The Italian Job 16

The Italian Job 16
Italian weddings are very special things with lots of singing and dancing and eating and drinking, I know English weddings are meant to be the same but they do not seem to have the flair of the Mediterranean countries and especially a village wedding where everyone knows everyone including all their relatives both dead and alive, so when Sonia’s daughter decided to get married to one of the village lads the village started to make preparations in a big way, the bunting came out as well as the balloons and the flags and of course the preparations for a street party, mention the word party and the whole village went mad, everyone contributed and the factory was no exception, the atmosphere was electric, partly generated by Yvonne who of course was Sonia’s best friend so when I made my service visit to Yvonne’s house they were busy, they hardly had time to talk never mind fuck so for a few weeks prior to the wedding I was feeling a bit neglected, Ellie was in Rome for a week on business so I was very much left to my own devices, I decided to take a ride out to Bolognia to see what was happening in the big world outside the village, I had a meal and went to the night club but kept a special eye out for the guys that I took Ellie off in the hotel that night, I saw one of them behind the bar, the one that gave the groper the pill, he put his hands up and shook my hand over the bar as I ordered a beer from him, I had just got sat down in a booth when someone sat down beside me, I looked and it was the waitress, she kissed me on the lips and said how fantastic it was to see me again, her friend from the car park was also working that night, I should describe the uniforms of these girls, they wore black very flared skirts that almost looked like ballet skirts, their panties were black and they had on fishnet tights, the front was low cut so that the tops of their breasts were showing, they were encouraged to shove up their tits to encourage the punters in, the sleeves had puffed up frills around the shoulders, her name was Janice and she was English and she had come to work in Italy for a holiday 2 years ago, spoke good Italian, was single and had very blond curly hair, she was about 34 D so she was quite heavy breasted but that is how she had got the job because the boss was doubtful whether to employ her until she just lifted up her sweater and she was hired straightaway, while I was talking to her another woman came into the club and sat at the bar, she had black hair and wore sunglasses and she was smoking, she was wearing a straight knitted dress that clung to her figure all the way down to the top of her knees, there was something vaguely familiar about this woman but I could not quite put my finger on it, the girl was in who I had fucked in the car park who I knew from the earlier visit, she saw me and smiled and got a withering look from Janice, Janice’s mate was Italian and was quite a looker, very elegant although her tits weren’t as big they were very firm looking and I suspected that she did not have a bra on, the bar man was all smiles and waves as he watched Janice and me chatting in the booth then the boss came over and told her off for fraternising as I was still drinking the same glass she shot back to her post to sell more booze, a guy went up to the woman on the bar stool and said something to her, he went out the back door and she followed him, I was very curios so I went in the toilet and watched through the toilet window which was open for ventilation and oh boy! did it need it, by the time I was into the toilet the guy had her dress round her waist while he was into her from behind as she braced herself against the wall with one hand and the fag in the other still taking the occasional puff while he thrashed at her with his cock, I saw his legs shake as he almost stumbled, he pulled up his zip and money changed hands, as she pulled down her dress after taking out a tissue from her handbag and wiping her genitals with it then tossing it away walked back into the club, I managed to get back to my booth before she entered, she took her seat and obviously waited for the next punter, it did not take long as another one approached and spoke to her, I didn’t bother to follow this time because I knew the game, and she was on it, Janice came back keeping an eye out for her boss “ this place closes at 2.00am in the morning, do you fancy coming to a party?” she said, “sounds like fun” I commented, I asked her for another drink and she got it for me, this one was more expensive because it was served by the waitress but it was worth it to see Janice’s arse waddle away from me and get a flash of her cleavage as she served the drink, she lingered as she put it down and looked up and caught me looking down her front “naughty” she said “but then it isn’t as though you haven’t seen it all before is it, my friend has just asked me if you were the guy from the car park the other week” she said, after that her friend was full of smiles, it turned out that the girl I had also fucked in the car park that was also coming and she came and sat with me for a while although her English was poor, I was intrigued by the comings and goings of the woman at the bar, she was beginning to look a bit dishevelled, with stains appearing on her dress, the owner went up to her and she gave him a small wad of notes, I was sitting back in a fairly dark booth as Carlotta the girl from the car park was groping my leg and showing me her navel, I had ripped her tits out of their pockets in the car park so I knew what they looked like, I remember her having large ring aureoles with very small nipples in the middle, she was obviously getting hornier by the minute as she was gripping my cock and trying to wank it, he was getting stiffer with the attention which encouraged her to go further because she considered my hardening cock as a victory, I was watching the woman at the bar then realised that my zip was coming down and Carlotta’s hand was inside fishing for my cock, I panicked and pulled her out of my pants, I had a picture of me being carted off by the police for indecency, she pouted and went back to her drink, Janice came back and sat with me, pushing me into the corner to try to get out of the eye line of her boss, she put her hand on my knee and felt for my prick “she nearly had you then didn’t she” she said as she stroked my cock in my trousers “who is the woman at the bar?” I asked Janice “Zelda they call her, she is a weird one, tart of course makes a fortune out of this place but she is another one who drags the punters in here so the boss turns a blind eye, why, do you want an introduction?” she offered “no but I seem to know her from somewhere” I said “but her name is not Zelda” I continued “ will you take me in the bog for a quickie, I’m getting really horny feeling your cock and remembering what you did to me in the car park, do you know I was an anal virgin till that night, it hurt like hell when you shoved it in” she said to me quietly, she leaned forward and kissed me on the lips taking my hand and putting it on her tits, “come on fuck me” she pleaded “ later” I said, she was another one who pouted at me, Carlotta was sitting with her legs open watching me, she went out and came back shortly after and resumed her seat, she had taken her knickers off and her hairy cushion was there for me to see, she was obviously pissed because she tried to rest her elbow on the table and missed it almost falling off the chair as she managed to regain her balance, Zelda went out again with some bloke so I took the opportunity to go to the toilet for a pee, she was in the car park again but this time facing the guy as he had her leg over his arm, he was groping her tits as she stood and smoked and I actually saw her look at her watch, I finished and turned to face Janice’s friend, she took my hand and lead me into the toilet as she locked the door behind us, she straddled the toilet and spread her legs then reached back and got hold of her tights and knickers together then started to pull them down, I assisted by getting hold and pulling them down to her knees them pushed a couple of fingers into her cunt as her head came up and back, I pulled out my fingers and pushed my cock into her, jamming it up to the top as she whimpered, she still had her head back so I put my hand around and squeezed her throat, she came thrashing back at me with her arse, I let go her throat and shoved my hand down her dress and groped her tits, she came again as I rammed my cock into her juicy cunt, I shot my load into her turned on by the pure crudity of the exchange, I wilted and she pulled up her tights and knickers then turned and kissed me and was gone from the stall, I went to the sink and washed my cock as there was no one was in the toilet then went back to my table, as I walked out of the toilet I almost fell over Zelda on her way back from the car park, she looked straight at me. then went back to her stool, but something about me had disturbed her because she kept looking at my booth, maybe she saw me as potential customer but where did I know her from???
Janice was kicking up a fuss with her friend because Janice had seen the wet patch on her friends panties that I have already said are visible because of the style of the dress, she was shouting at her in Italian and was holding her hand out towards me, I knew without being able to hear what the argument was by the hand signals that were flying about, the Italians are very adept at talking with their hands, Zelda said something to them both and they stopped arguing and carried on working, Janice was glaring at me “I wonder why” Carlotta had joined the queue to the car park partly because she had been flashing her pussy about so much that she had been taken out a couple of times and when she returned and sat down the glint of wetness on her fuzz and the fact that she was dripping cum onto the floor lead me to believe that she had been fucked, the buttons of her top were almost all undone and her tits had red blotches where they had been pulled in and out of her bra, the best part was of course was that she was doing it for free if my encounter with her in the car park previously was anything to go by.
The bar was ready to close, Zelda had gone, she must have got fed up with the freebies being given away by Carlotta who was collapsed on the table rambling, she was in the typical female sitting position when pissed. Knees together feet apart, I think women must be taught this at an early age that in times of stress when you are not sure who will fuck you, keep your fucking knees together and so that you can still stand, your feet apart, it’s classic, a load of guys and women piled into my car as Janice guided us to the party.
The house was in chaos, there were bodies everywhere it looked like a scene from Caligula, we managed to get some drinks and wandered around, Janice and her friend were in tow although they were being groped almost every step of the way, she turned her back to me “unfasten my bra please” she said, I obliged then she slipped it off her arms and pulled it out of her dress then stuffed it in my pocket, she obviously wanted the groping to be more intimate which it was, their tops were elasticated so that if they passed a groper he or she would just pull down the top and the tits would drop out, then on release the top would spring back again as they pulled their tops forward to let their tits back into place again, this style was so that in the club when they bent forward the weight of the tits would stretch the fabric and almost all of the tits in the bra was visible to the punter who would keep buying drinks just to get a flash when she served him, I spotted a toilet and dragged Janice in, her friend followed locking the door behind her, I sat on the toilet and dropped my trousers and my shorts, Janice turned her back to me and sat down as I steered my cock into her cunt feeling the wet slippery interior, I lifted her by the waist as I humped into her. She steadied herself with her hands on the wall as I fucked her hard, her friend liberated her tits as she did her own tits, I had not seen them in the club but they were nice not big but nice shape, Janice was coming while she bounced on my prick, she was moaning and shaking, her friend reached between our kegs and fondled my balls while she leaned behind Janice and clamped her mouth on mine she tasted of Gin like Janice had when I fucked her in the car park, Janice came again big time, she got off me and her friend got on, Janice was standing against the door squeezing her big tits as they oozed through her fingers, her friend had her fingers in Janice as she finger fucked her, her friend folded and convulsed as she came, I lifted her off and pulled up my pants, both girls kissed me hard on the mouth, took off their tights and knickers and we exited the toilet and continued to walk around the house, as there pussy’s were now exposed as they walked, some guy grabbed Janice’s friend and tried to fuck her, as she stretched her hand out to Janice I grabbed it and dragged her off him, Janice squeezed my hand as we continued, everyone was either fucking or being fucked, except me and I intended to remedy that one, “where do you live” I shouted above the music “round the corner, we live together” she said I grabbed a few bottles of beer and we went outside just as Zelda, arrived, I walked straight past her and didn’t even acknowledge her, I had my supper under my arm and I had enough to eat, their flat was small but nice and neat, two beds, a couple of chairs and a small table, as we sat down on the beds, I asked Janice what Zelda had said to her in the club, she had told her not to fight over me I was not worth it, now I was even more intrigued.
I fucked Janice first as I sucked her friend tits, both girls had stripped off as we entered the flat, I sucked Janice’s tits as they had really pink nipples and were very erect, Janice came and I turned her over doggy style, I mounted her fucking her cunt from behind in the kneeling position as her friend hung round my neck with her chin on my shoulder, taking the occasional swig of beer, they were so natural and so matter of fact about being fucked, Janice came again as her legs collapsed her friend crawled onto the bed and backed onto my cock as I stuck it in her and fucked her hard, I could feel her tits swinging as my balls banged against her clit, she screamed as she creamed my cock with her juice once again throwing her head back, Janice had been standing beside me watching her friend perform with my arm round her naked waist, I took the occasional suck of her pink nipples as she offered them to me, her friend came again as her cunt gripped my cock like a vice and she shuddered, women tend to come in different ways, some are quiet and let it wash over them, some are noisy and some are very noisy.
We were all naked as the girls collapsed onto the bed, I had fought to not come to ensure that I pleased them both, Janice’s friend slid onto my legs as I sat with my back to the top of the bed and my legs stretched out on the bed, she sat up and I could feel the heat of her wet slippery cunt on my leg as she stooped and took my cock in her mouth then proceeded to give me a blow job, she was wanking my cock as she ran her tongue around the end and up and down my stem them sank her mouth and tongue onto it again and fucked her mouth on it, “you had better warn her that I am going to come I said to Janice I said, she said something to her friend who just speeded up the sucking and wanking then took the lot as my cock blasted and spit the contents of my balls into her mouth as she gagged trying to take it down her throat, Janice looked a bit disappointed as I had not creamed her but her friend had taken two lots, “we have plenty of time” I said as Janice smiled at me and her friend smiled with cum running down her face onto her tits and cum on her lips, it took about 20 minutes for my cock to recover so I went down on Janice and licked her clit, cunt , slit and arse which puckered noticeably as I touched it with my tongue, then I fucked her missionary as I sucked those pink nipples and she wrapped her legs around me and gripped me very tight as she came 3 or 4 times then I fired my load into her as she sighed at the explosion within her, her cunt milked the juice from my cock, we all curled up together until dawn breaking woke me up, I left a hundred euro and a note explaining that it was not a payment, it was just a thank you, the girls were not rich but they had shared it all with me and I felt it only fair to help them out a bit.
I drove home in the early morning and reflected “who was that fucking woman?” I thought then it came to me, it all clicked into place, Zelda was Maria, all the little characteristics that I knew so well slotted in as well as the fact that she had a fairly low opinion of me which hurt because I had shed tears over that woman, I did not go back to the club again but I did see Maria again and sooner than I imagined.
The next bit gets quite complicated so I advise that you pay close attention.
The time for the wedding arrived, it was to be in the village church with a street party to be held after, because of the hot climate the wedding was to be in the evening with the party going on well into the night and part of the next morning, every one of the team wanted to be involved, Ellie supplied the limo and the driver, the rules in Italy are the same in UK, the groom must not see the bride on the day of the wedding, it’s bad luck but as they both live in a small village…… so it was decided that the bride and her mother would stay with Roseanna the night before, then they had plenty of time to get the bride back to the village just in time for the wedding, I as an innocent bystander to all this stood on the side lines and watched this women’s work, the limo was to take Sonia and Christina her daughter to Roseanna’s place on the Friday evening this would also give them the opportunity to check the dress etc., you know how women are with these things, Yvonne was helping as usual but was generally in charge of the food arrangements, she was also a pretty good organiser as well if the truth be known, with her finger very much on the pulse, Friday lunchtime came and no Limo, Ellie was phoning around trying to locate it, it was supposed to be coming from Genoa to the village and was to be there by lunchtime but seemed to have got lost somewhere between Genoa and the village, they all went into panic mode, Ellie asked me if I wouldn’t mind driving back along the route to see if I could find the car, I set off in search of the wayward vehicle, I found it in the park of a roadside café about an hour out from the village, I went into the café and found the driver on his back on the floor totally pissed, from the owner of the café I managed to glean that the driver thought he had loads of time so would have a drink, and this was the result, I left my car for him to get home when he recovered and took the limo to the village, Ellie’s chauffer Sam was away on holiday so who is elected to drive the limo for the wedding, yep you’ve guessed, yours truly mostly because I knew everyone and knew where Roseanna’s place was, so I piled Sonia, Christina and all the paraphernalia for the dress and Sonia’s outfit into the Limo and set off for Roseanna’s, both Roseanna and Hazel were both surprised and excited to see me arrive although on the way over I had encountered Sonia making plans for the evening, I had never had her for a full night and having seen her performance with Marco, knew what she was capable of, she certainly turned that boy into a man, Ellie said he was like a k** with a new toy, if it had a pulse he fucked it, she had shipped him off to Spain to work there for a few years till he calmed down, I digress, Sonia was sitting in the back of the Limo with Christina, I wasn’t taking much notice of them because the b**st of a car was a pig to drive and was as heavy as hell, the car had a bench seat in the front and the rear had two more bench seats facing each other, I heard the window between the two compartments slide open and heard Sonia’s voice close to my ear, she was kneeling on the seat that faced the back of the car, “you gonna fuck Sonia tonight. English boy?” she whispered in my ear “if that’s what Sonia wants” I replied “ Sonia wants very much” she purred as she sat back down beside Christina on the back seat and smiled at me in the mirror, Christina the bride was a truly spoilt brat as were all Sonia’s c***dren, she tried to compensate for the fact that they had the store in the village in which both her and her husband worked most if not all of the day so the c***dren were neglected so to make up for this they were ruined, I say this because a lot of what happened was because of this problem “give them anything to shut them up approach”.
Dinner was fairly uneventful with both Roseanna and Hazel fussing around like mother hens, pleased to be a part of this celebration of marriage, Hazel had dropped a couple of hints about me fucking her and catching up, I managed to get an hour with Roseanna where I fucked her, she said it eased her tension and that I should attend more regularly, smiling at me wickedly but Hazel said she had been having a few health problems of late and she was concerned for her, we took coffee and drinks then sat on the balcony and chatted, conversation was always a bit difficult because everything had to be translated for Roseanna, Christina spoke a few words of English from school and as she was still only 17 years old could remember what she had been taught, she had a nice figure with just a hint of puppy fat, plump tits to be blunt, she was getting married because they thought she was pregnant but by the time they found out that she wasn’t, all the arrangements had been made, so as they had been caught fucking a couple of times it was decided that as it was only a matter of time till she was pregnant so they had better get wed.
I bid everyone good night and went to bed, I spent an hour talking to Ellie on the phone then settled down, glad of the peace, shortly after the door of the room opened and it was Sonia, she walked over to the bed, pulled back the sheets and climbed in, she had her nightie on which was like a brushed silk fabric, she came into me kissing me on the mouth as she put one arm around me, as she kissed me it got stronger then she slid the other arm under my neck and pulled me in pushing her hips into me, this woman was getting hornier as the seconds rolled by, she was groaning and f***ed me onto my back as she rolled on top putting her knees down my side, she sat up on my legs as she pulled off her nightdress over her head, I don’t know if you remember but I have a thing about women’s under arms, as long as they are shaved, the sight of them really does turn me on, I feel it is so intimate, anyway!! She lifted the nightdress over her head and as she did do she exposed her under arms to me, her tits and her torso as well of course, I reached for her, she put her hand up in front of my face “ no nipple lick just yet” she ordered, “you know it finishes me off and I want to enjoy you tonight, I have not had the opportunity for an extended fuck with you as it is always rushed so tonight I want to make up for that, brace yourself English boy Sonia wants everything, the full menu" I wrapped my arms around her and twisted her off my leg onto her back on the bed, I stuck my tongue into her underarms and she came as I licked, she groaned as I licked “Oh! fuck” she said “ I stop one and he finds another one” she said as she convulsed as the climax tore through her, arching her back as I sucked her nipples but did not apply the nipple lick, I went down on her licking her clit and running my tongue down her slit then pushing my tongue into her as the juices flowed, she groaned a lot as she kept coming in small waves as they washed through her, she was having a soak in the bath of pleasure and she was loving it, being able to relax and get fucked was to her “heaven” she was certainly a very experienced woman and all woman if you know what I mean, fantastic tits, wonderful thighs, round firm buttocks, legs to die for and she liked sex, she was built for it and she knew it, I fucked her on and off all night as she took me several times with her mouth, with her vagina, her arse, all of it and when I started to get tired I applied the famous lick and she went crazy as usual, it really did punch her button as she thrashed at me screaming, trying to fend me off from attacking her most vulnerable part “no!!, not yet, not yet, don’t, please don’t, Oh!! fuck” as her protests fell on deaf ears as I mercilessly took her over the top into the abyss of orgasmic climax, she sank, shaking and trembling on the bed, she lay looking at me with sl**py eyes, smiling at me “marry me” she said “ I will dump that useless bastard of a husband and we can runaway together then find a desert island and you can lick my nipples from dawn till dusk” “ what about the hit squad that Ellie will send after us” I quipped “fuck” she said “I forgot about her, she would as well!!” we laughed, I got in the shower, she was wrapped up in the sheets when I came out and she cuddled into me with her head on my chest and was soon asl**p.
The morning after was dress testing time, I found a nice comfortable sunbed and kept out of the way, at least I tried, Hazel came out to see me, she sat on the bed “so you had a nice time last night?” she smirked “you watched on the camera” I said smiling at her “not only me but Christina also saw you fucking her mother” I was suddenly awake “what!!!, how did that happen” I questioned “it was my fault” she said “you know I swing both ways well I took her for a walk and we went into the camera room, there are no camera’s in there so I thought I might get to have her, she spotted your room monitor and was fascinated by the performance, so much so that I got some fantastic sex with her” she said “for a young girl she gets really wild, I am only telling you this in case it comes up” she concluded.
Just then Sonia came running out “come quick my daughter is being stabbed by her dress” we went inside and what had happened was that a reinf***ement strip in the waist of the dress had snapped and the jagged edge was sticking into Christina’s waist, as far as we knew it had not yet broken the skin because there was no bl**d on the dress but she was in agony and would not let anyone near her because she was frightened of it piercing her, as per usual they all looked at me “ what are you going to do” they said, almost together “ why me?? “ I questioned “you must do something” said Sonia, “look at her, she is in agony” I looked at the dress and apologised to Christina but I will have to put my hand up inside the dress to get to the strip, she was crying but realised I was her only hope, I slid my hand up the dress and felt for her waist, I found her naked cushion, I smiled up at her, she blushed, I went past it and carefully felt around the offending item as she winced, the way the strip was stuck into her meant that the only way I could get it out was to put my hand in palm first so that I could get hold of the strip with my fingers and bend it away from her body before pulling it out, I apologised again and told her I would have to put my arm through her legs to get to it in the right direction, her mother translated and she nodded, holding her fingers to her mouth, I put my arm up and managed to get my fingers around the strip, I could feel the heat of her genitals as my inner arm rested against her cushion, I looked up at her, she was looking down at me and she slowly closed her eyes, held them for a couple of seconds then opened them again, they were glazed “she’s getting horny at the contact” I thought, the only way for me to apply pressure to the strip to bend it was to brace my arm against something and without thinking I braced my arm against her cushion within which was her clit and bent the strip away, several things happened at once, she was relieved of the pain, she grabbed my arm inside her dress and pulled up, this dragged my arm up tight against her cushion where she proceeded to hump it quickly, I could not escape for fear of letting go of the broken strip, she released go of my arm with one hand and grabbed Hazel by the hair and pulled her to her kissing her full on the mouth, Hazel taken by surprise responded, Sonia started screaming as Christina started to orgasm, I felt the damp on my arm as my arm slipped into her crack and her clit hood was being rubbed hard, I was still being humped, she subsided and I managed to retrieve my arm and the broken plastic, she dropped her head as the minute aftershocks tingled through her making her have small shivers, her breasts were heaving inside the dress and Sonia started to shout at her in Italian, none of which I understood, Christina said something back to Sonia, they both looked at me and Sonia went quiet, I certainly got the gist of that bit, Christina had just told Sonia she had seen us together, now this c***d was in the driving seat as far as Sonia was concerned.
Of course Sonia did not know how she had seen us or under what circumstances but it was enough to silence Sonia, I went back to my sun bed where I stayed out of the way, hazel brought me some lunch and I caught up on my sl**p.
Later in the afternoon we set off for the village, Christina looked nice in her dress and was excited, nothing more was said about the morning incident and Sonia was very subdued and I knew she had been drinking heavily, she was soon asl**p and snoring, I could see Christina in the rear view mirror, she looked at her mother sprawled out on the seat and giggled, a few kilometres further on and she suddenly pulled back the sliding window “please, please, toilet?” she said a sound of urgency in her voice, “here?” I said “si, si” she said we were on a fairly quiet road so I pulled into the side near a bush and opened two doors so that she could squat between them so shielding her from the view traffic, she hopped out but she had a problem, the dress had hoops around the skirt section and she could not get her hands under the skirt to pull down her knickers, I looked at Sonia who was spark out, she was sliding down the seat with her skirt round her waist, I looked at Christina “please, please” she said, I reached under and pulled down her knickers and to my surprise she stepped out of them, I then had to lift her dress with the petticoat she had on underneath so that she could squat and pee on the ground beside the car, you can imagine how I felt, she stood and then it happened, she reached and got hold of her mother’s hand bag and fished out a wad of tissues, “oh, no!” I thought, “why me?” she handed me the tissues then bent down with her hands on the seat, I lifted her dress and was faced with a beautiful arse that had tight round buttocks framing a very tidy vulva with a hint of pink showing through, her vulva was wet with pee, I proceeded to wipe her as she opened her legs and she started to breath faster, her arse started to hump a little at my touch, I kept wiping trying to ignore it but then she started moaning, and saying something in Italian, “ she is asking you to fuck her” Sonia said, she was sitting on the seat obviously having come round from her drinking bought, “no! I won’t” I said, Sonia translated, then more conversation “she says why not, you fucked me and she will not continue till you fuck her” she said sounding as fed up as I felt “just get on with it and then we can get moving again” Sonia said, breathing a heavy sigh, I slipped my fingers into Christina’s vulva then into her vagina where I finger fucked her, Christina said something to her mother between gasps “ with your cock, she says” said Sonia “ just do it” I opened my flies and got out my cock which was ready with all the treatment I had given to Christina’s bits and pieces I eased my cock into her and started to stroke her, she was gasping and moaning as I increased my pace, another exchange took place “ she wants you to squeeze her tits while you fuck her” said Sonia but I have explained that it’s not possible because her bra is built into the bodice of the dress and you cannot get to them” Sonia said, just then Christina came with an almighty wail, she screamed at Sonia who jumped up and unzipped the dress all the way down the back then she took hold of the dress at the top and pulled it off Christina over her head, she looked at me and shrugged, I got hold Of Christina’s tits and groped them as she came again, her legs almost went and I caught her, she was almost naked apart from the white self-supporting stockings and the obligatory garter, she pulled off me and spun round facing me then put her foot on the door frame got hold of my cock and guided it into her cunt from the front, I fucked into her hard as she clung to my neck and I groped her tits, she came again and threw her head back, her tits were exposed so I thought “it’s worth a try to get this finished” so I nipple licked her, she exploded as she endured the orgasm, the climax racking through her young body as her stomach convulsed and I felt her cunt grab my cock then I came, shooting my seed into this young fertile woman, her legs went this time and I managed to get her back into the car as she fought to get control of her breathing, Sonia got her dress back on and we set off again, I had picked her knickers up off the ground as I got into the car, I held them up and she shook her head still unable to talk, Sonia came to kneel on the rear facing seat again and put her mouth near my ear, “well done, thank you” she whispered “ like mother like daughter” I replied with a smile on my face, “I could do with a pee if you can find a nice quiet place to stop, I am quite horny after watching you fuck my daughter” she said with a smirk on her face, we got to the church on time and the wedding went as planned but I couldn’t help but notice the odd drops of cum on the floor as Christina walked down the aisle and the fact that she was commando added a new dimension to the proceedings.
The party was going with a swing and I saw Maria sitting with her mother she glanced at me and smiled, I did not respond, she was not wearing the black wig but her hair was cut very short, she looked fairly haggard and tired “I am not surprised” I thought remembering the queue to the car park when I saw her in the club but I had the advantage, I knew she was Zelda, but she didn’t know I knew.
Christina had recovered and occasionally smiled at me, Maria must have been standing quite close to me behind me and saw the smile “another conquest” she said, I turned and was so tempted but thought “no!! you will have your moment” I made no reply “ how are you?” I said smiling sweetly, as I can, she was still a beautiful woman, I looked at her eyes, they were alive “do you have a cigarette?” I said, she raised her handbag and was about to unfasten it then stopped and looked at me ”you knew it was me” she said glaring at me “why didn’t you acknowledge me?” she asked “were you following me?” she questioned “why on earth should I be following you?” I countered “I was there to see and old friend” I said “Janice” she smirked as though winning a moral victory “I wouldn’t have thought she was your type” she fenced “I needed to thank her for a service that she did for me” I said “the only service she can perform is sucking your cock” again the smirk “you should know” I said, I could almost see the scoreboard saying 1-0 but then I realised that I was slipping into a trap, I was conversing with a tramp, admittedly an expensive tramp but a tramp nonetheless, I decided to go and talk with some real friends “you will have to excuse me” I said and started to walk away “would you like to have a drink some time?” she called after me ”I can’t afford you” I called back over my shoulder. 2-0
I managed to get Yvonne and Sonia on their own, they were discussing the situation with Christina, “we have a problem” Sonia said “before the wedding Christina followed me a couple of times to Yvonne’s house, she thought nothing of it even though you turned up, but now that she knows that you are fucking me she has put the two and the two together and knows that we have a regular arrangement and wants to be a part of the game” she said, she had already explained to Yvonne what happened so no translation was necessary, “but she now has a husband” I said “I Know” said Sonia but like me she has now had sex with you and knows that the grass is greener on the other side of the fucking mountain, she told me she never had sex like that ever in her life” she said “I would hope not” I said she is only 20 years of age, “ I added, I told Sonia how Christina had found out about her mother and me and about the situation with Hazel, Sonia’s eyes lit up when she found out the fact that her daughter had a weakness, other women!! she translated to Yvonne who smiled biting her bottom lip, then she spoke to Sonia and I knew what this was about as Maria’s name was mentioned in the conversation “have you seen Maria?” asked Sonia “yes” I nodded “ and?” she asked “ and what?” I said negatively “she wants to come back to the village and wants to know that you will be ok with her, will you see her again?” Sonia said “she can do what she likes “I said “it is her village and no I will not see her again, that woman broke my heart” I admitted “I will not give her the opportunity to do it again“ I said, Sonia looked at me for a few moments before translating to Yvonne, I felt sorry for Yvonne, her world had fallen apart when her husband left, her daughter had made a spectacle of herself at the party which ended in her main chance to see her daughter happily settled with a man that she loved and who loved her and would not treat her like a door mat, dashed to the ground, now! when she hoped there might be a reconciliation in the future I stamped on it with a rock solid reason why it was not going to happen, I saw a small tear appear in the corner of her eye as Sonia explained the situation, Yvonne hugged me and I knew that was the end of that particular relationship.
To be continued……………………..

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