The start of my Lineage

It was my third Methedone pill of the day, so easy to get. I felt the crushing weight of my lonliness, this time however it was different; This time I would do what I could never bring myself to do, I would pull the trigger.

Not once do I ask for Sympathy, I don't need it nor want it. I am what I am, and I wanted nobody to lay next to me. In those days I really thought that was the truth of it.Not once did I realize that I had been set-up. Trained from the very day I had tore my way into this world, from a Whore who had never learned to keep her legs crossed.

A bastard, that's what they called me. If they knew who my father was, they'd be more respectful/jealous of the bl**d that coursed through my veins, dreams from him plagued my nights, the image of the dead bodies of my f****y haunted me.
"Speak the words, fledgling and they will vanish."
Not once did I want it, so not once did I wish it. Now I was just a junkie, poppin pills, chasing it with rum and coke, smoking weed, and snorting cokcaine.

Every night I put a gun to my head and begged for a reason to end it. Every night my father weaved his magic words into the air making me pass out, but tonight was different, no soothing words came forth, nothing cocking the hammer of the old .22 Ruger, tonight felt different. Unreal as I took a quick breath and pullled the trigger.

Quiet, peacfully. Hell it was great, I opened my eyes expecting horror yet it was a valley; filled with Barley that rose to my knees. Music did fill my ears, a slow dreadful dirge like from the old movies, I recoginized it as the Last Reqium. To my right the valley dipped in it's bowl was a home, an old large stone manor. It hit me like a memory that had long since died in my head.

This was my f****y's old home in the Roman countryside, I had spent my youth here in the summer. My father had spent no expenise when he had erected this home for my ancestor ages ago. the gold was tainted, any who touched it was cursed. In the years to come he came. The black shadow of a man, he came in the dead of night or so the legend had been.

As I said before. In the dead of night He came, and now I felt like him. Walking down to my f****y's estate, knocking thrice and hearing that old man's yell. The door opened only a crack, the wind slammed against it with f***e that had burst into the home knocking the door open and pushing the man back. I felt the pull toward the stairwell, then a knife enter where my heart should be. Puling it from my chest, black bl**d. . . . Wait BLACK bl**d? My hands reacted fast as I drove the blade into many archs.

When I finished the old man layed at my feet a runic symbol carved into his chest, I was up the stairs and into the far bedroom where she lay, the maiden promised to me. My loins were stirring, something that I felt hadn't happened in eons. Pulling back the blanket there she lay, my prize with her beautiful body. Her eyes opened as I leaned back opening my cloak and revealing my body; Streching my wings and feeling my horns tear trough the mortal flesh.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror to the right of her bed: My skin was blacker then the night, the wings of a bat were proturing from my back, the horns on my head were at least thirteen inchs long, and finally I saw it my cock was longer and thicker then the horns on my head. With a snap of my six inch fingers her clothes vanished in an instant. She seemed speechless, as if she had expected it for years.

I picked her off the bed, amazed by the strenght I possessed. Positioning myself just right so that I could enter her, pushing myself into her I felt her flesh tear. I luaghed as she moaned, just as I expected she was a virgin, the bl**d running down my cock as I f***ed it in, only half would fit and I enjoyed it so. She was too, even the pained moans were perfect, I f***ed more inside and she cried out for more and more, a howling laugh excaped my lips as I started to speed up.

I felt her body go rigid, her pussy juices flowing freely now allowed me to easily glide in and out of her, it was then that I began to feel the mounting rush of excitment that was there, I started to moan and felt it expolde. Using my will I let it flow deep inside her, my esscene, lifef***e was flowing deep inside her, my legs weakend. I fell to my knees my body was weakening.

I felt my life flowing into the womb, into the embryo forcing it to grow. A life not of my own flashing before my eyes. I saw a man in a smiling and happy standing over an arcane table as a demon spoke overhead. He was taking on human form, the man looked back and saw what was helping feed the demon, f******n men and women were and fucking, as if the sight was the trigger, moans were heard far and wide. Man after man were cumming and switching partners, only to cry out and cum again.

They were like machines with each woman they took, they began to start pulling out and cover the faces of the women. It was just as I felt the rush of watching that I was taken back to the woman. Cum was still jutting out of my cock, her pussy had overflowed so much that I was pushed out, quickly I went to place it back in but stopped, I felt myself smile as I chose the other hole, her ass and rammed it in, her cries were ectasy and they only got louder as I poured my of myself deep inside her.

The vison came back, the sex continued and so did the cries, now men were ganging up on the women covering them in semen, face, tits it didn't matter. The doors to the room were smashed open and soldiers rushed inside followed by a man who was dressed like a sixteenth century priest. I looked to her bedroom do and there stood the same priest. How could this be? The demon cried out as the priest read holy verses in a language I did not know, but every word was clear to me.

The soldiers began slaughtering the orgy, two of them had been overwhelmed by the women who seemed in a trance as they grabbed at their cocks. The priest continued and soon the group was dead, all but the man who stood over the shrine. I cursed as I felt all of my power being sapped away.
"The priest." I cried, "Kill the priest!"
"What Priest?" A woman's voice called, I looked down and saw the woman looking puzzled. More verses followed and my body went rigid.

My spirit was split from the demon's body. I watched as he stared at the ghostly image of the priest.
"You're too late. I LIVE IN HER. HER c***d IS MY LIFEf***e SO I AM REBORN!" He yelled the last bit and the windows shattered, lightning flashed on cue, it was like a cheesy Exorcist flick, only now I reconized the woman the demon had been r****g was my mother.
"In the name of God I cast you out!" The priest finished, he drew a sword and rushed at the demon, piercing it's flesh.

A howl echoed and the demon simply vanished, the priest looked up at me, I'm not sure how he saw me, but he was looking into my eyes. His lips move but no sound left them, I could read his lips, he had said, 'forgive me.' I was not sure what he had meant, nor did I understand where I learned his langauge.

I rose up out of the house, watching my mother caling out for help. Up up I went, into the shadows; into the blackness. Then I heard it clear as day.

The cawing of a bird.
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3 years ago
interesting story line