first time with a black WOMAN

this is a the first time with a black woman.

This happened around 1998 i as in my early 20's. its not glamorous or any thing but if people like it i let me know. i met this beautiful black woman who i just had to talk to. we both were driving down the highway from my work not to sure where whe ws coming from. i got her to pull over and she asked what i wanted. i stood out side her car door and said that i thought she was very beautiful. and she was her face was beautiful she had pale brown eyes full lips and from what i could see as she sat down in her vehicle a tight body.
i asked for her number as we were talking and she gave it to me. after talking for a few more minutes she left and i got back into my car and went home.

A couple of days later i called her up to see what she was upto. she was at home doing some gardening or some shit. i asked she was up for a little dinner. so we set a time for around 7. at this time she told me she was married and that she neededt to make sure her husband wasn't going to be home. i didnt bother telling her i was married to say the least it came back to bite me in the ass later. thats another story.

my wife at the time was away visiting her parents in wyoming and i was getting ready for a deployment to california for training. I met this woman at the restaraunt and we ate dinner and talked. she was wearing this tight mini skirt and a low cut top. she had the nicest pair of tits i could imagine they had to be atleast D's. we talked as we ate and never brought up the fact that either one of us was married. i didnt care i was 22 yrs old and i wanted to bust a nut. We finished eating and decided that what we really wanted was each others bodies. she didn't want to go back to her place and i sure as hell wasn't going to take her back to mine. dont forget i didnt tell her i was married. so we decided that we would get a hotel room. we make it to the local small hotel and i pay for the room. all this time i have yet to kiss her full lips.
we get to our room and i pick her up and carry her over the threshhold. she had never been with an indian and i had never been with a black girl. i carry her to the bed and i kiss her lips for the first time. she wraps her arms around me and kisses back. the passion of our kissing could have started a fire. my hands were running up and down her thighs feeling how smooth they were. as my hand moves closer to her pussy she asks if i have any condoms. i have to tell her no so she insists that i get some. ask her what she is going to do while i am out and she replies that she will take a shower and be ready by the time i came back. so i leave and go to the closest convenience store.

i come back and she is in just bra and panties, her dark skin still damp from the shower and she has her hands massaging her breasts and pussy. i stand there for a moment just to admire her body and i have a semi hard on. i excuse my self and tell her i was going to wash up. why should she be the only one clean especially when i wanted to feel those beautiful lips wrapped around my cock. i take a few minutes and get cleaned up and i come out in just a towel and my clothes in one hand.

When i walk out she is looking at me as if she wants to rip off the towel. i drop my clothes and step up to the edge of the bed. with out saying a word she reaches out and pulls the towel away and stares at my growing member. i dont believe in naming my penis its silly. so she wraps her hands around my cock and slowly at first strokes it getting it hard. she moves closer to the edge of the bed and takes my cock in her mouth and slowly takes down the shaft. now i am not very big maybe 8" long and not to sure how wide but i did make her gag a little. this didn't stop her from trying to take it in and try and draw my cum out. she sucked and licked my cock like it was an ice cream cone. this happened for another 5 minutes till i told her to let me on the bed instead of just climbing between her legs i remove her bra and panties and just throw them to the floor. i start kissing her mouth and down her neck i cup her heavy breasts in my hand and massage them brushing the nipples. she shudders as if she were cold and its nearly 75 degrees in the room. i slide one hand down to her nearly hairless pussy and slowly enter my fingers brushing her clit as i do so. i continue kissing her neck and lips and feel her respond as i make her have mini orgasms. i move my mouth down to her large nipples and suck and nibble on them making her moan. i kiss down her body working my way down to her wet cunt. i can smell her sex as she moans and begging me to eat her out. we end up in the 69 position and she is sucking my cock like a pro. i am down eating her pussy brushing my thumb against her asshole. as i am eating her out she is bucking on my face trying as she could to smother me with her pussy and ass. she tells me to lick her asshole and to insert my fingers. i do as she wants and she lets out an a****llistic scream. i slide out from under her and i have yet to cum so i grab a condom and put it on. she stayed on all fours and was playing with her clit. i climbed back on the bed and started to rub my cock over her lips teasin her till she begged for me to put it deep in her. in one thrust i shoved my cock deep into her and she screamed in pleasure. believe me it was not that easy to get it in her she was tighter than any female i had been with up to this point. i hold for a moment so that her pussy can relax enough for me to move in and out. i start slowly feeling her pussy muscles contract around my cock. i begin to pick up speed and i am pounding her pussy like a sex starved maniac. she is reachin under her self playing with her clit and i pull her up enough to play with her luscious tits. i pinch and pull on her nipples. we are fucking for a good 30 minutes and she is grunting and growling and i pull out to roll her over i climb back ontop of her and continue assaulting her pussy. i lean down and suck on her erect nipples and i can feel my cum building up. now i am not one to wear a condom i love the feeling of a womans pussy wrapped around my naked cock. i push a few more times and i explode from all the pussy muscles contracting around my cock. she lets out one more scream and she lays back and looks into my eyes and tells me she hasn't been fucked like that in a long time. we lay down for another 20 minutes we both get up and get dressed i walk her to her car and help her in. i kiss her one last time before she leaves.

Now you would think that was the last time that i would see her. but no she called my house after i had returned from training in california, but instead of talking to me she was talking to my exwife. now i didn't know that was happening i came home and she was in the living room and they both were talking. i ended up having a fight with my ex and we talked. the one thing that was told to my wife was that i was better than this womans husband and her lover combined.
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1 month ago
i 'd luv to b a cuck house boi 4 a ebony woman
2 years ago
2 years ago
Good story.
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
This is so hot! Please write Part 2...I am curious?!
3 years ago
i love all women as long as they have a face and a personality
3 years ago
once u go black u neva go back