Teaching the whore a lesson

You immediately feel that something isn't right. You try to kiss me but I turn away. "What's wrong?" you ask. "What's wrong? Seriously? I know what you did!". I am replying furiously. "I don't know what you walk about?!" you say with a puzzled look.

"I know that you fucked your ex. Did you really think you'll get away with it?" I snap. "I'm sorry" you say avoiding eye contact with me. "Please, please don't leave me" you beg. I laugh. "No. What i will do is teach you a lesson!" I move closer to your ear and whisper in it:

"I will tie you up for 24 hours and will use you for my entertainment. You will be my toy, which I will use whenever I god damn please. But don't get too excited, I might loose my interest in it as well". There's a smile on your face as you seem to think it's one of my jokes. Little do you know, that I'm dead serious.

"Get naked, completely!" You start to walk towards the bedroom. "Stop! I didn't say anything about leaving. I want you to do it right here, in front of me. And I want you to look me in the eyes while you do it!"

You start, first the heels. Then your light blue top comes off, exposing the bra covering your big boobs. Next is the skirt which falls on the floor. You unhook your bra and let it slide down your arms. Last but not least you take of your thong, exposing your completely shaven pussy. All of the sudden you seem to be a bit shy, feeling exposed, fighting not to break the eye contact. "In the bedroom, now!" I order. I see your big ass bouncing while you walk over in front of me.

Once in the bedroom, I order you to lay on the bed, spread your arms and legs. I tie you up on each corner of the bed, restraining you from any movement. Then I leave not just the room but the apartment. There are a million thoughts racing through your head. The anxiety is increasing, not knowing what will go on now and not being able to move.

When I am come back, I'm not alone anymore. You hear a second voice, definitely female. We don't enter the bedroom, so you only can hear but not see anything. You hear laughter, then kissing. You hear a bang assuming that we pushed into the wall. Next you hear the distinct slurping sound which you assume is me getting my dick sucked. And then you hear moans and screams of the female voice which in the end seem to indicate an orgasm.

When we finally enter the room you can see finally who my company is. It's a stunning looking girl, early 20ies. You don't know her. She's blond, has cute, perky tits, a flat stomach and a small and tight ass. I come over to you and whisper in your ear: "I will fuck this girl in front of your eyes and I want you to watch us." You groan, getting turned on by the thought, your pussy starting to twitch a little.

I bend the girl over on all four. We postion ourselves just over your body that you have a good view. I tease her pussy a bit with the tip of my cock which makes her twist. You see me finally entering her pussy. I am sliding in very slowly, to tease you both. But i push forward all the way until I'm fully inside. And then I start to pound her with long and deep strokes. She's first moaning, then screaming. "More, more, faster, harder" you hear her say. And I am just doing that. Seeing me fucking another girl in front of your eyes, hearing her screaming, sensing the whole bed rocking up and down overwhelms you. You get turned on, your pussy is dripping wet. But on the other hand you feel a different feeling: jealousy.

"Please! Please stop! I can't take it anymore" you beg me. "Please forgive me, I'll do anything you want". But I don't have any mercy and keep on fucking the young girl doggie style until she squirts all over my cock. Her juices are then dropping onto you. I am getting close, so i stop pounding her. She turns around kneels in front of me and starts to suck on my dick. Your feelings now grow even stronger. You want to come over and push that girl away. You can't take it that another woman is sucking your mans dick. You start to rock, trying to set yourself free but the ties are stronger than your f***e. And like that, you have to watch how i finally arrive into the girls mouth. She sucks every drop out of me and then present her full mouth to you before she swallows. "You fucking bitch! Don't you ever come close to my man again. I swear, I will kill you".

We both leave the bedroom to clean up and get dressed leaving you alone again. "Please, baby, please untie me, fuck me right now. You can do anything you want to me" you say when I return to the bedroom. "I'm not done with you yet" I say and put a gag on your mouth and blindfold you. Then I place some ice cubes on your belly and tits. I then carefully place one just a little over your clit and then move away again, leaving the apartment with the girl again. The ice sends chills through your body. And the tought of not knowing if I'm just going to another place to fuck the girl again is just killing you. You try to untie yourself again, but you're unsuccessful again.

I stay out for hours and only come back late at night. You hear the door open and after a while close again. You hear footsteps coming towards the bedroom. "Baby, is that you? Look, I told you I'm sorry. What do I have to do to make up for it? I'll do anything!" you say. No answer. Everything is just quiet. Something feels different, but you can't say what. Then you hear a zipper being opened and then some movement. It sounds like someone is jacking off. You feel a tingle rising in you. But then something unexpected happens. A second zipper, then a third and a fourth. At some point you can't count anymore. And you hear them all starting to wank and groan.

The thought of having a group of guys seeing you totally naked and tied up in your own bed turns you on but on the other hand you feel totally exposed. Images are overflowing your brain. Horniness and disgust are mixing. You picture hot, slim guys with a broad manly chests stroking their long and thick cock. And then there's the other picture coming into your mind. What if they're old, ugly fat bastards with small dicks, still wearing their white socks. This sends a chill of disgust through you. Your thoughts are racing, you feel your nipples getting hard, your clit starts to throb. You only have one desire: getting touched by someone. But this doesn't happen.

Instead, you feel a first sticky, thick load getting dropped on your tits. Then a second one hits your face and hair. The third gets on your pussy and then one after another covers you with his cum. Literally every inch of your body gets covered. Once everyone is done, you hear pants being pulled up and footsteps of men going away. You hear me thanking them for coming while I let them out. I return to the bedroom with some water and a banana to feed you your dinner. "Good night!" I say while walking out the room. "Wait!" you say "can I at least clean up?" "No you can't. And I want you to stop whining and asking all those question. Otherwise I will put the gag on even for the night! Are we clear?". "Yes sir! Good night, sir!" I switching off the light and go to the living room. Tonight, I'll sl**p on the couch. I don't want to sense the dirty smell on you all night. Before going to sl**p, I put the alarm to 3am.

At 3 o'clock my alarm wakes me. I'll get up grab one of your thin scarves and enter the bedroom. You seem to be asl**p by now. I grab your hair and start to slap your face. Not too gentle but not with full f***e either. I want to wake you up. A little confused and not quite sure about what’s happening you open your eyes and see me. Out of a reflex you want to drag me closer to give me a kiss and that’s when you realize that you’re still tied up.

I start to tease you with your scarf, just that it’s slightly touching your skin. First dragging it over your feet which sends a tickling sensation through your body. I then move it up on the outside of your leg towards the side of your upper body and over your armpit. The whole thing makes you shiver. So I start back down again from the beginning, this time just on the other side. At the end I move the scarf towards your boobs circling around them. I can clearly see that this is arousing you. Your pussy is getting wet and soaking the bedsheet underneath it. There’s a wet spot already visible. I move it down your belly and then towards the inner thighs, being careful that it doesn’t touch your pussy. Again I’ll do the same on the other side and I you start to moan and getting agitated. That’s for me the signal that you're worked up enough so I stop, leave the room and go back to sl**p.

After another few hours of sl**p I get up and get ready for work. While sipping on a coffee I come over to check up on you. You look tired. „Slept well?“ I ask. „No, I didn’t. I couldn’t sl**p anymore after your treatment. I was so horny, I just wished you were here to fuck me“ you reply. „Well you better start to think about what you did and avoid doing it a second time then!“ With that said, I’ll walk over, grab your dildo and f***e it deep into your ass. It clearly is painful for you, as you weren’t prepared for this. But you try to be brave and not saying anything. I wouldn’t care anyways because I have to leave for work now. You’re yet again left alone with your thoughts. You’ve only been tied up for 12 hours now and already can’t take it anymore. You wonder how you’d survive the other twelve.

Normally I don’t go home for lunch break but today I make an exception. You are surprised and glad when you hear the key turning. You couldn’t handle the quietness anymore and you feel thirsty and hungry as well. You’re happy when you see that I brought you something to eat and some juice. After you’re finished you watch me how I undress myself, slowly taking of my suit jacket, then the red tie. I finally open my belt and let my suit trousers fall on the floor, immediately exposing my already aroused dick. I stand over you and start to stroke it. You like to see my big, fat dick and plus you believe that it’s now finally your turn of getting fucked. Your pussy juices already begin to flow again and are drizzling over the end of your dildo, which is still in your ass. But yet again, my plans are different.

I spit onto your tits to lube them up and then sit on you, placing my cock between your gorgeous big breasts. I press them together and start to fuck you tits. You try to lift your head to see better and then push your tongue. You want to lick the tip of my cock so badly, but I’m careful enough to stop and pull back again before this can happen. Underneath my palms I feel your nipples getting harder and harder. You move, you twist your body, you try to break the ties again, but it still doesn’t work and only induces pain on your wrists and ankles. Meanwhile, I’m having all the pleasure I need, seeing you being all agitated again, getting a titty fuck and having the absolute control all over you. I feel a tingling sensation starting to build in my balls and I continue fucking your boobs until I finally spurt a thick load of cum around your neck, giving you a perfect pearl necklace.

Once I recovered a little I have a look at my watch and see that’s it’s time to go back to work again. I stand up, get dressed again and finally take out the dildo from your ass. I replace it by putting an ice cube into your pussy, which makes you shriek. While I am walking out the room I ask you about your plans for the afternoon. The nasty laugh that follows you will still hear in your mind for another hour or so.

As a result of my longer lunch break I now have to work late and I arrive home later than usual, but just in time to get to your 24 hours being tied-up mark. I sit down next to you and start to trail my fingertips over your body, then play with your nipples and pinch them a little. I can feel your excitement level rise again. “So, what did you learn today?” I ask you. “That I made a huge mistake, which will not happen again” you reply. “And?” “That I ALWAYS need you” you add. “That’s all?” I ask again. “No” you reply “and that I really, really need you to fuck me right now. Please, please, please!” As I believe that I taught you the lesson by now I start first to strip in front of you and then untie you. I come closer to your ear and whisper: “I give you now the permission to straddle me. Take it or leave it, the offer is going to expire soon.” You can’t believe what you just heard but react very quickly by pushing me on the bed and then you start to stroke my cock, just to make it hard.

When you’re finally satisfied with the results you stand over me and slowly lower yourself on my now full hard dick. You moan when I enter you. And then you start to grind, you use your hand on your clit for extra stimulation and your ride like there’s no tomorrow. You were so pent up from the previous 24 hours that it only takes you a few minutes to your first orgasm. But you’re very cock-hungry so you keep going and going, literally jumping up and down on my dick, your big tits bouncing in front of my face, one wave of pleasure following the next until your legs don’t support you anymore.

I order you to get off me and I take control again. “Turn around, get on all fours!” This time again you obey without hesitation. I place my dick close to your tight kitty and then pull you on your hips into me until your beautiful ass hits my skin. We’re both too horny to start of slow. You push yourself backwards into me, I trust forward. We try to find a rhythm together which leads to a deep pounding. “Oh my god” you moan “harder babe, please fuck me harder”. This time I grant you the wish and fuck you with everything I have. You grind your ass, you scream, you squirt on me several times. We’re both getting sweaty, both breathing heavily. I grab your hair and yank your head up. Again I move closer, breath into your ear and say: “Did you miss that?” “Yes, I missed your dick in me. I missed getting fucked and you give it to me like no one else can” you reply in between your screams and waves of squirt. “Then I want you to understand one thing: You are MY whore, my dirty little slut. I own you and you don’t get to fuck anyone else except I allow it. So, if you need to get fucked you tell me! Do you understand?” “Yes,” you mutter. “What, I couldn’t understand you” I reply while hammering my dick into you “Yes sir! I am YOUR whore and YOUR whore only”. “Good, turn around!” I say while pulling out my dick. You get on your knees in front of me and open your mouth only seconds before I start to explode. I push my dick into your mouth, stretch it and pump a huge load of thick cum into you. Having your mouth filled with my cock doesn’t allow you to swallow so cum starts to run out of your mouth down to your chin and then dropping onto your big tits. You suck me empty and once I pull my cock out you swallow everything and then proudly present me your empty mouth.

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