the Italian Job 14

The Italian Job 14
After the ending of the relationship with Maria I settled down to a steady situation with the remaining women who I must say had a very much more philosophical approach to our relationships, Ellie was always pleased to see me and thoroughly enjoyed my getting between her legs and fucking her, she loved being servile so a nice arse pounding was on the cards now and again as she took it in her stride, she had fucked her nephew although he did not know it was her, she realised that experience counted if a woman does not want to be left stranded and wanting, her experiences with her late husband had taught her that.
Yvonne was good, she was a lovely fuck and invariably wanted it in the arse at some time during the night but she was nice to sl**p with as she lolled her tits on me and her mouth was so delicious but most of all she was an excellent cook, the only problem was that she did not speak English, my Italian was improving but far from conversational which I missed because I do like dirty talk, Ellie knew that and used it against me on several occasions when I was trying to last and she wanted to finish me off.
Sonia was Sonia, A voracious predator who loved me to fuck her in all kinds of situations and venues, always trying to push the boundaries of decency with the places she chose to perform, she had an excellent body and she knew it with her fantastic thighs and good breasts, the cleavage of which was nearly always on show in one form or another, she always maintained that I had a power over her because she was addicted to my nipple lick that sent her over the edge wherever we were having sex, to me it was just attention to her nipples but to her with her ultra-sensitive aureoles it was orgasmic heaven.
I cannot say that the loss of Maria did not leave a hole, it did but the ladies took care of me as I did them, including the rare trips to see Roseanna and Hazel who was always pleased to see me, Hazel was the most versatile of the lot, she was very energetic with the sex and if you have read any of the other stories know that she loved me to **** her, to take what I wanted and to hell with the consequences because in her words “ if you want it you will have to take it, I will not willingly give it to you” but when she did give it to me she was very erotic and almost creamed me before I got near her, one of her strongest points was her vulva that was neat and puffy and she would put it on display as she did the first time I fucked her and drive me crazy with it as I tried to get either my tongue or my cock into it, to penetrate it and violate it.
Ellie was always trying to persuade me to take her out, she did not get out at all because of her status and position in Italian society no one wanted to accept the responsibility for her in case she got snatched or k**napped or something equally horrendous, she was an extremely rich woman but most of all she had breeding and a very high social standing, but of course as usual I gave in and took her out.
We went for a meal and a club and she was really into slumming it and experiencing the seedier side, I talked about Sonia and how it would do Ellie good to go out with Sonia because Sonia knew about the sexually degrading and deviant side of being a woman whereas Ellie wanted to sample it all, she was a very striking woman to look at and although she had a few wrinkles here and there, she was extremely beautiful with her long silver grey hair that she mostly kept up in a bun which aged her, her pencil slim figure and strong firm breasts that tended to sag a bit when they were liberated from her bra but they still gave me a lot of pleasure when she fed them to me, she had fantastic legs, really slim and shapely with strong muscles and calves to die for, I often use to stroke them if she was on top of me, I would reach around her and though she thought I was after her buttocks, I was actually wanting to slide my hands up her legs, she liked to talk dirty to me but she loved it too, especially if we were in public as you will see in this story, as I said we went for a meal and a club, she was wearing a tight top with green bra underneath that was pushing her breasts to the middle so that her low cut freckled cleavage was bulging with potential promise, her hair was down, partly because she knew it made her look younger and because she was less likely to be recognised and she had small ribbons in her hair that to me looked quite sexy, her skirt was to the knee and was not tight but not flared if you know what I mean, she had on the lace topped self-supporting stockings that she knew I liked and some bright blue panties, she maintained that thongs got stuck up her crack and sometimes she thought that she would need surgery to get them out, I picked her up and I told her how ravishing she looked , she was very excited to be going out and kissed me hard as she got into the car giving me a flash of the cleavage as she leaned over, I had already promised to sl**p with her on the return home which was rare so she was excited about that as well as like Yvonne she loved having me in her bed all night, she would sl**p with her head on my chest and her hair spread all over me which was good, I digress, we went to Bolognia to the same restaurant and club that I took Maria and her mother to, I knew the layout so I felt comfortable being there with her, we ate a good meal at the restaurant with the waiters trying to peek down her cleavage.
The club was as normal, we sat at a table and did a bit of dancing which again she enjoyed because it had been such a long time since she had danced, a lot of eyes were on her as her legs came into view as she twirled sending the semi flaring outwards but not enough to show her underwear but enough to see the lace tops of her stockings, I noticed this when she danced with some other guys who were drooling over her, she had radiant smile on her face, she was enjoying every second, we sat at the table having a drink “I fancy a bit of role play” she said “what have you got in mind” I replied “ you know I asked you to give me away” she whispered, as she leaned forward giving me another flash “ well how about if you sell me” I nearly fell off my chair, “that sounds highly dangerous” I said “ not if you stick close” she said “ I have been thinking about it and if I pretend to be of another nationality then that will cover the need to speak English as I will make out I do not speak Italian, “hang on a minute” I said I need to visit the toilet, I went to the bog and got a couple of condoms from the machine, I thought it best if things got out of hand, I knew this woman and anything could happen, she was frightened of nothing and for her the more deviant the better, I returned to the table and guess what, she had attracted the same guy who was fingering Maria’s tits the last time, he must have been a serial tit groper, because he was using the same tactic but funnily enough so was Ellie, she had her legs crossed so her skirt had ridden up to show her thigh, she was leaning forward with her bosom resting on her arms so that as she leaned further forward it pushed her breasts even further up and out of her top, the guy was leaning into her, she flashed a look at me as I sat on a nearby table, she flashed another look and opened her eyes at me, the guy was doing his usual by sitting with his hands in the praying position and extending the fingers of one hand to caress her swollen cleavage, he was sliding the back of his finger up and down it Ellie took hold of his finger gently and pulled to her mouth where she kissed the tip of it then slipped her tongue out to lick the end, I nearly came never mind the guy, she returned it to her bosom where he slipped it under the edge of her top, she moved her arms up so that her elbows were on the table, then slipped her fingers under the inside edges of her top and pulled it out slightly to reveal the top of her breasts down to the lacy bra that cradled them, she let go of the top and it snapped shut again, the guy nearly got his nose stuck in it, he was so close, I could see him licking his lips and he was sweating, she took hold of his finger again and started to wank it, then she let go and crossed her legs the other way so that where he was sitting gave him a clear view of her crutch as it flashed by, I could hear a bit of the conversation which was in English, she was talking like an Italian who spoke very little English, I was most impressed with the performance, he said something to her and she raised her hand and curled her fingers towards me indicating for me to come, I moved to the table and sat at 90 degrees to the guy, I looked at Ellie “ what is the problem” I asked “no problem” she said in a very thick accent “ he say he want fuck me, I say he must speak you, my agent” she said, I could not believe what I was hearing, I looked at the guy he was perspiring and licking his lips as Ellie leaned in again resting her trophies and pushing them up “how much” he said nervously “500 Euro for 2 hours” I offered “whaaat!!” he exclaimed “ look at her man” I said “she is hot for you, she will do anything without limits, I glanced at Ellie who was nodding and staring at the guy, you can fuck her any way you please, cunt, arse, mouth, anything, but the 500 does not include the hotel room which has to be at least 4 star, this is not just a tart off the street, this is one high class lady and I can tell by the look on her face that she wants to fuck you, she is gagging for it, she will literally blow your mind, Ellie reached and rubbed her finger along his as she stared at him, the only stipulation is that I will be sat in the lobby of the hotel in case you decide on any nasty or funny stuff, she has a bleeper and she can summon me, the other is that you use a condom, maybe two or three if you can but I have to protect her, she is a valuable asset, you understand ?”I said, he nodded, I looked at Ellie, “we have deal?” she asked looking at the guy, he nodded “good” she said “don’t worry I take care of you good” she drawled “where is she from?” he asked “she is Greek” I said “we go do this now” Ellie said “unless you want dance first or drink” she offered “I would like a drink and maybe a dance” the guy said “OK “ I said “I will have a beer and she will have a fruit juice” I said to the guy, Ellie glared at me as she leaned even further forward, I thought they were coming out of her top, the guy licked his lips again and went to the bar, Ellie leaned in my direction “that was fantastic” she said I cannot believe I just did that” she whispered “ I hope you feel the same when he has fucked you in every orifice” I said to her “ I can’t wait” she purred, I passed her the condoms under the table, she looked down at them in her hand “ahhh my pimp is too kind” she whispered, the guy came back with the drinks, he was drinking quite quickly, obviously eager to get into Ellie’s knickers, she stood and danced with him, his hands were all over her but she was playing him well, avoiding his groping fingers, they came back to the table, Ellie picked up her drink I shook my head at her, she put it down again “is there a problem with the drink?” he said “yes I said the bartender gave you something and you dropped it into her glass” I said looking straight at him, he dipped his head “sorry it was a mistake” he pleaded “do you want to do this or not, because if not she has another 2 more appointments tonight and we will be on our way, Ellie was scratching her tit that was bouncing up and down as she rubbed it, the guy conceded and we went outside.
In the car park I asked him for the money “do you have it or do you have to go to the cash machine?” I said “ the cash machine” he said, “there is a hotel beside the airport, we will meet you there in half an hour” I said “ we will not wait any longer” I stated, we went to our car and got in “ have you done this before” Ellie said bemused by my performance “ you are very good at it” she said “you are a very special lady and you are important to me so I want to ensure that you do not come to any harm” she leaned over and kissed me “ careful” I said “I cannot afford your prices” we laughed, we drove to the airport and parked waiting for the guy, I had taken his registration number and knew what sort of car he drove, it was not long before he pulled into the park, he was alone in the car, we got out of our car and went into the hotel, he booked the room, I took him on one side and he gave me the cash, I counted it carefully, “ I will be here when you have finished” I said I said to Ellie, she nodded and smiled, I kissed her on the cheek, I did not want her to do this, I wanted to wrap her up and keep her to myself but this is what she wanted, they went upstairs together, I stayed in the lobby for a few moments then went outside to my car.
I sat in my car for about half an hour when I noticed a light come on in the car belonging to the guy, another guy who I recognised from the bar was walking across to the hotel but not to the door, I slipped out of my car and followed him, he went in through the service entrance and up the service stairs, I followed at a safe distance, I knew which room Ellie was in so I had a fair idea where he was going, he walked along the passage to the room then carefully opened the door and went in, I walked to the door picking a fire extinguisher off the wall as I went, I got to the door and listened, they were chattering in Italian so I could not make out what was said so I got hold of the fire extinguisher trigger and walked in the room, Ellie was lying on the bed in her underwear, the two guys were stood in the middle of the room, they turned at my entrance, one of them came at me, I raised the extinguisher and pulled the trigger, a blast of white powder engulfed the man as he was instantly blinded, the second guy came at me and I did the same to him, they were both wandering about coughing and blind “get dressed” I said to Ellie “what’s this guys, two for the price of one” I said, one of them had managed to clear his eyes and he came at me again so I hit him with the extinguisher and he went down like a sack of spuds, Ellie was dressed by now and I took her arm and steered her out of the room, we went down to the car park and got in the car, I did not waste any time but drove straight out of the car park and along the road “ can we go back to the club?” she asked “what for?” I queried “there is something else I want to do” she said.
We arrived at the club and sat down for a drink, “now what is it you want to do here” Is said “I want to fuck in the toilet” she whispered “and what else do you want to do” I whispered back not believing my ears ”I want to be fucked on the bonnet of a car in the car park” she whispered again I nearly fell from the chair again, this dear sweet elderly lady was turning into a slut, I smiled at her “who have you got in mind for this exercise?” I queried “you” she said, I looked at her, she was serious, I looked around, then stood up and took her by the hand as I had done with Maria, I marched through the club and into the gents, grabbed a stall and locked the door behind us, I dropped my trousers and sat down, she lifted her skirt and I pulled down her knickers, she stepped out of them and straddled my legs, her pussy was soaking “did they fuck you?” I said “they didn’t get the chance she said, they were just in the process of stripping me when you walked in “spoilsport” she laughed at me “so you will have to compensate me now she said as she sank onto my shaft with her arms over my shoulders and her hands crossed behind my head as she kissed me pushing her tongue into my mouth searching for my tongue, she started to thrust at me as I reached up an squeezed her tits, she moaned “ fuck me, please fuck me , make me scream, pump your juice into me, fill me up” she cried, I lifted her buttocks a little to give myself some space then thrust up into her, rattling her jewellery as she came clenching her nails into my neck and moaning and gasping as the orgasm raced through her, I lifted her top taking the bra with it as it plopped over the mounds of her tits and took hold of them then lifted them to my mouth I sucked on them and applied my nipple lick, taking a lump of tit in my teeth the folding the nipple over so that it is against the tit in my teeth and rasping my tongue across the nipple itself, she went crazy, she growled at me as she thrashed her hips at me “ Oh!! You fucking man” she growled “where did you learn that fucking trick, you should be banned from going near women, it should not be allowed that you know so much, Ohhhh” she screamed and then I heard it, the tinkling in the pan beneath me, her bladder had opened with the f***e of the orgasm and she was peeing over my cock and into the pan “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” she shouted as the bright golden liquid hit the water, she clung to my neck with her mouth very close to my ear “I am so ashamed” she wailed “oh what have I done” she looked down and saw the golden drops off my balls, as she peed it ran down my cock and I could feel the hot water running over my balls into the pan, she looked at me and bit her bottom lip, her eyes were sparkling with mischief, she stood up off me and looked down at my sopping pubic cushion, my wet erect cock and my soaking balls, she was stifling a laugh, “it’s all your fault” she giggled, “come on she said I can finish you off in the car park” I held up her knickers, “I don’t need those” she said I got some toilet paper and wiped myself as best I could. she pulled some tissues from her bag and I used those to finish the clean-up, I was glad I had been sat on the toilet when it happened.
We went out into the car park and found the car, she put her handbag into the car she reached behind her loosening her bra, she pulled the straps down her arms and got the bra off leaving her top on although her tits were bouncing around inside her top, “ are you really sure you want to do this because shortly there will be an audience and all of your bits and pieces will be on display in a public car park” I explained to her “that’s what I am hoping for “she said kissing me “ take off your skirt” I said, she obeyed without question “ are you sure you want to do this?” she said to me “because I am expecting to be fucked by more than one person here tonight and maybe suck a few cocks so I might get covered in spunk so if you cannot handle that then I suggest you go back in the club and leave me to it but don’t go too far away” she looked me straight in the eye and smiled “ how do you want me?” she said “because I want to take you first” I pushed her face down onto the bonnet and pulled up her top so that her tits lay spread on the bonnet of the car flattened by her chest on them, I pushed my cock into her cunt from behind and pounded her as she opened her legs and moaned and squealed at the onslaught, a guy came up beside her and stood watching her get fucked, I saw the zip come down as she reached out her arm and took his cock in her hand, she started wanking him, I kept up a steady pace as I held onto her hips and banged it into her my balls thumping against her clitoris, she came, gagging on the orgasm as it struck her, I did not let up, another two guys came over, one had a woman with him she was linking his arm as they watched the spectacle, the other guy got his cock out and started to wank it beside me, so I pulled out of Ellie as he shoved his prick into her and started banging her whilst I stroked my cock ready for the return, the guy she was wanking folded and came onto the bonnet of the car, she held her hand out for another, it was soon filled, two or three people started to take interest, the woman with the bloke unzipped his fly and got his cock out then she went down on him as he pulled her top off, another guy got hold of the womans tits and started groping them fishing them out of her bra to swing free, the woman stood sucking the man cock as she pulled up her skirt at the back and started to pull down her own knickers, I walked around and obliged her as I shoved my cock into the silky smooth wet cunt as she moaned on the prick she was sucking, Ellie was now on her third cock, and still wanking the guys stood beside, she now had spunk on her face, the guy having his cock sucked by the woman I was fucking came into her mouth, she choked and spit it out but he was gone, another guy stepped in and gave her his cock whilst another stood beside me, I pulled out of her as the guy stepped in and fucked her, I was keeping my eye on Ellie as she came again, the guy inside her came so I went and turned her over so that she was face up as several hands started to grope her tits, she came again as she arched her back up, someone pushed past me to shove their cock into Ellie while they lifted her legs up, next a girl knelt in front of me and started sucking my cock, she was looking up at me, it was the girl I had met when I brought Maria to the club, she was licking and slurping on my juice drenched tool, by now there were quite a few cocks and quite a few cunts being serviced, I bent down and got hold of the top of the girl who was sucking my cock, I pulled it up bringing her bra with it as her tits bounced into view, she stood and turned as she grabbed the door handle for support, I lifted her skirt and ripped through the sides of her panties, they fell away as I shoved my cock into her, she came almost immediately arching her tits forward as hands grabbed them, I looked around, pandemonium was breaking out in the car park, women were being dragged on the bonnets of cars and getting fucked whether they wanted it or not, one bloke was stuck up the arse of another bloke while he was fucking some tart, I pulled out of the girl and another cock stepped in, a girl was stood beside me, me next she said I opened her coat, it was one of the waitresses, I upended her on a nearby car and ripped off her tights, then her knickers then sank my cock into her as she gasped and thrashed as I pounded her cunt with my cock stuck right up her, she was so tight, she was pulling open her dress and her tits came out, they were pink and her nipples very erect, I pulled out and turned her over then went back in, it was time to give her my load, I sucked her pink nipples as I fucked into her and we came together, her eyes opened wide as my load blasted into her then she threw back her head and wailed as the orgasm tore through her choking her as I shafted the remnants of my dying prick into her, I put my cock away and went to see how Ellie was getting on , they had pulled her to the front of the bonnet so that she could suck cock which she was doing, two blokes were holding her legs while another was stood between them fucking her, he shot his load into her as she arched again and came, the bloke pulled his dripping cock out of her and took a leg while the leg bloke stepped in and fucked her, I got to her head between cocks “ how are you?” I asked, to tell the truth I am tiring a bit now she said “what is your score so far?” I asked “I lost fucking count” came the reply, a hand was feeling my cock and I looked it was the waitress, she unzipped me and fished out my prick, she went down and started sucking my cock, as he came up she stood, I tucked her leg that she lifted under my arm and sank my cock into her cunt as she wrapped her arms around my neck and stuck her tongue in my mouth, she tasted of gin, I put my free hand on her arse and sank my finger into her arse rose, she yelped and slammed her hips into me “oh!! yes please yes” she said, her English took me a bit by surprise, I finger fucked her arse as she clung round my neck, I could feel my cock through the wall between her cunt and her arse “do it, do it she said “it will hurt you” I said “ I don’t fucking care just do it” I rubbed my fingers around her cunt which was streaming juice and got them nice and wet, then I stuck two of them in her arse as she grimaced, worked them for a few seconds then whipped them out and spun her round then shoved my cock up her arse as she gagged with pain then relaxed as I started a steady rhythm of fucking her arse, she was having her tits groped by another waitress and they were kissing, I looked round and Ellie’s legs were lifted as one guy shoved his cock in her arse and fucked it, I drove my cock further into the waitress at each stroke till I could feel my balls banging against her cunt opening, the other waitress reached under and pushed two fingers into the first one and finger fucked her while I continued fucking her arse, she came and sprayed her ejaculation all over the other waitresses hands.
I shot my load into her as she collapsed off me, I moved around and saw that Ellie was weakening, time to go I thought, as a bloke shot his load up her arse, I stepped in and scooped her up in my arms to a groan from the crowd, she wrapped her arms around my neck and hung on as I made for the car with her, I threw her into the passenger seat and dived into the driver’s seat, I sped out of the car park and hit the road home, I slowed when we were clear of Bolognia and took time to look at her, she was sitting in the seat with her knees up under her chin with a big fat grin on her face, “ I lost my shoes” she said, she had also lost her top and her stockings that had been ripped off in the frenzy, she was naked, she reached for her handbag and took out her tissues pushing a wad between her legs to soak up the spunk that was running out of her everywhere, she was covered in blobs of cum, on her face, on her tits, that looked red raw from all the groping they had endured I took her home, wrapped her up in the travel rug and carried her into her apartment where I put her on the couch while I ran the bath, I lit a few candles and poured some wine then gave it to her, she started to drink “I have a funny taste in my mouth” she commented and smiled, I put her in the bath and joined her, the tub was enormous as we sat at each end drinking wine and staring at each other, “cheers” she said “ thank you for a fantastic night” she said, we washed the stains of the night away off each other “how did you do?” she asked “ I saw you fucking the girl who was sucking the blokes cock but then I lost sight of you” she commented “I fucked her then a girl I met the last time I was here and then one of the waitresses” I told her “did you cream anyone?” she asked “ yes” I said “the waitress twice” I said “oh! should I be concerned, am I under threat” she said staring at me “once in the cunt and once in the arse” I said “I do feel surplus to requirements” she fished, I said nothing, we got out of the bath and she used the bidet to make sure that there were no traces of cum in her channels, then she lay face down on the bed, “can you put some cream on my bits” she said I am a bit sore, “ open your legs” I told her, she obeyed, I put a big dollop of cold cream on her vulva and she jumped a mile, “you bastard” she screamed then I gently rubbed the soothing cream all around her vulva, all around her clit and her vagina then around her rose, her arse puckered at the touch, she was groaning as I went about my work, “so who is this waitress?” she asked “I don’t know” I replied, “just a girl” I said smiling to myself, windup time, “she did push a bit of paper in my pocket as she kissed me goodbye” I lied “what!!!” Ellie cried as she jumped up, I was sitting on the bed smirking at her, “what are you smirking at?” she asked scowling at me, “why is it that all you women are the same, I fucked three women tonight and creamed one of them, you fucked at least 6, sucked off I don’t know how many and got your arse shafted by 3 at the last count and they all creamed you then you harass me, isn’t this a bit one sided, I just got rid of one obsessively jealous bitch and now I seem to have found another, she crawled to me across the bed “don’t be cross” she begged, “you know I get insecure because of my age” she whimpered “ I didn’t notice your age getting in the way of the queue of blokes lining up to fuck you tonight” I commented “do you realise how hard it was for me to watch all those men fuck you tonight, abusing your body like a piece of meat dumping their cum into you like some garbage receptacle, do you?” I said.
“Do you want to fuck me” she said “I thought you were sore?” I said “I am but if you want to?” “ I would rather wait till you feel better in the morning and you have some of the sensitivity back, then I want to fuck you” I replied “would it be easier if I put on a waitress costume” she asked as she burst out laughing unable to keep her face straight any longer, I looked at her, she had the mischievous smirk on her face again, she came to me and wrapped her arms around my neck kissing me on the lips “was I good tonight” she asked, “did you like watching me with all those men, did you like seeing me get fucked, did you like seeing me get my clothes ripped off???” she was in my face with her mouth kissing me and flicking her tongue at me, my cock was giving me away again, as it rose steadily I put my arms around her waist and pulled her in, my cock rose between her legs and stopped resting along her slit, I could feel her breasts against me “how long have you felt like this? before Maria or after?” she said “before, since the first time” I said, we got into the bed and she spooned into me, I wrapped my arm around her and cupped her breast, “I love you” she said.

To be continued……..

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