating
them, pinching them, biting her nipples. Mehek began to squirm under my
attentions, groaning and sighing.

'Yes, baby, God yes. Squeeze me harder!" Mehek moaned

She threw back her head, gripping it between her hands. Her supple body shook
and trembled as she came - and she came hard and loud. Only when her climax had
subsided did I remove my mouth from her nipple and slide my own breasts across
hers, reaching for her mouth. I kissed my lover and gazed deep into the passion
of her eyes.

"i've never cum with just my nipples being sucked" She said in amazement, and
kissed me harder. Pointing to the cucumber lying on the bed, she said, "Now my
pussy wants to be fucked."

I grabbed the cucumber and moved between her legs and found that she was
already flowing. I hold the cucumber in my hand and pressed the tip on her
quivering pussy. With my other hand I opened her pussy folds and slide the tip
of the cucumber into her hole. Mehek groaned again. Instinctively, I twisted
the cucumber as I pushed it in, and Mehek moaned again.

"Deeper Kash, fuck my pussy deeper. I'm so horny." She moaned.

Mehek hooked her arms into her knees and pulled back, spreading her legs as she
brought them back towards her head. I gave the cucumber a push and soon almost
the whole thing was in my cousin's sexy pussy. The only part left out was the
part I was holding onto. Mehek again gave her a****l groan and fisted her head
up. The look in her eyes was of pure lust. What a sight it was to see Mehek's
legs wide apart and her pussy filled fully with the cucumber. It was obvious
that the cucumber had stretched her pussy too.

Mehek nodded yes, and said, "Move it in me."

I slowly withdrew the cucumber and pushed it back in. Mehek smiled as I stroked
the inner confines of her vagina with the firm object. Her juices began to flow
out and down her ass crack, every time I pulled the cucumber back. She released
her legs and started to move her hips in synchronizes motion, matching the
movement of my hand. I started to fuck her pussy faster and sped up the
movement, sliding the cucumber full length in and out of Mehek's expanded
pussy. Mehek could feel her climax welling up inside her as my hand came in
contact with her clit on each stroke. Unlike me though, we was really
verbalizing it.

"Oh Kash, don't stop, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum" she panted.

Mehek grabbed my arm and held the cucumber deep inside as she ground her clit
on my hand. She was bouncing on my hand as her body convulsed when the orgasm
rippled through her. Her vagina contracted so hard that it pushed the cucumber
out. I pushed the cucumber back in and continued to fuck her pussy hard and
fast, just like she had and soon Mehek was cumming again. Finally when she went
limp with exhaustion did I stop and take the cucumber out which was gleaming in
the light. Her juices were thick and had formed a white ring right where I had
been holding it.

I moved up her body and fell next to her exhausted from my effort. We wrapped
out arms and legs over each other and kissed each other thought heavy yet
serene breaths. I don't know when but we dozed off naked, wet and in each other
arms, and woke up when it was dark out. Mehek looked and me and I at her, and
we didn't have to say anything. We both new that this day was a start of
something very special. The exhaustion of the countless exhaustion over took us
again, and we feel asl**p intertwined till morning.

I woke up to find Mehek lying by my side looking at me with a smile and she
brushed of my hair from my eyes. I turned to face her and she kissed my
forehead and asked,

"Did you sl**p well?"

"Oh yea," I breathed out. "Amazing! I kept dreaming of us all night"

"Oh really? And what were we doing?" Mehek asked teasingly, running a finger up
down my face.

"Everything we did last night." I smiled back.

"You mean this?" Mehek leaned over and kissed my lips again. Her kiss was hot,
charged and passionate. She pulled herself to me, crushing our breasts together
and breathing hard as she slipped her tongue into my hot mouth. Our mouths were
open, lips were pressed together, and tongues were dancing in and out of each
other mouths. Both of were had woken up horny and our loud kissed and throaty
noises were evident of that. There was urgency in both of us, and almost
simultaneously without breaking our kissing frenzy, we reach down and started
caressing each other pussies.

Mehek was just as wet as my pussy felt. We lifted one knee and both of us
parted our legs to give each other full access to our pussies.

Mehek slide her finger into my wet pussy and started fingering me as she bit my
lip. She was really horny and aggressive. Taking her cue, I started finger
fucking her pussy and rubbing my thumb of her clit. Mehek's pussy responded by
oozing her juices on my fingers wetting them thoroughly. She in turn bent her
finger and start rubbing my g-spot and the intensity with which the pressure
was increasing in my pussy was incredible.

I shoved another finger into her pussy and started moving them alternately in
and out. Mehek was now pushing her pussy onto my hand. We were kissing each
other like a****ls in heat. Our hands were moving frantically in each other
pussies, both of which were making loud squishing noises as our juices oozed
out. Mehek slip another finger my pussy and started moving her hand back and
forth rapidly. I followed suit and within seconds both of us were moaning
indicating out impending orgasms.

"Oh yea baby, don't stop!" Panted Mehek.

"I'm gonna cum too, Mehek, I'm goona come hard" I squealed.

The in happened! We both came at the same time, groaning loudly letting out
lust take over completely. Our naked bodies were slithering on the bed,
shivering as wave after wave of pleasure rippled through from our pussies to
our whole bodies. Even though we didn't use any toys, or cucumber or vibe, the
orgasm was more intense than either of us expected and finally when we regained
our senses, we realized that other of us were panting as were covered in smalls
beads of sweat!

We both smiled and laughed as I said "Mehek, you have turned me into a sex

"This is only the beginning," she said with a wink.

"What do you mean?"

"Let's take a quick shower and get dressed. We have some shopping to do!" Mehek
said with a twinkle in her eye.

After breakfast, Mehek and I got into the car and drove straight to the
downtown of the city. Mehek obviously seemed to know where she was going. After
driving for almost an hour, we entered the seedy part of the city. Showing a
comfort with the area that surprised me, Mehek parked the car in the parking
garage. We got out to a world that was certainly new to me despite being in the
US for a while now.

Both sides of the street were lined with strip clubs and video arcades, and,
even though it was still early in the day, several of the women that I could
see were clearly professional hookers. "This place is usually pretty reliable,"
Mehek said, and before I could react she was being pulled into one of the video
places. While I was nervous walking into an adult store, Mehek just grinned
boldly and guided me to the left, where an entire wall was devoted to sexual
toys of every shape and size.

"See anything you like?" Mehek asked me?

While last night had been a VERY liberating experience for me, being in a store
looking at sex toys was a bit much, and I thought I would die of embarrassment.
We were standing right in front of an enormous black strap, and I couldn't help
staring at it.

"Mmmm, I like that one too," Mehek said, and pulled it down to heft it in her
hand. "Think you can handle it?" she asked with a grin.

"Shhhh!" I said looking around, "Not so loud"

Mehek just laughed and caressed my arm soothing me. "It's ok dear, no one cares
here." She picked up the black dildo, and then another smaller one that was
purple in color. The purple one was smoother and lacked the vein details that
the black one had.

She processed to look around and found a rather long double-dildo (it's the one
where each end of the dildo has a penis-head). I was over a foot long, maybe
even a foot and a half. I was skin color and I was staring at the sheer size
with my eyes and mouth wide open. Mehek looked at me and said, "It's for both
of us silly."

Relieved, and getting more comfortable, we continued to shop around, buying the
harness for the strap-on, the double dildo, lube, and of course more batteries.
Mehek got really zealous and taking advantage of the fact that we were going to
be alone at home this weekend, she even bought some anal beads and butt plugs.
All this was so new to me, that I felt like a student following my teacher and
absorbing everything I was being exposed to.

We got back to the car, and Mehek drove back faster than the way she had driven
in. The anticipation was brewing in both of us so much that we didn't really
talk much. I was just thinking about the toys that were placed in the brown
paper bag lying at my feet. The back strap-on had looked so intimidating that
the mere image of it in my mind made my pussy twitch. I had no idea now the
double dildo was going to work, but I trusted Mehek and that was enough for me.

Mehek pulled into the driveway, and both of us sprinted into the house. We
locked the door behind us and immediately ran to the bedroom and started
stripping ourselves and each other. Neither of us was surprised when we noticed
a wet spot on the other's panties. We embraced passionately kissing each other
making our way to the bed and falling on it. We moved around, making loud
kissing noises, letting our lust completely over take us. I was panting when we
broke our embraced and Mehek immediately got off the bed and pulled out the
harness and much to my delight the black dildo.

Mehek wore the harness and slipped in the black dildo. It was an incredible
sight to see her naked supple young body with a black cock hanging down between
her legs. She adjusted her phallus and placed it so it rubbed her clit as she
positioned herself between my legs. She popped open the lube and rubbed a
generous amount on her "cock" and also on my already wet lips. Holding the
lubed dildo in her hands, she rubbing the head up and down my clit and gently
tapped on my clit. The gentle touches were already sending ripples of pleasure
through my already sensitive and engorged clit.

"Ready, baby?" Mehek asked hoarsely.

Breathing deeply in anticipation, I simply nodded my head. The wide mushroom
head of the dildo slowly pushed into my pussy. The plastic dong felt truly
wonderful as it moved up inside me, so much better than the cucumber. Mehek
moved very slowly, letting me adjust to the sheer size of her cock. I could
hear and feel a wet squishing sound as the phallus moved deeper into my body. I
arched my hips downward so the plastic dong rubbed against my clit.

A warm, tingling sensation spread outward from my pussy. Whimpering with desire
my head shook back and forth on the pillow. Mehek ever-so-slowly pulled out of
me and then she inserted the dildo fully back into my pussy. Then out again,
and in. I moaned and close my eyes as she began to deeply pump into me with a
slow rock-steady rhythm.
She closed down and top of me while maintaining her steady thrusting. I was so
wet and horny, it was unbelievable. I was countering each thrust back with my
own hip movement up. Our breasts rub together as she got down on her elbows
over me and kissed my passionately. I was so close to the brink that I was
moaning with each thrust. Mehek slid her hands under my waist, holding our
bodies tightly together, still maintaining her in and out, in and out. This
allowed her to thrust more deeply into me and gave us full body contact as she
fucked me. Mehek was enjoying herself as well, as the dildo did almost as much
to her clit as it was doing to my pussy. She picked up speed and all I heard
over my moans was the creaking of the bed springs as she drilled her cock into
my aching pussy.

"Oh fuck!!!!!" I screamed

My orgasm blossomed out intensely from my loins, causing me to tremble all over
and against my lover. My pussy tingled, my breasts swelled and my nipples were
poking out more than usual. Soon Mehek groaned and then yelped as the orgasm
ripped trough her body Mehek stopped thrusting into me. Her body felt great on
top of me, her tongue deep in my mouth, and her thighs pressed wetly against my
own. Mehek pulled the dildo out of my pussy as it made slurping sound. She
turned and lay on the bed, her legs splayed out, and her breath coming in short

"That was amazing!" I whispered into her ear. She turned and again kissed me
passionately. "Now it's my turn" I whispered.

I reached down and pulled the harness down, as Mehek lifted her hips and it
slid down her legs. I pulled it on me the same way I had watched her and the
feeling of a cock between my legs was surprisingly empowering. I got between
her legs. Mehek was ready as she lifted her knees up. I wet the dildo on her
pussy which was still wet from her cum and was oozing more juices in
anticipation. I adjusted myself, aiming the cock into her hole and pressed my
hips at her, watching engrossed, as the dildo disappeared into her. It was most
erotic to see her open to accommodate it.

"Oh shit, Kash, oh god, it's so good!" She whimpered.

She picked up my rhythm as I started thrusting. The dildo pressed into me and
soon I was feeling spirited and tingly all over. It gave me a feeling of power
I'd never before experienced. And over Mehek! It was wild. I exploited my
dominance by keeping her under me, fucking her hot pussy. Her hips and waist
felt wonderful as I pushed and pulled her onto my "cock."

I leaned over her, grasping her breasts, feeling their weight sway in my cupped
hands. I fingered her nipples, hearing her squeal in appreciation; that drove
me on. The power I experienced was in itself a huge erotic stimulus. I felt
myself developing towards a colossal orgasm, I blurted to the groaning Mehek, "
Baby, I'm gonna cum soon, come with me."

Her reply came gasping, "Oh, my God, yes, yes!"

I grabbed her breasts hard using them like handles. I thrust my hips hard and
deep so that our pubic bones were hitting each other with every thrust. My
pending orgasm strengthened and then I knew nothing but rapture for an eon as
the flashing lights blazed in my brain. The orgasm had utterly blown my mind.
The next thing I knew I was kissing Mehek, tonguing her mouth as if there were
no tomorrow.

Still hot, I gathered my wits and grabbed her hips, rolled her on top of me,
and holding her by the waist, I guided her onto my pole. The look on her face
turned from a sultry smile to a lustful flush as she sunk onto the dildo again.
She looked awesome, beautiful and bemused. She was gone, her eyes looking into
mine, glazed, as I thrust my hips to fuck her once more. If power is an
aphrodisiac, I now knew why. I was steaming with lust as Mehek took my "penis"
to the hilt crying out with each stroke.

I watched the thick dildo penetrate her, pulling her labia with it on the
outward stroke. Her head lolled about, her mouth open and her breasts swayed
with the rhythm I enf***ed on her. It was entrancing; I was feeling the effects
of the reverse side, the base of the dildo was rubbing my clit the whole time.
I could sense her developing her inevitable climax, just as I was. With
difficulty, I slowed my thrusting, prolonging the ecstasy.
Rolling her onto her back again, I thrust all the way into her although she was
working hard raising herself at my insistent thrusts. With difficulty, I slowed
my thrusting to let us teeter in pre-orgasmic, hazy bliss. Mehek begged me to
make her come.

Leaning down, I pulled her sweaty breasts to my mouth. While sucking on her
lush nipples, I pushed and pulled, our bodies sliding on our perspiration, my
sensitized nipples giving me tremors all over. With the last of my energy, I
gave four or five almighty thrusts. With a growl deep in her throat, her orgasm
and I came seconds after. I had never come for so long or so intensely.

Exhausted, I rolled us both onto our sides, to face each other. She grinned at
me. I grinned back. The dildo plopped out of her pussy and I slowly too it out.
Mehek wriggled herself fully onto it till her tummy touched mine and then she
remained still, our breasts pressed together. I wrapped a leg over her and
kissed her softly, for a long time breathing just through my nose. I returned
the kiss giving it what seemed like quiet contentment. Neither of us spoke a
word. We breathed in each other's sweet air.

We must have fallen asl**p for a while, because both of us woke up hungry. We
got out of bed, still naked and came down to the kitchen. We had made sure to
close all the curtain and blinds earlier so weren't afraid of nosy neighbors or
peeing toms. We had a quick meal where we fed each other, and then even watched
TV in the living room holding each other naked. While both of us were horny as
it is, it didn't help the matter that we were watching a primetime movie with
plenty of erotic innuendos and lots of sexual scenes. Soon we were rubbing out
hands on each other bodies while our eyes were fixed on the TV. Our wet pussies
were again betraying our desires to each other and as soon as the movie ended,
we dashed to the bedroom.

As I lay on the bed, Mehek pulled out the double dildo and swung it around. It
looked like an erotic snake in her hand.

"i've been waiting for this all day," she grinned.

Mehek wrapped her delicate fingers around the lower head of the giant dildo and
dragged it down onto my pussy. Mehek rubbed the head of the dildo between my
pussy lips. Mehek turned the huge prick so that the whole head got slick with
my plentiful pussy juice. Mehek slowly dragged more and more of the big dildo
through my pussy lips. When Mehek had finally dragged the entire double-headed
cock through my pussy lips, she pointed one of the heads into my pussy and
began rubbing it between her lips. Gradually, Mehek pushed more and more of the
head into my pussy. Soon the head of the dildo disappeared into my pussy and
several inches of the shaft soon followed. I grunted and moaned.

"Oh God, Mehek, that feels so good!" I breathed.

Mehek kept hold of the dildo while she repositioned herself so that she scissor
my legs and brought her pussy up to the other head of the dildo. Mehek rubbed
the head between her lips a couple of times then she began to sink her body
down onto the dildo. As she sank onto the dildo, she also laid down in the
opposite direction as me, locked in a leg scissors embrace. Mehek sank the
whole way down the dildo, and our pussies were mashed together. Mehek began to
gyrate her body, producing a pleasing oscillation that filled her and also used
the connection between them to travel into me as well. I watched her for a few
moments, and tried to copy her example. We quickly developed a rhythm, making
the most of each repetition. Back and forth we rocked, our hands joining as we
took turns thrusting in and out of each other. The springs of the old bed
groaned loudly as we pushed and pulled, each movement adding to the fires that
had begun to rage deep within both of us. Fires that built on the smaller
blazes that still simmered from earlier play. Every nerve in our bodies seemed
to be alive with lust as they became one being, with only one desire. To reach
that pinnacle beyond which lay nirvana. It was a goal that was closer than
either of us realized.

Sweat covered both of our bodies and breaths had become labored. Two hearts
pulsed as one, at a rate that increased with each passing beat. Words were
impossible, but none were needed. Only the goal mattered and without warning,
it was upon both of us. Mehek was convulsing every couple of seconds and
emitting little squeaks. I started shaking and grunting, and Mehek's
convulsions became quicker and more violent. Our bodies exploded from within,
the difference in timing too small to matter. We were lost in intense orgasms.
It was like a thunderstorm had been released in both of us, shattering all the
walls of civilization and leaving only the most a****listic of passions. We
must have cum for five minutes and they eventually stopped because of
exhaustion. We laid still, but continued to clutch hands and our pussies
remained pressed together.

After a few moments Mehek slowly pulled out, and the sensation of the dildo
moving out sent shivers up and down my body. As soon as the cock slipped out,
my pussy squirted out the juices that had been brewing in. Mehek stood up and
pulled her half out and her pussy dripped down to the floor. Both of us looked
at each other and laughed calling each other horny bitches.

Mehek then walked over to the bag and pulled out the purple dildo. She placed
it in my hand and kissed me hard.

"I want u to fuck me with it" She whispered.

I looked at her and before I could say anything she completed "in my ass."

"Really?" I asked

"Yes, please. I've always wanted to experience it."

I got out of bed and put on the harness again. I slipped on the purple dildo
and adjusted it and again the feeling of empowerment took over me. Mehek was on
her hands and knees on the lush bed. Behind her, I poured the lubricant into
her ass that caused her ass to clench reflexively. I smiled as I ran my hands
over hand over her ass. The feeling of empowerment was back stronger than
before and I new I was going to really enjoy this.

"Ready baby?" I said as she placed the tip of the phallus on her ass

"I'm ready," Mehek replied.

Slowly, I slipped the cold purple phallus into Mehek's well lubricated ass. The
rubber tip stretched her anus apart, forcing her to cry out as she felt her ass
expand around the cold rubber. I gave her a moment to compose herself before
thrusting my hips more and sank inch after inch of the strap-on into her
waiting ass. Mehek's ass was clenching with vigor on the intrusion, which
surprising resulted in very powerful vibrations on the base of the purple dildo
which was rubbing constantly on my clit.

"Oh," I sighed with contentment as the vibrations began.

"Damn," Mehek gasped. Her fingers clenched the bedspread and her knees shook.
"This hurts, but feels so good!" I could see her pussy oozing her juices which
were dripping down her thigh.

When I had sunk the full length of the dildo inside Mehek, Her arms collapsed.
Face first she fell onto the bed and the sudden movement caused the dildo to
shift in her ass. Mehek moaned as the sensations shook her body while I moaned
as the vibrations hit a new high. She pulled herself up again, and turned her

"Fuck my ass, Kash!" Mehek pleaded.

"Here is comes," I said really getting into this.

My hips rolled like a belly dancer, pulling the dildo halfway out of. Then her
hips snapped back, thrusting the dildo back down Mehek's tight hole.

"Oh fuck!" Mehek yelled loudly.

Faster and faster, I moved my hips. Beads of perspiration were forming on my
skin with the effort and my breasts swayed and jiggled with each thrust. My
breasts were jiggling almost in synchronization with Mehek's hanging breasts. I
could feel Mehek clenching her ass tighter and tighter with each thrust. Her
ass was expanding and a couple of times in the heat of the moment I even
slapped her ass to which Mehek responded with loud moans.

"Oh baby, I think I'm goona cum" moaned Mehek. Her moans got my juices flowing
too and my orgasm was building up more and more.

Mehek's orgasm ripped through her and she wailed like an a****l in heat as her
arms gave out again. It was so erotic and arousing to watch Mehek cum just from
getting her ass fucked. The sudden shifting of the dildo unleashed my orgasm
like a dam bursting. The intensity of the orgasm was thrilling and empowering
as I felt completely in control as I had dominated my cousin while fucking, no
completely ravishing her ass. I screamed just as loudly as Mehek had, as
ripples after ripples of pleasure shook my entire being.

I withdrew the dildo completely from her ass, and lied next to her. Mehek was
taking shallow breaths and her bangs were matted on her hair.

"Thanks!" She whispered.

"The pleasure was all mine." I replied as I wrapped my arms around her and
again we wrapped each other up in our sweaty limbs. The rest of the weekend was
spent being naked and exploring every crevice and fold of each other bodies.

Mehek and I continued our relationship almost on a nightly basis (we shared a
room so it was easy) for a whole year, until it was time to go to college. As fate would have it we didn't go to the same college, so parting was not a sweet sorrow but a painful reality. However, being f****y we got together at every chance we got.
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Title says "No boys allowed" Spoiler Alert *most people in the comments are men* lolol jk
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excellent oh so hot & sexy, but sounds like the rest of the weekend should be told!!!
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i loved it and came so much after
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Takes too long. I too stopped after she started stroking your back. You have great potential though.
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great story , you've got talent !
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im sorry but this is way too long. some may enjoy this but i found that it was too long. of wat i read it was good but its just far too long. i read about 1/4 of i think. just up to where she was running her fingers up & down ur back. nice
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