sonscreen on moms skin

I lost my virginity to a woman some 17 years older then me. My last piece of ass was to a woman in her mid 70's. My entire life I have been drawn to older woman. My wife was 6 years older then me but it was the thought of my mother in law that caused me to nut a second time on my honeymoon. Older woman know what they want and I will all ways give it to them.
Maybe because I was raised by a single mom and a s****r 4 years older. Twin cousins 10 years older and my Great Aunt also share raising me. My Grandma and her s****r changed many of my diapers and were never to shy to tell me. Being the only male in a house full of voluptuous sicilian woman made me mature quick. Sharing a single bathroom with a tub and toilet helped in my development. With nothing but oversize bra's with wire rebar and panties of all sizes under my bare feet was every day life for many years, I could have turned out queer. All though I have shot loads of cum with the thought of watching my first cousins cock plowing one of our mother's asshole with my face buried chin deep in the taboo pussy an inch away. My Mother or my aunt being fucked by their son and nephew is what gets me hard but it takes me picturing my cousin's hard dick shooting a load inches from my face that does me in The jury is still out on this one.
This story is a timeline of my love-life. Be it in my mind, my hand or an aging vagina, the sperm shooting from my nuts is real. The first pussy that made my dick hard was was dear old ma. It was covered with a bush so thick and black, I ached to part it open with my fingers at first. You see mom would pick her brows at night after taking her bath, being half blind she had to take her glasses off and bury her face in a mirror held steady with her folded knee's. Every sunday night she would sit while I watched TV for as long as I knew. Till one night my world till this day changed. She sat down, mirror in hand and raised her knees to her chest is when I heard the angels sing. Between her legs was the most beautiful I have ever laid my eyes on. Her black bush still glistened with bath water was the first thing I noticed. Next thing I know my face is buried so deep inside her I begin to breath the same rarified air that filled my lungs years before. I was back inside not knowing what I had missed. "Are you ok? What is wrong with you?" Brought me back unable to move because between my hips a tent was pitched in my flannel pajamas.
Or the time we took a hike in the park and a tick crawled up her leg and buried its head between her ass checks. When she screamed and dropped the hand mirror from my early years, I rose to the occasion. As my two forefingers lingered on the tweezer my pinkies were knuckle deep inside a her hot and sticky pussy. This seamed to last for ever. When the sweat from my brow dripped on moms tail bone I knew I had to make my move. I pulled the tick and spread her legs with my elbows just enough to place my face inches away from her glory holes. When she gasped and cussed into the pillow I said I was sorry and placed my lips on the speck of bl**d and the corners of her ass and pussy holes. I don't recall if I found a difference between her asshole and pussy when it comes to taste and smell but I will never forget the how easily her pussy lips opened to what ever I wanted to put inside it. Her ass was just the opposite on that day and has remained till this day mostly uncharted. The stains on her mattress runs deep. As do the rope and cuff marks in her Ethan Allen solid oak bed frame. If we could find a way to make my mothers headboard talk.
My 21st birthday was officially over 4 hours ago but I was about to open a gift only a mother could give to a son. I stepped over 4 passed out men ranging in age from 40 to 60, a 55 year old mail bride from China as my unleashed cock finds it way home. My stepfather snores fill the room and will for hours to come. Only my 45 year old mother with a 44 30 48 body got a half dose and she is only 10 feet away from me. She woke up the first time when my finger touched her pubic hair and before she dossed a min later I had three fingers and my left thumb in her wet and sticky hole. Her words made no sense if it mattered. She was cuffed gagged with her ears plugged and blindfolded for my pleasure till 7 am. I don't think my cock ever got as big as it did that morning. To this day those who alive had know idea what really happened that night. Mom knows she got fucked and fucked good.
The first time you make your mom cum a son never forgets, when she knows its you you'll cum again and again. She was cuffed to the bed post spread eagle and my hands were tied behind my back. I pushed my cock as deep as I could as soon as I could. For the last hour we were both naked and held captive. My mother had been fucked and sucked raw. She reeked of sex. And my turn was cumming soon. My friend "the intruder" has f***ed me to fuck my own mom.

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3 years ago
wheres the details
3 years ago
Fascinating, tell us more please.
3 years ago
an excelent birthday present