Losing My Virginity To An In-Law.

I’ve been sexually active for as long as I can remember. The first memories I have of other c***dren my age are those of a sexual nature and I suppose is the reason why I am such a sexaholic these days. For the sake of sharing with you my personal experience, let me tell you how I came to realize the beauty of a naked girl’s body at an early age.

When all of this started I was very young, too young to know about right and wrong and too old to be content with things the way they are. I was visiting my cousins (all of which were female and, sorry i****t lovers, I was not a bl**d relative to them – they were in-laws.) One was a year older than me, one was my age, and one was a year younger. All three of them were gorgeous and each had a distinct personality and beauty.

I remember always having a crush on the oldest one because she was by far the prettiest girl I had ever seen up to that point in my life. She was as tall as me, had long dark blonde hair, and had the most beautiful blue eyes. Her proportions were perfect for her height with a nice plump ass and as much as I can recall from memory a very nice B or C cup. She was always smiling and had a look of mischief on her face constantly. Every time we played, it always had a somewhat sexual nature to it due to way we would always find ways to brush up against each other or sit in each other’s laps. The two younger s****rs were always jealous of the attention I gave the oldest and would always try hard to win me over to come play with them individually or together away from her.

The cousin who was my age had shoulder length brunette hair, was a little thicker in the right areas and was probably a few inches shorter than me. She had beautiful auburn eyes and had the sweetest and most innocent look on her face that I honestly thought I had ever seen. She was the smartest of the three and worked hard to keep that title. She always told me about sexual things that she had learned from over hearing her parents and other adults and she always seemed to stimulate my mind sexually in ways I never thought possible.

The youngest was just a beautiful fair skinned girl with long gorgeous jet black hair. They set off her beautiful green eyes amazingly and although she lacked much in the way of a chest or ass, she had this mystic about her reminiscent of what I imagine an angel may look like. She rarely talked and always wanted to listen to everything I had to say. She would always look at me with the most affectionate look and, whenever I would pause and look at her, she would either lean forward and hug me or peck me on the cheek with a kiss.

On one trip to visit them, I remember being alone with the oldest as the younger ones went with their mom and mine to the local grocery store. Although we had flirted often in plain sight of our parents, they attributed it to our age and maturity level and thought nothing of it, as did we – at least until me and her decided to try to watch the adult channels on the TV.

We usually liked to sit on each other’s laps as we watched TV just because we were just close like that. As we browsed through the channels that were not intended for c***dren our age, we came across some program which, as best as I can remember, was a black man having very rough sex with a white woman in the back seat of a car.

“Ew! What are they doing?” She asked as we watched the large and muscular male begin to penetrate the woman with his penis.

“I guess they are having sex.” I replied. The middle s****r of the three had told me enough about the mechanics of it for me to understand it.

“Wow! That looks like it hurts!” She said. The black man’s cock appeared to be almost a foot long with a girth as large as a bottle of beer.

As the man on television continued to thrust his cock in and out of the white woman’s tight vagina, I couldn’t help but watch and get sexually aroused. As my cousin sat in my lap, she moved just enough so accidentally touch my dick. As soon as she did, it inflated into a hard fuck rod ready to be pumped.

“Are you ok?” She asked apparently referencing the hard cock that was now pressing up against her ass cheek.

“I’m sorry.” I apologized, “It’s the movie, it turned me on a little and I couldn’t help it when you moved.”

I blushed a little and turned away embarrassed, thinking that she might possibly get up and leave the room in disgust. Surprisingly, however, she didn’t.

“It’s ok.” She said to my surprise. “My s****r told me that boy’s wieners get hard whenever they are around girls they think are hot and pretty.”

She smiled with that mischievous smile that she always had and started to slowly and almost methodically grind her sweet ass on my crotch. I looked down at the tight blue jeans that were conforming to her nice round ass with a sliver of her thong showing just above the top where the small of her back was.

“Ha ha.” I said with an air of humor In my voice, “WEDGY!”

I grabbed her thong and pulled it up high enough to get her attention but not so high as to cause any discomfort. This was just enough f***e and surprise to cause her to arch her back and f***e her ass deep into my crotch. As it descended, my cock throbbed hard enough for both of us to notice.

We both paused for a second and she leaned up to turn around to look at me. I felt a sensation of nervousness and excitement as I looked into her beautiful blue eyes and looked quickly down and up again at her perfectly sized chest and thighs. I realized then that my goofy antics had to stop because I wanted to fuck this girl harder than I ever fucked any one before. Almost as soon as I concluded that in my mind, she straddled me and leaned forward to put her mouth next to my ear.

“I’ve never seen a cock before in person… can I see yours?” She whispered in my ear so that not even someone who was sitting right beside us could hear. “Please?”

I got slightly nervous as I thought about the possibility of getting caught – but realizing that the others were gone to town which was at least an hour and a half trip there and back, I committed myself to showing it to her. I allowed her to stand up and as I began to unbutton my pants. I leaned forward next to her ear and I whispered, “Only if you show me yours.”

We both slowly and sensually lowered our pants to reveal our underwear. She had a rather large wet spot where her vagina was and I had a smaller, yet still noticeable one at the end of the outline of my cock. We both simultaneously realized that the other was turned on and almost like magnets we began to hug each other there in the living room in our underwear with our pants around our ankles bumping our dirty little wet spots together.

We both took turns removing each other’s shirts and looked at each other’s perfectly sculpted bodies. I asked her to take off her bra, since I had honestly never even touched one up to that point. She replied with a soothing word of encouragement and instructed me to just push the ends together in the back. Almost like magic it disconnected and her perfect round tits were exposed for me to see in full glory. She looked down just in time to see my cock throb and the wet spot in my underwear grow slightly larger as I pre-cummed from just the sight of her perky titties.

“Do you want to play like they did in the backseat?” She said with that naughty smile growing broader as she looked at the movie still playing on the TV.

“Ok.” I said almost in a daze as she led me outside to the old car that was parked behind their house and close to the tree line.

As we both climbed in wearing nothing but our underwear, she f***efully pulled off my briefs and, taking her cue, I removed her panties with equal f***e. As I laid there on top of her, I thought about the movie and, mimicking the black man, I kissed her f***efully and grabbed my cock. She began to open her legs and wrap them around my waist as I got ready to fully penetrate her with my raging hard cock.

As I tried to balance myself on top of my cousin, I looked at her beautiful smile and knew that we were going to fuck as hard as we could in the back of that old abandoned Oldsmobile out in the country. I had immediately thrust my already well pre-cum lubricated dick into her dripping wet pussy just as the thought crossed my mind. My cock throbbed as it stopped deep inside of her and she moaned as I broke her hymen with one fell swoop.

“Are you ok?” I asked not realizing exactly what was going on.

“It hurt for a second.” She replied, “But now it feels really good. Do me like that black guy did that girl on TV. Fuck me.”

Almost instantly I started to thrust in and out and our juices mixed and flowed everywhere in the backseat of that car. I leaned forward and kissed her hard and held her hands above her head as the black man had in the movie. As I felt her pussy tightening around my cock, I kissed her even harder as moans began to break through the connection we had made with our saliva soaked lips. She began to shake and quiver while I continued to keep thrusting faster and faster. We did this for about 15 minutes until I could feel the heat of sperm begin to pass thought my man tubes. As she quivered there beneath me, I did as the black man on TV had and pulled my dick out of her just in time to dump my hot cock load all over her saliva and sweat soaked titties and mouth. She began to lick and eat the white cock juice like the woman on TV had done.

After we had both kissed and tasted each other’s juices, we then decided to go back inside and just sit naked for a little while and keep watching that movie. As scene after scene of men and women fucking each other in different ways began to show up, me and her kept mimicking the acts we saw to keep causing us to continuous cum for each other.

Two scenes after the backseat interracial sex was that of two Hispanic teens giving each other oral. Me and my hot blonde cousin had no problem getting our naked bodies into the 69 position to lick each other’s hot wet genitals. As we both sporadically kept our eyes on the TV to keep up with the best way to please each other, we both began to moan as we separately discovered the maximal way to pleasure each other orally. As she moved her hand up and down my wet hard shaft with her tongue massaging my tip, I began to cum again. She ate it with no problem as she herself began to quiver from an orgasm I was giving her with my tongue on her sweet tasting clit and finger pressing upward and inward on her G-Spot.

Afterwards, she took me to her parents’ room where she found some baby oil that they used to oil each other up for sex and we soaked her hot ass in it. I kissed it and licked her pussy some more as she leaned over to expose that still dripping wet cunt. I penetrated her from behind and f***ed my dick as hard as it could go into her relaxed and soaked pussy. As my cock slipped out numerous times, I kept having to keep re-inserting it. However, once, I misjudged where the hole was and tried to stuff it in her ass.

“Ouch!” She said, “I think you missed.”

As both of us stopped to think about what I had just tried to do, the same idea dawned on us almost simultaneously. I resumed fucking her pussy with my cock, but as I did it, I slipped my well lubricated index finger directly into her ass hole. She moaned in a slightly higher pitch and arched her back as though to say ‘give it to me there’.

As I fingered her ass hole and fucked her pussy, I ran my free hand down her side and leaned forward close to her ear and asked, “Hey baby, do you want to fuck in the ass?”

“Yeah.” She replied with that same dirty smile that had started this whole ordeal.

As I began to slowly glide my slippery cock into her relaxed and well lubricated ass hole, she began to rub her pussy and we began to both orgasm almost immediately. The thought of fucking my hot cousin in her tight ass hole was more than enough to get me there and she never really stopped quivering from when I was fucking her in her pussy from behind.

As I pumped her tight shaking ass full of my hot dick juice, she turned and looked at me with that smile and said. “Now it’s your turn.”

She managed to gracefully but with obvious tremors from the last orgasm lean up and turn to kiss me. She took the hot white juice dripping from her ass and rubbed it on her lips and kissed me. I licked her lips intensely and we embraced there in her parents room.

She then moved me to the bed and told me to lie down. As I did just that, facing upward toward the ceiling, I felt her petite hands begin to massage my somewhat sore, yet still throbbing dick. As she placed her mouth over it to begin to suck what semen was left out of it, she used the juice in her ass to lube up her free hand and begin to massage my ass hole.

I was nervous at first, thinking that it was going to be awkward or hurt, but then she gracefully slide her finger in and slowly, but f***efully, began to finger fuck my ass hole as she sucked my dick. I writhed for at least five minutes enjoying the stimulation of her sweet lips on my throbbing cock and her smooth soft fingers penetrating my tight ass hole.

I clinched the sheets behind my head and found myself thrusting my hips towards her mouth and fingers telling her to ‘fuck me hard’. As she sped up, my dick finally gave one last big throb and I shot off my fourth and final load directly into her mouth. As she pulled her finger out of my ass hole, she licked it like a lollipop and climbed into bed beside me. Both of us exhausted, we both dosed off for a few minutes holding each other in her parent’s bed.

We both awoke to the sound of a car pulling up in the driveway and we quickly made up the bed and snatched our clothes out of the living room floor. We both ran into her bathroom and gave each other one final passionate kiss before we both started throwing on our clothes. Just as I could hear the front door opening, me and her came out of her room to greet the f****y.

We shared naughty looks at each other for the rest of the day and, whenever no one was around, she would finger out some of the cum still in her ass and eat it right in front of me. We both giggled knowing that whenever we had the chance, we were going to fuck each other’s brains out.

In all of our carefulness, however, we forgot to get our underwear out of the back seat of that car. The youngest found it and quickly figured out what was going on within a week. Let’s just say that little s****rs don’t like it when the oldest gets something they don’t. Only one way I could fix that… ;)

DISCLAIMER – These were in-laws, NOT bl**d relatives – and as far as age is concerned, we were all 18 and still are. Haha.

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Great story
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awesome tell us about the younger sisters/cousins
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My wet dream for sure!
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such a hot story, make me cum hard!
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very nice