A satisfying End

She is the one who has made me do this! I was saying to myself when I found myself sl**ping beside her. It was an intoxicating night none of us knew that it will lead to this but it was fun, hell of a night to experience. I never thought that I will ever get into bed with her so easily. She is one the most beautiful woman I have ever seen; she has the perfect figure with flash in right proportion in right places.

I was mesmerized by her beauty the moment I saw her and she understood the effect she had on me (which she used to her full advantage that night). It was my cousin’s bachelor party and we were all set to have fun, I was the one responsible for making all the arrangement for that. I arranged for the best liquor and to excite the party I had arranged for few girls (Being in advertising industry has its own benefits.

I invited all of them to my bachelor pad to have fun filled night. We all had just started the party by opening a tequila bottles, the girls started to get into groove after few shots and my cousin started to getting d***k.

I was looking after all the friends when I saw one of the girls started taking off my cousin’s shirt and his friends encouraged him to go ahead with that I don’t know from where this idea struck me to record the entire scene, I just wanted to have some harmless fun later so I set my camera on recording mode, nobody noticed me and even I forgot that after sometime. The party was at peek and those hot girls started looking hotter in their lingerie.

I suddenly saw couple of cousin’s friends started enjoying a girl by holding her body from every where and the girl encourage them to have fun with her body.

My cousin chose one the best girl Shaina from the group and started feeling her up, honestly I was surprised to see him doing all that but than I realize who cares let him have fun after all it is his bachelor party. The girl was of 5’4” height 32-26-32 figure was looking really hot in bra and panty with high heels. My cousin was lost in savouring her breast and undone her bra to enjoy those succulent melons like a hungry c***d and she started moaning enjoying his actions.

I saw his friends divided in 2 groups enjoying the other four girls. Over all it was a great orgy playing right in front of my eyes and I couldn’t believe that party will turn so hot that night. I was hearing sexy moans of those girls when I saw Shaina was sucking my cousin’s avg. dick and arousing him to full extent, that moron was completely lost in his pleasure had forgotten about his would be wife completely whom I had described above.

My flat was full of passionate moans and I was getting impatient with all that. It was his bachelor party and I had to be in my senses to take care of him and his friends who were enjoying those sexy girls like they will never ever see a naked girl in their life again. Suddenly I saw Shalini calling on my cell, Shalini was my cousin’s would be wife and she knew that he has asked me to arrange for his bachelor party.

I went out of the flat and received her call “Where are you Aashu ?” she asked “I am in the party Shalini” I said Ok, I want to talk to Rishi” she said and I was startled for a moment than I said “you can’t talk to him right now, he is busy with his friends and it is his bachelor party yaar” she was annoyed by my reply and wanted to know what I have arranged for his bachelor party and I said “it is a secret Shalini! Nothing goes out from a bachelor party” smilingly.

She didn’t probe me further than that and asked me to take care of him and drop him home. I said I wish somebody have taken care of me like that?” she said “don’t worry I’ll find one for you as well” and she hang up the phone. I thought nobody can be compared to you Shalini and took a deep breath. I went inside the room only to see my cousin fucking Shaina like a mad dog and his friends looking at him and fucking other girls at the same time. Nobody was interested in the party anymore.

The party got over around 3:00 AM every body left, I sent the girls in my bedroom cursing my luck that having so many options in my bed I still can’t fuck anyone of them because all of them are d***k and sl**py on top of that I had to drop my moron cousin at his home without anybody noticing how sloshed he is. Finally I called up Shalini to ask if I can leave her would be husband to her place? She said yes to that and I dropped him off to her place.

After couple of days I suddenly remember the video camera and checked in that to my surprise the entire party was captured in the camera with complete orgy. I really had a hard on to see all that and thought I should call Shiana sometime for myself.

Suddenly I saw Shalini calling, I was surprised to see her number as she was not talking to me after that bachelor party. I picked up the phone and she suddenly said I am so sorry” I asked her “why r u saying sorry?” she started saying that she is sorry for her behavior and she is thankful that I took care of my cousin that night. I was laughing at that thinking she doesn’t know what kind of moron my cousin is leaving such a beauty for Shiana.

Anyway she said that she wanted me for some special arrangements. Since now she knows that I am good in arranging things.

I asked what she means by that. so she said she will meet me and tell me in person about that, I said ok and she said I’ll come over to your place to talk to you which I happily agreed.

She came to my place in very simple flowery dress but even that simple dress couldn’t hide her sexiness, her shapely legs and her silky arms nothing was vulgar about her but she exude a different kind of energy which charged me up completely.

I was ready to do anything for her at that moment; I was cursing my cousin for getting married to such an amazing girl. She got me out of my thoughts with seductive voice and asked me to do special arrangements for her “Golden Night” she wanted to have a secluded place decorated as a starry night and she wanted to capture that night for her memories so she wanted a video camera and she knew I have a video camera.

I gave my video camera to her and told her that I know a beautiful place which I’ll get ready before her Golden night. She said that she would love to see that and check the arrangements before the awaited night.

I was feeling jealous but at the same time I was excited to imagine her and me in that situation how amazing it would have been. Anyways I got all the arrangements done and called her up to come to the place to see the arrangement I reminded her to bring the camera along with her so that I can suggest her where to place the camera.

She said ok on the phone but she wasn’t sounded as excited as she was. She came to the place I welcomed her by hugging her and she was more welcoming than before, I loved the way she hugged me and I lingered few moments longer than a normal hug to make sure that I feel her, I guess she noticed that but smiled at me nicely and I felt grate about it.

The room was pitch dark when I took her inside the room I hold her from her narrow and curvy waist feeling her silky skin under the thin material of her dress. Her hair smelt really good and I stood very close to her in the dark I let my hand slip a bit on her to touch her smooth butt than she turned around and my hand rested on her thighs. I switched on the light and she was mesmerized by the decoration,the room was having very dim moon light effect with stars twinkling at the ceiling and romantic music was playing in the background.

Suddenly she looked in my eyes and I saw tears in her eyes, my hands were resting on her thigh and waist which I removed immediately. She suddenly hugged me and started beating on my chest saying that why did I hide things from her about my cousin, I was shocked initially and than I calmly asked her to tell me what happened. She took the camera out of her bag and played the bachelor party clipping.

I was shocked than I realized that I forgot to remove the memory card from my camera before giving it to her. She became quite, she took my hand in her hand and told me that she has seen the whole clipping. She had noticed that I didn’t touch a single girl in the party and she wanted to know why I didn’t do that, she told me how lucky my wife would be to found a guy like me.

I couldn’t believe myself that it was all happening to me, I asked her to forgive my cousin and see the decoration I have done but she said she will not get married to him and she has already broke the relations with him.

She looked deep in my eyes and told me that she will not let go my hard work on decoration go waste and suddenly she hugged me I too hold her tight feeling her warm body against my body. The room was successfully having its effect on us the music, lights and the bad everything I arranged was perfect for us.

I let my hands explore her perfect body with complete ease, Shalini was thrilled at my touch and was responding to her desire completely. I opened the champagne bottle and pour the champagne on her boobs sucking them nicely; she pressed my face on her boobs and removed her top with one hand. I started sucking her nipples and savor the sweet taste of champagne. It was intoxicating and exciting Shalini was loosing her self to me and got involved completely in the act.

She started moaning seductively when she saw my healthy dick and she holds it in her hand to stroke. I took the crème which I kept there for the same moment, I whipped the crème on my dick and she gave me a very hungry look. I loved the wild cat in my Shalini, she started licking the crème from dick and sucking it nicely. I was in different world completely. Her beautiful body was shining in the dim light I was feeling the passion building up in me.

I hold Shalini in my arms pull her up and than threw her on the bed, I got in between her thighs to taste her juicy pussy. She poured some champagne on her pussy while I was licking her and that aroused me to the fullest. I started mounting on her and she was nibbling my chaste and I was devouring her breast completely. Now she was not able to resist, as she was very wet and was flowing like river. She already had orgasm twice and she was holding my dick pulling it towards her pussy. I saw passion and lust for me in her eyes, she wasn’t breaking the eye contact.

I knew she is experiencing all of these first time and I was thrilled to see her being such a wild cat in bed, I pushed my dick in her pussy gradually she moaned very seductively which excited me further more to pump her better she was now calling me with heavy voice as if she is intoxicated with something, I never thought that sex and passion will have such a effect on her. I was continuously fucking her like a bull taking her in every possible way.

I made her sit in my lap to engulfed her entire body with my body, I lied on her back and spoon fucked her and finally I came in her pussy with gushing f***e which gave her pleasure to the last extent and she dropped in my arms after that, I hold her like a baby kissing her deeply. She slept on my chaste saying she want to marry me and live forever like that with me. I was just smiling at my luck and was amazed to found her beside me thinking about our future.

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