The Italian Job 11

The Italian Job 11
I awoke again about 07.30, it took a few seconds to get my bearings then there was a stirring in my groin and I realised I was spooned up with her again, she turned as she woke bringing her face very close to mine in the bed, I straightened my legs down the bed and she brought her hips into me, passing a leg onto the top of mine, she had her eyes open and she was watching me “are you ok this morning?” she asked “I feel terrific” I replied “ any second thoughts or regrets?” she continued “why should there be?” I countered “last night you had sex with a woman who could be your grandmother, and technically I blackmailed you into it” she said laying her head on my chest as her hair laid across her back and I looked down at her as she kissed my chest, “yes but it was fantastic sex” I countered and to be honest if I had met you say in a bar or nightclub, I would have still chatted you and tried to sl**p with you” I debated “ as long as it was dark” she argued, she was fishing “ you are a fabulous female and very good in bed, you must have been red hot when you were younger and you have not lost any of that spark just because you are a few years older” I said.
she rolled over and looked at me, even in the daylight that shone through the window she still looked nice although the age had caught up with her a bit as she had a few wrinkles here and there “you are good for me” she said smiling “ you say all the right things” Maria is a very fortunate girl to have found you, if I was a few years younger I would have given her a run for her money” she laughed “ you certainly would” I said, she kissed my nipple and my cock twitched, she rolled the other way so that she was facing my feet and she took my limp cock in her hand and he twitched “ someone seems to be awake” she said as she started to fondle my cock which started to stir and stiffen “ oooo, what have I done?” she said as she wagged my cock in her fingers, as it continued to stiffen at the attention, she was on her hands and knees looking at it, her breasts were dangling against my side and I noted that they had over the years lost a bit of their obvious plump flesh as they seemed to be pear shaped with stretched skin near her body then swelling out and rounding to her nipples that were starting to distend, I slipped my hand under one of them and cradled it while I fondled it, the nipple came out at my touch “ don’t start anything you cannot finish” she threatened as she turned her head and grinned at me, her eyes sparkling, but once again my cock was giving me away as the signals from my hand gently squeezing her breast were going straight to my cock.
I was laid on my back by now and my cock was sticking straight up, my dick had no shame, she turned and put her leg over mine as she sat on my thighs and again I could feel the heat of her vulva and vagina on my leg my cock stiffened, she reached and got hold of the tube of gel, she put some on her fingers then rubbed it along her slit and round her vulva, “I have not had breakfast yet” I whispered and looked her straight in the eyes, she gulped at the thought of the possibilities “ what would you like?” she said hoarsely “ why don’t you bring the menu up here” I said, she smiled and knelt up from her sitting position then shuffled up my body with her knees astride me, she closed her eyes as my cock trailed under her, she lingered at the touch of it “ just a minute, I will get there shortly” she giggled then continued on her journey, till she was in reach of my hands and I took her breasts and squeezed them, she moaned and kept coming till her grey hair covered pubic cushion was at my chin “ where do you want to start?” she whispered, she was unable to talk with the excitement of what was coming even though we had done it all the previous night, I put my hands on her buttocks and pulled her up till her cushion was at my lips, she was breathing heavy “ just put it all on a plate” I said “ it already is” she said as I plunged my mouth onto her slit and dug my tongue into her, squirming it about, she exploded, being thrown forward by the shock of my attack on her genitals she took her weight on her hands above my head holding on to the rails of the headboard as I licked her clitoris and slid my tongue into her cunt then licked that out and then went back to her clit again, she was humping her hips into my face fucking my mouth with her clit and slit as she ground her clit into my teeth, she started to whimper as the orgasm rose in her reaching its peak it came crashing down the other side as she convulsed as her stomach contracted and made her thrash even harder at my mouth, “fucking hell!” She shouted as her face contorted when the climax struck her throwing her head back and pouring her juice out of her vagina into my mouth as the scalding hot liquid ran across my tongue and into my throat, I gulped it down and I realised that 15 years of abstinence had just manifested itself in the form of a mind blowing orgasm that had started forming when I said I had not had breakfast, her arms collapsed as she laid on my face panting and gasping for air, I took a quick lick of her clit, she jumped and laughed “ you have got to be joking she said, my legs are like jelly”, I put my hands down and ran them up her legs feeling the shape and the muscles in them even though they were a bit scrawny I realised that at one time this lady had turned a lot of heads “ nice legs though” I said, she sat back on my chest as she gathered herself, her hair was hanging down her front onto her breasts, she looked down at me and smiled “ time to take you” she said as she shuffled back down me and reached back to take my cock then leaned forward, lined my cock up with her cunt and sat back down on it, she moaned as it entered her, she did not need gel, she was soaking, I got hold of her buttocks and lifted her slightly to give myself space for movement then thrust up into her as I fucked her, she squealed and whimpered as the orgasms lined up to be released, she leaned forward and trailed her tits on my chest and I was very aware of her hair on my chest as I blew my load into her cunt, her eyes opened wide as I shot it all in a steady stream and she felt her cervix flood at the sudden rush of hot cum that my cock pumped into her, she came again in another fist clenching climax that rattled through her, she subsided as my prick started to wilt, she rolled off me onto the bed and laid on her back, her nipples pointing rudely at the ceiling, I turned on my side and kissed one of them “ stop it!! get away from me” she laughed, “I surrender” she was laid on her back chuckling “ and to think I thought I was taking advantage of you” she said still smiling, I got off the bed and showered once more then got dressed, “ I am going to miss you when I can walk straight again” she said smiling at me as she lounged on the bed, “I have something for you” she said as she rolled to the edge of the bed and stood pulling a towel around her body, she walked over to the side board and picked up a package, here is the letter and all the film’s she said, I am not going to hold you to another night, you have been great and sadly I have fallen in love with you, she walked over and put her arms around my neck pulling herself up to rest her head on my shoulder, “ you are not just a great lover but you are also a lovely man” she said “ if you want to come and see me then you will be more than welcome but I will not f***e you to, if we make love again it will be because you want to, not because I blackmailed you into it” I held her and she kissed me, then released me and turned her back on me and I knew this was my signal to go because she did not want to see me leave.
I did see her again but that is another story.
I found Maria in the factory, “where have you been?” she asked “ I have been worried, how did your meeting go?” she questioned “my meeting went very well” I said “ can we go outside for a few minutes?” she followed me into the yard and we sat in the car, I tore open the package and gave her the letter “ this is for you” I said “ what are those” she asked looking at the film boxes, “ they are something I am going to destroy” I answered “ why what are they” she looked serious, “ they are films made by the old man when he interviewed young girls for jobs” I said looking her straight in the eyes, she looked away “ have you seen any of them” she said still not looking at me with her head down “ I have seen one” I replied, she glanced at me with tears in her eyes “ and?” she said “ nothing” I said “it is finished, when I destroy these films it is finished, it happened before us and as far as I am concerned nothing more will ever be said about it” I said looking at her even though she still had her head down and a tear dropped onto the envelope she was holding, “ what is this?” she asked looking at the envelope It is a letter of appointment for you to work here in the office, you will have to go on a management training course but eventually you will take over as production director” I told her “ she looked at me her mouth open “ honest?” she said as she ripped open the letter and read the contents, she let out squeal when the words registered “I love you” she said as she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me “ wait a minute, who did you fuck to get this” she queried “ there is only one person who has the power to make this appointment she said Ellie Thomas!!!” she said holding her hand up to her mouth in shock horror “ you didn’t!!” she breathed, her eyes wide open, I didn’t say anything, I looked at her then I got out of the car, walked over to the incinerator and threw in the films then watched as they disintegrated and burst into flames, she was chasing after me as I walked back to the factory “just a minute!!” She called, it was her turn.
A week later an opportunity presented itself that I could not believe but I had to do some serious negotiating to get the clearance I required, a notice appeared in the works stating that Roseanna was going to retire and that there would be a party at her place in two weeks’ time, straight away I thought that this would be a great opportunity for Maria’s mother and Sonia to fill their wish, I considered Ellie but decided to put her on the back burner for now, my negotiating was to convince Maria to allow her mum to go dressed as she wanted along with Sonia, I had to because I could not leave Maria behind for such a gathering and any way she knew about the party and was very excited, I was very much in the driving seat because of the events of the last few weeks and very much in Maria’s good books so the negotiating was done whilst I was on my back and she was fucking me, riding my cock as she liked to do while she sat there enjoying the slight movement and slowly riding the wave, going up to the crest and slowing down so that she did not slip over the edge, she had learned this from our relationship and she could keep skimming the edge for ages as I sucked and groped her tits, I was keeping her mother happy and Sonia was lurking in the background waiting her turn for Maria to give her permission to fuck me, it was all happening!!
I managed to persuade Maria assuring her that we would be there to keep an eye on things “but who is going to keep an eye on you?” she countered “with Rosanna and her fucking maid just waiting for a chance” she retorted “I thought I had a free reign” I challenged “yes but remember what is sauce for the duck is sauce for the errrr other duck” she replied, her English was not quite perfected yet but we were working on it “so be careful eh!!!” she said wagging her finger at me “never mind my mother and Sonia, I might just start a queue of my own” she declared “ with the first prize being my arse” she said, she knew this was a sore point with us because she could not make up her mind and I was trying to discourage her from doing it for the reasons I have already told you about so she used it as a weapon whenever she could because she thought it would sting me.
I called a meeting with Yvonne and Sonia after Maria had gone to bed to tell them about the arrangement because Maria had said she would not give her mother her personal permission, but if her mother chose to dress like that then so be it.
Sonia came dressed as before in her shorts and I noted her thighs again, they were very impressive, she had her blouse on again but hey presto!! no bra as it became obvious as the night was cool and it brought out her nipples, we sat on the couch as before and Sonia put her arm through mine straight away and pushed her breasts into me, I told them about the plan and that although Maria was not keen on what they proposed, she would not try to stop them, they got very exited at the prospects of going to the party, dressed how they wanted and with Maria and I, Yvonne said something to Sonia, Sonia interpreted “ Yvonne wants to know if you will fuck her at the party?” “from what I have heard there will be a lot of cock at the party as well as a lot of cunt” I replied, “she will not go short” I added, Sonia interpreted and Yvonne clapped her hands, Yvonne stood up and kissed me hard on the mouth giving me her tongue, she spoke to Sonia who looked at me, she is going to bed and she has left you a gift “what?” I asked “me “she said and smiled at me “would you like to unwrap your present now and fuck it or shall I strip for you” she whispered as she slipped her hand up my boxer leg feeling for my cock again, she found it and started to pull on it “ do you want to bring me off like that” I asked “ no” she said “ I want you to come inside me with your cock between my legs and so far into me that you can feel my tits on the inside as well” she undid her blouse as she was talking and pulled it open, “ come on now English boy” she purred take a hold of them, you know you want to, grope them and suck them and do to them what you did before, I still have not recovered from that, I still shake when I think about it and I think about it a lot” she said.
she stood up and took off her blouse, she bent down to kiss me as her magnificent tits swung down in front of my face, she certainly was well endowed and she knew it, she put her tongue into my mouth and squirmed it around “ eat me” she whispered “eat my cunt, let me feel your tongue snaking into my cunt, I will give you my arse to fuck, you can have it all, let me feel your tongue and your cock inside m” she didn’t finish, “Oh!!fuck!” she exclaimed she had talked herself out of it again as she came and the juice ran down her leg from her shorts as the wet patch on her crutch spread, she kissed me again seeking my tongue again, I stood and put her onto the couch then dropping between her legs I pulled off her shorts and panties, the glistening mound winked at me as she thrust it forward for my meal.
I ate heartily as I got hold of her thighs and her round buttocks and pulled her to the edge of the couch, there I could get to her cunt, her clit and her slit and I feasted on all of them as the steady drip of her juices splashed on the floor in front of the couch, I lifted her legs and squirmed my tongue into her rose as she bucked and thrashed at me in one long continuous orgasm, I set her feet down on the floor and stood to take off my boxers, there was a small gasp as my cock appeared then I sank down again and buried my cock into her as she wailed at the penetration, I fucked her very hard with my balls banging her arse as I drove my cock into her slamming into her as she arched her back and shoved her tits out at me I grabbed them and milked them then attacked her nipple as I had done before, I thought she was going to pass out as her legs started shaking and her tits jiggled like she was having a fit and like before she was fighting for breathe, I had hold of her tits and I could feel her heart racing underneath them.
I got hold of her arse again and pulled her on top of me onto the floor as I laid on the rug, she took up position sat on my cock as I was still inside her, she looked down at me, her hair was hanging down either side of her face framing it, she was very attractive “Oh English boy” she said “how can you do that to me, how can you make me feel like that, I knew it was coming but it still came as a massive body blow when it arrived because it came all the way from Milan, can I give you my arse?” she whispered “ I will save that for another time” I said smiling at her, she looked relieved that I had spared her yet another almost fatal orgasm “but you can take me if you want to” I said “how” she said “ you can either fuck me or suck me, I don’t mind” she smiled down at me then slid off my cock and knelt between my knees with her tits on my legs, she gobbled my cock, teasing and licking then sucking and nibbling, she was very good at it then I gave her the warning of an imminent gusher but she refused it as she took the whole of the spurting squirting load into her mouth and swallowed the lot, licking the drops off the side that had escaped, she looked up at me with cum on her chin and a big smile on her face, she squeezed my cock and licked a few remaining drops off the end then as it began to subside she relinquished hold of it and laid it down on my balls, I gave her tits a squeeze for good measure “ you like them?” she purred “you will take them again I hope English boy” she said as she got up and dressed then kissed me on the lips and went through the door.

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