The Italian Job 12

The Italian job 12
The day had come for the party at Roseanna’s house, the plan was to drive there on the Friday afternoon, have the party all day Saturday & Saturday night then make our way home on the Sunday.
I went to Yvonne and Maria’s home on the Friday lunch time and collected them along with Sonia then we all drove to Ravenna to the party venue, Roseanna was waiting at the door with Hazel in the background, the ladies had the tour of the house and we were shown to our rooms, dinner was to be a 7.00pm, quite a lot of guests had arrived already and Yvonne and Sonia were already popular even though they were still dressed in shorts and blouses from the journey, I changed into my swimming shorts and grabbed a sunbed, I had seen the house so that was of no further interest to me, I was more interested in a swim and getting reacquainted with Hazel but the trick would be escaping the constant gaze of Maria who was watching me like a hawk,
I had done a few lengths of the large pool and got out and stood by the bed, a hand with a towel in it came alongside and I thanked the person and turned, I came face to face with Ellie, “I forgive you for not bringing me to this party“ she said “I have had to make my own way here but I got my nephew Marco to bring me” she said.
“Well it’s great to see you again” I said, she came closer “will you have time for me this weekend?” she said quietly “I will make time for you” I promised “good, I will look forward to being reacquainted with my friend” she said looking down at my cock which after the pool was very dormant “ have you eaten today?” she said flicking her tongue at me lewdly, I laughed “how is Maria?” she said, “ask her yourself” I said as Maria came up behind her” they kissed each other on the cheek and Maria almost curtsied in the presence of what almost amounted to Italian royalty, “hello my dear” said Ellie “ have you been on your course yet?” she asked “no” Maria said, “ it is in two week’s time” “ you will have to keep an eye on her when she goes on the course, she could get up to anything” Ellie said to me, I glanced at Maria who was blushing.
Roseanna joined us as I dried myself off, her and Ellie were old friends and they drifted off chatting, “the house is fantastic” Maria said, I think she was expecting me to comment but I kept quiet so as not give anything away, she went to put on her swimming costume.
I laid on the sunbed and donned my sunglasses, the chairs were laid out as they had been when I was there last, with another bed facing me alongside, a figure crossed my sight line and sat down on the other bed, “how are you” said Hazel “ I see you have brought your girlfriend with you” she said looking straight at me “ will you have time for me this weekend?” she whispered “ I will make time for you” I said “good, the dress is expendable by the way” she said as she rose, kicked up her heel and walked off, I got the feeling that this was going to be a good party, Maria came back as Hazel left, I watched them eye each other as they passed, “what was she saying to you?” Maria said interrogating me “she was just saying hello” I replied “huh!! I bet she was” said Maria “did she say hello to your cock as well?” she quipped “Maria!!!” I said looking straight at her “I know, I know” she said “ but I can’t help it, she is a very beautiful woman and she troubles me” “but you don’t get jealous about your mum” I challenged “ that’s different” she replied “and I know you fucked Roseanna and Sonia the other week and that didn’t really bother me either, even Ellie who I suspect you fucked but she is an old lady and I know if you did fuck her then it was for my sake and possibly to get back the film” she said staring at me waiting for me to answer, I kept quiet, she pouted at me “ why don’t you tell me what happened with Ellie, I am intrigued?” “I have told you it is over I said to her firmly and glared at her, she recognised the look I gave her and she knew she was pushing too much “are you coming for a swim?” I said “I don’t know she said sulkily” then I will make up your mind for you” I said as I grabbed her and jumped into the pool with her as she screamed.
I swam with her to the far side of the pool away from prying ears, “look Maria” I said to her seriously, I think we should go home and not stay for the party, you seem to be getting very intense about our relationship when I thought we had an understanding” we were at the deep end of the pool and she was holding onto the ladder as I trod water, her head was down like a spoilt school girl which at this moment that is exactly what she was, she looked up at me “ it troubles me when you don’t tell me things, when I don’t know what you are doing or who with, you know I love you but I do not want to lose you because I took my ball off the eye” as I said her English is not perfect “OK” I said, “ you obviously don’t trust me so I am going home, if you want to come with me ok and if you don’t well fine”
I turned and swam back to the shallow end, got out of the pool and went to the room, got showered, packed my bags and walked out, waving goodbye to Roseanna who I had given my apologies to, Maria was standing by the side of the pool crying with Yvonne and Sonia trying to console her, as I got into the car Ellie came running out “where are you going?” she asked “I am going back to the village” I replied “what about the party?” she said “Roseanna is most upset that you are leaving “ “I have apologised to Roseanna but I have more important things on my mind other than a party at this moment in time” I said “OK” she said but please call me after the weekend, I drove home to the hotel leaving the whole lot of them behind.
I was in my room at the hotel watching tv when the telephone rang, it was Maria “where are you she said” sounding sorry for herself, “where did you ring me” I retorted “at the hotel, you sound angry” she said “Of course I am angry, I have had to leave a party with a lot of good friends because you cannot trust me, because you do not believe that anything I do, I do with good intent and with you very much in my mind, if I had told you that I was going to meet Ellie what would you have done, do you understand woman what it was like to watch that film of you with the old man?, do you? to watch you doing something that you failed to mention in all of the conversations we have had about honesty and how you wanted me to know everything, yes I fucked Ellie and if you talk to her she will tell you the true facts of why I went to bed with her” I said, letting it all out “I already spoke to her and she says I am a crazy c***d and she told me what happened and how she loves you and that if I don’t want you then she does, I cannot let you go” she sobbed “It’s too late you already did” I snapped “I will come home” she said “no” I said stay there, you will meet a nice Italian boy you can give your arse to him, you will marry him and he will keep you bare foot and pregnant for the rest of your life while he fucks everything with a pulse” I said sarcastically “ I know she said they are all the fucking same but I don’t want to give my arse to anyone else, I want to give it to you for you to take it and stick your cock in it and fuck me till I scream till I cannot sit down” she said, I was getting horny but I was determined to sort this out and not let my cock rule my head “yes I fucked Roseanna” I said “yes I fucked Ellie, yes I fucked Sonia, yes I fucked your mother but am I any different, have I changed, I still love you as much as I always have but this jealousy cannot go on, if you treated an Italian boy like this he would smack your face and beat you” I said “yes I know” she said “but if you do not come back who will take care of all your women” she said “ they are all very angry with me for driving you away and they said that if I do not get you back they will drown me in the pool and feed my body to the crows” she said “who said that?” I asked “my mother, my own mother said that and they said that I must promise you anything as long as you come back so what will it take to get you back into this party, into my life and into my bed and if you insist into my arse, I know you will fuck them all this weekend and maybe I will fuck someone else this weekend but I promise you they will not get my arse, they can have my tits and my cunt but not my arse, you can even have the maid if you must but I do not want to be fed to the crows, please come back” she pleaded “ OK” I conceded she must have smiled because I heard a cheer in the background, I showered and dressed then went down to the car, as I crossed the car park a girl was walking towards me, she was short and blond and had a delicious figure, “ hello” I said, she stopped “ are you English?” she asked “ yes I am “ I replied “ thank god” she said “I thought I had been transported to another planet when they dropped me off the bus in this god forsaken place, It looked ok in the brochure, a nice little fishing village by the river” she said “ are you alone” I asked “no “ she said “ I am with my uncle, he is in the pub getting d***k, is there any life around here?” she asked “ well actually I am just off to a party” I said “wow! can I come” she begged “it may get a bit naughty” I said hesitantly “that’s ok she said, I’m up for anything” “what’s your name” I said “Kim” she replied “well Kim do you want to go like that or do you want to get changed, maybe you should leave your uncle a note just to let him know where you are” I said “and where is it I am going?” she asked “ Ravenna” I replied “ just a tick” she said “don’t go without me” “I won’t” I said as I watched her arse bounce as she ran to the hotel, she came out about 10 minutes later, she looked ravishing, self-supporting stockings, lace topped, stopping about an inch below her shorts, bare midriff and loose fitting blouse and from the way her tits bounced as she hurried across the car park towards me, I would say no bra, “fuck” I thought, “I might never get there”.
I arrived at the party after dark, the place was ablaze with lights, there were cars everywhere, I walked into the house and immediately Roseanna came to see me, she grabbed my head and kissed me hard on the lips, she was smiling at me and rattling on in Italian, she waved me into the house, Kim was holding onto my arm, Ellie came over and she too kissed me, “thank god you came back” she said “and who is this?” she said, looking at Kim “ this is Kim and she is a friend of mine and she likes to party” I said, Ellie waved her hand at the room and a young man came over, he was very good looking and he was introduced as Marco the nephew of Ellie “wow!! he said looking at Kim, her eyes lit up, he offered her a drink and they disappeared to the other side of the room, I watched Kim’s bum as she sashayed away and my cock twitched, “maybe later” I thought “so you brought extra rations” Ellie said looking at me sideways, “dance with me” she said as she put her arms around my neck and we glided onto the dance floor, she was pushing her hips into me as she clung on with my hands on her hips, “ I need your services” she said “ I am really horny, I have been touched up groped and fondled by every male here tonight, my knickers are soaked and I so much want your cock in me, can’t we slip away so you can give my cunt the attention it deserves, Roseanna came up beside me and slipped a key into my hand, she winked at Ellie and floated off “ where to?” Ellie said, “my room when I was here before” I said, I had recognised the key, we slid through the crowd and along the passageway, came to the door and unlocked it then went inside, she came straight at me, planting her mouth on mine and sticking her tongue into me “come on fuck me” she was almost crying as she stripped out of her clothes and jumped on the bed “now get your cock in here” she said as she spread her legs “ I don’t have time for the fucking foreplay, never mind licking my cunt just fuck me” she begged so I did, I dropped my trousers and my boxers then I banged her as she gagged at the first orgasm as the juice streamed out of her cunt onto my cock, “ oh fuck!! I needed that she panted” as she relaxed, I turned her over and banged her cunt from behind as I held her up by the waist, she pushed back into me as she came twice more in quick succession “I had better not keep you or the queue will wonder where you are but I had to have you first, after all I am the oldest” she smiled at me wickedly, “fix me again before we leave” she said, I had a quick wash and headed back to the dance floor, Kim was dancing very close to Marco who was fondling her arse and she was not resisting, I wandered around speaking to people I knew from the factory and from the local businesses in the village, then I saw them, they were surrounded by men, and they had all dressed the same, Maria, Yvonne and Sonia, they were all wearing short black skirts that concealed nothing, bare legs that went all the way up to their arses and halter necked tops made of silk but without bra and the halter neck came down to the waist so that their tits were only partially hidden so that even if they laughed, the nipples came poking out, breaking cover to put the goods on display, I stood back a bit to watch, a guy was talking to Maria, and he had his hand close to her tit so that her nipple was sticking out and he was sliding the back of his fingers over her distended nipple allowing the finger to roll over it, he had his thigh between her legs and she was gently humping him, she was rubbing her clit against him as she closed her eyes then opened them again looking straight at me then turned and continued talking to the man with her face very close to his ear as the action continued, Yvonne and Sonia were getting much the same kind of treatment but because their tits were bigger than Maria’s, hands were coming from behind and groping them, sliding the top off the nipple and tweaking it as the nipples came out to greet their admirers, none of them was resisting the attention even though it was obvious that it would not be long before they were all fucked, Sonia was the first to go as she was slowly pulled to one side then out of the patio doors heading for a room I guessed, Yvonne saw me and pushed out of her crowd and came to me, her top was resting against the outer edge of her tits so her breast and nipples were exposed but she did not care, I held her arms and kissed her she tried to stick her tongue in me as she came forward her tits sticking into me, she turned and walked away from me looking back and nodding her head in the direction of the bedrooms, I followed her, she walked along the passage her arse waddling and her panties visible from behind, she stopped at the door, she had a glass of champagne in her hand as she stared at me, this whore was d***k, we entered the room, Ellie was in the process of taking her orgasm from some black guy that was deep inside her, Yvonne ignored the scene and walked past to the other side of the bed then dropped her knickers and bent over, placing her hands on the bed, I dropped my trousers and my shorts then drove my cock into her, Ellie was watching me as she thrust out her tits to the guy as her chewed her nipples, opening her mouth at each thrust he made into her, Yvonne was coming, she almost collapsed, then I pulled out of her and she reached back and pushed her finger up her arse and wiggled it about, I knew what she wanted so I gave it to her, she flinched as I shoved my cock up her arse then screamed as she came as the juice ran out of her cunt and down her legs, she shoved back at me till I was right up inside her as she grunted at ever stroke I hammered her with my cock into her, she came with a loud scream and collapsed on the bed, my cock pulling out of her as she fell away, I went in the bathroom and washed myself, then went back outside and passed Sonia being fucked against a wall by some guy with his trousers round his ankles, she waved at me to come to her, as I got close she held her champagne glass out to me and said “ get me another drink will you, this fucker could take all night” she said as she looked down at her assailant, I collected a glass of bubbly and gave it to her, I heard a lot of cheering coming from the pool so I went to see, going around the pool so I could watch from the other side several people were in the pool fully clothed, a crowd was on the side and in the middle was Maria, stripped of her top and she was sucking the cock of the bloke she had been humping, she was wanking him hard as I watched him start to fold, she whipped his cock out of her mouth and aimed it into the pool, he came as his load shot into the pool, the people in the pool were cheering as they got coated in spunk then Maria pushed the guy as he fell into the pool still coming, the crowd cheered again, she was laughing as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and again looked straight at me, tottering about on the side of the pool as a hand came around her and grabbed her naked tits, she turned and kissed the grabber hard on the mouth, spinning him round so that he had his back to me as she put her arms over his shoulders obviously tonguing him while he groped her tits, she was looking over him to me as he pushed his hand down her panties and started to finger fuck her, she had her head beside his as she looked at me whispering in his ear with her arms around his neck, I saw a movement of a waving hand to the side of where Maria was standing, and looked, it was the maid, she was standing a little way back and she was lifting her dress to me, she had on her black stockings, she turned around and showed me her arse, patting her rump at the same time, I moved off in the other direction past several couples in the state of undress, two guys had a girl on the lawn bent over, one was shafting her from behind while she had her mouth round the other blowing him off, her tits were swinging with the motion of the fuck, I made my way inside and to the room, it was empty then the maid appeared at the window, I pulled open the glass door and she came inside going to the door and locking it, she walked over to me and climbed on the bed beside where I was stood putting her arm around my neck she pulled me in and sank her mouth onto mine, I slid my hands up her legs and onto her arse, getting hold of her panties in my hands I ripped them open and sank my fingers into her cunt, she gasped as the action with her tongue increased “Oh!! yes she said, you know what I want, you know what I have been waiting for, what took you so long, you fucked Ellie, you fucked Yvonne your whore of a girlfriend is getting her cunt fucked as we speak and when they have finished with that they will fuck her arse, they will drive their spunk loaded meat into her and fill every orifice she has, now **** me, take your revenge for you woman getting fucked, take me, I threw her down on the bed and she landed and spread her legs as her wet cunt gaped open, I stripped getting naked, “that’s right, do the job properly, get it into me” she said I reached down and got hold of the dress and ripped it off her as she thrashed at me and clawed at my face as I forcibly stripped her of all her clothes then forcing my way between her legs I drove my cock into her as she arched her back and thrust her tits out at me, daring me to take them, I got my teeth around her nipples and chewed them as she came groaning and thrashing at me, still fighting me, I saw a shadow pass me and looked, Maria was standing beside the bed, she was undoing her spunk covered skirt, her tits gleamed of the stuff she dropped her skirt to the ground and then her panties as she stripped and went into the shower, I heard it running, I continued to hard fuck the maid, groping her tits and banging her cunt, she was screaming as I hammered my prick into her, a few minutes later she came out and came to the side of the bed, she leaned across and put her hand on my back as I pounded Hazel “ are you alright lover” she said, I am next by the way but I can wait till you have finished fucking that bitch, I am nice and clean again after 4 of them wanked over me while they groped my tits and finger fucked me but I am ready for you now she purred as she knelt on the bed putting her face next to Hazel who turned her head as they kissed, pushing their tongues into one another, I Put my hand on Maria’s arse and slipped my fingers into her cunt, her cunt felt slippery “ checking to see if I have been fucked” she said looking at me over her shoulder as she groped Hazel’s tits, Hazel returned the favour leaning up and sucking Maria’s tits as she offered them to her “well I haven’t been fucked yet” she said “ but there is always time, Hazel came again thrashing at me and grabbing Maria’s hair and pulling it “ that’s it my darling, you take that cock and use it to pleasure yourself, he is so good with it, he will make you come time and time again and then when you are exhausted he will fuck me then he will go and fuck the little trollop he brought to the party and so it goes on with him spreading his seed but at some time during the night he has to fuck Roseanna and cream her cunt, she turned and presented her arse to the maid who licked her cunt and stuck her tongue into it as Maria groaned and came, pouring juice onto Hazel’s tongue, as it ran down her chin, Maria gagged as the Patio doors opened and in walked the black guy who had been fucking Ellie, Maria looked up, “ha!! Some action she purred as she slid off the bed and moved towards him as he sat in the chair, watching the maid take my cock and thrashing on it, “so I don’t have to wait after all Maria said, here it is, the answer to a whores prayer, she looked at me as she stepped closer to him, she moved alongside of him as she stroked his arm then leaned down and kissed him as he fondled her tits she reached from the side of the chair and got hold of his cock, then wanking it brought it to full erection, Hazel moved her position so that she could watch, with her arse to me, I shoved my prick into her as I continued to violate her cunt, Maria was still kissing the guy as she had one arm d****d around his neck and one hand on his cock wanking him, he had one arm over the chair and he had his fingers in her as he finger fucked her, then she leaned down and took his black cock into her mouth still wanking him, she was guzzling him, she lifted her head and the spunk flew out of him and hit her in the face as he grunted thrusting his cock to her, her face was covered in it, she stood up and licked her lips then swallowed what she had collected on her tongue she moved to the bathroom and the guy started to stand, “stay there” she instructed “I have not finished with you yet, you owe me a fuck, and if you are a good boy you can fuck my arse as no one else will” she said looking at me, the maid laughed “ like this you mean” as she leaned forward pulling off me and then grabbing my cock and aiming it at her arse then coming back onto it as it f***ed its way through the ring and into her passage disappearing as she came thumping back onto me as my cock slid its way into her Maria went in the bathroom while the black guy wanked his cock to bring it back whilst he watched the spectacle of me arse fucking hazel as her tits swung wildly, it did not take him long to come back, he had his rigid stem in his hand as Maria came back, she sat in the guys lap taking his cock and putting it between her legs then sliding against it with her clit, she started to hump at his prick with her clit against it, she came fairly quickly throwing back her head as she moaned, I saw the glistening juices running onto the black prick making it shiny, she continued to hump, I pulled out of the maid, went over to the chair and picked up Maria in a fireman’s lift, I grabbed the black cock and planted Maria on it, the black guy thrust upwards and it went into her to the balls as she gasped for breath “you fucking bastard!!” she shouted at me, she could not escape, she was impaled on his cock and he was thrusting into her holding her by the waist, she could not help but come, I picked up my trousers and put them on, I pointed at her “ that means that we are finished” I said as she stared at me, her orgasm ripped through her, I put on my shirt then my shoes, the guy grunted and came into her, her eyes sprang wide open as she felt the hot spunk shoot into her, she came again, he went limp and she leapt off him making a dash for the bathroom, I heard the bidet start as she tried to wash the sperm out of herself, I walked from the room then out to the pool, took a drink and found Sonia by the pool sitting dangling her feet in the water, “you alright?” I asked she looked at me through hazy eyes ”are you gonna fuck me she said, I have had a fantastic night, I have been fucked by 3 men and I enjoyed them all, will you give me a nipple lick” she slurred “maybe later” I said, I walked around and Hazel was sitting on one of the beds wrapped up in a towel, I sat down beside her, she put her hand on my shoulder and rested her head against me “that was some performance you gave in there” she said quietly “ are you talking about the sex with you?” I asked “no” she said “planting the woman who was to be your future wife on that black cock like that” she whispered coming close to my ear out of the hearing of passers by “how do you feel now?” she asked “broken hearted” I said as a tear fell from my eye onto the tile of the patio, she pulled my head into her chest as I wept into her towel, she stroked my hair “shhhhhh my darling” she purred, I stood and walked back to my room, it was empty, I locked the door and the patio door then pulled the curtains and fell on the bed, in my boxer shorts, there was a knock at the door, I went to it and opened it, kim was standing there, “I don’t seem to have anywhere to sl**p” she said, I stood aside as she walked in “did you manage to get fucked” I asked, “ almost” she replied Marco blew his load as soon as I had got my knickers down and he saw my pussy, he is trying to get himself cleaned up, it was all over him” she laughed “ some party” she chuckled “ I have never seen so many people getting fucked all at the same time” she said admiringly, I laid on the bed still in my boxer shorts, she came to the bed “is it alright if I?” “yes of course” I said, she pulled back the sheets, took off her clothes and climbed into my bed, she laid with her back to me “ you can fuck me if you want to” she said, still with her back to me, I got off the bed and took off my boxers then pulled back the covers and climbed in, she turned over and came to me, her firm young breasts brushing my arm as she came close, she was shaking, I rolled her on her back and went down on her as I gobbled her cunt, licked and chewed her clitoris and slid my tongue up and down her slit, she came many times as I fucked her for most of the night pouring my emotion into her in almost every position, it was as though she had been sent to me as I emptied my balls into her vagina, as she thrust her pink pert nipples into my mouth for me to suck, eventually she fell asl**p exhausted, I laid there looking at her and pondered the day, it was not a nice thought.

To be continued……………..

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