The Spanish Girl

True Story

I'm a 15 year old and I am just an average person. I play football and ski, and go to school like a normal person. I get good grades and have a girlfriend. This story is about my girlfriend. I met this girl when I was a 7th grader and have been good friends with her for a while. I started dating this girl in the beginning of the school year and still am. The story that I am about to tell is about something that went down not to long ago.

I was sitting in my room playing XBOX on a rainy Saturday talking to my bros about what I was planning on doing tonight. What i told them i was going to do was the plan that i had, but what actually happened that night was nothing like what i thought was going to happen. This girl, whos name happens to be Mariana, my girlfriend, texts me and asks me to come over to her house. I had nothing better to do that night so i went over to her house. She lives maybe 15 minutes away from my house, not too far. I told her that i would be at her house in about 30 minutes. i turned my Xbox off and went to my bathroom to take a shower. i took my shirt off, then my jeans and looked at myself in the mirror. I had been getting alot bigger lately and alot more muscles were starting to appear on my body. I am not a small k** to begin with, i was never fat but i was thick and ever since i started working out my body had been getting really muscular. i admired myself in the mirror because i didnt actually look like a 15 year old, more like 17 or 18. i dont have that much facial hair but i am, like i said before, ripped. im not bragging, i actually am pretty ripped. Anyways i got in the shower and showered, got out and dried off and washed my face and put my Dr. Pepper shirt on. Softed shirt ever made by far. i put my jeans on and put my belt on those, then i yelled for my older b*****r to take me to Marianas house.

My b*****r is 17 and hes one of the funniest guys ive ever met. he told me tonight that i should get some dome, and i told him that i would. When we got to Marianas house he said one thing to me before i got out of the car "make me proud b*o," then he gave me a trojan fire and ice ecstacy condom, i looked at him and laughed because ive never had sex before. He drove away and i walked to her front door and rang the door bell, i waited for the door to open and it was her.

She was dressed in yoga pants and a t-shirt. I am going to be honest, she has the most amazing ass i have ever seen in my life, it has to be a South American thing because, like holy shit. not only does she has a great ass her tits are perfect, they dont sag at all and they are perfect size. i walked in and took my shoes off and followed her to her bonusroom.

This bonusroom is like a seperate upstairs from the rest of her house, and it probably the coolest room ive ever been in. there is normally 2 beds in there and they are twin size beds, and they are on opposite sides of the walls, but this time they were together, making a king sized bed. I asked her why they were together like that and she said "Well my grandparents are coming up from Brazil and my mom made me do this with the beds." to me that was fine cause it was more room for us to lay on and make out on. I have to say that i was actually not expecting that much that night because we had hungout the night before and had a great night. She grabbed the remote to the tv and changed the channel from some spanish show to this show called friday night lights. this is one of my favorite shows ever so we kept it on that channel. we were about 30 minutes into the show and it was getting to be about 8 oclock. She was laying next to me with her head on my chest and her legs over mine and then she moved into a position where she was strattling me, she was putting her long brown hair into a ponytail and then started to kiss me. Shes an amazing kisser. We were making out on her bed in her bonus room, she was strattling me and i had my hands on her boobs, over her shirt. The way that her boobs felt in my hands was incredible. I was getting bored grabbing them over her shirt to i took her shirt off and she was wearing a white bra. We started making out again and my hands were on her one of a kind ass now, im not joking guys her ass is litterally the best thing ever. while my hands were on her ass her hands were on my neck and she was dry-humping me.

She stopped kissing me and pulled me up and took my shirt off, she looked at my abs and pecs for a good 20 seconds. She does that everytime she takes my shirt off. She smiled at me with that amazing smile and looked into my eyes with her big beautiful brown eyes and started to kiss me again. she was now sitting straight up on my lap and i was sitting upright holding her. i was grabbing her tits again and she wrapped her legs around my back moving even closer to me than she already was. i reached around to her upper back and unhooked her bra and took that off. i could feel her perfect on my chest while i was holding her up, her hands were moving back and forth from my neck to my head.

I then flipped her onto her back and was now ontop of her, i put my hands on her boobs and she put her hands on my back. we were in this position for a while and then she moved her hands to my cock, which was semi hard in my pants. she started rubbing my penis making it harder by the second, then stopped making out with her and got up on my knees, he legs around me while she layed there on her back with only her pants on, i took those yoga pants off and then she got up and unbuckled my belt and started to take my pants off, they were around my thighs so i took them completely off and was just there in my briefs.

She was wearing a bright red lace thong. she layed back down on her back and i layed next to her. i turned onto my side and put one arm underneath her and the other over the top of her and she put one of her legs over mine and we started making out again. about 5 minutes into this i moved my hand that was over the top over her from her boob to her vagina and started to finger her. She was so wet. We were making out still and she started to moan, breath a little harder. her arms and legs tighted their grip around my entire body while i was rubbing her clit and fingering her. She moved out of my arms and got up onto her knees and took her thong off, I could see her perfectly shaved vagina. She then put her hands on the waistband of my briefs and pulled them off. My cock sprang out like a catapult and stuck straight up in the air. She looked at it and whispered to herself "wow." She looked at my 7.5 inch cock and started to put her lips over the tip while holding the shaft with her hands. She was blowing me and it was the best blowjob i have ever had. she sucked it and touched it with her tounge and then i grabbed her head and moved her head up and down till i could feel my tip hit the back of her throat. She then stopped sucking and slipped the condom that my b*****r gave me over my penis and moved her legs over my streched out body, she was holding my dick and she was strattling me, she then put the tip in her vagina and started to slowly let it go deeper and deeper inside of her until she was sitting on me.

She was moaning and whispering in spanish (sexiest thing ive ever heard in my life). She was sitting straight up and started to move up and down on my penis. she then started to makeout with me while i was fucking her. I had my hands on her perfect ass and matched her movements when my own. i could feel her vaginal walls tightening on my penis, she was about to have an orgasm. she then moaned and muttered things in spanish and was having her orgasm. i flipped her over onto her back and put her legs around me while was on my knees. i watched her tits bounce up and down everytime i thrusted my cock inside of her.

I could feel the cum coming, and my cock began to swell inside of her. i put my hands on her tits as she said "si me da que cum." I could feel it running through my cock as i gave one last enormous thrust and squeezed her tits hard. she let out another scream as i blew my load inside the condom, squirts at a time. once i gave the last squirt i kissed her with my cock inside of her for a long time.

She then whispered in my ear "I love you baby."

Touche baby touche

I then took my condom which was full of jizz and threw it in the trash, and slipped my briefs on and laid down next to her on the bed. she turned over to her side and looked at me and kissed me for a good minute. It was the first time either of us had had sex with anyone and i will never forget it.

i looked at my phone to see the time and it was 1130, my b*****r was coming at 1145. we laid there next to each other and cuddled and kissed each other for the next 15 minutes. i got the call from my b*****r to tell me that he was close, so i got my pants on and my shirt on and started to walk to the stairs. i was buckling my belt and she got up and ran over to me and hugged me and i looked down at her and kissed her one last time before i walked downstairs and walked out the front door to my b*****rs car.

As i walked down the front steps of her house i looked back at the house and smiled, best night of my life for sure.

I love her

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3 years ago
nice one kid..don't be a player, treat this girl with respect, andshe'll be whispering spanish words in your ear for years to come!