Backstage at a Katy Perry concert

Men usually wouldn't be allowed in the female performers' dressing rooms - for pretty obvious reasons I suppose - but there was no way I was missing out on any Katy Perry souvenirs.

I was working that night at the arena in which Katy was performing. I am a cleaner and usually do not have any access to anyone's dressing rooms while they are using it, and as I said, men are not supposed to enter and clean any female individuals rooms whatsoever! However, I managed to persuade (or more aptly, bribe!) Susan to swap access keys that night. I just had to be very careful not to allow anyone - especially Katy herself - know that I was there to clean rooms.

It was an amazing experience. I'm not a major fan of pop music I must admit, but, being a hetrosexual male, was significantly into Katy Perry - and for more than just her signing and performing talent.

I was in the hallway when I noticed her first. It was the first costume change of the night and although I only managed to catch a glimpse of her from behind, I could see that she had on a multi-candy-coloured dress, covered in fruit, and just barely covering her ass cheeks. On her amazingly long and toned legs she wore netted stockings and these huge extravagant-coloured heels.

I gave it 5 or so minutes to see if anyone else other than the gang of crew was still in the dressing room before I stuck my head in. To be relieve the room was empty... I took a deep breath and entered the room and locked the door. From my experience I knew that a member of the crew always enters the dressing rooms 15 minutes before the stars re-enter and could hear the rumbling noise of the crowd and music from there anyway. I would know exactly when I had to split.

The room was surprisingly small and very tidy for a huge pop star's dressing room. My attention then immediately went over to the clothes hanging in the cubicles. I knew time wasn't on my side, so I searched first for the clothes that she entered the stadium in. I found them quickly in a pile on the floor of an empty hanger in the first and largest cubicle.

It was a pair of grey sweats and a black tank. I sexily came across the bra she must have been wearing. It was black lace and had the size 34 dd on the label. Wow I thought, the sight of them made my cock jump in my pants.

I then searched furiously for any underwear that she might have changed out of, but couldn't find any. I had a quick spy at the other outfits hung up and then exited the room for the first time.


I must have missed her returning to her room for the first time and just caught her from behind once again after her 2nd outfit change. This time she came out in a long, black wig (must have been a wig since her hair do the first time was much shorter). She had on an equally short to the first dress, this time incredibly flared. It was an american girl type themed dress this time and it looked as though she had on diamond sparkled stockings. When I entered her room the 2nd time, I noticed immediately that she had changed out of the stockings she worn in the first part of the show. They were slopped over a chair outside one of the other open cubicles above the slumped candy dress.

I lifted the stockings to be nose and sniffed the crotch. The scent of a woman was hardly there. Although it would have been too much to think that she wouldn't have - but that seemed to indicate to me at that point that she was wearing underwear underneath those stockings and she had not removed them yet.

The final costume change proved to be the money shot...

This time she reappeared in a rather sparkling and shiny leotard type outfit and either without any stockings on at all - or if so, they must have been nude.

Before I entered the room for the 3rd and final time, my best hopes were to find the 2nd pair of stockings that she must have changed out of, and that this time - due to the time she'd been performing - be a little more womanly scented.

What I actually found was just how tight that leotard must have been on her crotch!

Sitting right there, like a cherry, on top of the rumbled american girl dress that laid right in the center of the room was the tiniest pair of cotton g-strings. They were black in color and nothing remarkable other than the immediately obvious dampness of the crotch, and when I put them to my nose, it was quite clear, then, the reason why I couldn't find any underwear with the clothes she chose to wear on entering the stadium. She must have been wearing them for a quite a while.

They smelled amazing and no question at all of what the scent and stains were from off her.

I released my cock from my pants immediately pumped the quickest clump of goo out on to the underwear I've distributed since I was 15 years old!

I was in between two minds then whether to take the garments with me, or to leave them there for her with my mess in them... I chose the later.
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1 year ago
Great story, id have done exactly the same!
1 year ago
Loved this story. Keep it up.