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The start

I was on vacation at the beach with my Dads co-worker and his f****y. We had to double up in his house to have places for us all to sl**p. I got to bed with his son that was about my age. We were on the fold out couch in the living room fucking around while out parents were talking in the same room. Under the covers we started poking each other and soon be began to touch each others cock. Very soon I got hard and so did he. I was trying to play with his cock and he mine without letting my parents know what we were doing. I just wanted them to go to bed and let us get each other off. It... Continue»
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Learning about my Bi-side

In my teens I used to go to the Adult Book Store every chance I got. Nearly every Friday or Saturday night when I was not out with my buds. I would go in, get some quarters, go to the back in the arcade, and pick a secluded booth. I always locked the door and then I felt safe and in another world. I'd drop in some quarters, the screen would spring to life (usually on a gay channel left by the guy before). I'd turn down the sound so no-body would "think" I was gay, drop my pants, and start jacking off to the screen. I found that just the smell of cum on the floor would make me hard. Late... Continue»
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[Story] Strap-on with the wife

After about a year of marrage, my wife decided to tell me she had lesbian fantasies. We were fucking and I was hot so I fessed up that I had bi and gay fantasies as well. She seemed to get even more turned on then and pulled out her backup (9 inch rubber dildo). She started sucking on it and shoving it in her pussy, then she called me over and pushed it against my lips. I sucked it in and started bobbing on it. Then I freaked her out by taking it all the way to the root (deep throat) and went down on it many times like that. She has never been able to deep throat and asked me how I learn... Continue»
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[Story] Second time

Several years later, after I was married and in the service, I was still looking for another experience with cock.

I was on business in Las Vegas and had the day off with some of my buds. They wanted to go on base to the gym and work out. I was driving the van so I took them there and got out at the gym myself. After a few minutes I decided I needed to wonder a but and see what I could find. I drove off base and just outside the gate was an adult book store. I pulled in and figured I had an hour or so before I was needed to pick up my friends. I wondered in and got some change for the... Continue»
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[Story] First Time

When I was 18 my buddy and I went to an adult book store to brouse the shelves, watch a few arcade vids and mainly get horny. We used to go to an adult drive in theater from time to time. We would just sit and watch the film, maybe sneek in a few beers to drink while watching, and then go home to jack off alone. Somehow I knew tonight was going to be different. We walked in the back to the arcade to view a few vids. I went in one booth and he went in the other. I put a few dollars in my machine to start the movies. When the movie came on, it had been on a gay channel. I turned down the... Continue»
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