After spending some time here, I met a young lady from another state, we exchanged pics and numbers and after 2 wks we decided to meet. Samantha was wearing a red blouse and black skirt with black stockings and high heels, we drove to her home where I cooked a nice Thai meal, while she changed curious got the better of me as I walked in on her as she was swishing her hair from side to side, moving in we kissed and while I was unbuttoning he blouse she was rubbing my throbbing dick through my pants, kissing her behind her ear I slowly moved down and kissed and licked her neck as her breathing increased I removed her heels an skirt having her laying on her bed in her lacy underwear, while kissing her hand moved down her body and slipped inside her panties, exploring her firm toned tiny body I began to suck on her hardened nipples, as my tongue flicked her nips she moaned with delight and cum hard, now I wanna taste that wet pussy, so licking the indide of her legs everytime I reached her honey pot I would kiss her open pussy but now I'ts play time.. I put my tongue inside as she inserts another figer inside now that makes it 3, fuck me now babe, so I roll her over and onto all fours grab her tiny waist pull her closer and slide inside of her, she moans as I begin to thrust deep within her as she cums again, with beads of sweat dripping from our bodies I smack her butt cheeks and begin to get into a fine rythm, deeper and harder harder and deeper I thrust as she buries her head into the pillow, and as her butt is high I smack her cheeks again as she massages her aching and throbbing wet pussy. Grabbing my ball sack she pinches, fuck it hurt but it was nice and now I'm not far from cuming thrusting harder, I lean forward and lick her back and again she cums as she loves this, "Sam I'm cuming" I cry and shoot my warm load of man juice deep inside of her, she spins around and takes my dick into her mouth and sucks me clean and as I play her nipples Samantha throws her arms around me and we kiss with fire and passion as we cuddle we then collapse back onto the pillows with sweat and love juices dripping from us both we kiss again and fall into a deep sl**p.
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1 year ago
Sensual and erotic read
3 years ago
Nice foreplay leading into a very happy ending for both. Sensual foreplay is a lost art for so many.
3 years ago
Very hot.....Love to be her...
4 years ago story. I loved reading it. You made me wet.
4 years ago
You got all hot and bothered you made me cum . thnaks
4 years ago
i love it
meow ur kitten
4 years ago
mmmmmm makes me wanna be next on your hit list. thanks for all the hot comments you have been leaving me x
4 years ago