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I was sitting on my swing at my backyard until Chad, my neighbour came over and said 'You look weird' I smiled and asked 'what's weird? I'm alright!' He giggled and said you dont look so good. You always look sexy but what happened?' I paused and asked 'excuse me? What?' He looked embarrassed abit and said ' i really like you! Your beautiful!' I smiled and whispered ' i also had a crush on you. Your hot '

He invited me over for dinner. I wore a velvet dress n walked to his home. He smiled and welcomed me. I asked ' Where r your parents? You all alone? He looked at me n replied ' There out station for 3 days. Yep! I'm happy! A couple of minutes after dinner, we went upstairs and talked about our likes and dislikes. Soon we were in his tidy bedroom giggling together. He whispered ' I need you, you are everything a man dream of Velma. Im desperate. sl**p with me' I was surprised when he told me he has no gf at all so i said 'LOL and i thought you'd have like a million'

He lay me down and we were kissing. He was playing with my hair and we were in bed. The sunlight of dawn appeared soon. I was creeped out somehow. As i was about to leave his bedroom, he hugged me tightly and started to play with my body. 'I love you Velma. Stay here, let me explore!' 'I love you too Chad but, i need to go!' He pushed me down to bed and was on top of me and started kissing my neck and it calmed me down. Soon he got topless and started undressing me. All i remembered was me in my black satin bra and lace panties playing with him in his boxers. I was all naked and he sucked my tits and fingered me. I moaned with excitement. I've never felt more relaxed. I was moaning hard as he inserted his cock in me. He whispered ' I love you baby! Fuck yeah!' Around 7.30 we were done. He said ' Shoot! My condom is all wet. Love ya! Anyway I'm going to Canada. Mom n dad will sell this house to someone else.' 'Cool, as in your going to live in Canada? Bub-bye? When r u going?' He replied ' Tomorrow,' I gasped n said ' So I'm your last memory?' He smiled and said ' I'll remember you n your titties dont worry.' He hugged n kissed me for the lasts time and I went home. A couple of months later the NEW neighbour is also a Guy! Damn Imma lucky babe XD
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Lol that's pretty awesome