It has been a long day and my girlfriend decided yo surprise me and pick me up from work. Wearing a red silk blouse it showed off her magnificent set of tits, and a black skirt that hugged her tiny butt and showed all her curves. Getting into the care we kissed and began our long journey home, my eyes where fixed on her gouregous breasts and long legs so every time we stopped at a red light I would undo a button, turning the radio on the song Baby did a bad bad thing began to play and let me tell you now I was ready to play! Very soon I had my girlfriends blouse open as she showed of her great tits with a half cup lacy black bra, and with that I could feel myself becoming aroused and she noticed this and began to rub my throbbing penis through the fabric of my pants now it was on and we raced home.
When we finally got there she jumped out and ran inside with me behind her, heading straight for the bedroom there she was on the bed wearing only her black bra, black g string and stockings as she unzipped my throbbing penis I undid her bra finally airing her magnificent breasts and nipples as hard as bullets, stroking my penis she finally licked the head and ran her moist tongue over it as she played with my balls then wooska, she had engulfed my throbbing penis and began to suck on it making me hard again. Watching her head go back and forth as she sucked hard was amazing, I finally reached down and inserted a finger inside of her wet pussy and with this she gently bit my penis, talking of pleasure and pain.
I slowly moved away and opened her legs far apart untill I could bury my head into her glorious her wet shaved pussy and how wet was she, her juices began to run into her arse cheeks, so as I buried my tongue inside of her she let out a tiny wimper and i began to lick and suck on her pink clit which was driving her insane. She now has hold of her ankles as I push her back and with that I slide into her tiny wet hole hole and begin to fuck her, my thrusts are slow at first but then I begin to work into a fine rythm and now am thrusting faster and deeper inside of her, watching her as she plays with her tits is such a turn on and now she begins to lock her nipples and even getly bite them. Rolling her onto all fours I grab her tiny waist and slide inside again and slap her arse as she moans in delight, sticking my thumb into her butt hole she cums and cums hard while i continue to take her from behind, reaching around she spreads her arse cheeks open and what a glorious hole this is and very inviting, so I withdraw from her wet pussy and slowly enter her tiny butt hole but its not tiny any more as ny penis is now inside and she screams in excatsy as I begin to pound that tiny arse with my ball sack bouncing off her pussy I fuck her harder and faster and she cums again, I ve never noticed how sweet this tiny hole is, as I notice her tiny body glistenning in the moonlight shining through the window, I can feel it wont be far before I cum myself, my heartbeat is pounding and my breathing is racing as I continue to pound her arse, reaching around she begins to play with with herself as the beads of sweat are dripping from both our bodies, as I pull out she jumps up and spins around and opens wide before engulfing my wet soaked penis in her mouth and she begins to suck hars till I explode shooting my love juice deep in her mouth and she shakes at first and swallows every drop, sucking my penis dry and licking our love juices from my penis she squeezes my balls and gets every drop out. I throw my arms around her and gaze into her eyes and kissher passionately with the fire that burns within. I place my hand behind her head and gently place it on her pillow be fore I cuddle up next to her, wrapping my arms around her she places her tiny hand on my broad chest and begins to rub it, "I love you my sweet" she says, and " Ilove you to blossom" and with that I cant wait till she decides to pick me up again!!!!
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4 years ago
Good story I just started my day and I have to change my panties wow that was hot
4 years ago
WOW, what a wonderful story, you are amazing !!!! want to do everything with you !!!!