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[Story] THE Sissy a*****ion

You are walking along, you feel a presence, a person quickly comes up behind you and chlorophyll you. You pass out but you catch a glimpse of his green army officer hat.

You wake up several hours later chained to a rack naked. Two identical women come out with a cart filled with cosmetics. First they take this special soap that when it touches your skin it makes your skin very sensitive and a sensation of pleasure takes over at the slightest touch, then the two women grab nail polish and paint your toes and the your fingers. Then, they grab a special foundation that they apply to your wh... Continue»
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The Love Doll by Plasticdoll from

This story is not mine but I just want to keep it on here for others to read

The sign 'Welcome to England' had greeted Bronwyn Harper as she had driven her hire car out of Heathrow Airport that morning, and even now she could only smile at remembering that sign. She hadn't seen much of a welcome so far on this typical spring Sunday in England if she was being honest. In other words, it had rained incessantly all day, and even now, by five in the afternoon the light was beginning to disappear from the grey, leaden skies. And thanks to a delayed flight, and a lengthy passage through immigrati... Continue»
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