The Italian Job 10

The Italian job 10
I must have dropped off to sl**p because the next thing I knew she was poking me in the ribs saying “come on sl**py, time to wake up” she said “I have some coffee for you” “what time is it” I said “10.00pm, we slept for 2 hours but I feel fantastic, you certainly managed to fill my void, thank you! not only for the sex but for making me feel like a real live woman again, the way your cock reacts to my nakedness is refreshing” she purred “you should get naked more often then” I said to her, she looked at me “are you saying you want to fuck me again?” she asked “ I don’t have a problem with that” I replied, she looked at my rising cock, “I noticed” she said, chuckling “ have you ever done anal?” She asked “yes” I replied “have you?” I asked her, she studied a few moments “ yes , once with my first boyfriend before I married my husband, do you think me a slut for saying I have?” she asked “are you asking me because you genuinely like it? or are you asking me because you think that I like it and you want to please me? Because if it is genuinely the former then OK but if it is the latter then forget it, some women and I am not generalising say they like it because they want to please the boyfriend or husband even though they hate it because of the pain and discomfort it causes them, they make all the right noises during the fuck but then cannot sl**p because of the discomfort of what it has done to their insides, it can be very damaging if not exercised carefully” I preached “have you had anal sex with Maria” she asked “ that’s a very direct question but no” I answered “ why not?” she continued “because she has doubts about it and I have a lot of respect for her so I won’t do it, she gives me a great deal of pleasure both sexual and other wise, she likes to talk dirty to me which I like and sometimes if we go out she will play games to tease me which I also like “ what sort of games?” “she sometimes flirts around other men taking them very close to fucking her then she will jump back into my arms and safety, she likes sex in the open air, in male toilets partly because it is wicked and out of the ordinary” I said “sounds like fun” she laughed “you should try it sometime” I teased “when can you take me, maybe I should make that the second date, but maybe I would like you to take me out and get me fucked by someone else and get you to watch” she smiled “Oh not you as well” I thought and the idea of a bus load of tarts driven by me arriving in Bolognia flashed through my mind, maybe I should do scenic trips for a bunch of trollops “ would you really like me to take you out and get you fucked?” I asked “right now I am more concerned about you fucking me again tonight, and I really would like it in the arse if it is alright with you, how are you for time? Do you have to be somewhere?” she asked “ I don’t have a problem, I am good, I was going back to my hotel tonight so no one will miss me” so you are good for the night then?” she questioned “if that is what you want, yes” that’s interesting because I would like you to stay all night although I realise we have drifted well away from the original deal” she said quizzing me “ like I said, I am enjoying myself” I said “ and like I said I am flattered that I can keep a guy like you interested” she said closing in on me “ why not, you’re an attractive woman, witty, amusing, nice figure and you enjoy being fucked, what more could a guy want?” I smiled “I don’t know, what more could! a guy possibly want because I would be happy to give it to him whatever it was?” she replied as she crawled up alongside me and put her arms around my neck, kissing me on the lips she stared at my mouth and said “and that is without limits whatever you wanted me to do I would do it and that includes lending me out for entertainment purposes” she whispered as she put her leg across me and straddled my legs, my cock was rock hard as I felt her vagina settle onto the top of my leg “ now how about that arse fuck you promised me” I reached for the lube, “I need to lubricate you first” I said “ feel free” she said laying on her back and stuffing a pillow under her bum so that her genitals were raised and her rose was visible, I slipped my arms under her raised knees and lifted them so that her legs were d****d over my shoulders with her vagina and arse were just below my chin, she was watching me as I slid the pillow further under her back to support her, she had a towel around her which she undid, pulled out and threw to one side, she was naked again, I tipped my head forward and licked her rose, she used her legs over my shoulders to throw herself into the air at the touch of my tongue on her ring, she got hold of her own tits and pulled them, I licked again, this time she was ready for me and just closed her legs on my ears then smiled as I licked again, she reached up and spread her vulva lips, I stuck my tongue in her cunt and licked it out and she came, “you bastard” she screamed “you are doing that on purpose, to make me come” she said hoarsely, I greased my finger with the gel and applied it to her ring, she jumped at the cold then settled down as I inserted my finger forcing her ring open and pushing my finger gently into her then fucking it in and out several times, she thrashed as she came again, I slipped in the second finger to open her up and rotated it to spread her anus open as she moaned staring at me, her grey hair spread out on the pillow, she was smiling at me as I quickly lowered her to waist level then f***ed my cock into the hole I had made before it closed, she grimaced a bit as my enlarged end slipped into the hole with a plop forcing it to yield but then disappeared inside as the hole closed around my stem. her ring gripped my cock, I started to move inside her as I slowly shafted her arse then moved in a bit with each forward stroke, she was biting her lip as I fucked her arse, she put out her hands and I pulled her up into a sitting position on my cock, it slid the rest of the way into her as she rode it with her arse on my cock, she kept closing her eyes “ so you like dirty talk do you?” she queried “ well I have to tell you I have never in all my life experienced such a fantastic fuck, the way you took me was firm but gentle and I love having your cock inside me, so I want you to cream my arse for me, I would like it if you shot your load right up my bum so are you going to come for me or are you going to” she stopped talking as the orgasm struck her in the chest and I watched as it took her head back exposing her throat to me which I nibbled and chewed going for her neck in the position that my erogenous zone is situated, she was moaning as the wave washed over her and she folded almost head butting me as her head came forward again, she growled “ Oh! you fucker, cream my arse you bastard Oh! I’m coming again” she declared “do you like a bit more action up your arse?” I asked “why who have you got in mind “only me at the moment my darling” I said, I gently pulled out of her then turned her over and put her into the doggy position, then opened it up again this time shoving my cock into her less gentle and shafting her arse till my prick was right into her with my balls banging her cunt “ Oh! that’s good” she said as she lifted her head, “ keep going, don’t stop, fuck the arse off me, bang it, oh! yes that’s right just there, that’s it hammer my anal passage fuck me” she looked through her own legs and saw my balls swinging as she came with a shaking, trembling and wailing, her arse clenched at my cock as her juice streamed out of her cunt, I got hold of her hair pulling it as I pushed hard into her then groped her tits with my free hand by reaching underneath her, her legs went and her arms collapsed down onto the bed, she had pulled off me, she rolled over, her pussy was soaked , her tits were red raw and she was smiling “ that was unbelievable” she croaked, “you really know how to give a girl a good time, I would drop my knickers for you anytime, you only have to ask” I went in the shower and washed, she came in after me and then we went to bed and cuddled up again, I woke about 3.00 am , she was sucking my cock so I fucked her cunt once more then went back to sl**p, for a pensioner she was some lady.
To be continued……….

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