Using Anne's Vibrators and Panties

This is a true, albeit long-winded recollection of a very inappropriate experience, which started when I was all alone in my best friend’s mother’s house…

I regularly used my mother’s vibrators as a teenager, literally hundreds of times. I was never particular aroused by sticking penis-shaped objects in my butt, but rather by the fact that I was accessing and using a woman’s private and secret stash of sex toys without her knowledge or permission. The fact that they belonged to my own mother was a massive turn-on in itself, as I had embraced my Oedipus fetish at a young age!

My love for secretly helping myself to, and using women’s sex toys is why I call myself ‘thedildoguy’. I have many stories to share about using my mum’s toys, but right now I’d like to tell one about the second woman whose toys I used. My best friend’s mother’s was a MILF to me. Don’t get me wrong, she was average looking, but the fact that it felt very dirty and naughty for me to fantasise about her made it all the more appealing. And she, unknowingly, became the second woman to provide me with used vibrators, and the first that hadn’t been inside my mum.

When I was 21, I moved out of home. I missed having access to a generous collection of regularly used sex toys, but I also looked forward to the prospect of finding another woman’s stash. I had moved in with two of my female cousins, but within about a week, to my disappointment, I discovered that neither of them owned a single sex toy. I was quite surprised by this; I thought the older cousin (25) definitely would have had a ‘battery operated boyfriend’ hidden somewhere. I looked very thoroughly though, and had to accept that I’d only be sourcing dirty underwear from my new house-mates, which wasn’t all that bad. The younger cousin was my age and was a little hottie. The scent on her freshly worn G-strings was mesmerising and her bedroom door was always open, like a 24/7 pussy store!

Anyway, back in my home town a few months later, a friend of mine, Troy, was house-sitting my best mate’s house. My best mate Liam and his mum Anne had gone overseas to visit f****y, and Troy, a mutual friend to both of us still lived at home at the time, so he was asked to look after their house for a few weeks. When he asked if I wanted to stay over for a few nights I jumped at the chance. Not because he was such a good mate or because I had nothing better to do. I jumped because I had reason to believe that there was a vibrator in the house and I planned to find and use it!

Anne was a single mother, and she and my mother were best friends. They knew each other because of my good friendship with Liam. At my mum’s 40th Birthday probably eight to ten years earlier, Anne had produced a white plastic vibrator, about 8 inches long as a joke present to my mum. Everyone laughed and carried on, but ‘little devious me’ thought two very inappropriate things: Firstly, I recognised the type of vibrator, because my Mum had one very similar in her collection. It wasn’t a favourite of mine (I’d rank it at about 18 out of the 20 or so toys she owned over the years) but I had used it on many occasions. The second thing I thought was “OK, so Anne has at least a ‘prop’ vibrator in her house. At that age I’d never known of any vibrator-owning women other than my mother.

Anne had always been on my radar, and seeing her in the flesh, hold up a vibrator and hand it to my mother led to many dirty fantasies. Despite taking many opportunities over the years to pop-in to Anne’s bedroom (both prior to and after this event) to have a smell and a quick wank in her panties, I never had a proper opportunity to have a good snoop around in her bedroom for her hidden party prop.

So, I accepted Troy’s invitation to stay with him at Liam and Anne’s house. At the time I was at university and had lots of free time. Troy worked full-time so I knew I’d be able to have the house to myself during the day. The night dragged on for what seemed like a lifetime! Eventually, after smoking a few billies, we both decided to go to bed. I made a point of asking Troy what time he was leaving the next morning. I then made it known that I had nothing to do, but that I did not want to drive all the way back to my place. He cluelessly agreed that it would be best for me to make myself ay home all day, and that we would catch up again the following night.

At 7.00am I woke to my alarm, and lay in silence while Troy got ready for work. He left around 7:20am as he said he would. As soon as I heard his car start I sprung up out of bed and took all of my clothes off. It was a huge rush walking through Anne’s home naked, the house that was like a second home to me as a c***d. I knew I had about 9 hours of alone time ahead of me, and my cock stood at full attention as I walked down the hall and flung open Anne’s bedroom door.

I was pretty sure her ‘prop vibrator’ would either be in the junk room, or in the garage. But I was compelled to first have a rummage through Anne’s drawers, and I picked out a pair of her ‘granny knickers’ to wear while I was searching. I quickly checked that she’d left some soiled underwear behind, and surely enough there was a nice pile of worn clothing on the floor of the adjoin bathroom. So I moved on to the junk room to commence the search.

It took a while, but I (figuratively) tore the room apart. There was no sign of the vibrator, so I went to the garage. I found various boxes of Anne and Liam’s crap stored in there, but once again I couldn’t find what I was looking for. By now I was overly horny, and realised that I might have to settle for a panty session in Anne’s bed.

I walked back inside, grabbed a few pairs of her soiled underwear, and got into her bed, right under the sheets. Such a small thing really, but it gave me a huge sexual rush. I stroked my cock with her dirty panties, and put my dick all over her pillows! Eventually I decided to turn her bedroom upside down, hoping to find other things I could gratify myself with. I was quite thrilled to discover some sexy underwear, and for the first time I was able to try on some stockings and crotchless panties. I methodically searched every shelf and drawer, making sure to fully remove any ‘bottom drawers’ to inspect the cavity underneath (that’s where my mother kept her toys). Then finally, I found the ultimate reward.

In her wardrobe, sitting in plain sight (to anyone who had poked their nosey head in to it!) sat a white plastic bag. Instinctively I knew what was in it, and my cock rose up through the cut out section of Anne’s crotchless panties. I opened the bag and peered inside, and felt that familiar rush go through my body when I realised I’d found two vibrators and a porno tape, belonging to my best friend’s mother, whom I’d been masturbating over for years. Surprisingly (but not at all disappointingly) I now had Anne’s actual vibrators in my hands, rather than the almost certainly unused ‘prop’ I was expecting to find. Without delay, I ‘took my things’ and headed to the lounge room, where the VCR was waiting for me.

The porno was only R-Rated. Not the standard ‘XXX, hard-core and exceptionally filthy’ standard I was used to finding in my parent’s collection, but it did the job. My main objects of desire were the two obviously ‘pre-used’ sex toys I had in my hands. One was like my favourite toy from mum’s collection. It was one of those rabbit vibrators with beads inside, and multiple vibration and rotation setting. The other was unlike any vibrator I’d seen before. It looked just like a real, uncircumcised adult cock. It was quite large, but I had every intention of having both of them in my mouth and up my arse as much as possible for the next day or two.

So I lay down on the carpet, and held the rabbit vibrator over my face so I could lick and suck Anne’s vagina juices. I lubricated up the cock vibrator and my arsehole with saliva and set it to a gentle hum. Then, while holding the rabbit vibrator with my mouth, I used both hands to gently introduce her other toy to my anus. As always, I eventually managed to take it and felt an overwhelming sense of satisfaction as both of my holes filled up with Anne’s vibrators. Knowing I had all day to enjoy them, I wrapped the crotch of a pair of her dirty panties around my cock, and began beating off. It was obviously an immense turn on and I blew hard within about 30 seconds.

In the past, while getting off with my mother’s toys, I had generally experienced slightly ill feelings after ejaculating, and immediately felt a little ‘wrong’ and ‘dirty’ about what I had just done. Despite the fact that I had made my own mother the number one sexual object in my life, and that I knew the fact that fantasying about her and using her underwear and vibrators appealed to me purely because I knew it was so utterly wrong, I was still able to feel relatively ‘normal’ feelings after I ejaculated. Of course within a couple of hours I was able to feel horny again and went straight back to her secret hiding place to choose another few toys to play with.

But with Anne’s toys, I felt no such inclination to put everything away and stop. After blowing hot cum right into the stained crotch of her ‘mighty whities’ I slowly took her vibrating cock-replica out of my arse and lay there in complete satisfaction with it buzzing away next to me. I had had my fair share of sex (with women of course) by then, but had never felt so fulfilled after cumming. Literally within minutes my cock was erect again and I was ready for another session. For a change of scenery, I headed back to Anne’s bedroom, stripped off completely naked, picked up another pair of her dirty underwear and got into her bed.

I took my time to slowly and sensually touch myself, and to smell and taste her panties with an immense appreciation of the opportunity I had ahead of me. I imagined her walking in and catching me, which of course in my fantasy lead to us fucking each other’s brains out (as opposed to her freaking out, yelling abuse, and telling my parents and everyone I knew about what she had caught me doing!). This time I sucked and licked the rabbit vibrator for lubrication and began working the opening of my arsehole with it, until finally I was able to take it up inside me. I gently rubbed my cock with the penis vibrator and smelt her mature pussy on the panties I had sitting on my face, occasionally sticking out my tongue to experience that familiar, slightly bitter taste. I wanted desperately to blow all over her bed but I couldn’t shake the reality that eventually I would have to make it look like none of this happened, and washing her linen may have been pushing it a bit. So, once again I used a pair of her soiled briefs to receive my cum, and her rabbit vibrator popped out of my arse as I clenched my entire body. I immediately shoved it back in and relaxed on my back while it gently rotated and pulsated. I very much looked forward to the thought of Anne using the vibrators after me.

Anyway, I had another three or four sessions during the day, some of them lasting an hour or more. Once I felt I’d done as much as I could for the day I washed and dried all of the underwear I’d blown in, and put them back where I had found them. The vibrators went back in the plastic bag, unwashed, and I rewound the porno tape back to where it was. I made Anne’s bed again, then picked out a sexy pair of her panties to wear under my normal clothes, and waited in front of the television for Troy to get back.

Of course I acted completely normal when he came in, but I secretly felt very horny and happy about the dirty day that I’d had, and feeling Anne’s lingerie under my pants was a rush. After dinner we played some games and smoked some more weed before going to bed. I mentioned to Troy that I was going to head home the following morning, and he just told me to lock the door behind me.

Once again I rose early to make the most of being alone in Anne’s house. There were still a couple of pairs of here dirty underwear in her bathroom and I had every intention of getting the most out of the opportunity. I licked, sucked and fucked both of her vibrators in every room of the house, and dressed up in various underwear and outfits throughout the morning. I’d never had such long lasting dildo sex before, and found it hard to make the decision to stop. My final session involved my squatting on her bed, slowly riding her vibrating cock while sucking on the rabbit. I put a towel on the bed in front of me so I could blow my load in that position without staining her bed sheets (too much).

I opted not to wash the panties I’d cum in that morning, and knew they’d be well and truly dry before Anne saw them again. Likewise with her toys, I wiped off any obvious traces of my use but otherwise left them dirty, and put them away. I spent longer than I should have checking that everything was put away properly and making it look like her bedroom had not been touched. The paranoia of her figuring out what had happened was intense! Finally, I grabbed my things and left, locking the door behind me.

Even now, a decade later, I still think back to my two days alone in Liam’s mum’s house. I can only imagine the conversation that Anne and my mother could have potentially had after that! Since then, I’ve had only a handful of opportunities to use my mum’s vibrators and I’ll gladly share my many stories about my her contribution to my devious sexual pastimes later.

But I think my next instalment will be about the other three women whose sex toys I’ve secretly found and used over the years. Using Anne’s vibrators was awesome, but using two of my mate’s wife’s, my ex-girlfriend’s younger s****rs, and my neighbour’s sex toys are very fond memories as well.

Til next time!


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2 years ago
Great recounting of a couple of dirty days alone. Dirty boy!
3 years ago
please write more
3 years ago
I would love to know your other experiences playing with other girls dildos!