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first . .i am totally into amateur (whatever)porn. the 'pros' don't do it for me. i'm more into realistic, could be me (or you) there's something in the reality of it be someone you know, friend of friend or the local neighborhood. amateur can be closer to some fantasy thinking of it as i do?? i am not an all out porn site cruiser, this is the only one i spend much time on. .started with youporn but they became too predictable.


second. . .a beautiful trimmed bush does it for me. it's a turn-on. the shaved look is just that, can't really tell one from the other. i tend to look for the blonde bush! but, it seems a prerequisite that blondes shave theirs! if you narrow your search, you'll get a handful then thrust every which way(one of my complaints about xhamster)

third. . .i like porn but, love amateur porn. would like to see more clothed sex, heavy petting and dry humping. i am grateful to live in a country where i can enjoy it to my fulfillment. i gotta be in the mood, not a must have, gotta, forget everything else thing.

FRIEND REQUESTS: what you read in my profile is what i am into and would gladly accept requests. .AMATEUR HAIRY WOMEN. save both of us time if we could stick to that and:REASONS for DECLINE or REJECTION :

ANONYMOUS AVATARS :- Annoying Animated (Moving), Blank; Cock or Inanimate;

BODY ART :- Excessive Body Piercings; Tattoos; etc.;

DISCLAIMER WARNINGS :- 'About me' section exclusively containing Disclaimers or predominantly containing Disclaimers;

FAKES :- Fake profiles and Fake content;

FETISHES :- BDSM; Foot; Knickers (pantyhose); Leather & Latex; Pain; Shoe; Sub / Dom, etc.;

INVITES to MOVE to OTHER SITES :- To Cam to Cam (c2c); eMail; Facebook; Skype; Twitter; etc., etc.;

NO NATION :- Undeclared Place of Origin, Domicile Location or just "ASK ME";

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SEX PROFESSIONALS :- Hookers; Photographers and Sex Workers;

TRUTH or DARE :- Childish Crap (only to fill up profiles);

VISUALS :- Passwords Used, All Locked Images, Images with no Personal Connection, Only Images of Others, Only Cock Visuals or Too Many Cock images.

Favourite Galleries & Videos DO NOT count to me as personal content !!

like most guys here, i am married. unlike some, happily and fucking love the shit outta my wife. like most women, she does have her negative views about it but won't harp on me about it. i'd love that she indulge me more but grateful for what she will do. "what do they have that i don't have or can do for you". .sound similar? she doesn't (want to?) understand the things above. .has an image that i follow certain 'pros' and everything they do. it's tolerable as long as i don't put pressure on her to indulge me

here's the most frustrating part. . .she is the most natural beautiful woman with a great personality. guys love her. .woman hate her. she brings out the best and the worst in someone.
beautiful, hot, sexy with a body to kill for. doesn't have to wear make-up. auburn hair and green eyes. some beautiful big natural tits!! "Ain't nothing about her that don't do something for me"
she don't care and don't wanna hear most the things i tell her. it doesn't matter to her!!

i wanna get your thoughts about something. . i think she needs to hear these things from someone other than me (all the time) so (depending on the guy and situation) that i strike up a conversation with them leading up to asking them what they think about my wife (and, w/o them knowing) recording it and having her listen to it???

two of my favorite things to do are lay awake all night and just look at her! the other, watch/catch guys looking at her. .best part, they don't realize right away how long they been staring.

as for what i want to get out of xhamster. .make friends who are into chatting. i'd love to chat with couples who are into threesomes, friends with benefits, swap or same room sex. i just like to know/hear how that comes up and discussions leading up to both wanting to go through with it. especially when bringing someone else into the bedroom. . friend, stranger. .how, why. i like to ask you females what you experienced the first time another man touched you. your husband present. the whole concepts fascinate me to no end!

as for fantasies. . .to watch my wife with another guy. no sex . . unless my wife makes that decision. she'd know how i feel about it and it be ok with me anytime we'd include sex. .my turn-on would be she touching/being touched. either one of them fully clothed to totally naked and for me to video and take pictures.

i want to watch her handling the biggest dicks black and white (we) ever seen. i love to have some with her laying down (on her back and stomach) with a big beautiful dick laying across her body any where..especially on or across her beautiful ass, having him smack his big dick against her ass. squeezing one of those huge dicks between her thighs, massaging the guy as he jacked off.

i'd like for her to pick a guy that totally does it for her and have him take the pictures and video of us all night long. him just being eye candy for her,him flirting with her.

i wanna watch (record/pic) of her getting a full body massage from a guy and another time from a woman

i want her to (on her own) do an erotic calendar for me (16 mo.of course) where it be just her and whatever photo-crew required

she allow me to submit photos to xhamster for her to (also) see that way the comments she'd get. .it be a fucking turn-on that guys would jack-off to her!! i actually wonder what that would be like!!

most of my favorites will seem alike. .in that the women will (for the most part) to me, could pass for my wife! those that don't fit the profile are either a certain part of her body or the sex.
i am a lucky guy but, Dr. Hook said it best. . ."When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman". . you go it alone. and, everybody wants her.. . .she don't wanna hear that though
as for "blonde" pics/video. . .when not my wife, my fantasy is a blonde WITH a hairy pussy. always had a "thing" for blondes and my first was a blonde!! love a hairy blonde pussy!! must be some fucking prerequiste that they shave by a certain age?? sure seems like it

ENQUIRING MINDS WANNA KNOW : i believe i am amoung "friends" here and that anybody would get some straight remarks. with that in mind

BLACK BULLS AND THE WOMEN/COUPLES THEY MEET if you have or just wanna answer please do

am i correct in saying (you) black bulls get more white pussy than any white guys? that it's even easier to pick-up women?

is it being black or having a big andblack dick??

that it's basically the sex and if not for the big black dick, you (guys) black bulls be jacking off to the photos and videos just like us

i think. . .it's just a handful of you fuckers out doing all the white women???

how often is there a "first time bbc"

we seem to know about all the ones you make it with. .how often does it not happen because she's afraid the dick is too big (or other)

"first time i ever felt anyone go in that far" stories?

"first time i ever felt anyone go in that far" reactions?

there's always comments about how us guys like or want to see or for our wife to etc. etc. . .so. . do you guys have an 800# or something!!

one of the things i enjoy about xhamster is when my wife will let "the good times roll" and we be on here together "researching" certain stuff. . . .it must suck for (you) black bulls not to do that with your gf/wife and have one of your photos or videos pop-up!!!. .

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