The Italian Job 18

The Italian Job 18
I have re-submitted this one after some confusion, so if it crops up again, just ignore it, this one may be a bit of a tear jerker so ladies have your hankies ready.

Several weeks past and all was relatively quiet but I was troubled, something was bugging me and I could not make up my mind, I said nothing to Ellie but finally succumbed and went to Genoa, I knew the address and parked outside, I sat in the car for an hour trying to get up the courage to go and knock on the door, finally I went to the door, I knocked and a tall elegant middle aged Italian woman answered the door, she looked at me and studied me for a moment “come in” she said, “we have been expecting you” she said “excuse me” I said “I think there has been a mistake I” I didn’t finish “there is no mistake” she said “you are Francesca’s father” she said “I am Polly, Simone’s partner” she said looking straight at me, “pleased to meet you” I said as I shook hands with her taking her fingers rather than gripping her whole hand “how did you know” I stammered “the eyes” she said, “she has your eyes, dark blue and very distinctive” she said,
I was completely taken aback, “are they in?” I asked “no!! Simone has taken her for a walk by the lake to see the ducks” she said “is it far?” I asked “no! It’s just at the end of the street, here I will show you” she walked me to the door and we stepped outside, she pointed to the end of the street “when you get to the end of the street you will see the lake” she said, “I will put the kettle on, I believe you like tea” she smiled,
I walked quickly to the end of the street, my heart racing, I turned the corner and saw her, the tall black girl with a bundle in her arms, a push chair was nearby, my legs turned to jelly as I hobbled towards them, just as I got close Simone turned and smiled “look Francesca here’s your daddy” I almost fell, I went to them, and took Simone in my arms, kissed her lightly on the lips, then looked in the bundle, she was coffee coloured and had the eyes that stared at me, she gurgled and waved her arm “I think that was a hello” Simone said laughing, “how are you” I said “we are fine” she said looking at the baby “why didn’t you let me know, was there some doubt??” I said “how could there be any doubt” she said “you were the only man I made love to” she said,
I just stared at her, even after c***dbirth she still looked gorgeous, “I told Ellie to tell you because if you had decided that you were not interested in your daughter then you did not have to tell me to my face, so I told Ellie so that you could make up your own mind without me pressuring you, I am not asking for your support only that you please take the time to get to know your daughter, she is what Polly and I wanted for such a long time and now we have her and we will bring her up but I feel she should know you because you certainly enriched my life and I felt that she should be given the same opportunity to share that experience” she said “ I don’t know what to say” I said “that surprises me” she said “because if I remember you had plenty to say for yourself at the time she was conceived” she laughed.
We sat and drank tea back at the house, Polly made a good cuppa but “Polly put the kettle on” kept ringing in my head, “are you staying or going back to the village tonight?” Polly asked “I am staying overnight” I replied “I will travel back tomorrow” I added “would you like to come for dinner?” Simone asked “I would love to if it’s alright and I am not intruding” I said “not at all” said Simone “let’s say about 7.00pm then you can help put her to bed, and maybe read her a bedtime story” she said “and if I’m a good girl maybe you will read one to me as well” added Polly, as she winked at me, my cock lurched, “where are you staying” Simone asked “at the Metropole” I said “nice hotel” said Polly as she smiled at me.
I arrived at 7.00pm on the dot and it was an excellent meal, we chatted we laughed we drank we put the baby to bed and I read the promised story in English of course as Francesca gurgled and kicked in her cot, if I put the covers on her once I did it a thousand times as she promptly kicked them off again, Simone was sitting in a rocking chair beside me as I read, she had her eyes closed and I thought she was asl**p,
I finished the story and started to creep out “where are you going?” she said “I didn’t want to disturb you, I thought you were sl**ping” I said “no! I was listening to you reading, you have a very soothing reading voice” she said “you mean I’m boring” I said “not at all” Simone whispered as the baby had fallen asl**p “as I remember you bored me very well in the pool that morning” she purred “if you ever decide you want to add some black pussy to your whore house, just let me know” she whispered as she pulled me forward by my shirt and kissed me on the lips, “even after c***dbirth it’s still tight and black and slippery” she moaned into my mouth as her tongue explored, my cock shot awake “why don’t you stay here tonight, we have a spare room you could use, it’s on suite so you won’t disturb us, that’s isn’t to say we won’t disturb you of course, she cooed” she was holding my shirt as she sat forward in the rocker, her mouth against mine as she looked at my mouth “what about Polly?” I said hardly believing what I was hearing, “she is OK, we are sl**ping in separate rooms at the moment until the baby is settled because Francesca is sl**ping with me” she whispered as she reached forward with her other hand and took hold of my shirt with it and pulled it open as the buttons flew, “god I have been so horny since I had the baby” she said, she was kissing my chest and licking it, I held her off because I was afraid that Polly would come in and find us and consider me a threat, “ok, ok, I’ll stay” I said “good I’ll tell Polly and we will make up the bed” she said as she stood and left the room, waving her arse at me as she went, my mind was a turmoil, was she looking for another baby? What happened to the lesbian relationship? Polly came into the room, “so you’re staying tonight, fantastic, I’m so pleased, it will be nice to have a man around the place even if it is only for one night, Oh dear what happened to your shirt?” she said looking at my chest “I caught it on the corner of the cot as I stood up from reading the story” I lied, she came close and put her hands on my bare chest “I must say I am beginning to understand what Simone saw in you she said putting her face close to mine and sucking my lip, my cock jumped again she must have felt it because she was too close not to and her leg was resting against mine, she moved away and I tried to hide the tent, “fuck” I thought “I have found a fuck mine full of lesbians” we had a few more drinks and more conversation then we all went our separate ways to our respective bedrooms,
I took a shower and got into the big double bed, I left a night light on in the bedroom so that I could find my way in the night if I needed a pee without having to grope for the main light in the dark, I must have fallen asl**p because I felt a hand on my back, I had slept naked as I had left my night shorts at the hotel, it was Simone as she slipped into the bed beside me, she kissed me long and hard as she felt for my cock, I felt for her and she was naked, I got my hands on her hips and pulled her into me, my cock went straight through her legs and out the other side, she reached behind her getting hold of the tip and pulled it up into her crack then closed her legs again, she shuddered “you have no idea how good that feels” she whispered “where is the baby?” I said “in her cot, she’s ok, daddy” she giggled as she slid her tongue into my mouth “now about that whores job, can I have my audition now?” she said quietly,
I rolled her over and pulled my cock out from between her legs, “where are you taking it, I have work for it” she whispered, I went down on her shoving my tongue into her black slit and feeling the wet pink interior “that seems like a fair exchange she said as she pushed her hips up to me trying to entice my tongue into her cunt, she succeeded, as she opened her legs and I sank my tongue inside her tasting her cunt juices as they flowed out of her, she came shaking and trembling as the shock wave ran through her, “fuck you are good” she said “now come on daddy, fuck me, fuck your black bitch, pour that lovely sperm into me till there’s none left” so I obliged driving my cock into her as she gagged at the thrust and heaved up from the bed as her back arched and she thrust her tits at me, I clamped my mouth on them and sucked, I got a mouthful of milk, “am I robbing my daughter of her breakfast?” I said “there’s plenty more where that came from” she said “help yourself, it feels good to see you suckling me, now give me that sperm, make me pregnant again” she came again as I sucked her other nipple trying to balance the storage tanks, I came as I blasted into her “that’s it let it go, give it to me, give me every drop, don’t hold anything back, just let it flow” and I did, straight into her, I could feel my cock pumping for ages as her luscious cunt sucked all the goodness out of my balls, she kissed me and came again holding me to her, she subsided as my cock wilted, Drained like a vampires maiden, I will have to go and see that Francesca is alright, she left the room, almost immediately the bed moved again as Polly jumped in, I panicked, “what if Simone came back?” I thought, Polly came to me, she had bigger tits than Simone but was very slim build as she clawed at me and wrapped her arms around my neck forcing her tits against me, her legs entwining mine, my cock was on a rapid rise, as it sc****d up her leg, “that’s better, he took his time” she said, she took hold of my cock and stuck it in her mouth as she knelt up and sucked my cock, her tits trailing across my legs, her distended nipples clawing at the hairs on my thighs, “he tastes of Simone” she said as Simone walked around the bed and got in the other side “ he will” Simone said, “he has just fucked me with it” she said as she came up to me, “well lets see if he can fuck me with it” Polly said as she passed her leg over me straddling me then lowering her cunt onto my cock, it felt like I was fucking a silk glove as she sat down on it screwing her face up as he reached the limits and pushing aside bits of her to make space for himself,
I groped her tits, thumbing the nipples as her Aureoles puckered and her very long nipples grew even longer, Simone knelt up and kissed Polly hard on the mouth as she pushed her tongue into her mouth, she rested her head on my stomach as she watched Poly bounce on my cock as her tits bounced, she sat on my chest sucking Polly’s nipples as Polly came with a juddering moan, I got hold of Simone’s buttocks and lifted them pulling her back and licked her rose, she jumped, I could feel my spunk running out of her cunt onto my chest as I tormented her arse with my tongue pushing the end into her ring and making her squeal as she came, her juices flowed again bringing with it my cum from her cunt, I lifted her off and she rolled sideways to lie beside me then I got hold of Polly and rolled her the other way as I got between her legs and fucked her, hard, she started to wail as I shoved my prick all the way into her my balls banging against her arse,
I got hold of her hands pushing them up above her head on the bed and sticking my tongue into her armpits, she thrust upwards with her chest and tits as Simone sucked her nipples “come on baby” Simone said “let him have it, don’t fight him, give it to him drown him in your juice, Oh!! that’s right, come on, whose her daddy, whose Francesca’s daddy” Polly came with a thunderous orgasm that shook the house she thrashed her hips at me as she growled “fuck me, fuck me” as I banged my cock into her, I could feel her swamping my balls as they slopped against the soaking wet rose of her arse, but she kept on coming, shaking her head from side to side as Simone continued her relentless attack on her tits, her legs trembled as another bolt shot up them and into her stomach convulsing her as her cunt gripped my cock and I came into her pouring my juice into her cunt and flooding her cervix, we both subsided as Simone lay smiling at us both, I was soaked in sweat and Polly was soaked in cum, Simone moved over and I collapsed sideways onto the bed between them “I know” I said “I have been killed on my way here today and this is heaven, we all laughed, “told you he was funny” Simone said “yeah, see what you mean” said Polly,
I was still trying to get my breath as was Polly, as she lay panting, her breasts bobbing on the chest action, I leaned and kissed her nipple “you have got to be joking” she said as she rolled to face me, she propped herself up on her elbow as I was laid on my back, Simone was resting her chin on my chest, “when is your next paternal visit?” Polly said “not for a few weeks I’m afraid as I have to go to Croatia on a job, this is one of the reasons I chose to come and see you all to make sure that everything was ok with you two and to see if you needed anything” I said “we are good” said Simone as she rolled on her back with her head on my chest, “you realise that Ellie sees this c***d as her grandc***d, hence the trust fund” Simone said I looked at her, as I rested my hand on her chest cupping her breast, and automatically thumbed her nipple “mmmmm are you ready to go again?” she said feeling for my cock, I fucked them both again but much more slowly this time savouring the black and white flavours.
The next morning we had breakfast as Francesca enjoyed the remainder of her mother’s milk and I kissed them all goodbye, collected my stuff from the hotel and headed back to the village and reality.
I arrived back in the village just after lunch, it wasn’t long before I heard the crunch on the gravel outside my apartment, I looked out of my window & Ellie climbed out of the car and walked to my door, she had a key so she let herself in, she stood inside the door just looking at me “what!” I exclaimed “you know what, you went to see her” she said smiling as she sat on the arm of the couch, “yes” I said “I thought it time that I accepted a few of my responsibilities” I said “good” she said, “so maybe now you will start to calm down a bit although from what I hear you may have increased your harem rather than decreasing it” she said smirking at me “why didn’t you take me with you?” she said looking at me “because I was not sure I could do it” I confessed, I told her about the way that
I had sat in the car debating with myself as to whether I should be seen to be interfering in Francesca’s life or indeed if I wanted to be a part of her life but I decide I did and felt all the more richer for it, she slid off the couch arm and put her arms around my neck as I kissed her, I could feel the kiss getting stronger till her tongue came and I realised that she was confirming that I still belonged to her despite the attack of the lesbian horde, just then the doorbell rang,
I went to the window, a small silver car was standing beside Ellie’s on my drive, I went to the door, it was Maria, I walked past her and stood in the drive, “what are you doing” she said to me “aren’t you going to ask me in?” “no!” I said “I don’t want anyone to see you near my apartment, I was aware that Ellie was watching me from the window and the fact that the door was open she could hear every word, “what do you want?” I asked “my mother wants you to come for dinner” she said, I was annoyed that she seemed to be using her mother as an excuse, “why didn’t you just phone?” I asked “it would have been just as easy for me to say no thank you on the phone as it is now” I retorted, I was getting angry that this woman who fucked with my life and thought she could just walk back in as though nothing had happened, I was pacing on the drive as my anger grew, Ellie came to the door “I think you had better go” she said to Maria, who turned and climbed in her car then in a hail of gravel shot out of my drive narrowly missing a car that was passing, I went back into the apartment then Ellie and I went to bed, we laid side by side staring at each other then I got inside her and we made love, we showered and then we sat and talked, “you know” she said “it bothers me that your hatred of her is so strong that it must be so close to your loving her, “please don’t try to psycho analyse me” I said to Ellie.
Christina was getting bolder, she kept coming around to my apartment at all hours just looking to be fucked, she didn’t care who saw her, she kept at me to take her back to the cinema to get her fucked but I wasn’t keen so I decided to take another route, literally, she came round one night and I was ready for her, as she walked through the door I just stood there and looked at her “take off your knickers” I said, she looked at me and obeyed “now your bra” I instructed, she took off her dress and took off her bra, her tits bounced into view, she was developing a pair like her mother “now put your dress back on” I said, she looked towards the bedroom?“ aren’t we” she waved towards the bedroom “no” I said “I thought we’d have a little fun tonight” I said to her as she smiled at me, we went outside and got into the car, we drove out of town to a large supermarket where I knew there was action,
I sat in the park with her then leaned across and undid some of the buttons on her dress, pulling them slightly apart so that the cleavage of her tits was visible, I knew this was a dogging park from talking to some of the guys in the factory who had been talking about it, it didn’t take long, a car pulled up alongside and a group of young guys were looking into our car as they cruised past, the car went around again and stopped, we had the windows down as it was a warm night, one guy got out of the car and came over, he said something to Christina in Italian, she shook her head and looked at me “what did he say?” I asked “he wants to fuck me” she said “why did you say no to him? I thought you wanted to be fucked” I got out of the car and walked around to the passenger side and opened the door,
I got hold of her arm and pulled her out as her tits bounced around in her dress, I swung her around so that she was sprawled across the bonnet then placing my elbow in the middle of her back to keep her down, lifted her dress, her white bare arse was on display to all the guys, I lifted up my hand and spread my fingers as she started to protest, “10 euro each I shouted to them” they lined up with the notes in their hands, she was crying as they all shoved their cocks into her and fucked her, she had spunk running down her legs, I turned her over, she was panting because whether she wanted to or not she had come a few times, some of the guys groped her tits and sucked her nipples, at 100 euro I called a halt and threw her back into the car then drove her back to my place, I dragged her into my apartment where I showered her and sat her on the bidet, turning the jets up to full as she massaged the water into herself to ease the soreness and try to wash out some of the spunk, she was still sobbing, I wrapped her in a towel and took her into the lounge and sat her down on the couch, she gathered her legs up and sat glaring at me, “happy” I said, she shook her head “you want to behave like a slut, I treat you like a slut” I said “if you want to come and see me you call and ask if it is alright” I demanded, she nodded “I am not your private property that you think you can use when it suits you, you are mine” I said, I couldn’t believe what I was saying, she nodded again, “I did that to you tonight to show you what it is really like to get well and truly fucked by anyone and everyone,
It’s not nice, is it?” I said to her, she shook her head and started sobbing again “now get dressed” I told her, she sat and shook her head “no” she said, she crawled along the couch and straddled my legs putting her arms around my neck, “it is your turn now and it will cost you 10 euro” she said staring at me, she undid the knot in the towel and dropped it, her naked body was in front of me with her genitals hovering over my prick, her reddened tits were jutting out because like I said she was getting the shape of her mother but without as yet the rigours of c***dbirth and gravity taking their toll, her tits were rock solid and her gradually distending nipples told me she was getting horny as she sat on my lap, I have probably told you before how I cannot trust my cock as he gives me away on many occasion, this was no exception, he lurched and she felt it as she dropped her hand to my bulging trousers and stroked, she started to whisper at me “you like me naked eh?” she whispered, “you like to watch them fuck me for money” she continued “all of them pushing their pricks into me and violating me you like eh? Why you no give them my arse?, is more money for my arse, is more money for the arse of nice young Italian girl” she whispered in my ear as she nibbled it,
I slipped my hands onto her hips and started to slide them up cupping her breasts, they filled my hands, I bent my neck towards her and she jumped back “no, no, no” she said “not that”, she was learning, she undid my zip and rummaged around inside my trousers for my cock pulling it into the open, she knelt up and lined herself up, she held her breath and lowered gently, although she was still wet with cum, she was sore, she came down and rocked on my cock as her pain eased and she started to kiss me, sliding her tongue into my mouth, she tasted to sweet and she smelt so fresh and young, she was still quite nubile with her swollen aureoles and a little puppy fat around her tits, “fucking the c***dren now I see” said a voice to my right, I jumped and looked around, it was Maria, she was standing in my doorway, watching me fuck Christina “how did you get in” I said, irritated “I have a mole” she said and could not help looking at Christina who looked away as she continued to rock “I looked at Christina” who could not look at me, she tucked her face into my neck and I could feel her breathing start to quicken, she was coming, she was very quiet but she was certainly having an orgasm as she trembled “go on my girl you take it, I know that feeling so well, it will fill your void that your husband leaves” Maria said as Christine started to hump at me and whimper, I was hardly moving so she was to all sense and purposes taking what she wanted “I would prefer you to leave” I said to Maria “aren’t you going to finish with her first before you throw me out, it would be a pity to spoil her fun just because of me, is she going to make you come, or shall I finish you off” she said kicking off her shoes and kneeling on the couch beside me “keep away” I warned “why? are you frightened of me” she said “are you scared I will blow your mind, it’s surprising what you learn when you have been gang banged and then become a whore,
I know all kinds of tricks to bring you off quick, there is more money in it then, honest! it won’t take long” she said quietly “ just let me fuck you and I will show you pleasures you never thought possible” she whispered bringing her mouth close to my ear, I could feel her warm breath on me, she said something to Christina, who shook her head “no, he’s mine” Christina said firmly “no he is mine and he always will be no matter what he tells everyone, he said he would never be without me and he won’t, I will always haunt him” Maria said, “so you might as well stop fighting it and just let it happen” she said to me as she was back at my ear again, she flicked her tongue at my lobe, then flicked a long manicured nail at Christina’s nipple, “I enjoyed the car park stunt that you pulled tonight, reminded me of the old days, getting banged by the football team, were you trying to teach her a lesson, doesn’t look like it worked much, I assume you do have your cock inside her” she said as she walked slowly around my apartment in her stockinged feet, I lifted Christina off me as my still rigid cock sprang out,
I set her down on the ground as I rose and went in the bathroom to wash the spunk off my cock from Christina’s cunt, she followed me in as I dried off and went into the lounge, Maria was still wandering around, “is it my turn now” she said “I miss your cock and what it used to do for me, can we give it one more try to see if you still have it, have the power to satisfy me and make me pour my juices over your rampant tool, it’s never happened since, do you know, I have tried enough pricks but no one seems to have that extra touch to fulfil me”, she was trying to feed my ego to get closer to me but it wasn’t working, Christina came out of the bathroom dressed, “chow, baby” she called as she headed for the door “ I am surprised you got into her” Maria said after Christina had left, “it was an accident” I countered, I waited, I had laid the trap, would she fall in, she did “and was I an accident?” she said “you were the biggest mistake of my life, I would have been better off with your mother” I said, “ho, ho, ho” I thought “3 fucking nil” she stood and glared at me, I avoided her eyes, it was time for the coupe-de-grace “why am I arguing with you, you mean nothing to me, you are a cheap tramp who got fucked by her father and you seem to think that everyone owes you something because of that well we don’t so get out of my fucking apartment, she stood with tears in her eyes then she picked up her shoes and made for the door, I sat with my head in my hands, the exchange had taken its toll on me, I was knackered, I called Ellie “can I come over” I said to her “of course my darling” she said, you know you are more than welcome, I took a bottle of wine and I told her about Christina and Maria, we made love and I slept with her.
To be continued……………….

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