Make me a coffee please.

Thursday night.

Amber arrived early that night, around seven. She had wanted to see if i could cook and joked she didn’t believe i could in disbelief. I did a pasta dish(to my normal perfection)and Amber buzzed around. Suddenly she disappeared. A few minuetes later I heard the kitchen door go and looked around. Amber stood there in a see thru tiger skin top, thick belt and high heels. She held an oil bottle.

Without a word she walked past me and sat on the edge of the table. She spread her legs and began to push the oil bottle in and out of her pussy whilst her other hand found her clit. She gasped and lost herself to it.

Suddenly she sat up and turned, bending over and laying face down on the table exposing the view of her raised arse and wet pussy. She spread her legs a little wider then wriggled one hand beneath her. One hand stroked her clit whilst her other pushed the oil bottle in and out her. She started to murmur and gasp and cum fast, within a minute or two.

She got up, turned "You’d better make some industrial strength coffee and put the meal on hold. I'll be in the bedroom." Without a backward glance she walked hips swaying deliberately out of the kitchen. That coffee got made, quickly, but was never d***k.

That girl cost me a fortune in coffee that summer.

80% (3/1)
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3 years ago
Short but sweet
3 years ago
3 years ago
Nice story!