First Time

When I was 18 my buddy and I went to an adult book store to brouse the shelves, watch a few arcade vids and mainly get horny. We used to go to an adult drive in theater from time to time. We would just sit and watch the film, maybe sneek in a few beers to drink while watching, and then go home to jack off alone. Somehow I knew tonight was going to be different. We walked in the back to the arcade to view a few vids. I went in one booth and he went in the other. I put a few dollars in my machine to start the movies. When the movie came on, it had been on a gay channel. I turned down the volume but left it. I love to watch gay porn. Then I saw a peep hole in the wall between my stall and my buddies. I bent down and looked through. He was watching gay porn and had his cock out jacking off. This freaked me out but now my head was going on what was going to happen tonight. I started to play with my cock also and when I saw him look down, I jumped up and let him view me jacking off. I didn't cum because I wanted to save it.

When we left the store I asked him if he saw me. He said yes and I told him I saw him also. I asked if he had ever messed with a guy and he said a few times. I was driving but reached over and felt his hard cock through his pants. He asked me what I wanted to do and I said I had always wanted to suck a cock to see what it was like. I just didn't want to be busted by my friends and he would have to be quite. He said he wanted to suck mine also.

When we got to his house we went down to his basement. He laid back on the couch and asked me to come down and suck him there. He pulled his cock out. I wanted to but his f****y was in the house and I didn't want to get busted. We then went in the bathroom and shut the door. I went to my knees and opened his pants. I took his hard cock in my mouth for the first time. I smelled his musk smell and it just did something to me. I sucked and played with his balls. I jacked on him as he gave me some encouragement. He said he was about to cum so I went faster. He let out a small sigh and he cock pulsed in my mouth. His cum was nice but he didn't shoot much. He must have finished in the booth earlier. I finished it all.

He then surprised me by going on his knees and doing the same for me. I came quickly and I know I had a big load. He didn't miss a drop.

Then we went into his basement again and had a few beers. I felt complete. Something I had thought about for years had finally happened.
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20 days ago
Ah the memories of sucking in friends basements! Great fun
1 month ago
what a life experience!
6 months ago
Nice bi experience. Many str8 males have bi experiences when young. It is normal
1 year ago
I'm glad you two could help each other out.
1 year ago
good story
1 year ago
Mmmmm got me so hot I'm licking my precum from my fingers.
1 year ago
damn HOT storyl!! Got me so hard I had to take it out and 'relieve the snake'...LOVED IT!! xoxo Troy
1 year ago
Awesome story bro ! I love it , I love male bonding ! nothing like male bonding ! all us guys should do it !
1 year ago
Nothing like male bonding
1 year ago
Cool story hope to live it someday.
2 years ago
reminds me of summer campouts when I was in the Boy Scouts.
2 years ago
basement fun...been there
2 years ago
Friends are nice!
2 years ago
nice story
2 years ago
Never to the chance to fuck him or have him fuck me. I left for the service and we never got back together. Too bad.
2 years ago
and what happened after? Let us know when you fucked him or he came down your ass!
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
Very good...