Second time

Several years later, after I was married and in the service, I was still looking for another experience with cock.

I was on business in Las Vegas and had the day off with some of my buds. They wanted to go on base to the gym and work out. I was driving the van so I took them there and got out at the gym myself. After a few minutes I decided I needed to wonder a but and see what I could find. I drove off base and just outside the gate was an adult book store. I pulled in and figured I had an hour or so before I was needed to pick up my friends. I wondered in and got some change for the arcade booths. I figured that I could at least jack off and releave some pressure in my nuts. The guy behind the counter winked at me. I noticed some of the booths had doors right there in the store where others were down a dark hallway. Loud music from a local radio station was playing through speakers down the hall to kill any noice of activity going on.

I opened one of the doors in the store and saw a very large hole on the back wall. Some guy was in the adjoining booth and was jacking off. This kind of shocked me so I shut the door and wondered into the dark hall. Several men were trolling in the hallway and came toward me. I just jumped into the first booth I came to and locked the door. I sat and put some money in the slot to start the movie. It was already on a gay flick and after a run through the channels, it seemed to be the norm here (fine for me). I saw cum stains on the screen and smelled cum in the booth. As my eyes adjusted I saw where many guys had shot a load here and tried to clean up with tissue. I saw a few small holes in the wall and did a quick peek through each one. One looked right back into the office behind the front counter. No one was in there right now. Another looked into the next booth. As I looked, a man entered the booth and shut the door. He squated down and I heard some movement. As I looked under my video screen I saw the big hole and the guy next door was sticking his cock through it. It was very dark but I could make it out somewhat.

I don't think I was prepared for this but the sound of guys trying to get in my booth, the video on the screen, and the smell of cum everywhere makes you do strange things. I climbed under the screen and went to meet my new friend. I reached and felt his hard cock. It had been about six years since I had sucked off my buddy in his basement bathroom. I felt this hard cock and ran my hands up and down it. I then put my lips against it and slowly put it in my mouth. Pre cum was already starting to ooze from it and I gladly slobbered that down. I sucked up and down on this cock and tried to use all my recent practice from playing with my wifes dildos. I had spent many hours riding up and down on a 9 inch dildo suction cupped to the bathroom floor while I deep throated another one. In these cases I would usually shoot cum all over the floor without even touching myself. I tried my deep throat expertise. It was a little harder with a rock hard cock since it didn't want to bend the way latex does. But I got it down and happily bobbed on this new cock. I didn't take long for him to shoot in my mouth. This was a nice large load and I greedily sucked it down. When he was through he quickly pulled back and left. I was working my own cock and just waited for a few seconds before another guy came in and went right for the hole. He pulled his pants down and jacked on his cock for a few minutes first before sliding himself through the hole. I did the same with his cock as the first and got my reward pretty quickly.

After two cocks, I backed off and sat back on the booth chair to jack off myself. I looked back at the small hole from the counter and saw I had an audience now. I stood up to put my cock by the hole and blew my load with a loud grunt. It shot on the wall and ran down to the bench seat. I guess I did what everyone else had been doing. I pulled up my shorts and left the booth. As I headed out of the store the guy behind the counter asked me to come back soon. In the car as I headed back through the gate to pick up my buds and take them back to our hotel, I notice some cum stains on my shoulder. I did my best to lick and suck them off.

The guys loaded in the van and asked what I had done. I just said I wondered about to find something else to do. It was fun.
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6 months ago
That is one hot story...
6 months ago
Sounds so hot! But don't need to carry anything away from it! Lol!
1 year ago
good story
1 year ago
A long time ago (pre HIV) I was newly divorced and driving back home across the state. Stopped in an adult bookstore in a small town. I had been in them before, but used them mostly to jack off. However, this one had glory holes, and pretty soon a guy in the next booth stuck his hard on through it. I had sucked on a guy's dick once in boy scouts, but hadn't really had much opportunity or desire since. So, maybe it was the recent divorce or just feeling free and wild, but I sucked it and he came quickly. I was still considering what I'd just done, when he was replaced by another guy. I guess the fact that I was in a town far away from where I lived, and in a booth where no one could see me, plus doing the first guy made me horny, so I sucked the next guy, and then another, and another. maybe seven or eight in all. I'm not sure there wasn't a line outside the next booth at one point. The last guy, pulls out quickly and right away comes in my booth. I was for sure I was being busted by some vice cop. No, he just locks the door (which I forgot to do) and pulls out his dick, still wet with my slivia, and gets me to finish him off. He put my hands on his butt and pulled my head into his dick. When he came, he pushed his dick deep enough that I felt I might break a nose on his pubes. He then zipped up and left without a word. I left as well, as the whole experience was, I don't know, not shocking, but such an new thing for me that I felt it was time to leave and consider what I had just done. On the way home I realized that I had never cum the whole time. So when I got home I whacked off to the memory of those seven or eight guys. I never have done that again, and now it WAY too dangerous (don't want to bring anything home - so to speak). But that day in that dark booth still makes me horny.
1 year ago
I absolutely luvvv sucking off strangers, especially two or more at once or at least in the same sitting. Luv your stories and what an eager cocksucker you are thebig_b2004. And luv that your a heavy cummer, so am I...I'd trade loads with you anytime honey...kisses, trina.
1 year ago
nice story I like that
2 years ago
I rather have an afternoon with 1 or 2 guys I sort of know, like you.
2 years ago
I'm sure it was fun!
2 years ago
Nice..had me cumming
2 years ago
Nice story!