Just As Arranged. Pt1 (the hallway) Bi MMF 3some

Our Bi Afternoon visitor part1 the hallway
Hi this is a first story for me. I hope you enjoy it and want to hear about what happens after the hallway. Let me know what you think.
I walk in the front door, and there you are stood in the hallway in my jeans and that shirt I love, snug and hugging your curves, and you've got that smile. I know that smile, and I know the reason why. You call out a name, and the 'why' steps into the hall looking sexier than his photos. We picked a stunner. I look him up and down, and back up again. The smile on his face says yes and we both move towards you.
I kiss you first and we both tingle knowing what is to come, and we turn our attention to him. Our hands caress his face, then we run our fingers through his hair. You grip his hair. Pull him to you and kiss him roughly. I can tell you'd been aching to do that the whole time you'd been waiting for me to come over. I can tell, by the way he pulls you to him, he'd been thinking the same. I step back to watch you two. Such a gorgeous sight your lips on his. His hands ravenous for you. Your hands pull his t-shirt off. His hands expertly rips open your shirt. The sight of your bodies is too much for me; I have to join in. My hands explore both of you. His hands slides around to my back and he pulls me close. He starts to kiss me, and his lips are soft and moist and his tongue slowly explores my mouth. I can feel your lips on my ears and you whisper 'let's see what's in his jeans' and your hand slides between his body and mine, as you start to skilfully unbuckle his belt. I can feel him breath out as you pop the buttons and I can tell it's because his cock is free to stand proud and he knows your hand is about to touch him.
As you slide his pants and underwear off, you lower yourself on to your knees. I move my attention from his lips to his ears, his neck and his chest as I make my down to join you at his cock. I can see you licking it slowly as it hardens and stiffens from your teasing tongue. I can tell from the way his hips are rocking that he wants to feel it sliding between your lips and deep in to your mouth. When I've made my way down to join you, your lips are slipping over the head of his cock 'til it's in your mouth. I start at the base of his cock with my tongue. I can taste you and him, and I breath it in-deep as my tongue makes it way up to the head to join in with you. Yours lips slide back of his head. It looks wonderfully glistening from your kisses and I can see a pearl of precum forming.
You know how much I like the taste, so you let me have first go. I lick my lips before my tongue reaches out to taste. It's lush and fills me with a want for more and tongue and lips hungrily take his cock in my mouth. My tongue plays with head as I wrap my lips round the shaft and take as much of him inside me as I can. Slowly at first but more with each thrust from his hips. My finger and thumb wrap around the shaft and slide up and down the wet shaft of his cock. I can taste more precum. I let it drop into my mouth and I pull back to kiss you with the taste of him on lips. We kiss deeply. Letting his precum slide in our mouths.
You pull back from the kiss with your lips tasting of him, and rise up from your knees and start to kiss him. I can hear him moan, as your lips meet. He pulls you to him and starts to undo your jeans. I help to pull them down as his fingers slide from your breasts towards your pussy. He does it slowly, letting his fingertips find the edges, the clit. His fingertips dry and rough on your skin as they open your lips and he can feel the heat and wet of you.
He doesn't rampage in like a novice. he takes his time. He knows we have all night. With his fingers wet from you they glide along your lips and back to your clit. This time the wetness of his finger sends a tingle thru you. As your body shivers, his thrusts hard into my mouth. I gag at first, then relax as his cock fills me. I keep working his cock, while his mouth is on your nipples and his fingers slide deep in you and his thumb rhythmically rubs your clit. As he'd played with your clit, your moans let him know when he's doing it right and he keeps doing it.
Your hips grind down on his hands. Your pussy must be throbbing, because when he slips his fingers in my mouth, they are dripping wet and hot with your juices. After I've licked his fingers clean, I want more and move myself in front of you. I spread your legs apart, as I move my lips towards your pussy. My tongue searching out your clit. I find it and start to play with just the way you like. He leans against the wall and watches us, as he strokes his cock. I want to taste more of your juices and I slip my fingers in so more will flow. Your moaning drives me on and I drink deeply from you.
His moaning let's me know he has had enough of playing with myself and wants to join back in. I reach out take his hand and pull him behind you. I take his cock and I guide it between your legs, so the head is poking out just in front of your clit. His hips rock as he gets used to the position. You squeeze your legs to get a grip on him. The feel of his cock against your wet pussy makes you grind, as you do the head of his cock brushes against your wet lips. You both gasp and I can tell he wants to slam his cock straight into you. But I say 'No, not yet', I reach my hands around both of you and pull him against you. His cock slides thru again and I plant my lips on his wet cock head, sliding my tongue along the under side of his cock. You can feel my lips brushing against your clit and the shaft of his cock pressing up on your pussy and clit. You both rock gently, and I keep sucking him off. You both start to rock harder and his breathing gets faster and his cock pulses. I sit back and wait to feel his cum splash on me. It's comes out hot and fast. My tongue licks my lips, his cum tasting even better than his precum. I clamp my mouth on his cock to catch the last drops and then lick him clean. When I'm done, my lips are covered in cum and stand up, and you and him lick my face clean and then we all kiss til all the cum is gone. When it is we all smile. I reach out my right hand to shake his, and I introduce myself. we all laugh at this, and I suggest we make our way into the living room for drink, before round two starts.

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